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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Spotted on Display at Best Buy Stores

If the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to be a major part of your future, you may want to cruise into your local Best Buy. At some stores, the device is already on display, even though we don’t have an official launch date from Big Red. We keep hearing and seeing November 29 as being the day, but again, until VZW says so, we aren’t about to tell you to cut work that day and get in line at your local store.

Still, the sooner you get your hands on this phone the better. As we mentioned in our review, the device will take some getting used to because of the size. I, personally, am not a fan of a phone this big, but others find it to be perfect. In fact, 3 million of them have already been sold globally, and we have yet to see all U.S. carriers kick off sales of it.

On a related note (pun definitely not intended), the Verizon version in Best Buy stores already has the multi-window feature up and running. Verizon’s own site references the feature, so it’s not like we weren’t expecting to get it, we just weren’t sure if it would be there at launch or not. This certainly gives the impression that it will be there out of the box.Β 

Oh, and ignore the $799 full retail price. Best Buy always hikes up their full retail prices, as they only make money off of contracts.

Ready for the Note 2 or has the DNA made your choice that much more difficult?

Cheers Jeremiah!

  • Josue C

    does anyone know the best buy sku ## for verizon galaxy note2? i cant even find anywhere to check availability.

  • LOL at people going nuts over a logo. You guys wouldn’t happen to the be same people who buy PCs with Intel and Windows stickers on them, would you (I do too, BTW)? Chill out.

    Also, the multiwindow feature is a killer app if there ever was one.

  • bgds52

    My dear friends, If you are eager to buy the galaxy note 2, and if you happen to be granfathered into an unlimited data plan, do not upgrade to it. If you are a verizon customer, but it from them at full retail. I was told that u will loose the unlimited data if you upgrade to it. Verizon’s full retail price is a couple of hundreds less. Just thought I would inform my fellow customers. Also if you have point accumulated, use it towards your purchase if you decide buy from BB’s

  • jnmigr

    I am glad it’s coming with the lasted note update, becuase i was worry having to wait till next year to have it with Verizon.

  • Aaron Fredricks

    thar she is. lookin ridiculous as ever.

  • jim

    Wow Verizon… Stop branding your name every where.

  • dsass600

    Was going to get this but the home button is driving me away.

  • Jay

    Umm the note 2 is easily the winner here. 720p is an awesome resolution for a phone. Just remember that it’s the quality of screen that makes it shine. I know 1080p TVs that look better than other 1080p TVs because one has better technology behind it all. So the screen doesn’t play a part for me because there both HD. Plus the DNA doesn’t have the graphical capability to take advantage of its beautiful screen so youll be look at really clear icons and widgets. The note2 is more powerful than any tablet on the market and Samsung should be recognized for what they created here( or what Apples gonna claim they created even though there phone have none of the technology that Androids have). Anyway there’s a lot of good phones out here but Samsung went all out this time.

    • roberthenderson

      crApple lol

    • yupper

      the note 2 is a winner in every regard except the screen and the processor(krait is a bit faster than exynos)

      but seriously don’t try to compare the note 2’s screen to the htc dna/j butterfly’s 1080p im far from an htc fanboy(infact ive hated them since the days of winmo) but that screen makes the note 2’s screen look shabby

      that being said im still buying the note 2 for all the other stuff especially the s-pen digitizer

  • cole hartman

    Im already LOVING my note 2 from t-mobile but does anyone know how to fix the over sensitive pen problem?

  • Tim242

    Per the Samsung rep at my Sprint store, the Note II is launching on Verizon 11/27, with multi window out of the box. Hurry up 11/27!

  • Kurt Weber

    So… how do you know that’s the Verizon version…?

  • cooksta32676

    My brother’s TMO Note 2 still showed 93% after 50-55 minutes of HD video capture. That might even top the RazrMaxxHD.

  • Adam Estep

    Really tired of people making this huge deal of the home button branding. Is it tacky? Sure, but some of y’all make it sound as if its a mortal sin. Every phone has carrier branding. This isn’t new. Get over it.

    • DCoy82

      When you go to a car dealership and buy a new car, do they put the dealership logo on the back of the vehicle were only the people behind you can see the advertising, or do they put it on the hood of the car so you see as you drive it everyday. I’m talking the dealer logo not the car brand like a Honda emblem..

      • Adam Estep

        Actually, most do both… Why do you think so many cars now have front license plate holders?

        • DCoy82

          License plate holder is not the same as on the hood. You can’t see the license plate as you drive it all day long. There’s a huge difference. In all honesty I already know I pay Verizon over $200 every month, why do I have to look at it ever time I see my phone? I Don’t care if it’s on the back and others see it as I talk but putting it on the button is just ridiculous. I don’t want to look at the dealerships name right in my face as I’m driving down the road everyday.

          • yuppers

            that’s the price you pay in subsidizing your phone, don’t want crap on your phone? buy one unlocked(yea yea I know Verizon is a pretty locked down carrier)

    • Adam Estep

      Another thing worth consideration is that with the onslaught of cases, branding on the back is not worth much a all…

    • yuppers

      actually all the other carriers are moving away from branding on devices that aren’t customized for them(hint look at the galaxy note 2 on any other carrier)

      • Adam Estep

        That’s fine for them, but the fact that a VZW logo is on the home button doesn’t interfere with performance of the device whatsoever. Do I wish I wasn’t there? Sure, but to complain ad nauseum is just getting too much. Again, I say: get over it. Time to move on people. The complaining wont magically change it.

        • yuppers

          actually complaining/voting with your wallet does work, btw you can press the – button in the top right hand corner of a post to hide it
          if people are that dissatisfied with a product they should complain/wallet vote

  • cooksta32676

    There’s already aftermarket button replacements if you search online.

  • Ron_Swanson

    It would be hilarious if Best Buy started selling these before Verizon. I have one on preorder through Verizon, but would still love to see it happen. Egg on the face.

  • Of course they have multi window. Why wouldnt they? Thanks Tmobile…we’re the laughing stock.

  • fartbubbler



  • This phone is awesome. We had a Samsung rep in demoing the multi-pop-up feature and it’s pretty cool. A notepad app, youtube video and website all in pop-up windows at the same time.

    Also, Best Buy will pricematch anything that isn’t some 3rd party retailer selling through Amazon.

    • mkumar12345

      Will they price match verizon website itself where it is listed for the off-contract price of $699?

  • TheDrunkenClam

    The hardware button is bad enough. But the fact that it has the Verizon logo shamelessly displayed on it is morbidly obese.

  • Michael33704

    I just called the local Best Buys…they do not have the Note 2 yet…or so they say. I called Verizon to ask about the situation and they are still sticking with the 29th and they are very interested in which Best Buy is featured in the above photo….

  • KT

    Do we still have to pay the $30 upgrade fee if bought through Best Buy (or any other 3rd party vendor)?

  • DC_Guy

    I am EAGERLY awaiting my Verizon Note 2! I hope they surprise us and ship early. My unlimited data plan is going to get even more of a workout with this beautiful screen! I went into a Sprint store over the weekend to play with one and fell in love!

    • FAL_Fan

      I played with the T-Mobile version and since I am all the more eager for the VZW Note 2.

    • roberthenderson

      so you went ahead and sprung for the full retail price?what is the full retail price by the way, I was so depressed by not being able to get a contract price anymore with my unlimited data that I didn’t look

      • bigguy132

        It is $699.99 off contract through Verizon

        • roberthenderson

          my galaxy s3 is working great on jellybean. I’m going to have to earn some major brownie points and start scraping together money.

      • DC_Guy

        Yep, I paid the full retail price of $699. Considering how much data I use (currently 10-11 GB) a month, it was worth it for me just to pay full retail rather than switch to a shared plan. That would cost an additional $50 per month. Hmmm save $400 now or pay $1,200 over two years. Easy choice.

        • fanboy1974

          I upgrade every year (4 lines) and it’s just not worth it to pay full retail. After getting the wife a crap phone 5 on contract I went from 10 to 13gig a month to less than 4 to 6gig a month. And knowing Verizon they will find a reason to eliminate unlimited once everyone is off contract. Get use to it now is what I say.

          • jnmigr

            They dont have a 30gb a month for $30.00. So no i will not get use to it, i would move on to TMO when that happen.

        • roberthenderson

          No I wasn’t questioning your fist school spending. I’m actually in a similar situation. I will not give up my data because I use a ton of it as well. My problem is that my galaxy s 3g is working great, so I really don’t have justification for buying the note 2, although I really really want it. πŸ™‚

    • Ben R

      Word on the street is that in January Verizon is ending ALL remaining unlimited data plans including VOIDING existing ones. I also read that it could be they are going to announce they are doing that to all lines only after the 2-year contract expires.

      If they do end up doing this in January, it would absolutely void my current contract with them and i’d be able to buy the G Note 2 at the subsidized price instead of the $700 premium. For that reason I am torn on purchasing.

      I am also scouring for bits of information on if Samsung will release a developer edition of the device similar to how they did for the SGIII. Since i’m buying it off-contract anyways i’d absolutely rather the unlocked version for ease of tweaking.

      Too many unknown variables at this point for me to make a decision…

      • DC_Guy

        Noooo say it isn’t so! LOL

        Well my contract is up in Feb 2013. If they take my unlimited data then I’ll go to Sprint and suffer with their 3G until their LTE hits my area which is slated for 2013. Decisions, decisions…

      • ceejw

        This might be true but there’s no way they’re going to void current two year contracts that still have unlimited data. If they did this it would allow everyone currently in that situation to cancel their contracts without paying the ETF due to Verizon changing the terms of the contract.

  • Story of the day! (for me anyway)

  • Jim

    Moving from Galaxy Nexus to the Verizon Galaxy Note 2. Very excited to have a bigger screen.

    • Abe21599

      Same move here. Expandable storage here we come!

  • the Droid DNA looks sad.. the battery is the biggest reason i wont touch it.. waiting for the Note 2 on VZW

    • fanboy1974

      Don’t forget the lack of storage. Its become a pain in the a$$ on my 16gig Nexus 7. I’ve might have gotten over the battery but I’m not playing the “free more space game” with a super phone.

  • $800?!?

    • Tim242

      Best Buy’s retail prices are always higher.

  • Robert Smith

    Heavily leaning towards the Note over the DNA due to screen size and battery. My DX battery now lasts about 3 minutes…not sure I’ll ever buy Motorola again.

    • cooksta32676

      Ditto here.

  • MatthewSimmons

    I was so looking forward to this phone, the home button is a real turn off though. I wonder how hard it would be to switch out the home button…

    • cooksta32676

      You can already buy aftermarket button covers.

  • My dad walked into a Verizon Store and they told him it would be out no later than the 29th

  • Hatyrei

    I Pre-ordered the HTC Droid DNA….but I don’t know if I made the right decision :P. I kinda like the Note 2 cuz of the S-Pen and accessories that are currently available now. Should I cancel it and go for Note 2 ? πŸ™

    • it all depends on your needs

    • I did the same thing, but canceled the DNA. Want to try the S-Pen for a couple weeks, the dual window function looks awesome, and the battery on the DNA is a big concern… 3100mAh on the Note 2 KICKS ASS! But the design isn’t great on the note, and I’m not a huge fan of the Samsung Plastic obsession, but function over form, will probably win out for me! The DNA screen looks damn sexy tho…

      • cooksta32676

        I can pretty easily get over the screen difference. In 12 months, stock DNA owners will only be able to say “look at the screen….”

      • Hatyrei

        Do you think I will try the Droid DNA first then return it for Galaxy Note 2? lol. Do i have to pay for restocking fee right>?

    • Tim242


    • Ron_Swanson


      • Hatyrei

        But but but…the screen and the camera & beats :),. I just look up Amazon and they have cases and flip covers for the Galaxy note 2 :). sigh….If it’s re-order you can cancel it anytime right? before the ship date? which is Nov. 19.

  • microdot

    My buddy bought his evo 4g from best buy and they price matched with Sam’s club. I wonder if they would price match verizons $699

    • FAL_Fan

      Yes, they will. I have already talked to them.

  • JoshGroff

    If I were interested in either of the two, it’s be the DNA. (1080p screen, S4 pro, not made of plastic.)

    Still, knowing me, I’ll wait till it gets S-off and buy one used off contract.

    • GotSka81

      Looks like plastic to me…

      • JoshGroff

        If it is, that’s just one less bonus. I was just assuming it would be like the One X’s shell casing.

        • roberthenderson

          nope, pretty much just like the Galaxy s3

    • Jeremy

      i like the DNA aswell but it has no SD card slot so

      • JoshGroff

        I don’t use much space, so the lack of an SD slot doesn’t bother me.


      Craigslist…a phone addicts best friend!!!

      • JoshGroff

        Craigslist, swappa, and eBay, whichever I can find a good deal on. πŸ™‚

        • roberthenderson

          definitely going to have to investigate these companies. Because I am not giving up my unlimited data ever.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Even if it gets S-off, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to run the latest and greatest Android builds. The Thunderbolt still doesn’t have a Jellybean Rom (please correct me if I am wrong).

    • droidify

      Actually polycarbonate (OneX and DNA) is plastic. I am in the machining industry and it is a very common plastic used for molding or machining. The name brand is Lexan and compared to nylon (MC901) and Teflon, it is much cheaper. It has taken the place of Micarta primarily because of its low cost. I’m not saying it is low quality, but polycarbonate is simply a fancy name for high quality, but very low cost plastic.

      • JoshGroff

        Good to know.

    • cooksta32676

      Pretty much all phones feel plasticky nowadays….even the new Motos with their “build quality.”

    • roberthenderson

      had a weird sound. Love the build quality and screen, hated hated hated the battery life. That is the main reasons I wouldn’t even look at another HTC phone (that and no SD card slot and no good memory to force people use the cloud service and pay massive quantities in data).

    • Tim242

      The DNA is polycarbonate plastic with a soft touch coating.

    • Tim242

      Also, the human eye cannot detect the difference between 720 and 1080 on a display less than 50 inches. It will be battery eating nonsense. Speaking of battery….

      • fartbubbler

        this is all truth.

  • TheWenger

    What’s the Verizon button do?

    • DroidBricker

      It puts you in a “Shared Data Plan” right from the phone!

      • Ron_Swanson

        Ha! Win.

  • cjohnson481

    bought a replacement battery door of ebay, so my only carrier branding will be on the home button. better than emblazoned all over the phone. let’s just hope it isnt saturated with bloatware, even though it can be disabled with jelly bean.

    • I hear you can rub the Verizon logo off very carefully. Google it for a how to, I think it involved using a penny or something.

      • yuppers

        use a sugar cube with medium pressure, it’ll wipe right off

  • DJyoSNOW

    Th more I keep thinking of the note 2 with multi window and a stylus. I keep thinking of there dreaded omnia from back in the day. I know I’m old school but to pay more and PDA or pay less and get great graphics and beats by Dr. Dre.

    • cooksta32676

      Samsung has really got their stuff together in the last few years….shouldn’t disappoint.

    • interstellarmind

      i had the original Omnia w/ stylus and it was DREADED. However, I got the Note II and it is100x better compared to the Omnia and actually is the best phone I’ve had so far (I’ve had the OG, Thunderbolt, Droid X, GNex).

      Think of it this way: Samsung has completely learned from the mistakes samsung made with the Omnia

    • roberthenderson

      Lol Omnia, I had that and trust me Samsung has comea long way.I’m running thegs3 on a jellybean ROM and it is awesome. I can only nitpick about the slight bluish tinge you get on whites. The good news is that the note2 screen has fixed the issue(from what i saw comparing the 2) and it is bigger and has better clarity due to the new sub pixel arrangement). The screen of the DNA will look Brighter probably because of the panel being LCD, but i tend to turn down the brightness on my screen to at least 70% anyways. The real deal breaker for the DNA for me is small storage, no card slot, and non-removable battery.

    • fanboy1974

      Omnia? Not even night and day different. More like Earth and moon different.

  • DanSan

    god that home button is ugly as sin

    • r0lct

      Yeah, it’s like the top of the DNA

      • fanboy1974

        Exactly! Which would you rather have? At least you can cover the note 2 button with a aluminum or vinyl stick on.

        • Esteban

          Already ordered my aluminum home button. =)

    • roberthenderson

      I think someone is already selling a cover to get rid of that ugly thing.

    • fartbubbler

      I’m sure He would appreciate at least being capitalized.

  • I got to play with that yesterday at best buy. Still can’t believe they really put their name on the button. Feels like you can scratch it off eventually though.

    • Mack

      AndroidPolice claims it will come off with a bit of work.

    • It will probably be like the logo on the Bionic. With a penny and a bit of pressure that logo came right off with no scratches or signs of it being there!

    • cooksta32676

      Aftermartket stickers already available.

  • Spoken Wordβ„’

    On the Verizon page for pre-orders the phone is listed as $699 full price…. https://preorder.verizonwireless.com/iconic/iconic/screens/IconicDeviceSelection.do I guess Best Buy is making some money other than off the contract.

    • Ron_Swanson

      They actually price match, you just have to ask them. They will price match the Verizon price once Verizon gets them in stock and starts selling them.

  • Getting the Note! This is exciting! My Moto Droid 3 has been crapping out on me lately, and I’m on my 4th replacement! I may make the rounds to Verizon Stores and Best Buy on the way home to see if I can somehow get my hands on one.

  • The dna would of gotten my money if not for that 16gb storage, so now i am thinking about this, but trying to get the wife to agree to it , is the hard part

    • SleepySensei

      this is not meant to be rude but people who need their wives permission to buy a phone probably can’t afford one…

      • yeah, well you sounded like a dick anyways Sleepy

      • roberthenderson

        spoken like somebody who is not married, or is in a bad marriage. That’s what you do when youre in a good marriage you consult each other on bigger purchases (especially non- necessities). Because let’s face it most of us don’t need a new phone we just want a new phone.

      • Esteban

        Not rude at all. Just completely ignorant.

    • Tim242

      *would’ve* ugggh

    • fanboy1974

      A real man just whips it out and tells her to deal with it.

      • jnmigr

        That why the real man also spend my time in the bathroom alone. Well at least he can enjoy porn on a 5.5 screen.

  • I nearly lost my lunch over that $800 off contract price haha

    Poor Best Buy… Amazon’s showroom.

    • DC_Guy

      Ha ha Amazon’s showroom indeed!

    • dsass600

      Marques will you still be coming to Droid-Life after you switch off of Verizon?

    • fanboy1974

      I love the Amazon’s showroom bit. Hopefully they don’t belly up just for that purpose.

    • yarrellray

      That pitiful looking device Verizon needs to be shot dead messing around with the cosmetics of a device. If I was Samsung they would never get another Samsung device again. You see what Google decided to do to Verizon for it’spiss poor handling of the Galaxy Nexus last year. Anyway ” WHO CARES” I am off to my favorite Tmobile store in Manhattan Thursday morning for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And YES UNLIMITED DATA USAGE IS KING ON TMOBILE. I laugh at the shared data garbage on Verizon and Ass t&t theyare both jokes.

      • Esteban

        Enjoy your spotty coverage and low speeds. =)

    • Kelly Larman

      I appreciated that sweet Verizon logo on the home button. Now I will think of Verizon every time I see that cool logo.

      • michael arazan

        If verizon wants to knock off %50 of my bill I’ll gladly put a Verizom bumber sticker and where a pin everyday. Verizon wants me to advertise for free though, I say no way, that button will become a crusade to get rid of it. Knock off 15% of the full price and I’ll keep the button.