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It’s Finally Here – Angry Birds Star Wars Released on Android

After what seemed like forever of hyping and trailer releases, it’s November 8, 2012. That can only mean one thing for Android fans – it’s Angry Birds Star Wars Day! I’ve played through a few of the levels already and I have to say, I am happy. The soundtrack is exactly what I was hoping for. There are plenty of lightsaber “woosh” sounds and the overall look of the game pays mighty homage to the series that I love so very much. Now the only problem is how do I convince Kellex that I’m sick and watch the movies instead of work? 

Just as I suspected, there is a free version and a paid “HD” version. With the paid version, which runs $2.99, you gain access to 40 extra levels which will then help you unlock the lightsaber weapon. Worth it? Quite possibly if you’re a Star Wars nut like myself.

Is this the breath of fresh air that Angry Birds has been needing? I think so.

Play Link: Free | HD ($2.99)


    Just bought it and played through a few levels, well worth the 99 cents!! Just a question, not trolling, why the price difference between the Play Store and the IOS App Store?

  • Is the 2.99 HD version ad free? Would definitely spend the money to not have ads even though HD wont make a difference on my phone. I guess if I ever by a Nexus7 it would be nice to have the HD version.

  • Droid Burgundy


  • Flyinion

    Figures, they put an ad-free 99 cent version on Amazon but not the Play store. Oh well, I’m done with Amazon guess I’ll endure the free version unless HD will work on a phone.

    • Flyinion

      Nevermind, answered my own question. Just installed Bad Piggies HD which also said it was compatible (for whatever reason Space isn’t) since it was free so I could test, and even though I expected a really tiny display since I thought HD was for tablets, it worked fine.

      • You can remove the ads in the free google play version by going to the shopping cart in the game and paying $.99 to remove ads. You dont have to buy the HD versions to get rid of the ads.

  • JMonkeYJ

    still downloading even tho i played angry birds space all of like 5 times. hopefully this one injects something new into the (IMO) tired formula.

  • baniels

    Play store tells me that the HD version is not compatible with by Bionic, but the Free version is. Hmmm.

  • SD_Scott

    I admit, I generally never buy games. Especially when there is a free version available. I bought this without hesitation…

    • Droid Burgundy

      me too, this is the first and only game I have bought with years on android! I would give them $10. IDC it’s star wars!!

  • EvanTheGamer

    That can only mean one thing for Android fans…” – Actually…this only applies to those that are still Rovio/Angry Birds fans…which is like less than 10% of all of the Android population.

    • ArrowCool

      I’m right there with you. I will get to this on breaks at work, but Halo 4 is taking a good portion of my home down time right now.

  • EvanTheGamer

    YES! They’ve answered my thoughts…there’s a bloody PAID HD version. Thank you, Rovio, you have been redeemed!


  • I was skeptical, but Rovio did a good job on this game. First time I’ve enjoyed Angry Birds in quite awhile.

    • JoshGroff

      Space redeemed them in my book due to the gravity/antigravity physics element, added a bit more depth to the game.

    • Tree

      SPOILER: I realized on Level 1-13 there are some cool twists in this version, since you can do some neat things with the lasers fired by the pig.

  • HD version is smaller than the regular version by 11MB……

  • ArrowCool

    Tim, you could always wave your hand at Kellex and say “I am sick and need the day off”.

  • John Jenness

    Excellent game…and Han shot first!

  • Jason Jackson

    You gotta love this game

  • Why is the HD version 32 megabytes and the standard version is 44 megabytes?

    • Now that I think about it, the standard version probably has 12 megabytes of built in ads.

  • It should be noted that Rovio is charging $1.99 to “unlock” a slew of Jedi levels via in-game purchase. While this might not be a lot to some, it’s a bit shady seeing as there is no mention of this “feature” in the market description. It’s also a bit disappointing that they didn’t release a “Premium” version like their previous releases.

    • For the record Rovio did a fantastic job with the game!

    • justincase_2008

      So the HD version will be 5 bucks after unlocking those levels?

      • JoshGroff

        “With the paid version, which runs $2.99, you gain access to 40 extra levels which will then help you unlock the lightsaber weapon.”

        From that, I’d take it they’re included in the HD version.

        • justincase_2008


        • Unfortunately Rovio is still charging $1.99 for the Jedi Levels with the HD version. Read a few of the reviews in the market.

          • JSK

            No it doesnt. I bought the HD version with my N7 Google Play credit. The Jedi levels are unlocked when you go in to the level select screen.

          • justincase_2008

            Try to play the second level.

          • JSK

            bah. Guess im waiting to see some reviews if the extra levels are worth it

          • r0lct

            I paid for HD, Jedi levels are included.

    • There is an HD version that you pay for. Haven’t played it yet b/c last night my GNex decided it didn’t like charging while it was powered on anymore. Therefore it has been off for most of the day charging very slowly.

      • $.99 is far more appealing to me than $2.99, not to mention I don’t have a device that would take advantage of the “HD” version. Coupled with the fact that Rovio still wants to charge you $1.99 to unlock additional levels, even with this version is still sketchy.

        • I just didn’t want the ads really and I like supporting dev’s,even big ones. I haven’t been able to start it up yet so I haven’t seen additional content.

        • Dave Goldstein

          Amazon app store has it for .99 cents ad-free. I did the same for bad piggies since they didn’t seem to offer that option with the Play store.

          • The thing I love about the amazon app store is I can purchase tablet only apps even though I don’t own one. So when I finally pick one up I already own the apps to download. Google needs to initiate this practice. I would love to purchase tablet only apps when they go on sale so can download them later.

        • Download the free version from Google Play. Open the game and go to the shopping cart. There is an option to remove ads for $0.99. Then buy the additional levels for $1.99. For $2.98 you get everything and no ads. You can always remove the ads in the free Angrey Birds games by going to the shopping cart in the game and picking to remove ads for $0.99.

    • It states right in the description that there is an in-app purchase available to unlock additional levels. What is shady about that?

    • michael arazan

      I had to buy the premium twice with the AB Space, and then paid for extra levels that didn’t recognize my payments to unlock. I emailed them and no reply, jerks

  • Greg Morgan

    Been playing it for a bit…must say a lot of fun. Well done Rovio!