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HTC DROID DNA Stops by the FCC

The HTC DROID DNA (“dlx“) moved closer to your doorsteps today when it cruised through the FCC sporting Verizon’s CDMA and LTE bands. Without an announcement from either HTC or Verizon, we still don’t have a specific date, but the range in the rumormill pegs it launching anywhere from November 20 to early December, with a price of $199 on 2-year contract. 

Late November would give them a chance to push it on Black Friday, while an early December release gives them a chance to hype it as the ultimate X-mas present. Either way, the name has all but been confirmed on Verizon’s own site and in leaked promo pics.

For those not familiar, the HTC DROID DNA sports a 5″ 1080p display with over 400ppi, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, NFC, 4G LTE, 8MP camera, and runs Jelly Bean. It’s looking like Verizon’s highest spec’d phone of the year, but only time will tell if it can help bring HTC back to life in a smartphone market dominated by Samsung.

Via:  FCC | Engadget

  • Jay

    Umm sorry the note2 is more powerful… The DNA doesn’t even have the graphical capability to support that beautiful screen. There for you’ll be lookin at really clear icons and widgets and that’s where it stops. Remember 720p is no slouch in the display department and if the phone has the ability to utilize it, it will appear to be superior though it may not be spec wise. The note2 also kills in the battery department. The note2 also enabled USB otg. You can plug in a hard drive and watch all the content off it on your phone and project it on your TV in full 1080p. This phone does so much more than what you keep hearing about because there marketing to the casual consumer. But the phone is unmatched at this point and it a be well into next year before a better phone comes out and it a prolly be made by Samsung with a 1080p display some of you love so much. What are you gonna say about the DNA once you get over the screen? You’ll be yelling at it the same way you where yelling at your gingerbread OS phone.

  • If it’s really $199 I’m sold. Can’t afford anything more though.

  • Micro SD card slot?

  • geocab

    I want the Note 2 with the DNA’s screen, the Razr HD Maxx’s speaker, notification light, and battery. Will this phone ever exist?

  • Tom

    Got to play with this phone 3 hrs ago its so sick!!

  • no micro sd slot would make me not buy this one

    • Steve Douglas

      I’m there with you. The good news is that the J butterfly has an SD card… so I’m hopeful otherwise Note 2 here I come…

  • Spider210

    This is great news

  • Jeff Ayers

    It’s strange verizon is waiting so long to promote this phone considering it is carrier exclusive for them. You would think they would want this to be everywhere considering how ppl are switching for the Nexus 4 or Note2 on a different carrier. My theory is that this will be the Thunderbolt of 1080 phones, and will get great holiday marketing but nothing beyond that. The note2 just seems like an all around better phone at this point and I will probably pick that up instead of this.

    • Yep

      The TBolt comment is exactly why I’m apt to avoid this phone, and I’m surprised more folks haven’t picked up on that. You boned me once already, HTC.

      • Jeff Ayers

        first is usually not best

    • chris125

      That is exactly why they do it. Since they are the only ones getting it why rush? They can take their good old time like they did with the galaxy nexus. Also lets hope it’s not the thunderbolt of 1080p phones otherwise it will last about an hour.

  • TylerChappell

    If the battery life of this phone lives up to my expectations, it will be my next phone. My Thunderbolt is longing to be replaced by a vastly superior device. I was looking forward to my next device being a Nexus, but so much for that.

  • Blasmonk

    According to the FCC documents, they tested this phone together with the Energizer IC2B wireless charging pad so it looks like it includes wireless charging! This is looking more and more like my next phone all the time. I’m really sick of plugging and unplugging tiny connectors all the time.

  • nsnsmj

    I am about 99% sure now that HTC just doesn’t want the type of brand recognition and success Samsung has. They keep doing these stupid carrier exclusives, with horrible carrier-picked names.

    • HTC? Hahahaha no. No. Look at how they’re releasing the HTC 8X on so many carriers compared to Nokia with their Lumia 920.

      • nsnsmj

        First, I need to state I’m talking mainly about in the US.

        The 8X is essentially a Microsoft phone. It’s called the Windows Phone 8X officially, afterall.

        HTC has yet to establish a brand on it’s own. They should have tried to get the One X (name and all) on as many carriers as possible. Their other problem is that they don’t, or can’t, put enough money towards marketing (maybe that’s why they do carrier exclusives). I see Samsung ads everywhere. HTC needs to do a better job of letting people know they have great, new products.

  • jldleo

    Its down to the DNA and the Note II. All I do know is somebody is getting my money.

    • Shadowstare

      I’m down to the DNA, the GS3 or the Razr Maxx (for the battery). Somebody is getting my money in early December. HTC and Verizon better get it together.

  • hkklife

    Capacitive buttons, too little internal storage, too little battery capacity, and too much Sense. Yet again, my interminable wait for a Motorola Nexus (or at least a Blurred 5″ Moto Phablet) continues.

    • Chris

      1. Can’t fix that (I personally like them)

      2. We don’t know if it has an SD card or not yet.

      3. It’s a 2500 mAh. That’s pretty damn good if you ask me.

      4. Sense is HTC and I love it. If not, get a custom ROM or run Nova Launcher on it.

  • Similar design like the HTC 8X… like the speaker grill on the back. I’m gonna say this has Beats audio 🙂

    • JetBlue

      All HTC phones have beats since they bought half of Beats stock but then sold it back but agreed they would still work together and put Beats audio in their phones.

      • I knew that but I didn’t care to realize that ALL HTC smartphones come with Beats audio. Sad that you don’t get Beats hardware like I got with my HTC Rezound.

  • JetBlue

    HTC really needs to step up their game, My next phone is most likely going to be the Note 2 since I want to try the whole phablet thing but I’m willing to maybe get this phone but I see no reason to really get this.

    • GABravo2005

      Agreed, I bought the GNex at Best Buy and bought the buy back as well. I have until Mid-December to get 40% back on the GNex, so it will be either the Note 2 or this phone…..End of Nov/beginning of December should be interesting….

    • Paul

      The processing power is much better than the Note 2’s, and even more than the GS3’s which is arguably more of it’s competition considering price and size preferences. How do they need to step up their game?

      • Tim242

        You know this how?

        • Paul

          Because we’ve had benchmarks of both processors for a good while now…

          • Tim242

            Judging a phone’s power by only benchmarks is like judging a camera just by the megapixels.

          • Paul

            If you know anything about processor architecture, you could easily see why the s4pro performs better than the exynos 4. The exynos 5 is a different story since its A15 based.

          • Tim242

            For 99% of people, dual core is plenty. Quad core is overkill, regardless of processor. So, calling one more powerful than the other is ridiculous. Not to mention, HTC Sense.

          • Paul

            Quadcore isn’t overkill. These processors don’t have hyperthreading which makes switching between threads much slower. Phones have plenty of threads running at once. Apps are also getting bigger and more intensive quickly. There are plenty of people who will want to run games in the next 2 years and will make use of a phone that is about twice as fast as a GS3.

          • I agree somewhat with what @tim242:disqus was saying but you really hit the nail on the head! It isn’t about what is available RIGHT NOW, its about future proofing your purchase. No one wants to buy a device that in less than a year won’t be able to run Angry Birds or even a device that will be one hundred percent unable to be updated (both official and unofficial updates). While it isn’t just a war about dual vs quad (chip architecture is also a major factor…just look at the Droid Razr which I can run Dead Trigger with the tegra graphics hack no problem) when it comes to high end gaming it really boils down to how many cores you have and how well the software can utilize those cores (both now AND in the future through updates).

          • Tim242

            That’s the point. The S3 performs great. Twice as fast as fast is still just fast

          • Paul

            My Incredible was also considered extremely fast and able to handle anything when it came out. Within a year it couldn’t handle a ton of apps – and that was a big jump in processors when it came out. The froyo update alone made it start to have lag when switching between home screens etc, and even going senseless didn’t help that.

            The GS3 probably won’t experience as much issues with Android updates, but I’d rather be as future proof as possible.

          • r0lct

            But I bet your DInc would be humming a lot faster w/o Sense on it. HTC needs extra power just to offset Sense.

          • Paul

            Like I said, even going senseless didn’t help. In fact, I didn’t notice that much of a difference, besides roms with bits of later versions of Sense not released for the Incredible which had more intense animations.

      • JetBlue

        Feature wise, Having removable batteries, Having an sd card slot and have something that can compete with the S Pen and Multi Window which are many the reasons why people will choose the N2 over this.

        • Paul

          Most people won’t notice the non-removable battery or if it has a sd slot (which there’s mixed rumors about) when buying the phone. The US Note 2 also doesn’t seem to have multi-window support (at least yet). The point is this phone is plenty competitive.

  • Frankie189

    this will be my next phone….if it comes out anytime soon! i got to admit it is getting hard using this temp. ipone in the mean time while phones like the droid razr maxx HD come out and galaxy note 2 are about to come out…in fact i never thought i would say it, but i kinda miss my old buggy Droid X now! Damn i HATE apple!

    • yarrellray

      I gotta go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It’s the best smartphone period for the next 180 days.. No Htc DNA can hang with the Galaxy Note 2……

      • Bizi

        I know you’ve made the move to Tmobile and I’m thinking about making it too. I’m tired of being Verizon’s B!tch. Paying full price for locked phones with bloatware , paying higher monthly payments when paying full price for a phone, etc etc. What part of the country are you in? How’s the 4G coverage? What download speeds do you get with their 4G? Thanks

  • JMatt

    My next phone


    • Why are people thumbing down your comment?

  • Liquidretro

    This is looking better and better. The big question in my mind is if the phone is too big for front pockets/in the hand, and if the battery will be large enough. We know HTC build quality is pretty good, and the camera should be at least as good as the OneX.

    • Looking at the leaked pictures it looks like the display is very close to being edge to edge making it not *THAT* much bigger than my Droid Razr which has the largest bezel I have ever seen on a phone! I can get the Droid Razr in and out of my pockets no problem and even in skinny jeans it slides in and out with minimal effort (looking at the rumored dimensions the two devices are almost the same in width, hight, etc). The only problem I might have is the lock / wake button being in the middle at the top (Android Central has it placed there).

    • Tim242

      The Note 2 fits in my pockets just fine. The DNA is smaller.