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Samsung’s New Top Tier Displays to be Showcased at CES – 4.99″ 1080p HD Super AMOLED With 441ppi?


This morning, details are beginning to emerge on Samsung’s plans to produce a 1080p HD Super AMOLED display for use in future devices. According to sources, the displays that could see mass production in Q1 of 2013, are 4.99″ with a whopping 441ppi – much like the recent DROID DNA that has 440ppi. As for exactly when we could see Samsung show these off, sources lead that we could see the technology on display at the 2013 CES, which is just a couple of months away. 

An official from Samsung Display did hint at its existence which lends lots of credibility to the claim as well:

It has more than 100 pixels per inch more than the  Apple iPhone’s 326 ppi  stretched beyond the limits of the human eye level.

So, it looks like we have something major to look forward to at CES this year. Samsung will begin to match competitor’s LCD technology with their own AMOLED, which is always a plus for the consumers. As for what device this display could be placed in, is it a safe bet to assume it will be the Galaxy S4? It would fit the time frame given we should expect launch of the newest Galaxy around mid-2013.

Excited for CES?

Via: SamMobile

  • ray01000101010101

    4.99 inch Galaxy S IV, o boy……

  • y0_momma

    4.99? Because 5.00 is just toooooooo much??

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    You know how I know this is a good thing? CAUSE MY BALLS ITCH!

  • nightscout13

    CES will be looked forward to.

  • Alan Paone

    Whats up with samsung and reporting display sizes to so many decimal points?

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    According to all the recent Verizon roadmap leaks you can clearly define a period when the next-gen device will be launched. The end of life (EOL) for the DNA will be 5/20/2013 and will most likely be transitioned out two weeks prior. This is exactly what is happening with the HTC Droid Incredible 4G, in early December it will fall into EOL. That means that HTC will release a new flagship verizon device in late May – early June along with Samsung. The EOL on the leaked roadmaps really point to clear dates of new devices being launched like the GS4. I will wager a bazillion dollars that it will be true and I will be known as Nostradamus 2.0

  • This actually makes more sense to me than the 1080P LCD in the DNA. you might actually be able to notice the increased resolution with a pentile display.

  • What about Burn In? After just 10 months or so, my gnex is all ghosty 🙁 Or should I just blame the app?

  • Diablo81588

    Too bad it’ll be pentile 🙁

  • Lets hope its NOT Pentile type (NOT a big issue for me with 440ppi) otherwise HTC, LG will laugh (like earlier) saying their phones comes with TRUE FULL HD and NOT fake FULL HD…

  • Nicholassss

    The problem with being on the bleeding edge… Ive have the s3 sold it o preorder the note 2 and now we’re already talking about the s4 :'( how will I ever afford that!!!!! haha

  • Double. My bad

  • Tofer

    The DNA has 443ppi. Epic fail Samsung.

    • Except that when you have a browser up without pinching, because of the higher resolution and ppi the text is a lot smaller, same with icons.. Think that may have been one reason they lessened the resolution and or ppi. You more so have to pinch zoom to see it where as its easy to see on the Note 2 without zooming in.

      • Diablo81588

        The images are scaled to reflect the increased pixel density.

  • joejoe5709

    Nice. And then a solid six (or less) months later, I’d like the next Nexus to land on Verizon with a 1080p 4.7″ screen and LTE. I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on the 5″ screen bandwagon unless there was nearly zero bezel. SOME bezel is good though. A 5″ screen would basically reach to the corners of my GNex. I’m really not interested in something much larger than my current phone. The Nexus4 looks like a good size.

  • Death to PenTile? {{o_0}}

  • Trevor

    Did they make it 4.99″ just so they could have one more ppi vs the DNA? Verrrry sneaky Samsung.

  • BTLS

    I can’t wait to shop for a new phone in 13… I’m still pretty happy with my Gnex but I just simply need to have a 400+ppi phone soon to crave my geeky urges

  • Sqube

    Is it going to be brighter than the DNA’s screen, with better color reproduction? I’m not interested in 1080p for its own sake. I’d rather have a 1280×720 screen backed by all this current-gen horsepower. Nothing could slow a phone like that down.

    • Diablo81588

      AMOLED will never be brighter than LCD, but will always have better contrast.

      • Ibrick

        If by better you mean ‘higher’ then yes, AMOLED screens can produce a more saturated look, which leads to the ‘cartoon’ look AMOLED is known for. For natural, more realistic color reproduction, SLCD is the way to go.

        Personally I wish Samsung would move away from AMOLED all together..

        • Diablo81588

          AMOLED is a better display tech than LCD. The problem is it’s in its infancy. LCD has been around for decades. Look how bad LCD was when it first came out. Viewing angles were atrocious, color reproduction was terrible, and refresh rates were border line unusable for anything but static images. AMOLED will eventually get true RGB stripe, but in its current state the screen wears out to fast. Give it another year or two and we’ll start seeing it phase out LCD.

  • I’m under the impression that the human eye can’t distinguish above 300ppi. If that’s true, why bother going above 300 and does it improve anything else on the screen if it is above 300?

    • Diablo81588


      • Cool. I knew that was part of it just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything else.

        • Ibrick

          I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you probably own a GNex or S3. Look at fine white text on a black background. While you can’t see the actual pixels, it gives the effect you can. More pixels will give a smoother look.

          • GNex. So even though you can’t distinguish over 300, anything else over that will give the screen an overall smoothness. Thanks.

          • Ibrick

            I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not, but try this. Go into TiBu, go to like ‘uninstall user and system apps’ and take a close look at the red text. You can’t actually see each pixel, but the text could certainly look sharper. I don’t know how else to describe the benefit of having more pixels besides seeing it for yourself.

  • Tim242

    4.99″? It’s 5″. Calling it 4.99 is as stupid as calling the Gnex’s display 4.65″.

    • Thomas

      I’m 10″. Oh my bad…wrong website.

      • Tim242

        Ha another good reason to round up.

    • I always called my Gnex 4.65, because that’s what it is…

      • Tim242

        4.65″ rounds to 4.7. No other phone uses a second number past the decimal.

        • You do realize everything you say isn’t fact yes? But me saying my Galaxy Nexus has a 4.65” screen is a fact.

          • Tim242

            Really? Have you measured it? I have. It’s 4.7.

          • From Google’s spec page:

            Dimensions: 5.33 x 2.67 x 0.35 (135.5 x 67.94 x 8.94 mm)
            Weight: 135 grams
            Screen Size: 4.65 inch
            Screen Resolution: 1,280 x 720 pixels

            You lose.

          • Tim242

            Google’s spec sheet is wrong on that. This isn’t the first time it has happened. Many sites list it as 4.7. It is 120mm, which = 4.72″. Here is proof. http://db.tt/uCfnLVtA. You lose : )

          • You’re measuring with a plastic ruler from a company who undoubtedly has zero quality control. The stat sheet is correct. Measured it with my digital laser used to cut aircraft grade alloys – it’s actually 4.65211. Want me to set it to go any further with decimals?

          • Tim242

            Oh, so now rulers are incorrect. Just the same as sites such as Phone Scoop. Regardless, even if it were 4.65, that rounds to 4.7. No other device in history has used a second number behind the decimal. It is stupid. Did you know that the Note 2 is 5.56? But, it is said to be 5.5″. You missed the original point. A 4.99″ screen is retarded.

          • Facts are facts man lol, the Galaxy Nexus was released as a 4.65” device because IT IS a 4.65” device. It was never spec’d as 4.7” EVER. Get over yourself and move on. You’re wrong, we’re right.

          • Tim242

            Even if it were 4.65 (I’ve proven it’s 4.7) (4.72 to be exact) 4.65 = 4.7. Now tell your boyfriend to give you some dick, instead of being one : )

          • So if the Note 2 is 5.56 why aren’t you rounding it to 5.6? It’s obviously closer to 5.6 than it is to 5.5. So what’s your reasoning behind doing this? Because the company promotes it as a 5.5” device? Seems to go against your previous opinions, because Google and Verizon promote the Galaxy Nexus as a 4.65” device.

          • Tim242

            My point is not the rounding. My pint all along has been that it is stupid to use a second number past the decimal. Rounding up just makes the most sense. The Gnex is the only device ever to use three numbers for the display size.

          • Just admit that you were wrong, it’s alright.

            I love that you reasoning is that “it’s stupid to use a second number.”

            Amazing logic.

          • Tim242


        • angermeans

          I’ve always read/heard the Galaxy Nexus as 4.65 not 4.7 or 4.6

          • Tim242

            You apparently haven’t looked at its spec list on tech sites. Regardless, using a second number past the decimal is retarded. No other device does it.

  • TheWenger

    Hear that? That’s the sound of my having to change my pants.

  • I know it’s stupid.. but I feel like the Note II is less and less future proof. Especially waiting for the release on Verizon

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      With a Quad Core and 2GB?…I’m so confused as to what future proof means anymore.

    • niuguy

      Never use the term future proof. Doesn’t exist. Note II is going to be a great phone for a long time. 720-1080 isn’t as big a jump as the interwebs will make it seem.

    • Ohiwastedmylife

      First world problems

    • michael arazan

      By the Time the Note 2 is finally announced on Verizon, the Note 3 will be announced by Samsung

    • chris125

      The screen really has nothing to do with being future proof. Its not like all the sudden Google is going to say 1080p screens are required for android. The internals are plenty future proof in the note

  • ToddAwesome

    I’m all for this, whatever makes my bathroom pron breaks better is good in my book!

  • Brian Walker

    I like hearing about devices like this when I’m 1 year away from my upgrade, sincerely. There are a few phones out there that I would just LOVE to have, but when I see details like this it helps me remember that whatever is available if I wait will be completely mind-blowing. The next year with my Galaxy Nexus will be just fine, and when I’m ready to move it will definitely be something amazing.

    • TheWenger

      Sames. All the Verizon G-Nex early adopters may have had perfect timing. One of the first 720p devices, and now likely the first 1080 amoled device when our contract is up.

    • tomn1ce

      When I got my G-Nexus on vzw I didn’t have it in my hands for 30 minutes and I was already thinking about my next phone in 2013. I was like man if this phone is this nice at the end of 2011, I can’t imagine what the phones in 2013 will be like. 1080p didn’t cross my mind but 2GB of ram and cpu 1.5+ghz did and phones came with that this year. Not to mention the Razr i at 2ghz.

  • Derek Haneman

    Ya know, I was thinking about this and how most of these awesome screens are pretty much overkill for the phones. But I can see this as a good sign maybe pushing the technology forward for other areas such as laptop screens. For far too long laptops have used low res crappy screens like the 1378×768 or whatever that size is. That seems to the be the base screen you get in most low/mid range, it would be nice to see this push for phone morph into a change to the laptop segment. Yah you see apple pushing the Penelope with the retina screens, but it would be nice to see more quality screens.

    • Andrew Roth

      Auto-correct giving away your habit of googling pics of Penelope Cruz? Or is that just street slang for “envelope”?

      • niiiiice

      • Derek Haneman

        LOL, ever seen the move Club Dred…ohhhh Penelope!

        • Andrew Roth

          Had to edit your post didn’t you? couldn’t let others have a laugh….#ego

          • Andrew Roth

            I guess if your wife/girlfriend/domestic partner/sex buddy/friend with benefits/whatever the hell is acceptable in society today looks at Droid-Life it was wise to change. Carry on 🙂

          • TheWenger


    • Brian Walker

      I’m going to use “pushing the Penelope” in a sentence today, mark my words.

    • Danrarbc

      Bigger screens are harder to manufacture.

      • Paul

        How is making a 15″ 1080p screen harder than a 5″ 1080p?

  • While this is exciting and I cannot wait, but might be a little late to the game.

    • No way

      I’m assuming you are kidding. I’m assuring myself you are kidding.

    • Ya… I wouldn’t classify the 2nd player to arrive being late….

      • Pretty sure that any phone with this screen will definitely not be the second phone with a 1080p display seeing as this is still at least 6-7 months away.

    • flosserelli

      Late to the game? Besides the Droid DNA, name another device with 440+ ppi.


      • Diablo81588

        This will not be out for another 6 months minimum.

      • Ohiwastedmylife

        Oppo Find 5, it came out before DNA even.

    • TheWenger

      But it’ll be AMOLED, which to my knowledge, is tougher than LCD to get to really high density.

      • Ohiwastedmylife

        They just announced new innovation in mfg process that will allow for 1080p screens. It was not possible until very recently.

    • Paul

      I think Joey might have meant for his next phone. Otherwise…

    • Yes, I was just joking guys. I’m super pumped for it, the more phones with a 1080p screen the better off we are. Samsung will hopefully keep sd card slot, and removable battery, big win for us.

      Also if this is the GS4, do you know what that means???

      More making fun of Apple people waiting in line, or new sharing of sexy videos.

      Am I wrong for seriously cracking up on their videos?

  • It’s cute how they make it 4.99 inches and 1 ppi more than the DNA.


    • ha, i didn’t notice that. it is a smart move though — a lot of people compare the dna to the note II simply because its screen size is listed at 5″

      • true but i think they want that 1 ppi so they can brand their screens as the most pixelated

        • i dont think thats what they aimed for. pretty sure its an issue with their machines, or maybe htcs displays are 4.99″ too but they just dont care

          • In a billion dollar industry, I’d argue that they care. Let’s be real, these companies always proclaim their technology as the first this or best that. They definitely are going to market the 441 screen as first this or best that.

          • but otherwise HTC had to claim their panels are not even 5 inch, so its a lose – lose situation 😀 but i rly doubt its for marketing purposes, since these machines costs millions and you somehow have to go with what fits. but, we will probably never find out 🙂

  • Zach

    This is getting a bit ridiculous. So, in a year from now, are we going to be talking about 4k resolution phones with 1,000ppi?? “stretched beyond the limits of the human mind!”

    Seriously though, if Samsung admits it’s beyond the limits of the human eye level, why is it that necessary?

    • Danrarbc

      It isn’t beyond the limits, could be a dig at Apple.

    • thebruce44

      The human eye can see well beyond 440 ppi. That was just a blatant marketing lie by Apple for their retina display when they set it at an arbitrary resolution.

      • Diablo81588

        You cannot see individual pixels beyond 300ppi or so with a RGB stripe arrangement. It wasn’t a lie at all. Retina is just a marketing term, but the science behind it is correct. I welcome you to try and see different.

        • Ohiwastedmylife

          Yes, yes it was a lie. Apple will have to bump their resolution in the future to stay competitive. Retina is BS and you can definitely tell the difference between screens.

          • Diablo81588

            The difference you see is not because of increased pixel density, but the difference in screen tech. I have 20/20 vision, and when my friend got the iPhone 4 two years ago, I looked as hard as I could, and could still not distiguish individual pixels at any distance.

          • Stocklone

            As the article explained, 20/20 vision is not perfect. 20/20 is normal vision.

          • Diablo81588

            Fine, I consider my vision perfect. I don’t expect most people to have eyes that are so much better than mine to see individual pixels at 400 vs 300 per inch. This spec game is foolish, and is nothing but a marketing ploy to make consumers think 1080p is necessary on a 5 inch display, or any phone display for that matter.

          • Stocklone

            OK. Well multiple reviews have said the screen looks sharper than 720p phones. There is a difference. Nobody is imagining it. I actually 100% agree with you. I think it is overkill. I also think 720p screens are overkill too though. Yes, I am still rocking a 480p screen on my phone and 800p on my 10″ tablet. Yes, I can see pixels. No, I don’t care. Nor do I understand why after Apple invented the Retina marketing term everyone flipped out that they could see pixels on their screen and became screen whores.

            Finally, have you read up on IGZO screen technology? It allows for higher resolution screens with significantly less power consumption and similar costs to traditional LCD. So I don’t see a huge problem with it if the consumer isn’t paying anymore than they normally would and isn’t having to do deal with any significant tradeoff for 1080p. It’s not like the DNA is this giant brick phone that has a horrible battery life and costs $350 on contract. Some people are getting good battery life. Some people are getting bad life. That’s par for the course with new smartphones regardless of resolution of the screen. Switching from traditional LCD to IGZO is as close to a free lunch as I have ever seen. I am most definitely in favor of Sharp pushing this new technology as far as it can go on as many devices big or small as possible. Do not be surprised if at some point you see Apple with an IGZO screen in their devices.

        • Sorry, this isn’t factual. For one, everyone’s eyes are different – where you may not be able to see past 300PPI, the human eye does have the ability to see past 300PPI.

          Job’s quote:

          “At a distance of 10″ to the human eye (or retina), a pixel density of 300PPI is the maximum that an eye can distinguish.”

          The statement (whether based on facts or not) is that at 10”, the human eye cannot distinguish pixels on a display with a pixel density of 300PPI or more. The problem with this statement is that it isn’t based upon factual information (they’ve released no study to prove this theory), and this also assumes that everyone uses their device 10” from their eyes, which isn’t always the case.

          Just using a tape measure I can see that I usually hold my Galaxy Nexus at about 6-7 inches from my face (I have 20×15 vision). So, improving pixel density is important, if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t spend millions improving pixel density just to be able to market the device as having a higher pixel density. Sometimes facts matter, this is one of those times.

          It’s like people saying anything beyond 30 FPS is pointless on a video game, but as soon as my FPS drops below 60 FPS I can instantly tell even if I don’t have the FPS number showing. I’ve tested it dozens of times, any time I start to notice degradation of image quality, I flip on the FPS monitor and it shows it’s below 60 FPS. This is also why the film industry uses motion blur, because they only (currently) shoot with 24 frames per second and if it wasn’t for motion blur, the majority of viewers would complain of poor image quality. Since we play video games very up close and without motion blur, we need a much higher frame rate for it to appear fluid.

          These results vary due to eyesight, but most importantly they’re all theories and not facts. There’s been very little testing done to prove the human eye’s ability to view pixel density or frames per second, despite what people may tell you.

        • Stocklone


          I really liked this article and thought it made some interesting points as to why we want to go even further in the future.

          • Diablo81588

            Ridiculous. There is no way anyone’s eyes can distiguish 900PPI. I consider myself to have perfect vision, and I can’t even see individual pixels on an iPhone 4 at 326PPI. That article is all about theoretical limits based on random studies. There is nothing to prove any of those claims.

      • They said that since there were screens on devices like the Samsung i730 in like 2005.. I don’t think that’s correct. I can tell the difference, but I have good eye sight and am very picky when it comes to screens. Sorry, meant this for Diablo81588.

  • But, knowing Samsung, it’ll probably be PenTile… sigh…

    • that was my first though too… but i wonder how noticeable it would be with a resolution this high… it’s hard to pick it out already on the gsiii

    • Note II isn’t PenTile

      • Danrarbc

        Because it’s not first generation 🙂

      • zepfloyd

        yea, but it’s not a true RGB Stripe either. The arrangement is still different.

      • Diablo81588

        They cannot produce an AMOLED rgb display with that kind of pixel density. The note 2 has a larger screen and is not true rgb even at 720p. Don’t get your hopes up.

    • Danrarbc

      Yes, it’ll be PenTile. The first gen of a resolution bump always is.

    • zepfloyd

      I’m very curious to hear how they did this. OLED has technical limitations in this arena. There’s a max density issue for one and non pentile has a decently shorter lifespan. On top of that, power draw will be higher too. Overall SLCD3 is probably still better this round.

    • r0lct

      The “Super” means not pentile IIRC

      • Diablo81588

        No it doesn’t. Super means brighter than the first gen AMOLED displays like on the incredible.

    • Stocklone

      I’d much rather see a traditional RGB stripe AMOLED display for the Galaxy S4 than a 1080p pentile display. Less pixels to push and a much better quality display than the S3. I’m hoping that maybe their new technique to get AMOLED to 440 dpi also includes a fix to not rely on pentile but I doubt it.

    • PalmerAdam

      is thar you Nilay Patel?