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Wake N Shake Alarm Clock, Cause I Couldn’t Think Of a Better Way to Break My Phone

Why would anyone submit themselves to such cruel punishment like this? For some, waking up in the mornings is a serious pain and you need something that will get you up and keep you up. No more Mr. Snooze Button. New for Android is the Wake N Shake alarm clock. Greatest name ever, right? 

It’s simple, simply set the alarm and then when it goes off in the morning, the only way to make that sinister laugh to go away is to violently shake your device. But please, don’t let go of it. If you need extra encouragement in the mornings, feel free to give it a try. Let us know how you like it.

Play Link ($1.00)

  • This feature has been in Alarm Clock Extreme for years. But it is an interesting concept

  • I like “I can’t wake up” clock

  • Dragonetti Surprise

    I’ll tell you something. This app is only this maddening if you’ve never had a next door neighbour who’d wake up at 5 a.m. each morning to the sound of a techno-infused Tchaikovsky alarm–conveniently hooked up to his 5.1 surround sound, blaring.

    I use this alarm with gratefulness, I do.

    • Mike Tyson

      Are you my neighbor bro?

  • GMD

    Rank that up there with the admonition not to watch the wife’s video on the plane (SGS3 commercial showing touch video transfer).

  • ArrowCool

    I thought this might have been a new GS3 commercial.

  • bose301s

    Does it have a cooling spray?

  • Spongehead

    This app brought to you by the Texas Tech Bellringer:


  • fixxmyhead

    #1 favorite touchwiz feature: turn over to mute.

  • Joe

    Hotttt vid!

  • enigmaco

    This app can be taken in so many ways lol

  • Guest

    too bad for the iphone users using this, they’ll shatter their phones just trying to wake up

    • Detonation

      Isn’t the Nexus 4 glass on the front and back?

      • trumpet444

        ooooh. legitimate burn!!….. still down-voted tho, bc that wasnt cool

  • Jared

    I’d probably learn to pull the battery in my sleep

  • nightscout13

    Wake and shake and bake

  • Guest

    looks like the new shake weight

  • I’d let her shake me awake.

  • Al


  • Michael

    Watch the last 3 seconds with out context. That is all.

    • duke69111

      That was exactly my thought.

    • Looks like it’d hurt.

    • lye

      Did so. Thank you.

  • Dillon Brown

    she really put some muscle into it, I was almost satisfied just watching. She knows she did a good job as well!

    • nightscout13

      She was a little rough…..

  • nsnsmj

    This app must be developed by the same people that brought us the Shake Weight. Does wonders for relationships.

    • michael arazan

      God gave me my own shake weight attachment and have been using it since puberty
      : P Works equally well for women too, just ask my gf

  • kinda similar to the shake weight commercial……hahaha

    • peeyourownpants