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Android 4.2 Headed to AOSP Right Now!

With the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 launching on Google Play, and running Android 4.2, it only makes sense that this new version of Jelly Bean would makes its way to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Sure enough, that is happening now.

What does this mean for all of you? Well, it means that your favorite custom ROM developer has some work to do. Once that work is done, it then means that you will have a brand spankin’ new ROM to dive into that includes Photosphere, the quick settings pull-down, a better keyboard, and more.

Once we start hearing from the top devs with ROMs, we’ll start gathering them up for a mega-post.

Via:  Google Groups

  • Dain Laguna

    just got the ota….anyone having issues with user profiles?? i restarted my n7 to see if that fixed the very buggy switching profile process.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    No Nexus4 support. For now and JBQ cannot comment.on the future of Nexus4 and AOSP…

    Very confused

    • SeanBello

      if they were gonna treat it like a CDMA Nexus, they should’ve given it CDMA radios. UGH.

  • coolsilver

    Should I bother buying a used GNexus at this point to get some Jelly Bean action unlike with my Thunderbolt?

    • If you’re fine with crappy battery life and you want to stick with Verizon, there is no question you should buy a Gnex. Do it, it’s a great phone!!!

      • coolsilver

        I have a Thunderbolt. I get maybe 4 hours out of the Rezound battery setting on my desk with the ICS leak installed. Days off, well it can last all day.

  • Except there’s nothing is AOSP for the Nexus 4.

  • Awesome, finally, now I can start compiling for Galaxy Nexus!

    • RW-1

      Yeah, don’t rush, it isn’t finished uploading to repo yet … or maybe not I haven’t checked within the last hour …. 🙂

      • If I remember correctly, the source code was completed around 3 pm est, and I started syncing the repository. I download all the binary files, getting all other required files, and and started compiling around 5 pm est. It completed around 6:30 pm, so far everything working, but “shrug” still need the gapps for 4.2 which there isn’t any (the leaked 4.2 cost some issue with the signed key and other errors).

  • Nandroid Backup: CHECK

    Titanium Backup: CHECK

    Jelly Bean 4.2 for VZW GNex….. ?

    • Incoming! Give the devs a day or 2.

      • SeanBello

        you mean a month or 4? lol

        • SeanBello

          I thought you meant from VZW lol

        • What? The dev community will have 4.2 ROMs by the end of the week.

  • Come on Peter!!! Give us 4.2 BB!

  • schoat333

    VZW 4.2 binaries are posted. That;s good news for custom 4.2 ROMs.

    • Chris Pinola

      GASP. any sign of new radios?

  • MikeCiggy

    Can’t wait for lockscreen widgets on my Gnex. Already have the camera and gmail updated.

  • Chuckleb0ne


  • FAL_Fan

    Come on Hashcode! I long for this port to my D4! AOKP all the way!

  • Pedro

    No more XOOM support. The VZW GNex might finally get an official update before the WiFi XOOM.

    • bakdroid

      That is a bunch of BS! There is no reason the Xoom can’t run it. This is a minor update at best. KLP I can see the Xoom not getting but a minor iteration of JB, give us a break Google!

      • ArrTooDeeToo

        Might be time for you to root…

        • bakdroid

          Devs need to create a ROM for it first. On the bright side, everyone else will be bitching about the blown up phone UI looking crappy on the tablets while we will still run the true tablet UI.

      • wm snyder

        this is my opinion 4.2 was just some added features and some tweaks so it is a minor update in which the xoom was more than capable this move was wrong if you remember these neww nexus devices are to be capable of handeling the next os keylime or whatever so when this happens in spring then the xoom would be extinct due to lack of quad core and ram this is the truth in my opinion. Also like to mention google let us down by not going for LTE 4g this is what all carriers are striving to achieve so this move is backwards as well as no removeable battery or sd card….if carriers say we are using more data then we are using more memory also….and google needs to start putting all update downloadable for all carriers whether they like it or not i dont know how apple does it but they better get to finding out…here is a final note carriers need to stop choosing what phones we can buy and start giving their specs to the manufactures and for the love of…….phone dont cost 699.00 that is 3Xs markup ever wonder why subsidy are 299.00 because they just made a 100.00 profit +so if you buy into the 699.00 great but for me when they tear it down and list the prices for componets and adds up to 150 to$200.00 thats what i believe and its probably cheaper than that because of volume ,you think im wrong ok look at the billions of dollars made by samsung and others

        • bakdroid

          You make me weep for society. Have you ever heard of sentences, punctuation, capitalization, spelling? This entire post is gibberish and nonsensical. Please, just go away. The world will be better off without you or your crackpot theories…

          • wm snyder

            no and i got your crackpot and open mind must be hard for you

    • ohshaith55

      chill out, the nexus 4 isn’t even in there yet. just because it’s not there doesn’t mean it won’t be added

      • bakdroid

        Yea….read the actual post douche! It clearly states Xoom and Nexus S are no longer supported.

        • ohshaith55

          geez man i’m just saying there might be hope. i did read the post.

  • Cant’t wait to get a Yakju OTA!

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    Ok, ROM devs. Fix my tablet UI. GO!

  • coolsilver

    Well if CM loads it into nightlies for my P1C I’d be happy. I’d be even more thrilled if they started building for Mecha again. Never going to happen for Mecha… AKA Thunderbolt. What a waste.

  • SeanBello

    at least they got something right today lol

    • RW-1

      Sean, stop following me ! 🙂

      • SeanBello


  • RW-1

    Only one word comes to mind: “JOY!” (oh wait, that was eleven ….) 🙂

  • I love the smell of AOSP in the morning…. Apocalypse now…

    • Shaunwin

      You mean Google Now…..

      • Apocalypse Now is a movie that the quote is coming from. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

        • Shaunwin

          I completely understood, I was trying to make Apocalypse Now humor…..and failed…

  • TheWenger

    Since the quick settings are baked into AOSP now, I think I’ll try BB for a while until I can see what AOKP comes up with.

    • thedonxr

      This is what I was thinking too until I want to change more stuff…

      • Agreed, I’ve just gotten way too used to AOKP’s customizations. I pretty much can’t live without them now.

  • adb.push.Freedom

    Looking forward to theming the new quick settings pulldown and icons … something new is always fun

  • Mack

    Just in time too, the new G-Nex I ordered is supposed to be here Thursday.

    • Larizard

      where did u order your GNex? I think it’s not sold thru the Play Store anymore, right?

  • Brandon

    Cannot wait for project roadrunner to hit my LTE Nexus, I’m in dire need of some battery improvement. Hopefully software can do enough to help it.

    • You do realize that project roadrunner was a hoax… right?

      • Brandon

        I do now… Thanks for the heads up, guess I need to keep up on my android news a little more.

    • Jon

      Project roadrunner was nothing more than a rumor. I’m not saying battery life won’t improve at all though.

      • RW-1

        Agreed, hopefully the code changes here and there will assist though I don’t expect much. You’re better off in that regard by rooting and installing a custom kernel, let alone a ROM.

        • Google already fixed battery life. They released the Nexus 4 without LTE.

          • Brandon

            Haha, Touche!

    • Yeah, and I’m super pumped for Majel.

    • Brandon

      I’ll just reply to myself, I’m bummed.

      I guess I haven’t been paying good enough attention to the news for 4.2, or maybe I just got my hopes up for roadrunner a little too much.

      Thank you all for the heads up! I guess I’ll just have too look forward to the OTHER features…

  • Someone just give me a damn AOSP vanilla build for toro and I’ll go to sleep a happy man.

  • cant wait….currently running a pretty buggy ROM. i can wait until tonight for a 4.2 ROM

  • Aw man… no support for the Xoom

  • John Simonelli

    Another good day for Android. Give or take the DNA. lol

  • theentropic

    Now I just have to wait on Bugless Beast… here’s hoping Peter can work his magic quickly.

    • supermiah

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

      • ddevito

        now that he’ll own an N4 the GNex will become a 2nd class citizen to him.

        • He doesn’t hardcore modify the code, so hopefully he’ll still do builds for the Gnex. I wouldn’t think it would take him long to do that.

          • Just talked to Pete, he will be working on it shortly and it’ll roll as soon as he can. 🙂

        • C-Law

          So sad. Probably true. Maybe I should buy a vzw note2 to make me feel better

        • Not necessarily. He still does builds for the Nexus S even, and I’ve heard they work great. Granted, those builds are uploaded an hour or two later, but I think we can wait that long.

        • @ddevito, as of now, There is no AOSP for the N4… So, I’m sure the GNex legacy is safe for now.

          • ddevito


        • Bodhiballer

          When he stops supporting the phone, then I know it’s time to move on!

    • jrshermz

      That would be Peter the Great!!! Genuflect when you say that.

    • He has synchronizeded his repository: https://github.com/peteralfonso?tab=activity

  • EC8CH

    4.2 on my G-Nex… next best thing to a N4 on Verizon I guess.

    • steven sullivan

      With LTE and 32gb of storage I would say the gnex is still better.

      • EC8CH

        Probably… just wishing for better battery life and a nicer camera.

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          at least on the GNex you can swap the battery out.

          granted i’m having terrible battery life and the battery report says phone is 18% of 70% in 7 hours when it has done nothing but sit on my desk today. Hoping it is just signal hunting (my desk is a dead zone on VZ)

          BB 412

          • C-Law

            Mine too at work so I just put it on airplane mode and then connect wifi

        • Shaunwin

          The gnex camera is so MUCH better with the 4.2 camera app!! Now only if it had blister.

    • DanWazz

      I’m still more than satisfied with my GNex. As long as ROMs keep getting updated and developed, I’m happy.

      • brando56894

        I just got one to replace my Rezound and overall I love it. There are a few things that I don’t like though, namely the screen.

        • Have you tried using franco.Kernel/etc and tweaking the screen colors?

          • brando56894

            Yep, I’m actually using his kernel and app right now 🙂 I have it pretty much perfect, but it still doesn’t compare to the screen on the Rezound, it’s almost as good though. The good thing is that the screen on the Nexus doesn’t annihilate the battery like the one on the Rezound did.

          • Nice! Happy to hear it helped a bit!

    • bakdroid

      Whatever helps you sleep at night…

    • ddevito

      if LTE is vital than the GNex is still the best phone available.

  • Zach Grabill

    Best news today!

  • ang1dust

    COME ON AOSP THUNDERBOLT, lol actually I want the HTC DNA hope to get AOSP on it

  • tsskevin

    When will big red drop the ota

    • topherct

      I wouldn’t count on it being soon…

    • Booyah

      Is this a serious question?

    • TheWenger


    • Brent Cooper


    • Stop trolling LOL

  • nickS

    cant wait

  • Verizon

    What took so long?

    • JaronDW

      What took so long? Still waiting on 4.1.2 from you! 🙂

      • Verizon

        4.1.2? Look! It’s Elvis!

        I’m sorry, what we we talking about? Maybe I can interest you in the nice shiny new Droid DNA. It has an amazing camera and 1080p screen which are both much better than those of your Nexus. It also has Beats audio and there will be a ton of accessories. You can buy this car charger, home charger, travel charger, desk top charger, wireless charger and the charger charger. Also, can I interest you in one of our new screw the custo…..I mean…. share everything plans? You can get lots and lots of data, which you’ll need because this new phone only has 11 GB of available storage.

        • JaronDW

          I’m waiting for the next shpeel on Sense in 3…2…1…

          • Verizon

            Well, what can you say about Sense? It just makes Sense. First look at this clock, it is one of a kind. There isn’t anything in the play store like it at all. Plus you have all of these widgets that are 100% unique. I mean who else has a widget for the calender? Also, look at this movie store that HTC has. Where else can you buy movies to watch on your phone? Plus it doesn’t take up any more space on the phone than stock Android and doesn’t slow the phone down ever. On top of all that, HTC is very very fast with updates and then there is this this………um………other thing that……uh…Look!…Elvis again!

  • MikeSaver

    I wonder when Swiftkey will release that swipe thing

    • John Simonelli

      Yeah I’ve been anxious waiting as well.

    • If it’s better than the leaked 4.2 keyboard I’m sold, I was excited for it but I thought it’d be out by now and I got impatient

    • Brent Cooper

      Agreed. Ive been signed up for swiftkey flow beta for a while but havent heard anything. However swiftkey saved me 10,000 keystrokes last night and ive only had it for like 3 weeks or a month. Its awesome. I cant wait for the new update