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Nova Launcher Updated for Android 4.2 – Includes New Icon Set, Fixed Bugs

Nova Launcher received a much-needed update last night to make it compatible with Android 4.2. The default icon set was changed to the new 4.2 set, a new Quick Settings action was added, and a bunch bugs were squashed. I’d say that it’s nothing major, but in reality, it sort of is major as it allows the app to work on the newest version of Android. Go get it!

Play Link

Cheers Justin and everyone else who sent this in!

  • Try “Next Launcher” the major update to Go launcher !! it’s in Beta stage…It’s hybrid of TSF Shell and SPB shell.

  • Droid Burgundy

    best $0.25 I have EVER spent 😀

  • tu3218

    is the quick settings only if you have 4.2? I know 4.2 added the quick settings pull down in the status bar. Not sure if its fixing that with the launcher or added something else.

  • mustbepbs

    Quick question: does anyone use tablet UI with the Nexus 7 and Nova Launcher? I don’t see anything about quick settings anywhere.

  • Shaunwin

    Got it and love Nova Launcher. But I have had to switch to Apex because of the transparency issue with the Nav bar and wallpaper when running Nova. If Nova fixes it I will be back. Unless someones knows of a fix that I am not aware of.

    • Rocketjrb

      I have the same problem on my Razr Maxx HD. Apex is laggy so i use Nova but with a dark background to help hide the wallpaper only going behind the top half of the on screen buttons..

      • huh? is this transparent nav bar a nova option? or is it this rom related?

        • Rocketjrb

          Razr Maxx HD has transparent nav bar and transparent on-screen buttons.

    • fallsgable

      I use Nova on my GNex…I love it, but I don’t understand the issue….I assume I don’t have it….can you splain it to this knucklehead (in essense, treat me like a 5 year old….like my wife does)

      • Shaunwin

        When using a mod or rom that has the options to set transparency to the Nav bar the wallpaper only stetch half way into the nav bar. So there is still a black bar half way up from the bottom.

  • Booyah

    Outstanding developer for updating their app so quickly after a new software release. The dock was frozen on my N7 and within a couple hours of notifying them they had an update ready and the issue was solved. Money well spent.

    • Buy This

      I had an issue where I had the dock removed and when I would turn the N7 horizontal, the dock line would reappear on the right side of the screen. This was promptly addressed in the update as well. It took me forever to budge from LPP but I am glad I pulled the trigger when this went on sale cause it is personally my favorite launcher of them all.