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Download: Google Play Store 3.10.9

A new version of the Goole Play store popped up this weekend as version 3.10.9. It’s a fairly minor upgrade, but it does introduce a couple of new things. First, when installing an app, you are redirected to a new app page that confirms your app will be downloaded and installed. It also recommends other apps that you may enjoy. Second, you can now remove items from your Wishlist. And that’s that.

Download:  com.android.vending.apk

Install over the top of your current Google Play store.

Cheers @WinDroidGuy!

  • courtneywaddy456

    i have an emerson tablet 4.3 but i cant find google play download

  • lulu

    How to download :((

  • ryguy

    Can I download google play to my nook hd if so how

  • zohaib

    please download the playstore please please please

  • lol

    Please. Can someone help me, jow the hell do you download google play too a arnova tablet I really need help 🙁

  • casonja

    How can I download this I can not find the botton to download so can any one help???

    • awsome davis

      VI a

  • saby

    am i the only one who realizes they spelt google wrong in the first sentence

  • ladyt

    Why they just don’t let you get the app

  • chueseng


  • joejoe5709

    Hmmm. Mostly an annoyance.

  • droidman101

    I find it quite funny that they don’t apply their Google search algorithms to the play store searches. Would be a lot better way of ranking results.

  • archer

    They still need to show purchased but uninstalled apps separate from the ALL list.

    • flosserelli

      Agreed. How difficult can this be, Google? People claim android is still “unpolished” because of simple things like this. Sometimes I wonder if the developers in charge of native android apps actually USE android devices.

    • chucklehead322

      I’ve been waiting for them to include a “Purchased” tab for ages!!
      Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Murphy

    They still need a feature to batch remove apps from the My Apps > ALL list. I’ve been here since the OG Droid days. It could take awhile.

    • Bradley Albert Nemitz

      They have one. Just long press on an app to start selecting ones you don’t want and then remove them all at once with the contextual menu button.

      • Diablo81588

        That doesn’t work for me. When you long press, then press another app, the previous app is deselected. Haven’t tried this new version though.

        • Bradley Albert Nemitz

          I’m just on the 3.9.17 Google Play. I think you may need ICS or JB.

          • Diablo81588

            Oops my bad. It works but you have to touch the icons on the left to select. I was pressing the names. I’m on ICS by the way.

      • Gr8Ray

        You just made my day! I finally removed all that crap from back when I had my G1. Woot!

    • Jake

      Not sure if you mean a filter by which you could auto-select a group of apps, but you can batch remove apps from the ALL list. Long-press on an app you want to delete, then tap other apps to select them as well. Scroll through the list selecting multiple apps, then batch remove them.

      • Murphy

        Hmm, nothing happens when I long press. Still on Gingerbread here. Maybe that’s why.

    • michael arazan

      I have swiped the all apps I’ve had and it takes 36 swipes, full swipes, to get to the bottom. I’ve tried deleting the old apps I’ve had but every time you delete one, it starts at the top of the screen EVERY time! Soooooo Annoying!!!!!