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Google Intros New Acer C7 Chromebook, Priced at an Extremely Low $199

Moments ago, Google unveiled their newest partnership with Acer to introduce the all new Acer C7 Chromebook. Having a new Chromebook is awesome, but what’s even more insane is the price tag. Priced at just $199, the device sports a 11.6″ display, capable of up to 3.5 hours of battery life. Sure, you’ll need to bring your charger with you everywhere you go, but that is still pretty great for those who are in the market for an ultra-portable computing device.

The C7 goes on sale starting tomorrow directly on Google Play and at Best Buy.

So, $199 for a Chromebook that stays alive for 3.5 hours. Picking one up?

Acer C7 Landing Page

Via: Google

  • Caleb Martin

    That’s a nice price, but what’s the deal with the battery life? I thought the idea behind these was mobility, not to be tethered to the wall. The large hard drive is also interesting, but with what these are targeted for, would you really get any use out of it?

  • anezarati

    the 320 hard drive is intriguing…

    say i was able to acquire some music would i be able to store it on the hd and upload it?

  • Droid Burgundy

    i dont get it.. how is this not a fail like netbooks were? o.O

  • hmm but you get 100GB of google drive for 2 years. thats 5 bux a month for 24 months usually, thats 120… so 199-120 = 79 which is totally worth it. now adding the extra 50 and going with 6hrs with the sammy is worth it as well.

  • Syrio35

    Holding out for a Surface Pro. What is the attraction of this thing, anyway?

    • ddevito

      it isn’t Microsoft = enough for me

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    This has Christmas gift written all over it. 😉

  • DustinV

    I bought the Samsung Series S 550 3g version about a week and a half ago. It is the older model that came out in June of 2012 that originally retailed at $550 but has 4gb RAM and a 12.1 inch screen. It is made a little nicer than the newest samsung chromebook and the primary gripes about it were it’s price point. I managed to pick it up from newegg for 299 (open box, but was brand new as far as I could tell). I found it when I was looking for the new samsung chromebooks, but they have been consistently out of stock so I thought I’d bite on this for 50 bucks more with 3g, bigger screen, more ram, and a little better quality. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It works great, has decent batter life, is super quick, light and compact, great keyboard and touchpad, and has a solid screen.

  • faganm24

    3.5 hours? Really? How did this even make it to market with that kind of battery life?

  • C-Law

    I’d get this for my parents if it had a 15″ screen

  • ok someone needs to explain the purpose of these chromebooks. I like the look and the Price tag…..but what is all the fuss about? it runs a browser and has some “apps” which are just like bookmarks correct? i jsut dont know, i see no real need for this (especially since i can do pretty much everything i want to do on my G nex and nexus 7) but maybe that is because i dont understand whey their true purposes are exactly.

    someone school me

    • nightscout13

      It’s mainly for surfing the web, using G-docs, and watching video. That’s it.

    • Dr Sauch

      I think if you’re committed to the google ecosystem (I use Docs, Drive, Play, etc) and you’re not going to be gaming or doing some kind of graphics-intensive work, this is a FANTASTIC option at that price point (or maybe the samsung one). I don’t need a $2500 macbook for 99% of what I do on my current laptop.

    • Ezequiel Gonzalez

      PROS: Chromebook features: a nice, relatively big 11.6 screen with a high enough resolution to surf, view and work with webpages. A great keyboard, a great touchpad. An Operating System/web browser combination optimized to work with one another. For continuous, online work, nothing beats a Chromebook.

      CONS: You cannot use your traditional locally installed software applications. You need to use their online equivalent. SO you need a good, stable internet connection, plus the online equivalent of your traditional software applications may not be as powerful or complete as your locally installed applications. Even worse, in some cases, perhaps too many cases there might not be online equivalent for the traditional applications you are accustomed to use on your traditional computer.

      So as a second computer they are great. For more intensive, professional use, please check the Chrome Web Store to make sure that there are online applications that do the things you need to do on your computer.

    • greatartiststeals

      it’s for those people who don’t need to do much more than surf the web, occasionally video chat (using google). Think your low tech people…I gave my wife my CR-48 and she loves it! almost instant on and easy access to the internet. She doesn’t have to worry about viruses etc. I don’t have to worry about supporting her PC anymore (windows updates, symantec updates, bug fixes, “why is it slow?” questions, etc…)

  • Buy This

    Google: “Here’s some cool new sh*t for you guys to check out. And here’s multiple options for the conscious consumer. We don’t really care that much about making money off any of it. Enjoy!”

    • M

      That’s ridiculous. Of course they make money off of it. Maybe not the hardware sales, but from all the data they mine about you while you use your devices.

      • Buy This

        ya. data mining. search activity and ad revenue. very little if any from the hardware. I could be wrong but it appears you misunderstood my original comment. DERP

        • michael arazan

          the last one this past spring was 16 gb on board storage with no extra, let’s hope it’s not cut down to 8gb.

  • skubadoo

    Samsung Chromebook or bust!

  • jb

    If they sell enough of these there will prolly be chinese extended batteries for cheap.


    Im just waiting for the samsung chromebook to be available again!!

  • Barry Taylor

    Possibly a dumb question.. but is there local storage/access on these? or are they 100% network connection needed to be used?

    • mgamerz

      There’s a really basic file manager in it that can open about 15 different file types. It’s really rudimentary. It can handle external devices as well, like flash drives and hard disks (including NTFS)

      • Barry Taylor

        Thank you for the response.. I went and looked a little into it. Surprisingly, I’m in the tech field all day, every day.. Somehow I never got into researching ChromeBooks.. Doesn’t seem like anyone would really need one.. Either Tablet or Laptop.. “In the middle” seems to be not needed.

        On another note, I learned yesterday that all schools in our district have removed desktops and all use laptops & tablets.. I found that kind of strange.

  • Seanski

    It doesn’t have an SSD, no thanks.

  • I’ll hold on to my CR-48, cant beat the battery life for what I use it for!

    • Ezequiel Gonzalez

      So do I, Love my CR-48, for what I use it for, online marketing and blog maintenance/writing (4 of them) it is perfect.

  • Why is disqus not saving my comments?

  • I wonder what Intel chip it has. Anyone know? Atom?

    • teleclimber

      totally surprised it’s an intel. At that price I would have thought it was an ARM chip.

      • Ezequiel Gonzalez

        New Intel Chip just released in August 2012.

  • enob

    No thanks, my gnex gets better battery life…

    • Kind of confused by your comment. Your Gnex will get better battery life than most any laptop..

      • You must not have a Verizon Nexus lol.

        • I actually do… I admit the battery life is bad, but you can’t compare it to laptop battery life.

  • jak_341

    I really want to buy one. I can’t justify having one though…

    • Same thing for me, i wanna just try chrome OS. every attempt to try it (not counting VMs) has totally failed. hoping hexxeh gets the build he had on the n7 up for everyone soon.

  • If it had a ~5 hour battery I would order tomorrow. 3.5 hours is a deal breaker.

    • QuadNexus

      and we all know those rated battery hours are in “optimal” conditions. real world usage most likely 2.5-3~

    • Sammy’s version is at 6.5

  • Mikeg1969

    I’d pay $50 more for the Samsung version……

    • Chris

      I like the look of the this one more though. The black on black is nice. If only the battery life was better.

    • a.youth.in.Asia

      Funny cause I would pay $1,500 more for the “i” version! GIVE ME THAT APPLE STICKER!!!

      • nightscout13

        What happened to your avatar, I really liked that old deaf dude

        • a.youth.in.Asia

          What you talkin’ ’bout, WILLIS!!?!

          • nightscout13

            There it is… For some reason, it didn’t show up @ D-L, but i can see it on Disqus.

          • a.youth.in.Asia

            Hmmm… That’s just not any old dude, but Dr. Jack Kevorkian!

  • mgamerz

    Hah, that’ll never beat the samsung one… Using it right now, it gets like 7 hours of battery life. It must run on an intel chip.