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Google to Fix Overblown December Birthday Issue in Android 4.2

Over the last couple of days, the Android community noticed a bug in Android 4.2, one that erased the month of December through the Event calendar in the People app (pictured above). You would have thought that the world had come to an end over something so minute. What shall we ever do without the ability to add a December birthday in the People app! Especially when the actual Calendar itself works just fine…but I digress. 

So Google, trying to stop the wave of overblown criticism, took to Google+ to announce that they had discovered the bug and will be fixing it “soon” so that December birthdays will not be missed.

We discovered a bug in the Android 4.2 update, which makes it impossible to enter December events in optional fields of the People app (this bug did not affect Calendar). Rest assured, this will be fixed soon so that those of you with December birthdays and anniversaries won’t be forgotten by your friends and family.

There, all good, Android community?

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  • In all fairness, this is the kind of gaffe we give Apple crap for, so ….

  • JMonkeYJ

    as much as i agree that it’s a small mistake based on where it occurred, i still think it’s very embarrassing to leave out a whole month in ANY app. can you imagine the field day we would be having if Apple did this?

  • SecurityNick

    I’m really shocked that the DL team hasn’t written about the bluetooth issues going on. I got my Nexus 10 Friday and there are major bluetooth problems as well as I’ve some apps that don’t work because they supposedly don’t support the high resolution. I like the tablet overall, but there are some serious bugs that need to be worked out. Also, I’ll just state as my preference that I do not like the home soft keys in the middle of the screen. It works fine if you hold the device in portrait, but when you turn to landscape, it’s near impossible to hit those buttons without saying, “go go gadget thumbs.”

  • PLL

    My issue is not so much that there was a bug (although I agree that it does speak to QC issues overall), but that it highlights Android’s broken update process. If every phone every where got updates in a timely matter, I wouldn’t care, but lacking that, could some phones be stuck with the no December bug?

  • eastbaycali

    Google doesn’t like December birthdays.

  • Jesus wants His birthday back.

  • DC_Guy

    I must admit thought that I’m becomign ocnflicted about the N4. I pre-ordered the Note 2 for Verizon, but V’s notoriously slow update times are making me wonder if I should just cancel the pre-order, switch to T-Mo and go for the N4 so I’ll get timely updates. On the other hand I really like all the bells and whistles the Note 2 has to offer. Maybe I’ll just get a Note 2 on T-Mo and get the N4, that way I can switch my SIM card between the two. Not sure about the HSPA+ speeds though.

  • Oh nooo’s. Google is trying to kill Christmas. At least I won’t have to purchase gifts this year.

  • S_T_R

    Google screwed up, or more precisely, one of their QA teams failed. They left out the last item in a list (or mislabeled/numbered it, either way it didn’t show up in the UI) and didn’t catch it. You don’t need to be an apologist, or act like Google is being victimized by the evil mainstream media. They’re a Fortune 500, they can take care of themselves well enough.

  • panicswhenubered

    Hey it’s not like Google messed up daylight savings time twice and caused user’s alarms to go off an hour late and make them late to work/school…. haha

    • Jeff

      I care more about Google’s mess ups than some fruit’s since I use their stuff.

  • VicMatson

    Overblown…I say sloppy skills! I guess I know where you eat.

  • brian

    you can still put it in the gmail contacts app, which is where this stuff goes anyways.

  • RW-1

    It’s a small code fix … We already addressed it on the 11/18 MMuzzy Build … We have December ! Any of the dev’s can make the change, no one on acustom ROM has to wait for this.

  • Havoc70

    Of all the bugs listed for 4.2 this is the one everyone is bent about? seems there are a few others way more important that this

    • Joe

      Probably because this was both an obvious bug and can be easily fixed by the developer whereas the other bugs in 4.2 are not.

  • StoneColdCarl

    So I still have to take finals in December? The month’s not cancelled?

    • I am with you. I would rather enjoy Google cancelling December. We can reschedule Christmas.

  • ToddAwesome

    I’m starting to appreciate the QC effort that Verizon puts into an update before releasing it. Ugh, did I just say that?

    • Havoc70

      LOL i thought it but could never bring myself to say it

      • MikeCiggy

        I’ve thought this for a while. Everyone complains and I agree I think it is an issues but at least we know Verizon is double-checking and going over the software thoroughly so something like this doesn’t make it out to end users.

        But we don’t have our update so let’s get the pitch forks out!

        • aye_winchell

          well we really dont know that, all we know for sure is verizon is slow at getting updates out and they seems to send them back to the oem’s a lot, we don’t know if that is because they are checking QA on these apps or their own apps, or just the radio and os performance. I doubt that verizon is QCing google apps, so i doubt that is the reason verizon takes so long.

    • DC_Guy

      Ugh now I’m even more conflicted about whether to stick with Verizon and wait for my Note 2 pre-order of ditch them for T-Mo and get the T-Mo Note 2 and a Nexus 4 when available.

  • zUFC

    Ut Oh, hope the crapple people don’t find out about this. You know how bad they want to get back at us for making fun of their Maps……..

  • TheDrunkenClam

    They aught to work out the bluetooth bugs while they’re at it

    • LionStone

      What bug? I use BT all the time sending/receiving with N7 to/from Inc4G…no problems. Occasionally I have to toggle BT on the N7 right before a transfer but it will work.

  • John

    I love how Google+ still hasn’t fixed their 404 Error title “Error 404 (Not Found)!!!1

    Oh & your G+ hyperlink is broken

    • Rob Miller

      Google easter egg?

  • ddevito

    My birthday is 12/28 – does this mean I stay the same age? :p

    • Mack

      Same here man!

    • Gr8Ray

      That’s my wife’s birthday too!

  • Daniel Clifford

    If this is an OTA, by the time Verizon pushes it out it will be January!

    • The Verizon Gnex will never get 4.2, so there’s no reason to worry about this bug at all.

      • The sad thing is, I almost believe that. It still doesn’t have 4.1.2.

        • Daniel Clifford

          Does not have it officially ;). I have some faith that the Nexus name will carry it to 4.2. However with the release of the new Nexus already out I cannot see it getting anything past that.

        • Isn’t VZW required to support the device for the first two years after release?

          • JetBlue

            Nope they decide when they want to kill the device off which is usually around a year or sooner.

  • Bauce40

    How about fixing the lag and GPS issues. I have been having both on my Nexus 7 especially the lag.

    • Daniel Clifford

      How much available space do you have?

    • John

      I know this sounds stupid/weird, but I’ve heard many people saying once they disabled NFC, it’s improved quite a a bit (lag wise). Curious if it’ll help you with that as well.

      • Bauce40

        I hadn’t heard that yet, but I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks.

  • schoat333

    I didn’t even know adding a birthday to a contact was possible until I read about December missing.

    • John

      Sadly, same here. I’ve always just made reoccurring yearly events for people’s bday

      • C-Law

        Ha! Me too!

      • schoat333

        That exactly what I do.

  • giri0n

    I honestly thought it was a joke because the world is ending in December due to the Mayan Apocalypse.

    • +1 to that theory. Didn’t even think about that. 🙂

      • Maybe it was Google trolling us…its not like they haven’t done that before 🙂

        • S_T_R

          No, it was just poor QA.

  • I think the reason people got worked up over this isn’t so much because of what this bug is, but because a bug like this made it to release. 4.2 seems to be full of little bugs that should have never seen the light of day, and that is concerning.

    • Cam

      Logic bugs are impossible to catch if no one happens to notice before release. This seems like an easy one to slip through.

      • James

        Looks like a pretty obvious bug to me.

        • Diana

          You’re an idiot, James.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    Would this fix just be pushed over a Play Store Calendar update?

    • As the article says, this has nothing to do with Calendar. It affects the People app, which is currently not in the Play Store.

      • Adam Emshwiller

        derrp… that’s what happens when i don’t read correctly. ok so in that case.. they are going to push a 4.2.1 shortly?

        • TylerChappell

          Fairly likely.