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ASUS Handing Out Vouchers in Europe For Buyers of the Nexus 7 Before Price Drop (Updated: Google Too)

Anyone who purchased the Nexus 7 before October 29 when the price dropped and more memory suddenly meant less money certainly has a reason to be a little upset. Up to this point we haven’t heard anything from either ASUS or Google on the subject, but the situation seems to have changed today. Depending on where you live in Europe, you can receive a €30 or €25 voucher to the ASUS store if you purchased it before the price drop.

Better get your receipt ready though, ASUS does want you to register your tablet through their website to get your voucher. It’s worth noting as well that the Nexus 7 must have come directly from ASUS or Google to cash in on this voucher. No word on a plan like this for the US, but we’ll keep our ear to the ground since more than a few of you might be interested.

Update:  Reader Thom pointed out that Google offers a similar “Price Protection” for devices whose prices have been reduced. The 16GB Nexus 7 is singled out in their Help section as being eligible. It reads:

Nexus 7 (16GB version only) purchases from Devices on Google Play are currently eligible for Price Protection if the purchase was made on or after October 14, 2012. If your purchase is eligible, we’ll refund the difference in price within 14 days of your request.

To request Price Protection, head here.

Via: The Verge

Cheers Nick S!

  • master94

    – Google (Good)
    1- gives you great product for great price, make it even cheaper
    2- gives you free money
    – iCrap(Evil Greed)
    1- gives you over priced products with crazy amount of hype and when it breaks
    2- tells you that you are holding it wrong, makes you buy a case.

    • michael arazan

      Icrap wouldn’t even admit that the maps were off and sucked for an entire month and wifi issues were still eating data with wifi on. Captain Crook (Cook) lives in such a state of oblivion, like Jobs, and actually blame their customers. Only company in the world that rips on their own customers, the people who buy their products and keep them in business.

    • Actually. Apple back in the day did a price drop and offered early adopters $100 refund after a price drop happened on the iPhone. They also did for iPad 1 buyers who bought one just before a 2 hit. Read up.

  • Larizard

    Good Guy Google

    (and Asus, too, but that ruins the parallelism)

  • gilbert sepillo

    What if I bought it from Amazon?Google should give me a refund and add it to my play store account because Nexus 7 bought from diffrent shop is not different from Play store.It’s the same Nexus 7.

  • streetlightman

    does it work in the US? And if you didn’t buy it from Google directly because of their outrageous shipping charges?

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Ordered mine July 3rd and applied for the rebate.. Who knows lol

  • Well that sucks for the 8GB version I bought. I should get a 16GB version or some play store credit.

  • jaybar

    Yay for my 8GB….nvm.

  • thomwithah

    US play store good for refund on difference:


  • Jeff Tycz

    I will be happy if they give me a voucher or even a google play credit

  • Vyrlokar

    I ordered mine the day Google launched it in Spain, and registered it ASAP. However, it seems that the relevant page for Spanish users talks about a dslightly different product… http://event.asus.com/2012/tablet/nexus_7/es/

  • Stephen Clagett

    I can attest that if you bought the 16GB version within 14 days of the new price, Google will refund you the difference, no questions asked. I got my brother one for his birthday on Oct 19, and was refunded.

  • I didn’t get Play Store credit also.. Give other countries Play Credit now

  • Droidzilla

    Silly. Raise your hand if you don’t expect new tech items to eventually (even quickly) drop in price and/or have more features for the same price. Now everyone else, slap that person’s hand as hard as you can.

    • JoshGroff


    • RampageDeluxe

      We all expect tech to depreciate quickly, but 3 months is quicker than normal.

      • Droidzilla

        Watch out for that hand slap. Or wait, are you the guy who decides what “soon” means? Sorry; didn’t recognise you.

        • RampageDeluxe

          So 3 months isn’t soon for you? Are you the guy who decides how I should feel? How often does this occur? Even Apple waits a year to upgrade their products.

          • Droidzilla

            So sick and tired of entitled people. You bought a product at a price you were happy with. If you didn’t like the deal, you wouldn’t have bought it. No one ripped you off, and if you follow tech blogs you would have known that a new product pricing model would come out from Google at that time (and if you don’t, you wouldn’t even know about the pricing difference). I bought the OG Droid RAZR before the MAXX and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why anyone was pissed at the MAXX. Tech moves fast; especially in the mobile space. Buy an Apple if you want to pay for a stale product that barely gets an annual upgrade; otherwise, understand that things move fast and just be happy with what you have when you have it.

          • RampageDeluxe

            I’m sick of fanboys who can’t understand that not everyone feels the same about the product as you do. If this was 6 months down the road, fine, but 3 months? Come on. I don’t feel entitled, but I do feel like I got ripped off. If you have some sort of problem with how I feel, then ignore my comments. I said 3 months was quick, which it is. And I do read tech blogs and not even this site was speculating that there was going to be a 32gb model so soon and at the same price. I’m sick of fanboys who feel so butt hurt because not everyone is 100% satisfied with their new love interests. Everyone has an opinion, I think you need to get used to it.

          • Droidzilla

            Thanks for taking your own advice and respecting that other people have different opinions on the internet. Your objectivity is a breath of fresh air in a society filled with whiny little children that don’t understand how markets work.

          • RampageDeluxe

            I’m not the one who started this. If you got a problem, why don’t you grow up and stop starting arguments on the internet. We also have a society filled with people who make excuses for companies and expect the buyer to just take it and be happy. Why couldn’t we have had a discussion instead of immediate personal attacks? All I said was that 3 months was soon and you jumped on me with your self righteous attitude. I’m done with you.

          • Droidzilla

            My mistake; I thought you initially replied to me with a contrarian opinion. I guess you’re right; I started it.

            Wait a minute . . .

          • RampageDeluxe

            I said good day.

          • Droidzilla

            I must have also missed the guy holding a gun to your head forcing you to comment. Would you like me to call the police?

          • RampageDeluxe

            Seriously, are you this pathetic that you have to continually run your mouth? What is wrong with you? You’re just a troll now. It’s not like my comment was aggressive, It was a different point of view. You complain about “people like me”, but you’re whats wrong with the internet and society, you just want to argue and you can’t take it that I don’t feel the way you do. Get over yourself. Stop being pathetic and leave me alone.

          • Droidzilla

            Sorry I was being so touchy. I really have to reign in those ol’ emotions, you know? You’re right; it’s just the internet. No sense getting all upset over some random stranger’s opinion.

          • RampageDeluxe

            I appreciate that.

  • Robin Underwood

    Kudos to them for doing more than should be asked of them to keep their customers happy.

  • stupideuropeans

    OMG they are really crying over a $50 price drop?! #firstworldproblems

    • fixxmyhead

      im not one of those cry baby customers but dude its 50 big ones. it would be different if it was like 2$

      • JoshGroff

        It’s $15 if you take into account the $10 in Google wallet and $25 Play credit.

        • fixxmyhead

          still enough for an 18 pack of budweiser and a bag of chips. if its 5$ or less then i wont fight for it

        • RampageDeluxe

          Actually, If you already had Google Wallet then you don’t have $10 extra and taxes and shipping, the thing is nearly $280. 280 – 25 = 255.

          • JoshGroff

            Taxes on $50 is negligible. Makes it closer to 20 loss, 30 if you didn’t get the wallet cared, and you pay shipping either way, so that isn’t a valid argument.

          • RampageDeluxe

            You dont pay shipping if you buy local or buy from certain online stores. It also depends on your local tax rate. For no shipping and taxes, you save about $17 additionally. It’s not an invalid argument, it just depends on the methods you use to make the purchase.

          • JoshGroff

            Actually, Staples and GameStop were both selling them if you could manage to get one.

            Sure you had to call and find out when the next shipment was coming in if you didn’t pre-order one, but that’s not difficult, and saving ~$15 on shipping is totally worth it.

          • RampageDeluxe

            The GameStop in my area only received preorders and Staples had 4 but sold out quickly. I’m not really bitter, but it does sting for a bit when I see articles like these, but then I go back to using my Nexus 7 lol.

    • jb

      More like $25 if you got in during the play store credit period.

    • jstew182

      I am not upset over cost. I just want the 32gb personally.

      • Justin


      • Agreed. I’m not home a lot so I like putting videos on my Nexus, but I also have to delete one movie for another if I have 2 or 3 on there. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s bothersome nonetheless.

        • RampageDeluxe

          If you have wifi access, you should get Skydrive. I uploaded a ton of movies on mine and I can stream them when I’m out of town. It really comes in handy.

          • jstew182

            These kind of options are all well and good but when you dont have access to the internet then you’re SOL

          • RampageDeluxe

            True. You can also get an OTG cable and carry around a flash drive. Sometimes I have a lot of down time on campus and no wifi in certain spots, so I just use the OTG cable and I’m good to go.

          • Really? Nice man, I’ll have to check that out. Thanks.

          • RampageDeluxe

            You’re welcome. I was lucky enough to have 2 accounts when the 25gb’s were free.

        • michael arazan

          I pay $10 a month for Google Drive 200 gb, iwas on the $5 100 gb plan, they are the cheapest cloud storage to date to upload movies too, which I do from my home pc.

      • capecodcarl

        I’m not upset over cost, I just want a device that doesn’t slow to a crawl when it has less than 3GB of free space. :-/

        • RampageDeluxe

          Exactly, its like having a 9gb Nexus 7.