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HTC Will Prioritize Devices Launched in 2012 to Receive Android 4.1 Update, Says Sorry to Devices With 512MB of RAM

HTC has updated their device FAQ for anyone looking to find information on when and if their device will receive Jelly Bean. Long story short, HTC has made it clear that in general, devices with 512MB of RAM or less will more than likely not receive Jelly Bean. Unfortunately, that probably goes for you too Thunderbolt owners, even with your 768MB of RAM. Other devices from HTC that are equipped with just 512MB of RAM are the One V and Desire C.

We work hard to ensure each of our products has the optimal user experience and therefore some products will remain at their current version of Android. In general, devices with 512MB RAM or less will not be upgraded to Android 4.1. As we identify other devices that will not be upgraded, we’ll provide updated information.

As for which devices will definitely get JB, HTC says they are prioritizing the update for the devices that were launched in 2012, then working their way back. The company has quite the portfolio to work through, and as you most likely already guessed, it could take quite some time before we see updates go live for the Rezound, EVO 3D, and other once-flagship devices. 

Now, to be fair, Thunderbolt owners should have already known that their devices wouldn’t officially see Jelly Bean. But as this calendar year ticks down towards the new year, the device still has yet to receive Ice Cream Sandwich which was supposed to hit the device by the end of August.

Via: Android and Me | HTC

  • oshytnouga

    the Rezound has more than 512MB so will i be getting the update??

  • jack_k1

    This is really good to know, thanks. My next phone won’t be an HTC.

  • Mad-as-HELL

    Unbelievable that the Thunderbolt has not gotten ICS yet. Just release it already!! Its gotta be done by now!!!

  • JJantzi

    I will never buy another HTC device again. Its not just the fact that they have NOT UPDATED the phone with ICS, but the fact that they have given NO, NONE, NADDA, NOTHING, NOT ONE PIECE OF NEW information in regards to it. They have left thier customers completely in the dark on the progress or even a tentative date, or if ever that update will come at all. Its one thing to ber late, but to be late and just leave everyone hanging is complete BS!

  • SlimSam

    HTC has killed the android platform for me….Iphone sounds really good now!!

  • I’m never, ever getting anything Android but the Nexxus from now on.

  • I had the Incredible 2 and upgraded back in March to the Rezound. While I can definitely understand the frustration of the I2 and T’bolt owners, I’ve had ICS on my Rezound since the end of July/Early August. I for one am a fan and will be watching closely the release and reviews of the DNA. It will really get interesting in the next 18 months or so as the Google and Motorola deal brings out the newer phones.

  • I think I’m pretty much done with HTC. My Thunderbolt has never worked right with any of the updates. They fix one thing and break 2 more. Now I’m constantly rebooting and dropping my 4G. Goodbye HTC!

  • PND

    Here I come Samsung…. No more HTC…

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    Buy an EVO V 4G from Virgin it ships with ICS for $239. Flash included and upgradeable through Adobe’s site. I am at…It will never see JB but the no-contract is worth it.

  • John Ward

    HTC – VZW. A**HOLES ALL. Don’t really care who is to blame. They are both responsible and all they accomplish is to get me to move to a different product and different service provider. When I go, there will be no truning back!

  • David Schumaker

    Yes, no official ICS kinda stinks BUT that’s why I have used a custom ROM on my TB since Bamf released one for TB. I use LiquidSmooth ICS now. My husband has a Bionic with ‘official ICS’ (he’s not too techie). He has more issues with that official release than I ever had with any ROM, including the ‘buggy’ ICS. All phones have some degree of ‘buggyness’. It’s software, and it happens. Hardware can break and software can be buggy. Either accecpt it and find clever ‘workarounds’, or don’t use a smartphone. If you ‘need’ ICS, then you should be able to root and flash a rom. If you don’t know how, there are plenty of easy to follow guides available. If you can’t do that, then you should consider whether or not you need ICS. (fyi, I still like my thunderbolt after almost 2 years).

  • jayray78

    Just imagine, unlikely as it may be, HTC and Verizon scrap the ICS update for the Thunderbolt and jump it over to Jelly Bean. What would all these disgruntled Thunderbolt owners say then?

  • john

    Profit is down 60%, that’s the clearest signal from their customers and yet nobody seem to get the memo. HTC is fast becoming a “subsidy” (to be politically correct) of VZW. A sad and tragic story in the evolution of mobile computing.

  • Ajamminman

    Want to talk about being screwed. I own a Thunderbolt and my daughter owns an Incredible 2!

  • Caleb Martin

    Whatever happened to the Rezound update that was leaked shortly after the upgrade to ICS?

  • mmmmike

    I held out hope and am very disappointed.
    Never again HTC for myself or any member of my family (5 Tbolts total).
    Am eligible for upgrade next week.
    Going with 5 Motorola Razr Maxx HD’s.
    Hate the bloat ware but you can’t beat the battery life.
    Good riddance HTC!!!!

  • Tom Rolfson

    Like so many others, after the delay in getting ICS on the Rezound (whether it was HTC or Verizon at fault) I’ve lost trust in BOTH companies to bring me updates to Android in any reasonable time frame and will be trying to go with a pure Android experience in the future. It looks like I’ll be skipping the Nexus 4 as it won’t support LTE (I’m happy with Verizon’s LTE speeds) but not sure what the next best option will be. It appears Motorola is headed away from some of their bloatware and encouraging to see Google might use Motorola to bring devices better suited to the US/LTE marketplace.

    HTC, want me to even consider you again? At least make pure Android an option, I’d pay a few more $’s for the device to have you and other’s bloatware out of it.

  • Kevin McDole

    Calling it that the Rezound won’t be getting Jellybean, thanks to the slower S3 processor.

  • Hatyrei

    Maybe my HTC Incredible 2 will get Jelly Bean instead of ICS it has 768MB RAM greater than 512 RAM. :),. If HTC wouldn’t upgrade it ,they will be charge with fraud and deceit to it’s consumers . Based on their statements. 😛 Rawr, lol

    • Unfortunately for us Dinc2 owners, our phone is similar to the Thunderbolt. If that phone is getting forgotten, most likely ours is too.

  • jagjeepsters

    A lot like “chicken or the egg” arguments, it makes no difference whether Verizon or HTC is at fault. If it was HTC, Verizon should have make a stink, threatening to discontinue purchasing HTC’s products for resale to their customers. If Verizon was at fault, HTC should have had the good sense to push Verizon and not risk the resultant damage to their corporate reputation. In either case, it is up to us, the consumers and opinion leaders to do the right thing: Never again buy HTC products, from any carrier, and never again sign a contract with Verizon.

  • ThatGuy

    Tbolt was my first and last HTC as well. Regardless of who’s fault it is (HTC or Ver) HTC should have been RIDING Ver the whole time to get ICS on the phone.

  • kdub

    After being jacked around about the ICS update for the Thunderbolt I’ll never buy HTC again. F!s#k you HTC

  • Simon Belmont

    Just got ICS for my EVO 3D back in the summer. I figure Jelly Bean for my EVO 3D will come after I’ve upgraded to something new this coming spring.

    I can almost see the timeline. I’m sure it won’t see it until summer of 2013.

  • Joshyz73

    Still waiting on ICS for my wife’s Rhyme, which was promised in “June/July”, then “by the end of August”…

    And I thought Moto was bad. The at least stuck to the timeframe for ICS on my Droid 4. It made it at the beginning of the quarter it was slated for, too.

  • SleepIT

    DINC2 not getting ICS and STILL waiting for JB on my DINC4G…sorry HTC, but you just bought yourself a Samsung customer in approx. 5 months.

    • Zach Armstrong

      I will be switching to Samsung as well. Hopefully be the time I upgrade the Galaxy S4 will be out.

  • Okki125

    And chalk another one up for switching to Sammy. Why would you pay premium flagship cost for a device that is no longer supported one it leaves the door? Sorry HTC; you can count me as one of the reasons your profit keeps going down.

    Now to snag me a $0.96 SIII on black Friday!

  • PuzzleShot

    Nexus S is looking at HTC’s 512mb policy with a confused face.

  • carlisimo

    Just to play devil’s advocate… I was using a Nexus S until very recently, and it was painfully sluggish on ICS and Jelly Bean. I couldn’t play music and open Chrome without it crashing. Google Now worked, but only if I wasn’t in any kind of hurry. If I were HTC, I would NOT upgrade phones with that kind of hardware. It’s a downgrade in the overall user experience.

    The Nexus S has 512MB of RAM, 128MB of it dedicated to the GPU (or something like that; all I know for sure is the OS had 384MB available to it). I’m sure some of these HTC phones are more powerful and maybe wouldn’t be so bad, but I certainly see where HTC is coming from.

  • mgamerz

    The one S isn’t even a year old! HTC are you taking tips from Motorola again?

  • Sobr0801

    My Rezound is on Ebay right now. Picking up a Lumia 920 today. Excited.

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmm. HTC is quickly becoming one of my least favorite Android OEMs.

  • Mchl496

    I had a HTC thunderbolt…now im living with a S3 and the choice to never go back to HTC was easy. I know Verizon can be blamed for some of the device update delays, but HTC dropped support very early on. The phone was the high point of Verizon at the time right until they pushed past that half step of ram to a full gig.

    • Tyler Cameron

      And some fault should go to HTC. I know Verizon is being horrible. We all know they’re the ones who won’t push the update for the Thunderbolt or Incredible 2. The Thunderbolt doesn’t have a GSM equiv, but we KNOW Verizon is withholding the DINC2’s update because the Incredible S on carriers around the world have gotten ICS. But we also know Verizone is witholding the updates. But HTC should still take some blame for not being assertive. We are approaching 3 months after the date the Thunderbolt was supposed to be updated and we’re not even getting good leaks anymore! Verizon is RUINING HTC’s image and what is HTC doing? Releasing ANOTHER Verizon-exclusive phone! On one hand, more phones is good. On the other hand, Verizon is treating HTC like they’re their bitch – you’ve got this company which may very well be one of the biggest reasons for HTC’s fall. People are piased, noboy is gonna buy thw phone cause they fear they won’t get updates!
      Motorola took a stance not so long ago and basically told Verizon “Look, either update our phones on time or we’re terninating our contract”
      Motorola and Verizon had an agreement with the og Droid that said that Verizon shall not take more than 60 days to push an update and not take excessive time approving.
      HTC is in the same situation, I don’t think they have that kind of update agreement, but HTC needs to man up. Inatead of making more phones for the company that seems hellbent on tarnishing HTC’s image, they should tell Verizon “look, either update our phones or we’re not making any more Verizon exclusives, including the DROID DNA.

      Instead, they take it and continue to have their once great image turned into rubbish.

  • the thunderbolt had 768 ram, not 512

  • bmos18

    This is why I won’t be getting the DNA and rather get the note 2. Sammy has really made an effort to update their phones as of late. Not to mention my concern for battery life on the DNA. And to HTC get rid of the dock background in sense. It doesn’t look great.

    • cooksta32676

      Ditto on everything you said. 720 screen and Exynos chip are”good enough” for me. Samsung is murdering all the other OEM right now.

  • mustbepbs

    Sorry to 512 MB devices?

    How about sorry to HTC? Enjoy going the way of the dodo, HTC.

  • David Narada Brown

    This is sad news! I thought htc was doing something right with the one X, but news like this steers me away from the company all together. And this is terrible timing with the Droid DNA about to release. Im sure they pushed some would be buyers over to the note 2. I think its safe to say I’ll be holding out for the next nexus or a google inspired motorola phone. What ever the case i need an unlocked bootloader and dev support for my next phone, Galaxy Nexus has me spoiled!

  • BigFonz

    I was at Best Buy yesterday and the was a guy there buyin a Thunderbolt.

    I still have mine but I’m not ready to give up my unlimited data. And I can just get a refurbished one from asurion when I’m ready.

    • Zach Armstrong

      I can’t believe people are still buying it. Not to mention that Best Buy is still selling it. The phone was EOL by Verizon ages ago.

      • I just can’t believe they are still selling them in stores…damn phone should have been recalled or pulled a year ago.

        • Zach Armstrong

          Yes it should have been. They have it my Best Buy as well.

        • cooksta32676

          You can still buy the original Evo at a few places.

        • This should be an editorial piece. Check out Verizon’s website, or walk into the store and look around. It’s amazing the phones being advertised and what people are buying. On the Veirzon website on Explore > Smartphones page, one of the first sections talks about ISIS which is irrelevant. I understand it’s a business with money being important, but by selling people on old phones with high profit margins, and not properly educating consumers on what’s best and most current, seems like a great way to hurt business over time. Are Verizon employees basically used car salesmen? And I only mention Verizon because that’s what I have and am familiar with.

  • Guest

    This why I left HTC for Motorola. I’m done with HTC. I don’t care how awesome the DNA screen is.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Wow, that’s REALLY sad.

    • Guest

      You do realize it’s VERIZON’s fault right? HTC had the update done since around April. Don’t blame HTC.

      • GotSka81


    • T4rd

      Odd, was the first listing when I searched their site myself: http://www.htc.com/us/smartphones/htc-thunderbolt-verizon/

  • Paul

    imo it’s not worth their time making the update for the Thunderbolt. They wouldn’t finish long before Thunderbolt owners were out of their 2 year contract, and there are many hardware reasons why people would upgrade to a new phone once they can (even to a cheap or free phone). Well, at least for the people who bought it right around when it came out.

    • paulmike3

      There are 5 days left for people on 2 year contracts that bought it on release day.

      • Paul

        I thought it was released around this time 2 years ago but wikipedia and phonearena say it was released in march and cnet’s review of it was done in march…

        • yep, march. it was supposed to have come out 1-2 months before that though. anywho, you’re still right though that most any smartphone in VZW’s line-up beats it…. The TB isn’t a bad phone at all, but progress, and all that….

        • Korey Page

          Everyone thought it was going to be released during this month 2 years ago. Let’s not revisit that BS from back then. I still have nightmares.

        • Mapekz

          You can upgrade your device 20 months into your 24 month contract. In 4 months and 5 days from today the HTC Thunderbolt would have been available for 2 years.

          • paulmike3

            Yes, this is what I meant. Thanks for clarifying for everyone! 🙂

      • steve0617

        It actually went on sale on March 17 2011. So no, but perhaps you mean 5 days until your two year contract is upgrade eligible?

        • Yep

          Thank you, Steve. I could have sworn I got mine on St. Patty’s Day.

          • LionStone

            You did get it on St Patty’s Day, and on this next one I will be off contract forever 🙂

      • Yep

        The last few times I’ve been to Verizon I was told I could go on 11/10 (7 days sooner than the “official” upgrade date) and I got TBolt on launch day. I don’t know why, and VZW folks never gave me a reason.

        HTC can pound sand as far as I’m concerned. TBolt was my first & last HTC experience.

  • Verizon

    They still haven’t provided an ICS update for phones that they said would get it.

  • SpikedRed

    And this my friends, is why the Thunderbolt is the LAST product by HTC that I will ever own…

    • Exactly

    • teleclimber

      Same for us Incredible2 owners. I’m going N4 and prepaid to see how that works out. No point of paying VZ’s astronomical fees if my device is stuck on Gingerbread.

      • Zach Armstrong

        Same here no more HTC devices for me either. The Incredible 2 not getting ICS was the last straw.

        • I agree. I used to like HTC but the way they’re handling device updates left a bad taste in my mouth.

          • michael arazan

            And this is what worries me about the HTC DNA, with a history of not supporting devices will HTC not update the phone past JellyBean?

          • Tyler Cameron

            We all know Verizon is refusing to push updates. It’s easy to place all the blame on Verizon.
            But HTC has to be blamed too! These are THEIR phones! Verizon is supposed to be one of their parners. Wake up HTC, your “partner” is RUINING your image ! Motorola got sick of Verizon and basically said “eithe update our phones or we’re not making anymore for you.”
            Which makes sense, I mean, you don’t give the person who’s ruining your image more perks. You push them away before they do real damage.
            HTC on the other hand, they just take it! Verizon tells HTC what kinda phone they want made (and it’s usually a cool phone at that) and HTC makes it exclusively for them. They need to stop and man up.

        • HiVelocity

          My wife and I both ditched our Incredible 2’s over the ICS debacle. We have ICS Razrs now. So long HTC.

          • Zach Armstrong

            How did you get the Razrs by buying them outright.

      • I would love to hear about the outcome of this. Maybe post on the forums about cell reception, HSPA+ speeds, coverage, etc?

        After my vzw contract is up in 2013, I want to try the no contract thing. Hoping a lot of people do this and we can change the way the industry works here in America!

    • Gabriel Hart

      Indeed. Glad someone finally got ICS for the Tbolt working, but I’d still like the official source to drop. Never buying a non-Nexus device ever again.

      • Jason Bittner

        ICS is not really working, The RoMs built on ICS for the Thunderbolt still have data drop issues and the camera usually does not work.

        • SpikedRed

          Pretty much why I made the original statement. I *LOVE* what the guys over at BAMF did with the ROM I currently have on my Tbolt, but it’s old, and outdated. The “unofficial” ICS build that was released is buggy at best, which is why there has yet to be one ROM that I’ve heard of that works flawlessly. I won’t go through all the problems I had originally with this device, but the BAMF guys pretty much saved me from tossing the Tbolt into a fire pit. I feel for all the other HTC device owners who are getting shafted out of not getting updates to their devices. You would have thought that at the very least with all of their problems, HTC could have helped work with the developers this year.

    • exactly why I’m not excited for the DNA. also, what good is a 1080 screen if the phone is dead by noon

    • Jason Bittner

      Same, thunderbolt, while it is a decent phone, was plagued with too many buggs at the start that lasted for almost a year. now with the lack of the expected and promised ICS upgrade, i can not see myself buying another HTC product again.

    • JetBlue

      Don’t get why you Thunderbolt users complain so much about not getting ICS officially when the Revolution and Charge that came out around the same time as the Thunderbolt both don’t have ICS officially but the Charge has ICS through custom ROMs while the Revolution doesn’t.

      • Jason Bittner

        Because HTC said they would update it almost a year ago, and has yet to do so.

        • JetBlue

          LG said the Revolution would be getting ICS which turned into a lie since they released the Spectrum not too long after. Pretty sure LG Revolution owners such as me have it worse since our phone EOL after 9 months.

          • GotSka81

            Your woes as a Revolution owner do not negate those of the Thunderbolt owners…that said, the Thunderbolt was a VZW flagship device and the revolution was not. Now the Thunderbolt is being treated like an unwanted stepchild in the VZW family.

          • JetBlue

            The Revolution, Charge and Thunderbolt were all treated as flagships since they were the first wave of 4G LTE.

  • paulmike3

    Somebody out there actually though that Jelly Bean would end up on the ThunderBolt? I don’t see ICS even happening.

  • Why have I thought, all this time, that the thunderbolt had 768MB RAM?

    • it does.

    • It does: http://www.phonearena.com/phones/HTC-ThunderBolt_id4985

      So, um, isn’t 768 > 512?

      • Verizon

        Apparently not in HTC math.

        • hkklife

          HTC is the next company to go the way of Palm, RIM, etc. They have no cohesive branding or marketing strategy and disappointed and lied to their users time and time again about updates. I will never again purchase an HTC product unless it is a Nexus device.

          • scorp7791

            I totally agree… The graveyard that houses RIM, Palm, etc will soon be home to HTC. And i am so very disappointed. When I first got my Tbolt, i was so enamored with its ease, fluidity and function. Slowly but surely, other phones got their software updates while my tbolt gets slower and slower, drops signal and calls, battery is dead, and the thing just does what it wants to do now. Im so over HTC and cannot WAIT to run out the last week of having this dinosaur.

      • HTC doesn’t mention the Thunderbolt on their website (source link). Do they say somewhere else that the Thunderbolt won’t get Jelly Bean, or is this Tim mistakenly thinking it has 512?

        • Yea, that was my bad. I will still put cash on it not getting JB though 😛

          Thanks for the reminder!

        • Jarred Sutherland

          They have failed to deliver time and time again on ICS, why would they even work on JB for the Blunderbolt?

        • Htc will probably tell us that jb cannot run on a single core. Even with enough ram.

    • Actually, you are right, it does…I still doubt it gets JB.

      • LionStone

        After ICS that will be 2 major OS updates, JB would be 3…so I tend to agree, not likely. Even though it would still be awesome if it did 🙂

  • rezound,evo 3d, vivid, amaze, sensation, mytouch4g slide, were all released on 2011, which wont get jb…

    • Chris

      How do you know that?

      • Zach Armstrong

        HTC said that they will look at the 2011 lineup and decide what phone’s are capable of running Sense and whats not. Then decide from there.

        • Chris

          Right. But he made claims that all of those phones won’t get jellybean, but they never even said which phones won’t get it, just that phones with 512MB RAM won’t get it.

      • Third_Eye

        I am afraid there is a good chance that Rafyvitoo could be correct. I am just deducing based on past actions.
        As a FYI MyTouch4G slide got stuck with Gingerbread IIRC. No upgrade to ICS.

        I have a Amaze 4G which came with GB +Sense 3.0, which was uber-stable.

        Then I bit the upgrade bullet and upgraded to ICS. Initially it had s**tload of reboots, sense errors and stability problems with any Power/Task based Apps. I had to uninstall them….

        Even now if woken up from a long sleep state, the phone turns off. (though not every time but frequent enough to notice)

        When Amaze 4G was upgraded to ICS, the Sense was upgraded to 3.6.
        The 2012 models like OneX/S variants, DInc2 et all have ICS + Sense 4.0. HTC One X+ has JB + Sense 4.1
        At that time the explanation of HTC to have 2 parallel sense versions for ICS was

        a) 3.6 provides the best path forward to improve upon sense 3.n variants
        b) 4.0 would be the new Sense which will makes sense (no pun intended) for new customers
        c) 4.0 would be radically different for customers accustomed to 3.n

        From the HTC website Q&A the last answer is clear to state.

        “The upgrade to Android 4.1 will include HTC Sense 4+”

        There is not Sense 3.7 explained. The way HTC has given lame excuses all along, I would not be surprised if they state that Sense 4+ will confuse the current Sense 3.6 users thus not getting upgraded…..

        I would gladly love to be proven wrong 😉

        • Chris

          Hmmm. I do understand what you’re saying, but I really don’t see why the Rezound wouldn’t get upgraded. It’s more than capable. Same for the EVO 3D.

          I know they can handle Sense 4 and I really feel they can run Jellybean.

          Maybe they will make exceptions and just give jellybean on top of Sense 3.6, or maybe, since Jellybean runs faster than ICS, the phones that “couldn’t handle” Sense 4, can handle Sense 4+?

          Just a hope!

  • Meticode

    Well, it is nice to see that my Rezound has a good possibility to get Jelly Bean. After it came out most people felt it wasn’t going to ever get it.

    • Verizon

      With the way HTC is going, I’m really surprised it ever received an ICS update.

      • They have become the worst at updates all of a sudden. It seemed like just last year they were starting to come around on some phones, but this year has been a disaster.

        • Verizon

          I think they started having an identity crisis with Sense. Too many different versions (2, 3, 3.5, 3.6) and then ICS came along and really messed them up. Now I think they are trying to figure out what they want to do and it has forced them to just abandon some phones. The Thunderbolt and Rhyme will most likely never see another update (not sure if the rhyme ever did).

          Samsung used to be the worst and they got their act together, maybe HTC can too.

    • brando56894

      It’s going to be a long time before the Rezound gets JB considering ICS was announced back in December and we didn’t get it until June or July. I just bought a Gnex because I didn’t want to wait another six months to get JB.

    • Chris

      I really hope it gets Jellybean and Sense 4. I’m running a Sense 4 ROM on it right now, it runs just fine.