Funny: AdBlock Has Partnered With Google Glass to Rid Us of Pesky Billboards


Ever get tired of seeing advertisements in real life? AdBlock has partnered with Google Glass to give you the same ability that they offer on the web in your everyday life. To show how their new technology works they tweeted the above picture of Times Square after the ads have been blocked.

Unfortunately, seeing as how Google removed AdBlock from the Play Store this kind of partnership doesn’t seem very likely, but we can hope right? It doesn’t seem likely this would ever make it to Glass even if it were possible, but it might make Glass worth getting for some people.


Via: Adblock (Twitter)

With AdBlock Plus Removed From Google Play, Creators Release It Independently

adblock plus

Thanks to a removal from Google Play last week, Android ad blockers have been forced to take to releasing apps independently of app stores. The first to do so is Adblock Plus, one of the most popular. In a blog post this morning, the company has posted an .apk file for you to sideload onto your device should you wish to continue to block ads from your mobile device. Since the app is gone from Google Play, this new version will also allow updates to be pushed, so that you’ll constantly have the newest version.  (more…)

AdBlock Plus Released for Android, Bye Bye Crummy Commercials

The same application that keeps those annoying ads off of your desktop, is now available for your Android phone. With AdBlock Plus, a free app on Google Play, you can browse the mobile web or play your games with no commercials. Now, take note, because depending on whether or not you’re rooted will depend on what type of functionality the app will have. For rooted users, you can block ads over WiFi and 3G, while non-rooted users can only block ads over WiFi. Keep that in mind.  (more…)