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HTC Gives Hope to Incredible 2 Owners Waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich

Yes, folks, there is still hope for the DROID Incredible 2. After missing a self-imposed deadline to update the device to Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC has been semi-quiet on whether or not an update was still in the works. We were assuming at this point that it and the Thunderbolt were never going to be updated, as it has been almost 3 months without word. Well, until last night.

One of our readers poked at HTC on Twitter, asking if they had forgotten about the Incredible 2. HTC responded, saying that they are still working on the update, but are having connectivity issues with the software. Once they figure those out, they plan to share information with the world.

I don’t know about you guys, but rarely do we get this kind of openness from an OEM on an update. I know they didn’t pinpoint a date to release it, but when was the last time any of them gave a progress report on an update that included technical details? Very interesting.

Again, there is hope!

Via:  @HTC

Cheers Chris!

  • xxGriff

    So after all this, i am supposed to give credit and forget because HTC responded with more delay? Nope. I will vote with my wallet. Can you hear me now Verizon?

  • Don

    HTC can go f— themselves. I will never buy an HTC device again, and suggest that everyone else do the same. I hope all the people who are rushing out to buy a DNA understand that they too will be left in the cold before they know what happened.

  • SEF

    Getting my Note 2 hopefully wed. ……. I’ve gave up on my thunderbolt, this time next year HTC will be going the downward spiral that Blackberry is currently going down…. Only difference is blackberry was a good smartphone…. Buy up Beats Audio and stock in whatever you think will save you, bottom line is we don’t trust you ….. RIP HTC.

  • Cat88L3

    My biggest thought is getting the Galaxy 3 or waiting for the Galaxy 4 when my contract is up next month. I’m so over waiting for any news on updates for my Droid Inc 2. HTC has been a disappointment. Makes me never want to buy an HTC phone again

  • I doubt that the Inc 2 will ever see the ICS upgrade. HTC or Verizon will just keep stalling until no one cares anymore.

  • I couldn’t care less about the update at this point. Just release the source code and the denizens of XDA will handle it.

  • Alexander H

    Thunderbolt update…..yeahh….glad you’re working on that

  • D.B.Evans

    Translation assistance … when HTC says: “we’re working on xxx issues with the software on the phone model yyy” … what they mean is: “the one intern who is the only person working on the update project is having a hard time figuring out how the original developers made it work; but he’s still working on it as time permits between classes” (or, at least, that’s how I interpret their statements, as a customer from outside the company who is still stuck with a Thunderbolt on contract).

  • coolsilver

    Say it with me…. Crap Radios.

  • Stewie

    suckers – that statement means nothing at all.

  • I emailed Mike Woodward numerous times, HTC North America President and after several weeeks of no response, he just arrogantly said that it not any of my business. Mike Woodward is on Facebook if anybody would like that link.

  • oliver

    F HTC! Miserable failures. I am done with HTC and VZW. They can both suck it for this Thunderchicken I am posting with.

    It is even starting to sour me on android, fragmentation is a real issue for me.

  • carlisimo

    Wouldn’t the performance hit between GB and ICS be pretty hard?

  • randompsychology

    HTC must employ some really dumb people. How is it that Android hobbyists have no trouble getting Android to connect to various networks within a month or two of release, yet a corporation with paying customers can’t do it in over a year. Ridiculous.

    HTC should crowdsource their software updates. It’d get done a lot faster. They could probably even get some suckers to work on Sense for them–though we’d all be better off without it…

  • Captain_Doug

    I don’t understand how anyone can just sit and stew waiting for carrier and oem updates. I’ve had jelly bean on my dinc2 for months and am currently on 4.1.2. I buy for the hardware and design, not the software. I take care of the software.

    • Dorian Brooks

      Really. I must be behind. I’ve played with four ICS Roms but not JB. Is there a link you care to share so I can join the fun, PLEASE.

  • Chris

    Well i’m happy to finally get some sort of information from them, other than the paragraph of BS they have been spouting to us DINC 2 owners and Thunderbolt owners for the past couple of months. Your welcome by the way. 😛

    • Chris

      Poke, rofl good one Kellex! 😀

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I’ll get another HTC phone after I get an official apology for the Thunderbolt.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I’m sure that will be here around the same time ICS arrives. 😉

    • Same boat here. I’m stuck with my thunderbolt for a while here since I’m still grandfathered into the Unlimited Data plan. I can’t complain, it’s still a great phone, but I have gadget envy.

    • coolsilver

      I’ll never get an HTC phone even after an apology. They could try giving me a phone for free and I won’t take it if it says HTC

      • Timothy McGovern

        Yes you would.

        • coolsilver

          OK. Only to smash it and ship it back.

  • Buy This

    To make it really easy for the hold outs and techies who are fretting over using an upgrade or what phone to get, just get a G-Nex. Just get a G-Nex with the OEM extended battery. It’s that simple. Here’s a list:(!)

    -Whether you root or stay stock, you win! The dev community is huge while stock android (even on VZW) offers a great user experience. You can enjoy this phone without putting in any work.
    -Latest Android updates. Rooted users can access immediately and while you can expect delays as a stock nexus user on VZW, you can at least rest assured that there is an actual update coming.
    -Specs are still fantastic and screen is fantastic IMO
    -Removable battery
    -Most cases work with both stock battery and oem extended battery
    -No expandable storage to even worry about. There are 32 gb models available. 16 gb is still plenty for a phone IMO

    • jak_341

      Absolutely! The GNEX is simply the best device on the market to date! A rooted and unlocked G3 is good, but it is no GNex! You still can’t go wrong buying one!

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Software wise it’s the best (except now that it’s not because the Nexus 4 is out, still best on Verizon though) but hardware wise it is pretty sad.

        • Buy This

          I respectfully disagree. I find it a bit slippery to hold at times but otherwise I love the aesthetics of it. It definitely doesn’t feel quite as robust or solid as a Moto device but I always have a simple tpu over mine.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I’m talking more about the internals. The CPU it shipped with was already outdated but Google wanted it because it had a hardware decoder for video. I always felt like mine was much slower than what it should have been, not to mention the CDMA radio was just utter trash.

            I still LOVED my Nexus though. I am biding my time until my contract runs out .. and then it’s goodbye Verizon and hello prepaid + Nexus 5 or whatever it’s called.

          • coolsilver

            Buy a case. End of story, My phones do not go without a hard case.

  • jak_341

    Pushing out a software version that is a year old and 2 revisions back. Wow…HTC is really on the ball. Again, yet another reason not to buy any phone that is not a Nexus.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      It’s OK, nothing to worry about here … they kept saying the same thing about the BlunderBolt and it still doesn’t have ICS.

  • Better late than never I suppose. Hopefully I won’t have to use an ICS theme for GO Launcher EX if this update ever arrives.

  • ddevito

    Listen up DNA owners – this’ll be you next year.

    • ddevito

      And I’m not hating on the DNA – it’s a great device and all – just hating on delayed OEM and carrier updates is all.

      • michael arazan

        This is why we must learn history, so it never repeats itself. Do you hear me HTC?!

  • hippo

    give me this update HTC and I will consider buying the DNA+.

    • burntcookie90

      You’ve gotta wait for the DNA XL+

  • Tim Thompson

    that’s nice……
    I jumped off of the HTC ship in September

  • fake

    It’ll get ICS just as soon as most people’s two year contract is up. Great job, HTC.