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Samsung Sells 30 Million Galaxy S3 Units in 157 Days

We expected the Samsung Galaxy S3 to be a hit, just like the Galaxy S2, but I’m not sure that anyone expected it to be this big of a hit. According to Samsung, they sold 30 million units in 157 days. If you look at their mini infographic, that number of phones is the weight of 100 humpback whales, the surface area of 12 Colosseums, and the height of 29 Mt. Everests. It’s also equal to one Galaxy S3 being sold every 0.45 seconds. So in the time you just spent reading this, another 100 or so are being activated.

I don’t know about you, but I see the Galaxy S3 in public as much as I do iPhones these days. You can tell that Samsung’s marketing efforts have paid off. In fact, my better half and I were at happy hour last week before the Blazers home opener, and the bartender was excited to see that we both had a Galaxy S3, because that meant we could do that “tapping together thing.”

Are you all still loving your Galaxy S3? I have to admit that it’s my favorite phone of the year, by quite a bit. After all of the phones that I have reviewed, I keep coming back to it.

Via:  Samsung Tomorrow

  • tn s3

    anyone know if the no simm card issue will ever be resolved?

  • Andy

    love the phone but, touchwhiz is is slow and lags all the time. I hate that part of it. My gnex was way smoother! what do i need to fix this?

  • I assume the Droid Lifers who like this phone have installed stock Android on it, or some form of non-touchwiz ROM correct? From what I’ve heard, touchwiz is pretty terrible on it.

  • zUFC

    It’s funny you say that. last night on the local Worcester, MA news there was a segment showing people that were taking videos with their phones. your right, I saw about three S3’s in the crowd. I couldn’t beleive it. But I don’t agree with it’s the best. I gave mine up for the Maxx. I need the real batt life it has plus I can’t stand touchwiz. I’m not a skin hater like most(I don’t like them but I don’t hate them as much as others here). But touchwiz is just awfull!!!!! Especially the hardware buttons. and the home button, yuck….. And I couldn’t stand where they had the app icon in the dock. Just something about touchwiz I couldn’t make myself like.

  • overclock

    Did your wife make a video for you?

  • jeesung

    you tapped the bartender?

  • I bought the GS3 the day it came out and have never looked back. Everything about this phone is great.

  • Alexander Garcia

    I see more iPhone 4/4S’s out in the wild than I see SGSIIIs… but I also see way more SGSIIIs than iPhone 5s.

  • Derek Gelinas

    I just bought one yesterday and installed LiquidSmooth on it. I can’t believe how great it is. Best phone I’ve ever had my hands on. Especially in black – gorgeous.

  • r0lct

    What I am amazed at is how many casual iphone users i’ve run into who think the samsung commercials are funny and do make them want to try the phone.