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Grand Theft Auto Radio Released for Android, Relive The Timeless Classics

One of the things that made Grand Theft Auto fun to play was the feature of being able to listen to the “radio” while driving or flying around. It made the game that much more enjoyable, which had many people discovering new music that they would go on to love. On top of that, just cruising through the mountains on a chopper listening to Skynyrd’s Free Bird is simply the best feeling ever.

If there are some songs from any of the past GTA’s that you want to hear, you can download GTA Radio. It has most of the popular stations from all of the past games and besides the sometimes slow buffering times, the audio is great. No telling when or if this app will be pulled for some type of copyright violation, but we can enjoy it while it lasts.

Play Link

Cheers Dave!

  • Brett R

    I can do nothing but listen to Chatterbox, this is the single best app ever.

  • modified79

    Driving at night through the empty streets of Vice City listening to Crockett’s Theme. It doesn’t get more 80’s than that!

  • wtjohnson12

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  • EvanTheGamer

    HELL yeah! This is awesome!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Just driving down the sidewalk…. jamming to some good tunes…..

  • Honestly I only played GTA Vice City FOR the music. I’m an 80’s nut! I would fly around too.

    • Ravi Rao

      Same here! I’d grab a nice-looking car and find a good radio station, then drive the city.

      I played Battlefield Vietnam for the music too. Grab a chopper and blast CCR as you fly around.

      • Never played that game but LOVE CCR, “Oh The Bathroom is on the right”!

  • RobMorris

    Good app, dont know about just released though… I’ve had this for a while

  • K-Chat, like is this thing on?

  • Instant nostalgia.

  • oaxican509

    And I raaaaaaan! I ran so far awaaaaay! Couldnt get away!

  • Really low bitrate audio though…

  • Dan Lopez

    This is just amazing! Talk radio!!!

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Instant carnage would ensue once Raining Blood came on the radio in Vice City.

    • justincase_2008

      V ROCK!!

  • Plugs phone into car radio. Now real life is GTA

    • Just watch your wanted level! Keep it at three stars max! We don’t want the SWAT teams showing up! 😛

      • justincase_2008

        God damn SWAT always fucked me up. Then the tanks….

        Also you ever eat possum? Man thats some good eating. And Pigeons some come with notes its like a fortune cookie with wings..

    • EvanTheGamer

      Just don’t do crazy stunts off moving ramps and you’ll be fine.