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Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Now Available For Purchase in Google Play

The time has finally come. For those interested, you can now go straight into Google Play and purchase the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices. We did a fun live un-boxing of both devices right here, and you can also see a beautiful gallery of both devices here.

As for pricing, nothing has changed since they were first announced: $299 for the 8GB Nexus 4 and $349 for the 16GB version. The Nexus 10 16GB will cost you $399 and the 32GB variant will run you $499. As a quick reminder, you can also pick up the HSPA+ supported Nexus 7 as well for $299.

If you are deciding to pick one of these Nexus devices up, let us know which one down below!

Update:  Nexus 4 in both 8GB and 16GB versions has sold out.

Buy: Nexus 4 | Nexus 10 | Nexus 7 w/ HSPA+

  • mmkkpro

    I ordered a nexus 10 16 GB,on december 14, the site said they were in stock,now i get email saying they are on back order,so now its no telling when I will get my nexus,its a gift for my wife for christmas,oh well not sure what to do,guess i will be waiting for who knows how long.I called CSR,and he could not give me a date of availability,like i said the day i ordered it itwas in stock according to the website.

  • raoul duke

    Did pkd think of this?

  • trophynuts

    I like how everyone used to bash apple for non removeable battery and no ext storage…now though because a Nexus device has the same features amazingly people are able to get over that fact. #flipfloppedopinions

  • Terry B

    So I got all the way to the purchase screen and it locks and gives me an error message telling me to start over then my card gets charged twice and they say I ordered two. Customer service said they can’t stop the order and my only option is to refuse the order when it comes. What an expensive mess.

  • Jeralmac

    Does anyone know if the Nexus 10 is being sold in a store? I’ve searched Sam’s, Best Buy, Target, etc. and come up with nothing….

  • Kellex, any inside track on when the N10 will be hitting retailers? I have a Staples giftcard I’d love to use on this.

  • Ben

    Talked with support and they said the 32GB model is sold out as well. You can’t buy it anymore as well.

    • Ben

      Clarifying, Nexus 10 32GB

  • David A

    Well, I never received the email notification, but I started monitoring the play store around 11 am CST…the “available now” button came up around 12:20 and I immediately placed the 16g in the cart. I got the “oops” message 5 times but was then able to complete the order. Got the email confirmation around 15 minutes later. Now it’s: come on UPS!

  • Jodi Bowers

    Is it just me or is it showing coming soon for the Nexus 10 32 GB??? Why can’t i order one?

  • After a lot of refreshes… Finally found the add to kart key and was able to finish the order.

  • Bought the N10 32Gb. The checkout spun for ever. I checked my bank account and the amount posted to it, even through Google says it will only post to your account once it is shipped. It took forever for the N10 to show up in my Google Wallet transactions. At least it worked, but Google needs to beef up this process if they are going to keep selling such awesome devices from the Play store.

  • scotcho85

    Nexus 10! Got a 32gb

  • Justin W

    Bonus!! Got mine! Gave me an error when I finally got to the GWallet part of the checkout, but it finally went through!

  • Zach Armstrong

    I never got the add to cart button It always stayed on Notify Me.

  • Logan Anteau

    Ordered a 16GB N10 on my phone and never got a confirmation. Ordered again on my PC and I now have 2 orders. Thankfully the 2nd got declined, due to insufficient funds (yay for having 2 checking accounts). Then I get the confirmation email from my 1st order 20 minutes later…. -_-. Oh well the 2nd should auto cancel after 7 days I guess?

  • thronez

    I think I got my N7 HSPA order in. It charged my wallet, and my bank account, but no confirmation email, or order history on google play. Anyone else getting this problem?

    • I got a Nexus 10. I didn’t get a confirmation email but it does show up on my order history.

      • thronez

        excellent, thanks! I hope they catch up to the orders soon and ship just as quick.

    • Justin W

      It took a while for mine to actually go through too. I would suggest waiting a few more minutes.

  • ThatsHowISeeIt

    My order for the Nexus 10 has now failed 7 times AFTER the credit card and address page. What a pain. Why can’t Google write a scalable shopping cart application? I’m getting sick of trying to place this order. It has been over 30 minutes.

  • Josh Fowler

    Finally got my order for a 32GB Nexus 10 to go through. Tax + shipping kept it under $550 total. Not too bad in my opinion for all that you get. I’ll pay the shipping gladly to Google so that I can get direct-from-Google support, instead of buying it at WalMart etc. Rather support Google directly. Good luck everyone.

  • DRoth54

    I ordered one and left it sitting there for about 5 minutes and eventually clicked out. Then i refreshed and tried a few more times. Now I have 2 orders in my Google Wallet so watch out for multiple charges/orders.

    • Mellon

      Yeah, I only got to the order confirmation page one time, but found I know have four orders that processed. Now waiting on hold to call Google Play support to ensure that all but one get cancelled.

  • RadOD

    Somehow I bought a N10. Never had it go through on the website. While clicking like mad I got an email receipt! Now to figure out how many I might have ordered….

  • Cjay1019

    Now they’re sold out after trying to checkout like 50 times….

  • The Playground is closed

  • abhele

    comcast baby !!! 25mbps

  • Zander

    Can someone answer me this:

    I didn’t think I bought a 16 g (tried but didnt get confirmation page) but in my google wallet transactions it says i did. I also bought an 8 g and got the confirmation page…

    Will I get the 16g or is google just confused? >_<

    • mw630

      Check google wallet and see what was processed. There was a lot of confusion on the UK release where a lot of people ordered multiple. If you did, just call Google and cancel the one you do not want. Or….. sell it on eBay

      • Zander

        So far nothing has processed. >_> no confirmation email either.. but I definitely got the confirmation page for the 8 gig so i better get that one at least :

        • mw630

          I hope you were able to get it. I was pretty lucky and snagged one – it showed up in Google Wallet pretty much immediately. Did you write down your confirmation number? You could always give them a call and see if it processed through.

          • Zander

            I hope it’s just a matter of time until I get a confirmation email and the order actually processes through google wallet… Getting nervous >_> can I call google with my order number?

          • mw630

            You should be able to – that is what people in the UK were doing. Just be ready for long hold times. I imagine a lot of people are calling them right now..

        • bluesky

          Same thing happened to me– No email, but have the confirmation page for the 8 gig (and a call from my credit card company to make sure it was an authorized purchase). It took it about 15 minutes to show up on my Wallet.

  • got my Nexus 10 32GB ordered


  • I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday of a Nexus 10 today. Anybody?

  • Aww man… and now the bumpers are gone too!

  • Josh Fowler

    I’m trying to order a Nexus 10 an d, like many or all of you, I can’t get my order to go through. I only want the 16GB version… should be the least popular of all the new Nexus models launched today. Sigh.

  • mike

    lol i just processed an 8gb and ill return it in their window….hopefully 16g will be around by then.

  • Keep trying my friends, it took 30+ refreshes, but I got one ordered!

  • MikeSaver

    What do you think they will call the follow up to the Nexus 4,7 and 10? Nexus 4.2,7.2,10.2?

  • mk

    looks like us europeans need to wait…been on “coming soon” all day. Both 16 and 8 GB. what a load of bs this…

    • mk

      and with european I mean “connecting from germany” in this case…so it should show up today, right?

  • Wes Sandler

    Finally, after 25 mins I got a Nex10. Took about 40 attempts.

    • ThatsHowISeeIt

      Lucky you! I’m counting about 75 attempts and about half an hour and all I see are error messages.

      • Wes Sandler

        I tried to figure out a pattern – remove from cart, re-add, try different browser. Just luck of the draw I guess.

  • Reuven Goldenberg

    Only 8GB available, 16GB coming soon