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Galaxy Nexus Seeing First Batch of Android 4.2 Custom ROM’s From AOSP

As a Galaxy Nexus owner, you expect nothing but the latest and greatest software to be running on your device. Unfortunately, Verizon is currently not the fastest carrier to deliver such things. But don’t worry, this is Android! Once Android 4.2 hit AOSP, along with the Verizon binaries, the developers got straight to work.

As of right now, we have a few custom ROM’s that feature pure Android 4.2 AOSP code to share with you. Below, we will provide links to their respective forum pages and will continue to share more ROM’s as they emerge. If you have a favorite custom ROM that you would like us to personally flash and share with the community, go ahead and let us know down below in the comments section. 

Pure Android 4.2 Jelly Bean | MMuzzy’s Android 4.2 | mROM v3.0 Jelly Bean 4.2

Now, remember you must be rooted and running a custom recovery to get these to work. If you still have yet to get into the root game, then start learning up so you can run Android 4.2 right here. Be safe, folks and don’t forget to make a backup.

  • jimbofoshow

    Sourcery 4.2 hurry up!

  • Pure seems great. I’ll probably be too lazy to go BB when it finally comes out… unless there’s problems. But so far so good. And now I go to make my iphone using friends UNDERSTAND.

  • wm snyder

    if you plan on returning to 4.1.2 your in for some troubles because 4.2 changes your directory because of multible user accounts. So titainium will not find your old backup!! for those in the know check your options in Titainium their you can search your files to your old back up files and click ok. Then business as usual. The new directory is “0” their you will find all your files. Just a FYI . As for myself decided too go back to old rom for all the options available.

  • Well seeing how I almost jacked up my Nexus trying to flash, I think I’ll just wait for a CM Alpha build. CM Is really the only ROM I trust anymore. *has been out of the flashing game for a very very long time*

  • Benmartin1974

    Id’ been considering buying a galaxy nexus for ages. I read loads of reviews and this one was quite helpful http://search4reviews.net/ , I received my package last month and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure,

  • Matthew Jay Hopkins

    i dont know why you telling people they are required to root. i NEVER have. EVER. i just flashed CWM touch recovery using fastboot (to GSM gNex) using terminal. i’ve flashed PSM certs, DSP manager, 4.2 cam/keyboard, and latest 4.2 OTA using this method. I repeat WITH NO ROOT. of course i had to flash back to stock before OTA would apply, but there have been no hiccups. for me anyway. i didn’t want to root because i use gWallet. dont be a sheep. try it. thats why you got a gNex, i doubt it will break. just keep a backup with CWM recovery installed and you’ll be safe. really. NO ROOT. please stop telling people that. i’ve written to every single one of these leading android blog sites and no one seems to pick it up. C’mon son.

  • kfath1978

    Running the Pure and it seems kind of choppy. Also the Wifi seems slow and the signal strength seems to be weak. I will probably try another one this weekend or go back to what I had before.

  • Joey Funk

    Any love for toroplus/sprint users?

  • Jsn

    I too am waiting for Bugless Beast… for all petes fans make sure you hit him up with a few dollars to keep him going.. if he sees money coming in im sure it will be more of a focus for him – https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8460105

  • HotRodJohnson

    Pure Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Facebook picture sharing not working via the Gallery.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Wish I could customize the quick settings. I would like to be able to toggle NFC and tethering on and off.

  • cknight91

    Are these all for the Verizon Gnex? Or are some only for the GSM modal?

    • HotRodJohnson

      I just got Pure Android 4.2 Jelly Bean working on a Verizon GNex. I think for GSM phones, you can already get the update directly from Google.

    • Justin Swanson

      Heh, all of these links go to the Verizon Gnex, None link back to the GSM XDA forum.

  • Addison Todd

    Waiting for it to drop on Codename. 🙂

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Anybody else notice the settings in the Stock msg app has Group messaging options… Is this from google or MMUZZY??

  • kfath1978

    Can someone please explain the whole “0” folder issue to me please? I have seen some posts about it wiping the SD card or something like that. I am doing a backup now but will it erase that too? Dont want to do this if I dont have some sort of backup.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      The new build has the ability for multiple users on it. Each user will have a seperate file partition essentially. When you initially start the device up, the default user is “0” and everything that was on the device is now in user “0”s partition. Make sense?

      • kfath1978

        Yup….thanks for the info!

      • RW-1

        I think in addition to that, unless the dev’s unlock the ability to add users on the phones, it was done this way so that the OS across the board was standardized, on a tablet with multiple users there will be a 1 2 3 4 folders, but ont he phones only the 0 …

  • droidify

    AOKP exclusively for me. I can’t live without there nav bar tweeks. Are there any other realiable roms out there that have the ability to shrink the nav bar buttons? I can’t stand to waste all that beautiful screen.

    • I really enjoy Euroskano. Its built from CM10 and AOKP.

    • Justin Swanson

      I usually use AOKP due to the navbar mods, however I noticed a significant speed increase going to Bigxie’s AOSP 4.2. I am hoping the speed increase is due to 4.2 and not a slowdown with AOKP’s M1.

  • Those ROMS are all for the fake Galaxy Nexus!

    • Steve Benson

      Thanks douchebag!

    • Tom Ball

      They’re for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. This site is primarily for Verizon users/phones…

  • Brien Gerber

    AOKP and Bugless Beast!

  • David Narada Brown


  • greenbacks

    This sucks!! I loaded a rom and lost root just before my wife dropped my Gnex in liquid fertilizer, 2 things broke after the LF drop my power button and usb data transfer. I managed to buy and replace my power button but cannot get usb data transfer to work. I cannot get root back now and Im stuck on VZW BS software. 🙁

  • kfath1978

    Anyone have any feedback on Pure Android 4.2 yet? I am about to try it.

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      I like the MMUZZY…. EVERYTHING has worked so far! ZERO problems!

      • Inquizitor

        Seconded. Mmuzzy was the first I tried and I’m very happy.

        • Chris Malkiewicz

          @Inquizitor:disqus did you notice group message settings in the stock msg app? Do you know if that is Google or MMUZZY?? Wondering if it works!?

          • Inquizitor

            No idea, I use Google Voice.

    • Justin Swanson

      Using Bigxie’s AOSP. It’s really nice, can’t wait to see what AOKP/CM/CNA/BB/etc do with it!

  • I’ll be flashing one of the 4.2 roms soon. Just waiting it out. But I’m getting a Galaxy S III in the mail in a few days. My GN mic went out so I upgraded. Haven’t decided to keep rooting phones or not.

    • JoshGroff

      If it means faster access to new updates, I do it, but it’s not as necessary as it once was. (especially with the built in option to disable apps.)

  • presb4

    I downloaded and flashed Mmuzzy 4.2 last night and have to say that the 11-14 build is running real nice on my VZ GNex. All the google apps, camera, messenger, gmail, maps, nav, and local are working well too. No wake lock issues or GPS issues.
    I rolled with peter’s roms back in the OG Droid days and love his work too, but I’m telling you Mmuzzy current build it not to far off the mark right now, so why wait.

    • wickets

      they have to wait at the altar of bb….yikes

    • John Lambeth

      Running Mmuzzy’s latest here too. Everything is working great for me. I’l try out BB when Pete releases it but I gotta feed the addiction until then!

      • gonzo

        I tried flashing Mmuzzy’s build and it failed for me. Using clockworkmod recovery

    • Alon Yaffe

      Same here… but looks like he’s using an older version of the keyboard? Anyone else noticed this?

      • Jared Fulgham

        In last night’s build, I’m pretty sure it’s the new one. The trace capability works. If it’s not the newest, there are links in the thread to the newest version.

      • RW-1

        Yes, seconded, MMuzz’s works great, unfortunately I think he put in the 1st leak of the 4.2 KB, no worries, if you flash the latter release, it will be fine, I let him know today and likely he’ll incorporate into the next build.

        • alonyaffe

          Looks like it’s already in the 11-15 build, but I followed your advice and flashed the latest keyboard and it works great. Thanks.

  • ive been running mmuzzy since he posted it half broken… he finally fixed the only 3 issues that were in the intitial releases, the keyboard, camera bugs, and google now gps… I will miss my nexus and 4.2 next week when I get my HTC DNA but I loved my Thunderbolt that everyone else hated.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Longtime lover of Bug less beast, but Pete’s decision to exclude the stock browser is a deal breaker for me.
    JellyBelly has been my go-to ROM since July. Its awesome.

    • derek connolly

      You can always install the stock browser back on a Bugless Beast build


      • TheDrunkenClam

        I did that, and while the app itself does work fine, the bookmarks (and syncing them) was missing. And also the bookmarks widget was missing. Whenever you use titanium backup on a ROM that does have the stock browser, you can see that the browser app and the functionality of bookmarks are two separate entities.

        • derek connolly

          oh, I see.

  • Skyskioc

    Pete is an animal ! Bugless beast is definitely worth the wait. BB. FTW !

  • Like Adam has said, hope all you using BB have donated to Peter. His work is amazing.

  • Liquid Smooth and BB….like them both.

  • I use CM10 how much better is BB, looking for advice not fandom

    • BB is easily the most stable/reliable ROM out there. From a usability standpoint, it’s basically stock. Stick with CM or AOKP if you want a customizable ROM with a ton of extra features.

  • Wow, Peter has a good fan base here at DL. He could easily start charging a small fee for BB and make some serious cash. I’ve already donated a bit.

  • DanWazz

    Can’t wait for BB to run 4.2 stock and play with the new features, but really looking forward to CNA’s 4.2 release.

    • Tom Ball

      BB is a great ROM but I love what CNA has done. CNA 3.8 is by far the most stable/power efficient ROM I’ve used.

      • Gr8Ape

        cna is a good choice, but the only ROM that stands the test of time is BB. Peter’s work starting with the OGDroid till now really shows it’s mettle in it’s stability. I’ve only had two AnDroid phones, the OG and Galaxy Nexus (verizon), and BB shows Peter’s commitment to stability and lack of fluff. there are some added features that other ROMs include that are nice, but most of them can be added through the store.
        I see it as the following: you can either wait for verizon to send out the update (“yrs” and w/ junk) or wait for BB (“weeks/month”). I personally would rather have BB and add what i need.
        Donate if you can.

  • I am patiently waiting for good ol’ Roman at AOKP to bring it with 4.2. I have been with AOKP for a very long time, and even though it’s not as stable as BB, I freakin love the tweaking possibilities. Fingers crossed they get this issue with their forums dealt with, and we can get back some KANG!!!

  • enob

    I have been running MMuzzy’s for the last two days and it is really nice.

  • Get Peter to do a guest post on here

  • Bugless Beast or Bust! The Truth!!

  • alan taylor

    I’ve been trying pure android for the past couple of days on my galaxy nexus. They have a mostly fully functional ROM. They have fixed most issue. Runs decent. I am mostly only getting 3g. I am not able to pick up 4g as much as I used to but I am able to pick it up. I had flashed mmuzzys 4.2 ROM yesterday to try it out but it had more bugs

  • Josh Hendrix

    One post about 4.2 roms and everyone is saying they are going to wait for Pete. That’s the sign of a good dev right there. Can’t wait for Bugless 4.2

    • Because you know he takes his time and puts out only the smoothest, most stable, no frills Rom. I’ve been running it for the last 3 months and I havent looked back. Everything else is just fluff IMO. Dare I say its even more stable than stock.

      • wickets

        have you tried mmuzzy or mrom? hardly fluff, but then this thread is turning into a bb fanfest….[email protected]

        • C-Law

          He probably hasn’t and neither have I and im sure they r excellent roms but Pete already got us hooked. I have an n7 though that I occasionally try other roms on. Do they develop for it?

          • wickets

            Not sure….check them out on xda. Ive used bb stuff too……all these guys are brilliant in my book and that they dont even ask for a 99c tip is mind boggling.

        • I don’t need to. BB has always done everything I need in a rom, and like C-Law below me mentioned, I’ve been hooked since the OG Droid days.

        • Hothfox

          Unless another dev gives us a solid reason to switch (other than IT’S HERE NOW!), Bugless Beast users typically would rather wait for Pete’s BUGLESS roms that are close to stock, with just the few mods we need.

  • I am seeing an awful lot of bug less beast fans here.

    I am curious. What is it about BB that you all enjoy?

    • Very clean, vanilla Android with a *few* extras. Its not over the top with customization options. I run CM on my tablets, but on my daily driver phone, I prefer simple and won’t use anything but BB.

    • DroidzFX

      Speed and stability.

    • p_droid

      World’s most stable ROM. No crashes, bugs, or mess-ups. It’s nice to not have to worry about any of that stuff.

    • r0lct

      It’s the only custom ROM I’ve used that not only improves performance but makes it more stable than carrier rom.

    • I had a ton of issues with the 4.1 BB ROM. Horrible battery life for one. I switched to CM10 nightly and life was much better.

      Sometimes ROMs don’t like your unit.

      • ArrowCool

        “Sometimes ROMs don’t like your unit” —I agree with you 100% Perfect example. I’m a big fan of CM, but the CM10 m2 that I have been running on my toro for the past month is horrendous. I’ve had to do more battery pulls than I have ever had to. At the same time, my friend with the exact same phone and ROM hasn’t had any issues.

  • cmiram

    Does anyone know of one that has the group messaging built in already?

    • no but jelly belly should have it once it is released (possibly in the next day or so)

      • cmiram

        Thanks! Someone posted a link to them, but they don’t have their 4.2 build up yet. Not sure what they were talking about lol

    • stephen

      Group MMS comes stock with 4.2 aosp.

      • cmiram

        Wow you’re right, are you sure it’s aosp and not added in the rom? I have it on the 4.1.2 rom I’m running, so it could just be that ported up?

  • wavedashdoc

    BB is the definitive stable custom rom.

    • Ibrick

      I must have missed that poll..

  • SuperMario

    Waiting on the only rom that matters.. Bugless Beast!

  • Trevor

    No launcher i use works on 4.2 and mmuzzy’s messes up your sd card creates a new directory each time you flash it and messes up your sd card locations

    • crpeck

      Actually that’s Android 4.2 doing that – not mmuzzy’s or any other dev’s fault.

    • It’s supposed to do that. It’s because of the multi-user. Someone will come along and fix sooner or later.

      • JMonkeYJ

        my guess is Pete 😉

      • Jonah

        So is there no way for me to get my data back?

  • Bill Anderson
  • Droid Concepts ROM…that’s what I’m waiting on.

  • Middle School Teacher

    BB is very solid. AOKP and CM provides a lot of custom tweaks, but the milestones are what you want because they are usually bug free. I’m willing to try one of these new 4.2 ROMs after work.

  • I’ll give Pete Alfonso a couple weeks before I even consider jumping ship. BB is worth waiting for.

    • kervation

      I concur.

    • JMonkeYJ

      yeah definitely would rather wait for BB even for a couple weeks then spend a couple weeks with 4.2 but cursing my phone for force closes and random reboots/bugs.

      • Not to mention two separate device wipes, 1 to try a ROM now, a 2nd later when BB comes out…

  • Michael Forte

    I think I’m happy with 4.1.2 for right now. There are quite a few things I’m not exactly happy with on 4.2 like the lockscreen, new clock fonts, etc. Plus, I already have most of the features of 4.2 I do like such as Gmail, new camera app, and the new keyboard.

  • ddevito

    Still the best Android phone. Yes, LTE is indeed that important.


    • You do realize HSPA+ is nearly as fast and in some locations actually faster than LTE right? My disappointment with the Nexus 4 isn’t the lack of LTE, it’s the lack of Verizon support (LTE or not). What good is fast speeds on any network if you don’t have a signal.

      • John Malin

        But I get LTE in my area, and all the GSM carriers in my area bite the big one

      • ddevito

        You do realize Verizon’s LTE coverage can blanket HSPA+ like 100x in the US, right?

        • wickets

          and during sandy att had no effing towers working, around me anyway…..vzw was a godsend

      • Xious

        It doesn’t matter if HSPA+ is faster than LTE in the best case scenario. It matters that LTE covers everywhere that I live and work and HSPA+ is a joke. I am pretty sure that rings the same for a lot of people that do not live in big city markets (and maybe some that do). So I agree with ddevito, LTE is indeed that important.

        • That’s what I pretty much said. While HSPA+ is as fast, I’m still disappointed in the Nexus 4 because I need the Verizon network.

          • problem is verizon wont go hands off on a phone since the OG, LTE or not. look at our NOT NEXUS, Nexus. i feel sorry for all the non rooted Gnex users. I met a guy the other day who didnt want to do the wipe. but had only 4gb of 28gb of storage used. we got the DNA coming out soon and looks like all is well.

      • ozo012

        While the throughput may be similar, LTE ping times are so much lower than HSPA+ in my area.

    • Hothfox

      Especially in rural areas, the only provider I can get coverage from is Verizon. Even though it might not be their LTE network. There are some places though where I only have 3G on Verizon, but my boyfriend will have clear HSPA+ coverage. In these cases, his phone is much faster at downloading data than mine (since HSPA+ > 3G). Typically though, Verizon’s a safe bet for having coverage in your area. Too bad they’re so expensive and they likely will never get another Nexus :/

  • vonbane

    I’ll wait for Pete to release the latest Bugless Beast I think.

  • br_hermon

    Waiting on Bugless Beast and only Bugless Beast 🙂

    • Jeralmac


      • Stevedub40


        • EC8CH

          I second the motion.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      ^This. Of course i thank him for posting an update the other night indicating this one was tougher.

      • Yea. I was about to flash one of the 4.2 ROMs above until I read his update — if Peter thought it’s tougher to do a merge 4.2, then there must be something going on and I would rather wait for a more stable release.

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          Thinking the same thing.

          I’m really excited to get it, but i want it to work. So i’m being happy waiting for it knowing he always does an excellent job.

          • Just saw the same tweet. I’m waiting, i can play without the new gallery on my n7

        • Daniel Fitzpatrick

          I got impatient and flashed pure, I think its called pure? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1993545
          It’s no BB, but I’m plenty satisfied with it

      • derek connolly

        what update did he post? I think i missed it.

        • He posted on twitter that there were a lot of conflicts when doing the merge.

      • chanstar

        Where is he posting updates??

        • Twitter

          • chanstar

            Ah…thanks Bro. Something I don’t use lol.

          • I don’t post to twitter. I only use it to follow Peter and NFL news.

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          it was only 1 update the night after it was released. Said it was harder to merge 4.2. Nothing since then that i’ve noticed.

    • David Hussey

      I would be waiting for AOKP, but I expect delays on that since they have to deal with their forum issue. Maybe back to BB it is :-/

    • theentropic

      Same here, but I am getting anxious. I have to keep telling myself it is worth the wait… because it is definitely worth the wait.

      • Bill Mitchell


        • theentropic

          You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to say that to you when I noticed you stole my icon. Hahaha

          • Bill Mitchell

            I’ve had this for like a year!!! >:(

          • theentropic

            It’s the only Icon I’ve used since I signed up for Disqus… not entirely sure how long that’s been.

          • Bill Mitchell

            Haha, same here!

          • 3M4NU31

            What’s up guise?

          • Bill Mitchell

            Ermahgerd get out of here

          • 3M4NU31

            Haha jk jk I saw both of you & I HAD to join in 😛 I’ll change my avi back soon

          • Bill Mitchell

            Haha, I don’t mind!!! All are welcome to appreciate the late and great Lelouch vi Britannia

    • TheWenger

      Sames. At least until AOKP gets theirs out.

    • I wish I could upvote this more.

    • brando56894

      I just got the GNex last week (switched from the Rezound after a year) and I haven’t run BB in like 2-3 years since I had the OG Droid. I’m gonna have to check it out, right now JBSourcery is what I’m running and I absolutely love it. Best ROM I’ve run so far.

      • assman

        agreed, sourcery rocks

    • I had no idea this was the ROM of choice for so many people, what with CM and AOKP seemingly dominating ROM talk. Love Bugless Beast, can’t wait for his update.

      • C-Law

        Any time I run aokp or cm to get the extra features, at some point I end up with a freeze or slow gps lock or screen of death. So I ended up back at BB everytime and now I just never leave anymore. I need my phone to work so I happily stay with BB bc Pete delivers the Bugless goods every time

        • DaveTea

          Same here. My G-Nex needs to be fully trustworthy for work and AOKP or CM always seem to bite me in the butt at the worst possible time.

        • saint_stephen

          I’m in the exact same boat. I always end up coming back to Bugless Beast.

    • William_Morris

      I hate to rehash, but Pete does amazing work and I’m hoping us in the community can make sure he’s getting paid for the fruits of his labor. Donate if you can.

    • I want to +10 this.

    • snowblind64

      I’m waiting for BB as well but Pure Android 4.2 R6 (by Groupers) is pretty much “bugless” (well there are a couple very minor bugs) and I’m enjoying it while I wait for Pete to get BB finished.

    • TheBoat

      Same… hoping Pete gets things working soon!

  • Jem
    • I been using baked since it was blackice. A completely inverted rom with a ton of features and tweaks and runs smooth as butter. You cant ask for anything more from a rom. If you haven’t tried it yet, DO IT!

    • kdo23

      Yeah but then your waiting for cm and aokp, which is fine but can take awhile. I just wanted to get my feet wet with 4.2 so I flashed the mmuzzy ROM the other day. So far so good but I do miss the features of aokp cm and baked.

      Waiting shouldn’t too hard though, lock screen widgets are cool but not necessary I miss my targets. The toggles are not to my liking as they don’t actually toggle but are just shortcuts, and the data one brings you to usage rather than services modes. Brightness just makes the slider appear in the middle of the screen, annoying in sunlight, better with status bar brightness of notification slider/toggle. Most the rest you can get on your own.

    • palomosan

      I’m waiting on Paranoid, love the 720p work space, using almost the whole screen on my LTE Nexus.