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AdBlock Plus Released for Android, Bye Bye Crummy Commercials

The same application that keeps those annoying ads off of your desktop, is now available for your Android phone. With AdBlock Plus, a free app on Google Play, you can browse the mobile web or play your games with no commercials. Now, take note, because depending on whether or not you’re rooted will depend on what type of functionality the app will have. For rooted users, you can block ads over WiFi and 3G, while non-rooted users can only block ads over WiFi. Keep that in mind. 

Not much else to say besides this is awesome for people who get annoyed by advertisements easily. Check it out and let people know how much you love AdBlock.

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  • SeanBello

    had to uninstall because TMZ or Yahoo Fantasy Football apps were getting network errors and couldn’t be used because of it. they need to add a whitelist.

  • FrankBoston

    Don’t use a single core device….what a dog!! S-L-O-W-S device down to non-usability levels.

  • jammz

    Locking up stock browser on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
    Submitted trouble ticket.

    • jammz

      Switched Filter subscription from ‘Fanboy’s List’ to ‘Easylist’, seems to have stopped the crashing? or was it the power down/ restart?
      Either way I like it, thanks.

  • If you use Firefox Nightly for Android, you can install the ABP extension and it will block ads on any network and all connections.

  • There are so many App on Android to destroy ads and why AdBlock Plus review so phenomenal… come on…..

    AdAway, AdFree and many has been released before this one…

  • Would this interfere with or cause any issues if I currently have AdAway? If so, would anyone recommend one over the other?

  • dont like that i cant take out the notification from the notification bar. I mean i guess it doesnt matter since i have an icon for easy battery saver there anyway, but this was an instant download since i have this for chrome

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      I don’t know about ICS but in Jelly Bean Go to Settings > Apps> AdBlock Plus and uncheck Show notifications. I don’t know how it will fair staying in memory but it will remove the notification.

  • fixxmyhead

    what about those stupid annoying ads on youtube that are on every video these days. it wasnt like this before

    • Probably cause everyone blocked them. Now they are part of the video.

  • Well, that’s cool—it has a notification that won’t go away and can’t be turned off.

    • will bartlett

      if you have ics it can…

      • Weird. I’m running Jelly Bean (4.1) at the moment and as long as filtering is turned on, the notification will not dismiss, and there’s no preference in the app to disable it.

      • I had no idea that notifications could be disabled per-app in their App Info >.< Doh!

  • Todd

    I don’t know if this is good or not. Since I usually get bored with mobile games quickly (or I’m cheap), I usually only download the free ones which are usually ad supported. I feel this is a fair trade for a free game. Honestly, I rarely notice the ads except in rare occasion when they interfere with gameplay. If this app somehow results in loss of income for dev’s, they will eliminate the free games or migrate away from Android

  • Apple paid for the development of this app.

  • Capt. Crunch

    I’ve just been using adfree on my rooted RAZR MAXX and it works well.

  • Says ads are blocked on wifi connections. How do I change this to any connection?

    • Justin Swanson

      Are you rooted? Article says you need to be rooted to block on a 3G connection.

      • Futbolrunner

        Im rooted and it says wifi connection as well.

    • root

  • richardsonadm

    I think it’s funny that people are complaining about ads on this site. I don’t see them, cause I have Adblock Plus installed on all my browsers.

  • joejoe5709

    Ouch it’s a little RAM heavy, but seems to work pretty well!

  • eastbaycali

    I just came across AdBlock Plus for Windows on google 10 minutes before you posted this article. da fuq?

  • Trueblue711

    I don’t think this is right. It’s theft from developers that rely on the revenue. Is using a free app and website not enough? The only reason I understand it on the desktop is because of rogue ads that have viruses or spyware, but that’s not usually a problem on mobile ads.

    • You are completely right about revenue; many successful companies are completely banking on the advertising they sell. But the problem is—and especially with mobile apps—the placement is horrible. While I realize ad placement is a huge challenge and getting enough exposure is important to clients, if it hinders the core functionality of the app itself, you may as well not even have an app, and brag about how innovative its UI is. :/

      • Trueblue711

        Yes, some of the placement is terrible, but that’s a problem with the developers, not the business model that this app attacks. Complain to the developer of such apps.

        • SeanBello

          that doesn’t do anything. they’re not gonna change the placement.

          • Trueblue711

            App developers are known to be some of the most responsive to user feedback. How can they know what problems exist if no one says anything?

    • Trueblue711

      I’m a bit surprised at people down rating my comment. Maybe if people like you weren’t so CHEAP to pay $1 for an app, ads wouldn’t even be necessary on them! It’s a fraction of what ONE of your meals cost. People’s mentality need to change.

      • Daniel Flanigan

        I posted a similar response at androidpolice and had the same reaction. Sad people don’t seem to realize this makes a lot of the apps we use on android free. The ads may not always be placed well…but, I never thought they were all that intrusive. (Save for a few games that required me to take “ad breaks” by watching videos)

      • c4v3man

        The problem is that many apps don’t give you the opportunity to purchase an ad free version. I probably own over a 100 paid apps (several of which I don’t use anymore/aren’t updated/don’t have the phone they were designed for).

        Developers don’t want to support 2 apps, so they only deploy the ad-supported version and don’t do anything for those of us who DO purchase apps.

  • fallsgable

    Just want a transparent notification bar icon, and it would be perfect….does exactly what it’s supposed to!
    stock Rooted G-nex

  • BubbleSort

    Does this modify the hosts file?

  • Edgardo Rios

    Except this is how developers make their money off of apps. We do this yet complain when devs move to iProducts.

    • r0lct

      WWF seems to load ads fine when I use adfree which works on most everything else. If I had the option to only block ads in chrome and not apps I would consider it. Unfortunately since its done by DNS that seems unlikely.

    • NuggetNugget

      If you aren’t clicking any ads, then you aren’t supporting them anyways. In fact, if you don’t have a default browser set, they won’t even make money off of your accidental clicks since you’ll be asked what browser to use before the page loads.

      Google’s life nectar is ads, and look, they’re a monster. ad blockers aren’t as damaging as devs make them out to be. Sure, they’d make a little more money if they didn’t exist, but it’s not going to be a defining factor in whether or not a company lives or dies. Or even whether or not a dev eats or starves.

      If I like a devs work, I donate. 5-10 bucks in a devs pocket is more money than they’ll ever make from me making accidental clicks on ads.

  • No offense, but I’m pretty surprised to see this app promoted on one of the most ad cluttered sites that I frequent! Well done (on promoting the app that is…) 🙂

    In all fairness, you guys could have tamed down the ad recently (or the rest of the world may have added more ads) but, either way, I wouldn’t know, because I’ve been blocking them on my desktop for a while now 🙂

    AdBlock FTW!

    • xyz1111

      Ad-cluttered site, you say? I’ll just have to take your word for it, I guess.

  • How does this work with YouTube ads? I have AdBlocker on my rooted Droid Razr and on YouTube videos it attempts to load the commercials 2-3 times (taking 1-2 minutes) before finally showing the video.

  • adaway anyone?

  • kane

    I mean AdFree

  • elliott9000

    whats with this damn ongoing notification. lame

    • elliott9000

      FAQ says so android doesn’t close it. bummer.

    • CodeToJoy

      Hold down on the Notification, click app info, then uncheck Show Notifications. Not sure if this will eventually close the app, but it’s a possible temporary fix…

  • Why would you publish this? Don’t you make money off the ad’s on your site?

    • You can disable ABP on sites you want to support. This way I’m still supporting Droid Life

      • Trueblue711

        Most people won’t, that’s the problem.

      • Most people don’t know that / are too lazy

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Don’t you have to actually click on an add for it to pay out to the site?

      • No, i don’t think so because then no site would make money.

        • Br_d

          You are wrong on both counts, at least for google adsense ads, which is what this site uses. Adsense only pays out on clicks. You’d be surprised at how many people click on them though. The site I run with Adsense has about a 1-2% click-through-ratio (CTR). I’d be interested to know what the CTR is on this site.

    • j__h

      Because censorship is bad.

  • kane

    s this better than the root app “NoFree”

  • Pdiddy187

    AdFree ftw.

  • Happy to see this go big!! I know the developer and his wife, really good people! We installed this on our Navy computers during deployment to get the most out of our awesome 2.5 mbps connection 😀

  • S2556

    this works better than adfree?

  • Greg Haney

    Installed, and functions well. However, is there a way to turn off the permanent notification in the notifaction bar? “Ads are blocked on all connections” doesn’t seem to ever go away.

    • Mallahet

      From their site:

      “How can I make the icon in the notification area go away?

      We hear you, the icon is a bit annoying. But right now, it has to be
      there – otherwise the Android system will just stop the app,
      and it won’t be able to block ads anymore. We’ll continue to look for
      ways to make it optional.”

      • Greg

        Soooooo, disabling the notifications kills the app too? BTW, I’ve never viewed droid-life without adblock. Decided to pause adblock and reload the page….holy crap you guys have a lot of ads 😉

        • The app won’t be killed instantly but when your device is in a low-memory situation it is very likely to be killed by Android.

    • CodeToJoy

      Hold down on the Notification, click app info, then uncheck Show Notifications.

      • Greg Haney

        Worked perfectly, thanks mate!

      • Ethan Ash

        You’re my new hero. Excellent call.

      • dpg

        sorry….i just get enable filtering, or filter subscription when i open the app. i don’t see show notifications anywhere.

        • CodeToJoy

          Probably should have mentioned that only works on Jelly Bean. My bad.