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Sprint Buys Spectrum and Customers from US Cellular in the Midwest for $480 Million

When news broke that Sprint was being purchased by the Japanese company Softbank, one of the benefits to the Now Network was a large amount of cash up front. Sprint is going to be spending a little bit of that money to bolster their network by purchasing customers and a bit of spectrum from regional carrier US Cellular.

In total, Sprint will be gathering 30MHz of spectrum that they are going to use to build up their fledgling LTE network and make it a little bit more usable. Sprint is also paying for actual customers from US Cellular, who will stay on their carrier for now but will be moved in the near future. US Cellular is selling because “we aren’t reaching the rate of profitable customer growth we need to justify continuing to make investments.”

Excited to see Sprint making moves to have a bigger footprint in the States?

Via:  Sprint

  • This is actually incredibly interesting to me because I live in the midwest and just one month ago was with USCC. Weird to think I would have ended up in the same spot regardless lol

  • master94

    Anyone else a bit mad that a company can sell its customers as if we are just items in a supermarket?

  • mike

    sprint BLOWSSS. their “unlimited data” is bs. if you roam within the US you get up to 250mbs and they charge after that. and their reception sucks.

  • redbar0n11

    Sounds good to me. I’m a VZW loyal, because of cell service… but VZW’s ideas and treatment of customers is horrible. We need the other big players to force VZW off their high horse, and get back to reality!

    • michael arazan

      Verizon treats customers like just another dollar sign or statistic in a chart and could care less. A great network is nice, but not caring about customer satisfaction is a big deal, and gouging customers for every single dime they have is intolerable. If they take away my unlimited when my contract is up I’ll be leaving for sprint.

  • duke69111

    What part of the country did US Cellular sell?

    • Aaron

      What I read on Engadget said it’s all in the Midwest.

  • Droid Burgundy

    FWIW I would rather see Tmobile succeed than sprint….. They went from GSM to CDMA and WiMax? OK now they are trying LTE… but cmon Sprint.. get with it.

  • Droid Burgundy

    Any win for the competition is a loss for AT&T or Verizon. Maybe if they were closer in competition, less customers would get man handled financially raped.

    • Don’t forget their fling with that Nextel (iDEN) network thing?

  • abalsor

    Seems like too little too late… At this stage in the network game I dont think it will be enough….

    • bkosh84

      It’s not like we peaked on cellular technology or anything…

  • Sprint’s service is terrible, and US Cellular has 4g in those areas mean less for Sprint to have to implement/deploy there. US Cell wasn’t doing great in those markets, and Sprint saw something that it wanted, so it benefits both. I’m a USC customer, switched from VZW, and I get USC’s 4g everywhere I go here in WI. I really hope that they are just getting rid of the areas that are dragging down the company financially, and this isn’t a sign of something bigger to come down the road.

    • Aaron

      I’m with USC in NC, and I have always been a fan. But I’m afraid that this is a sign of what is coming. T-Mo is already in the process of consuming Metro PCS. I’m actually surprised Verizon or Sprint hasn’t already absorbed USC. Given the choice, I think I would rather go to VZW or T-Mo than Sprint. Sprint use to manage our local landline service, and even though it may be a totally different company now, they were terrible then for customer service.

  • jawabba

    Only on board if it means they have better service. It is so spotty here. I actually like US Cellular, but its a smart move on their part. Sell it before there is a much diminished value.

  • MotoRulz

    I’m kinda rooting for Sprint. We need another big player in this game that Verizon and AT&T seem to dominate.

    • KT