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Samsung Sells 30 Million Galaxy S3 Units in 157 Days

We expected the Samsung Galaxy S3 to be a hit, just like the Galaxy S2, but I’m not sure that anyone expected it to be this big of a hit. According to Samsung, they sold 30 million units in 157 days. If you look at their mini infographic, that number of phones is the weight of 100 humpback whales, the surface area of 12 Colosseums, and the height of 29 Mt. Everests. It’s also equal to one Galaxy S3 being sold every 0.45 seconds. So in the time you just spent reading this, another 100 or so are being activated.

I don’t know about you, but I see the Galaxy S3 in public as much as I do iPhones these days. You can tell that Samsung’s marketing efforts have paid off. In fact, my better half and I were at happy hour last week before the Blazers home opener, and the bartender was excited to see that we both had a Galaxy S3, because that meant we could do that “tapping together thing.”

Are you all still loving your Galaxy S3? I have to admit that it’s my favorite phone of the year, by quite a bit. After all of the phones that I have reviewed, I keep coming back to it.

Via: Β Samsung Tomorrow

  • tn s3

    anyone know if the no simm card issue will ever be resolved?

  • Andy

    love the phone but, touchwhiz is is slow and lags all the time. I hate that part of it. My gnex was way smoother! what do i need to fix this?

  • I assume the Droid Lifers who like this phone have installed stock Android on it, or some form of non-touchwiz ROM correct? From what I’ve heard, touchwiz is pretty terrible on it.

  • zUFC

    It’s funny you say that. last night on the local Worcester, MA news there was a segment showing people that were taking videos with their phones. your right, I saw about three S3’s in the crowd. I couldn’t beleive it. But I don’t agree with it’s the best. I gave mine up for the Maxx. I need the real batt life it has plus I can’t stand touchwiz. I’m not a skin hater like most(I don’t like them but I don’t hate them as much as others here). But touchwiz is just awfull!!!!! Especially the hardware buttons. and the home button, yuck….. And I couldn’t stand where they had the app icon in the dock. Just something about touchwiz I couldn’t make myself like.

  • overclock

    Did your wife make a video for you?

  • jeesung

    you tapped the bartender?

  • I bought the GS3 the day it came out and have never looked back. Everything about this phone is great.

  • Alexander Garcia

    I see more iPhone 4/4S’s out in the wild than I see SGSIIIs… but I also see way more SGSIIIs than iPhone 5s.

  • Derek Gelinas

    I just bought one yesterday and installed LiquidSmooth on it. I can’t believe how great it is. Best phone I’ve ever had my hands on. Especially in black – gorgeous.

  • r0lct

    What I am amazed at is how many casual iphone users i’ve run into who think the samsung commercials are funny and do make them want to try the phone.

  • dangolds

    I have a GS3, but where I’m at I still see more iPhone than GS3s. Having said that, I’ve seen more and more crop up, which is likely due to Samsung’s strong marketing efforts. It’s an interesting dilemma for some of the die hard Android fans to consider. On the one hand, an Android phone appears to finally be meeting or beating Apple at its own game – creating real buzz with everyday consumers and having a “cool” factor. On the other hand, you’ll notice that to get there, Samsung is not in any way marketing the Android aspects of the phone. Lots of focus on the Touch Whiz add-ons, size of screen, camera capabilities and making fun of Apple. No mention of android, notifications, muti-tasking, RAM, battery size, Google Now or any of the other features many folks on this Site like to tout as the reasons why the GS3 and other Android phones should be thought of as superior to Apple. When you stop and think about it, kind of makes you realize that most of the issues you guys argue about on phones don’t mean squat to most consumers, and that Android vs iOS is not really how most people think when determining what phone to buy.

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    30 million units huh? You don’t say??? Too bad we don’t know how many were sold to END USERS, and how many we’re sold to telcos, retailers and other distribution channels: http://sammyhub.com/2012/11/03/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-sales-reach-30-million-units/

    Uh, Sammy, since you copy everything else that Apple does, why not copy Apple and report the actual number of end users who bought your iPhony, excluding those that were merely “shipped” to retailers and carriers? Besides, we all know how Sammy likes to play with numbers: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/mobile-news/samsung-comes-clean-galaxy-tab-numbers-not-consumer-sales/775

    • Vtec 21

      Really? does your precious IPhone have a removable battery? NFC Technology? Expanded memory? A 4.8 inch display? So what is copied here hmmm the fact that it comes in white? Get over yourself iSheep. People are waking up, maybe you should too.

      • dangolds

        Good thing you didn’t sound the least bit like a whiny fan boy when making that retort. I hear Samsung sold 30 million units specifically by advertising that removable battery, by the way.
        Just in case you were wondering – arguing angrily like a 14 year old girl about why YOUR phone of choice is the best is quite iSheep-esque. For the record, I already own a GS3 and love it, so you can skip right past the predictable “troll” retort and go sulk about something else. I think it’s a great phone but do think it’s a valid question to ask what the end user sales were vs. sales in the distributor channel. I’m sure the end user sales numbers will be impressive as well, but I’d still be interested in seeing the comps on those figures vs. the iPhone 5.

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        I notice how you conveniently sidestepped the point of my post but that’s ok…I’m used to this from u fandroids

        • Sam’s Son

          He was just responding to your lack of knowledge claim.

  • S9779

    I like my s3 but I’m not amazed by it. Can’t get over the fact it feels keep in hand. I also the radio seems a little weak and I get complaints about my call quality.

    • dangolds

      I agree. The phone as a device is really good overall, but the phone radio is weaker than those I’ve used on past devices, including iPhones and Motorolas. If I could improve two features on the device, it would be the phone radio and battery strength.

  • Long live Samsung!

  • My school (Miami area) is up to the brim in Galaxy S3s. So is Boston.

  • Immolate

    I’ve had my S3 since day one and I still love it. I’m going to pass it to my wife on 11/27 though and get my big-boy phone in grey. Remember when the S3 first broke and everyone said it was ugly? Funny how unrepresentative us phone people can be. I’m glad my new Note2 will look like a big S3. It’s been a pleasing design.

  • wtsamatta

    Yeah, I love my S3. Love it even more with aokp πŸ˜‰ Going to have to be something flat out bad assed to get me to switch though.

  • Vtec 21

    I deal with a designer who is a huge Apple fan. He couldn’t get over the size of my S3’s screen. He called it a B.A.D phone… Big Ass Display. Haha gotta love the isheep.

  • Love mine. Of course it’s better than icrap but it’s also better than moto thanks to huge dev support that moto lacks (locked bl)

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    bout 8 or so people at work have iphones and im the only one with an S3….that being said MY lone SGSIII is the phone that everyone wants to play with and the phone that they all want to get…their minds get blown when i use google wallet hahaha

  • chris125

    I’ve seen a bunch of sgs3 lately, they really are starting to show up in large numbers like Iphones.

  • kwubba

    Greatest phone of all time! The phone just kills it especially with the CM10 build. My GNEX & Bionic are now nothing but distant memories!

  • Shantheman

    Love my gs3!

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Your “better half”? Why not just say “girlfriend” or “wife”? Or, is it in fact “husband” or “boyfriend”? I’ve heard the phrase “better half” used in reference to a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend before. But something strikes me as odd, how you used the phrase there instead of just saying “girlfriend” or “wife”, very strange indeed. I do recall you also live in Portland, though, too. Hmmmmmm……..

    • hkklife

      A. Kellen is married, as far as I can recall.

      B. WHY does it even matter what he does in his personal life? He runs a kick-ass site/community. That is ALL I care about, at least as far as DL article comments are concerned.

    • Sam’s Son

      Are you serious? What does this have to do with droid-life?

  • Emilio Fahr

    My girlfriend and her twin both have S3s and always share stuff through S Beam!

  • rocky

    great phone, just feels cheap. otherwise love it in a quality case. no more cheap feeling from that back cover.

  • grandmd

    Oh and another thing not really S3 related – Cards on Jelly Bean have been huge help during Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. All sorts of helpful alerts – Subway closings, available gasoline, power alerts, Airport info and much more. Awesome Google!

  • TechGuy21

    Almost everyone at my college got one and I got one too. Sammy kinda feels like apple now. Don’t wanna be called sheep or hipster lol

  • PowerBoater69

    My whole team at work is all getting SGIIIs, seems like every week someone else has made the switch.

    My question is what is the use of the touch phones gimmick? Looks pretty dumb in the commercials and we just can’t figure out any practical reason why any of us would ever use it.

    • its a faster way to share then emailing IF you’re only sharing with one person. say you have 5 pics to share select those 5 taps phones and they get it. also the big thing is IT DOESN’T USE DATA!!! it will be very useful when the day comes and no one has unlimited plans. it takes out a lot of steps select/tap or select/share/email or mms/download. my Gf has an i*hone and i have to email her when im sitting right next to her it gets annoying

      • LionStone

        Yep, it is so annoying/lame that the iphone doesn’t file share with Bluetooth.

        • good luck getting her to learn how to use her damn phone that shes had for two year i’ve been trying. im not saying anything bad about the i*hone but u cant deny its easier to tap phones then to wait for bluetooth to come on and pair and accept. she thinks imessage is only available on att i*hones because only att has the i*hone lol. its the dumb user not the smartphone

          • LionStone

            Hehe, exactly…

  • grandmd

    When I first got my OG Droid all my iphone carrying friends made fun of my decision. Most of them are now on Android. The two most vocal Android haters that own everything Apple just picked up the S3 within the last month. They just weren’t impressed with the new iPhone5. They love their S3. I was shocked! I can’t wait to share with them the best features/apps and turn them on the Droid-Life!

  • gkinsella2

    I’ve loved every moment of mine! TW took some getting used to after having Sense and then AOKP on my DInc, but the “convenience” features are really nice. Took the plunge this weekend to finally flash a new ROM, and surprisingly (I say that cuz I love AOKP), I went with the new JellyWiz release based off the VZW leak!

  • nightscout13

    I’ve seen 3 iPhone 5’s at work since its release. I don’t know if it’s cause no one like it, or cause of supply constraints. iSheep are telling me it’s cause of supply constraints. It’s too bad not enough Android fans go to other sites such as Wired, and AllThingsD to defend Android. The type of lies and disrespect iSheep spew is appalling.

    • shaun

      I get the feeling that iPhone 4 & 4s users who are not diehard apple fans don’t see the 5 as a different phone and thus find no reason to upgrade.

      • dangolds

        iPhone 4s users, probably. iPhone 4 users – not so sure. If you compare the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 4, it’s a pretty noticeable difference in terms of design, software features and hardware capabilities. I just think the biggest difference now is that consumers as a whole are excited about more than just one phone. The iPhone 5 is probably doing very well but so are the Samsung Galaxy devices. They’re all excellent choices as far as I’m concerned, just depends on preference.

    • dangolds

      I’m still laughing at this post – I love the fact that you think it’s actually important to anyone that one group of dorky fanboys should start arguing with another group of dorky fanboys about how many millions of units the iPhone 5 is selling. Seriously dude, is your penis that small that you can’t just be happy with the phone you have and accept the fact that other people might be interested in a different phone? Oh my goodness, it’s so appalling that the iPhone sells tens of millions of units ever year – I’m horribly offended! Who cares? Nobody is forcing you to buy one. Droid Life and many other Tech sites offer customers plenty of options on different phones they can buy besides the iPhone if that’s not their cup of tea. And guess what – if someone does happen to prefer the iPhone, that doesn’t make the individual a blind iSheep. I used the iPhone for awhile, now I’m on Android. I liked them both for different reasons and do not harbor the silly hatred you apparently have for Apple even though I swtiched. Does that make me an iSheep? Should I prove my “allegiance” to Android by arguing with every Apple fan I can find? Will that help you sleep better at night? The irony is that your posts and thoughts on this subject are every bit as blindly loyal and narrow minded as the “iSheep” you complain so much about.

      • nightscout13

        So resorting to personal attacks is the answer? Oh ok, let me remember that…..

        • dangolds

          Yes, because I too have a small penis and am immature. Also, I am procrastinating at work.

      • ds

        I agree that going over board and being too childish is laughable, but I don’t see anything wrong with people being self-satisfied with their purchase. After some irritation with DX and Charge, I’m quite happy with S3 because I restarted the device about three times since I bought it (unless there was an update or I had to disassemble to show inside)

        I don’t see anything wrong with someone bragging with satisfaction after buying a BMW or MB… as long as he/she attacks other car owners for the stupidest things like oh.. it comes with run-flat tire while the others are not..

  • jeff3yan

    Had my GS3 for a few months now but can’t wait to get rid of it for the Nexus 4. The materials, while they may be reasonably durable, feel terrible.

    The front face is really uninspired and the back face with the camera is even worse. I’d say the Nexus 4 easily beats it in terms of specs, software as well as design. Can’t wait to switch.

    • jboogie1289

      I almost vomited in my mouth when you said that! Good luck friend. Sounds like you’re trying to convince and talk yourself out of that GS3 and into the N4. Have fun….. Bwaaa Haaa Haaaa Haaaa!

      • jeff3yan

        The Nexus 4 has had some pretty good reviews all round so we’ll see :D.

        On theverge.com they loved the N4’s design whereas they specifically called the GS3 “Aesthetically challenged”. So I’m not the only one who thinks the design is terrible.

        • zUFC

          Doesn’t matter if it’s made of gold. It won’t be on VZ. Why would you want a phone where you can’t make calls from.

  • interstellarmind

    Note II! Note II!! haha

    But yeah, definitely see more SIII’s than iPhone 5’s – awesomeness.

    Is it too early to start hypebeastin’ the Galaxy SIV?

    • jboogie1289


  • master94

    Around Campus no one has a iphone anymore, they all upgraded to GS3. NFC is amazing and the GS3 is the fastest phone I’ve owned.

  • cruzfl0w

    I loved my droid x while I had it but after a year I wanted a change. I have had the GS3 since day one and am completely happy. Sure it hasn’t been a year yet but I think the fact that this phone has great power and an incredible display will keep me happy for a good two years. I use to hate skins but I do have to say that, after having this phone for a while, when I go to an AOSP ROM I miss the stock features. Clean ROM 4.0 all the way.

  • Mataman

    I’ve been loving my Galaxy S3 for almost 2 months now. I have two friends converting from iphones. Long live Android!

  • Good for them. The Note 2 will sell just as much or more during that 157 days also. Pretty sure thats more than Apple’s Iphone 4 0r 5 crappy phone in 157 days.

  • Droid Burgundy

    FACT: Gnex > GS3

    onscreen buttons ARE THE FUTURE

    • Not a fact that’s an opinion. The Gnex is pretty dated now so I would have to say your wrong, not saying it isn’t a good phone, but it is old hardware.

      • Andy

        I would agree as well. Touchwhiz sucks. GNex so much smoother

  • Mikeg1969

    Coming from the RAZR Maxx I am still loving my S3. Soon when the Note 2 launches on the big red V my wife will be loving my S3 (she already made the comment she likes it more than her RAZR Maxx ) and I will be loving my Note 2. πŸ™‚

    • jboogie1289

      Wish my wife loved this GS3 so I could try and persuade her to let me have the Note 2. I just got her a Razr Maxx and she wouldn’t know what to do with all the fancy stuff that comes with the GS3.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        You have to get your wife’s permission, to buy a phone? Comprimise is one thing, having the misses be the final say on things, is a whole other disturbing thing indeed.

        • jboogie1289

          Well unlike myself, she doesn’t see the need to buy phone after phone. And there’s always the next “new” phone coming out in a few months so there’s my dilemma. If I had to bear down and say so then it wouldn’t be an issue but I’m not that determined nor insistent. Don’t know about you but I’ve spent well over $2000 this year alone on cellular phones pal.

        • Dr_Buttballs

          Running a purchase buy your spouse is less of a headache than listening to her complain when you bring home your new $300+ gadget.

  • Bewara2009

    This is what I do πŸ˜›

  • nightscout13

    Still have it, Still LOVE it. It just works.

  • I’d buy one if I had the money.

  • MyStroPro

    I don’t see them in the wild except for my friend who owns one. TBH, I don’t really look at what phone people are using though. I don’t see a huge block of phone regularly except the iPhone. It could be a market thing, but I’ve seen more GlaNexus’ than S3s.

  • giri0n

    I would like to take this opportunity to say that the GS3 is as nice as Damian Lilliard. That is all.

  • jbdan

    It’s the best phone I have owned to date, by a landslide. /coming from Eris, Incredible, Bionic, Rezound, GNex/

  • Darlin Gil

    from my OG motorola droid to the galaxy s3 was a huge jump and i love every second of it πŸ™‚

    • S2556

      did the same thing. not looking back

  • Sam’s Son

    Hey Kellex do you and your better half use the s beam feature or is just an unused gimmick for you?

    • r0lct

      I use Android beam on my Gnex occasionally. IMO definitely not a gimmick nor a must have feature, but something definitely nice to have.

  • EC8CH

    Onscreen buttons, Stock Android, and an Unlocked Bootloader on VZW… then we’ll talk.

    • Flyinion

      Didn’t someone crack the bootloader open though?

      • EC8CH

        Yeah, I think it was initially released with a version that was able to be unlocked.

        • It still is I just did it to mine fully updated with my new replacement phone. There is a one click that does it for you, its probably the easiest one I have ever done. And you can pretty much put stock on it if you like and I like the buttons the way they are since I use mine in a cardock a lot the home button is perfect for waking it up!

    • Droid Burgundy

      The Galaxy Nexus is still available on VZW

    • MicroNix

      Mine is unlocked on VZW. However, everything works so well with stock that I haven’t been compelled to do anything with it yet. Unlike Moto phones where you MUST root and rom it to make it usable because blur blows so bad.

      • Blur is almost non-existant on the Droid Razr after the ICS update!

  • I honestly have only seen about 2 SGS 3’s in central florida….I guess it was huge in some areas but not others….

  • I’ve had the Galaxy S3 twice now. The camera isn’t as good as people seem to think it is. Also the rear speaker causes harmonic vibrations though out the body of the phone as music or speech comes though it. Very un nerving. The display is absolutely beautiful. I also have the Motorola Razr Maxx HD. It’s better built doesn’t have the speaker issues. But the camera is crap. I’ve got my eyes on the HTC Droid DNA now. Hope fully it will be a good mix of both.

    • DNA looks amazing!

      I have the same vibrations go through my Droid Razr (not HD) when turned up to 3/4 volume or more) and Motorola is known for having horrible cameras!

      • I had the Razr Maxx (not HD) and the Maxx HD. Neither have the Harmonic sound issue. The only phone I’ve ever had other than the GS3 was the poorly designed Droid X2. It had it bad too. I didn’t keep it either. I’ll probably get this phone depending on it’s reviews.

        • It only seems to be doing it after I started flashing ROMS so I think the ROMs I use are adjusted to make the speaker louder? Thus making it vibrate the entire phone when turned up loud.

          • The phone shouldn’t have those speaker vibrations. It’s the phone NOT the ROMS or volume hacks. The speaker just isn’t isolated from the case well. So the movements from the speaker are telegraphed though the case.

          • I’ll add that to the list of issues with the Razr…… This phone gave up just about every aspect (battery life, design, etc) JUST to be the thinnest phone in the world!

          • The Droid X2 was the same. The tried to shave the plastic down. In doing so it made any music or speech vibrate though the phone as the GS3 does.

  • Paradisimo

    I’ve had the S3 for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it. Coming from the Galaxy Nexus I was hesitant to make the switch but so far my experience has been excellent. The phone is extremely quick and with my Touchstone mod I’m enjoying wireless charging at a fraction of the price!!

  • JetBlue

    Out of my whole school which is a good 250-300 people I’ve seen 1 S3 and then 90% of the other people are iPhones.

    • Same here….
      most HS students are brainwashed Apple!

      • Sam’s Son

        It’s true. Apple is trendy which is what HS students go for.

        • jake

          im in high school and i have the lg lucid. just as good as the iphone . your right kids just want the iphone just because everyone else has one. they dont care bout specs and what not. Their mommys and daddys are buying for them anyway

        • People think of Apple as a social statement which is why it is used by a lot of HS students. Every kid thinks that if they have an iPhone they are immediately “cool” which is why about half of my class uses iPhones (most of the people that think they are “cool’ are really just annoying and the ones who are weird lol) but after our school starts using Nexus devices this year I’ve got a feeling a lot of people will change their minds about Android.

          • lostsync

            Wait, what’s this about your school and Nexus devices?

          • I goto a really small HS with only about 50 students and our teachers are wanting to start exploring Android (we just started a project in tech class about developing Android apps and it went very well) and right now our teachers are collaborating trying to get us some Nexus tabs so we can further explore the Android platform (instead of just running the apps in emulators and various phones / tabs that students have). We currently have a class set of iPads but they’re getting old and things on iOS are just too expensive and require 10x the work!

          • jeesung

            wait! the annoying weird ones (aka geeks) are supposed to be the Android user base πŸ™‚

          • idkwts

            I’m in HS and I see a lot of iPhones and blackberries but some few smart people have the GS3 or Gnex. Whenever some kid comes tries to show me something ‘cool’ on his iphone, they usually end it with something along the lines of “haha, iphones are so cool” to which i reply with “yeah, i guess android is as well since they can do that and more :)”

          • Actually in my small school of about 50 people it seems that the not so smart people along with the wanna be rich kids have iPhones and iDevices while the normal and smart people use Android! Now I may be the biggest Android geek there I still don’t classify myself as one of the weird geeks bc I play sports and go out just about every night but I just use Android development in my spare time to be constructive, kinda like how some people like to play games or draw I just choose to be constructive in different ways than most.

            P.S. The Android users are the one who are figuring out the whole coding for Android project MUCH faster than the iPhone users. I had to sit by one of my friends (who is an iPhone user and well lets just say not technologically bright lol). I had to literally just take his mouse and keyboard and install eclipse and the Android SKD for him while everyone else was able to install, open it up, create a test emulator and run the Hello World application no issues!

        • droyd4life

          Not true. My high school has 3800 kids, and I see TONS of galaxy SIIIs. I’ve seen about 3 galaxy nexus… maybe 10 iPhone 5s, around 1000 iPhone 4/4s and at least 300 galaxy SIIIs. The SIII is super popular.

          • Sam’s Son

            Nice. Glad to be proven wrong on that one.

    • JetBlue

      Don’t get why I got downvoted so much when the comments on mine are the same thing pretty much and they get voted.

  • Buy This

    “I don’t know about you, but I see the Galaxy S3 in public as much as I do iPhones these days.”

    Agreed. People who would otherwise be iPhone users now see Android as a viable alternative and that is something in itself.

    • jboogie1289

      Yeah, what he said! They can deny all they want but all the Apple users are now seeing the power and persuasion of a real deal “Smartphone”!

      • Stevedub40

        Agreed. I think many mainstream apple users (not the cult like trolls that like to venture around here) are starting to see the potential and ease-of-use with Android; specifically the Galaxy SIII line. I think to really get the push would be to somehow help compensate for the big money sink that many apple users were tied into, and would have a hard time switching because they are so invested. Offer a Google Play card for app purchases or something like that.

        • I think what would change a lot of the mainstream users is if most Android OEMs follow the $299 pricing model put forward by Google and Samsung!

    • Christian

      I agree. Also, I’ve seen almost NO ONE with an iPhone 5. I think a lot of iPhone users are finally starting to realize each iteration only comes with a few insignificant changes that are already available in other phones.

      • jboogie1289

        Well to tell you the truth, I don’t know what the new iphone 5 or 4.5 looks like anyway. Guess I’d really need to be in to that to find out but if you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. I’m just saying…..

        • lostsync

          from the front, it looks like a 4/4S, but slightly taller. From the back, the colors have changed slightly. That’s about it. I think I’ve seen 1 or 2 out and about, but I’m never sure, especially since an iPhone w/o a case is a rarity.

      • I have only seen 1 Iphone 5 in my daily travels. All others are either 4 or 4s’s and tons of budget Android phones and Tons of SGS3’s maybe 1 or 2 blackberrys here and there

  • Going from a Droid X to the SG3, I have to say I was a bit reluctant, given Sammy’s lackluster efforts towards updates and overall build quality, but have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my SG3 since making the move. While I’m not necessarily a fan of its build quality, the experience and performance have been top-notch.

    • slops

      i made the same switch and the only complaint i have is the keyboard. it’s insanely sensitive and the predictive text seems to be some sort of foreign at the most inopportune times.. like trying to write inopportune.

  • richard melcher

    I know 2 people at work with iPhone 5’s and about 7 with Galaxy S3

    • Daniel Tifft
    • MicroNix

      Same here. Only problem with that though is no one changed that default ring tone. Now when one gets an incoming call, a half dozen people reach for their phone!

    • itznfb

      Just got back from the bar… 1 iPhone, about 10 GS3’s, 4 or 5 other various Nexus phones, 2 Blackberry and…. 1 older woman with a GNex.

    • sports

      I have yet to see a GS3 in anyones hands here at work and have seen too many i5’s. I’ve seen alot of Razr’s, though, including my own.

    • TheDrizzle

      Lucky. My work is about the opposite ratio.

    • Raven

      I work at a technology company with about 500 people. I have no idea what everyone is using, but in my cube row I see a Droid 4, Droid 2, i4s, Droid Razr, SGS3, Droid 1, SGS3, and Droid 3. And before someone claims some kind of tech bias, let me also state that the owners of the Razr, D3, and SGS3 are all iOS developers but prefer Android for personal use. The i4s user is a DBA. Android and in particular Droid is clearly winning here. I have also yet to see an i5 in person here at all although there are some people with i4s.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Does anyone know or have heard if Motorola is coming out with a Quad-Core 2gig phone

    • meetloaf13

      HiJack that trololololol!

  • ApplesNAndroids

    I had mine for about a month before going back to my 4S. I hated touchwiz and the general button layout. I also had it before the Sim removed error was patched which drove me nutty. Now, I’m back using my galaxy nexus. I don’t know what it is about this phone, as the GS3 definitely outperforms it, but its my favorite android phone to date.

  • Nonono

    the one smartphone that has never failed me

  • I worked at a waterpark this summer and saw tons of them when they came out. Unfortunately none of them showed up in lost and found for me to play with. I did end up getting to see a Verizon employee Razr though. That was pretty cool.

    • Sporty

      I’ve still got the Razr Maxx and still love it! I see no reason whatsoever to get a new phone when this one is still fast and the build quality is very solid and the batt life is very good. I really do like this phone still. Heck, I just got a 64gb sd card for it so the thing has a ton of memory now. May have to pry it out of my hands when it comes time to upgrade! The ONE thing that could use upgrading is the camera. It takes very good daylight shots but dusky, darker shots can get grainy. This is the one improvement it needs.