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Download: Camera APK From Android 4.2 For Galaxy Nexus [Photo Sphere Included]

These developers remind me somewhat of Santa Claus. Yesterday, we were treated to an early build of the Swype-like keyboard from Android 4.2, and now, we have the official camera APK as well. After having it installed for only about 5 minutes, I can already say it’s a huge improvement over the last variations and I already know I’m going to completely fall in love with Photo Sphere. But enough talk, let’s get to installing it on your device. 

Firstly, this zip is only available for Galaxy Nexus phones that are rooted. All others need not apply. Sorry. If you’re packing a rooted G-Nex with a custom recovery installed, follow the instructions below. Also, some people are reporting bugs with Photo Sphere – mine worked fine, but just know that there are issues for some.


1.  Download the 4.2Camera.zip (mirror) file.
2.  Place the zip file on the root of your phone’s storage.
3.  Reboot into your recovery.
4.  Just in case, make a backup.
5.  Flash the 4.2Camera.zip file. (No need to wipe anything)
6.  Once installed, reboot your phone.
7.  Lastly, enjoy it!


Via: XDA

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Harsh Karn

    Camera works with HTC Sensation (CM10). Bur sphere says ‘Sorry your device is not supported’ 🙁

    • Dylan Marck

      Android Police patched it a bit to get around hardware compatibility. Try that.

      • Harsh Karn

        Yup. Got that one. Works awesome :).

  • Dylan Marck

    Your source should be updated to accurately reflect where it actually originated.

  • Gregory L. Taylor

    Well I tried it on my SGSII running 4.1.1 and it loaded up and everything but when I go to photosphere it says my device is not yet supported…..:sadpanda:

  • Is this working well with the VZW GNex?

    • Dylan Marck

      Yes. That’s my only device, and considering everything, yes, yes it works just beautifully :).

      • Just flashed twice. Force closes immediately. I’m on mwalts JRO03O root deodexed stock 4.1 Rom. Any ideas?

        • Dylan Marck

          Try getting on 4.1.2.

  • ddevito

    doesn’t work – Bugless Beast

  • LewisSD

    anyone try this with any other phone, particularly the S3… Screw it, Im going to give it a try and see what happens!!!

  • AC Chantharath

    Would this work for my Droid Razr Maxx HD????

  • jonathonflores


  • Buckoman

    So i didn’t see that this was basically only for the Galaxy nexus and decided to flash it on my galaxy s3. Works perfectly even on ICS.

  • Help mine FCs and I only have GalleryGoogle.apk in the folder

  • nightscout13

    Is there a way to get this on GS3 unrooted?

    • Justin Swanson

      Most likely not unrooted. If you were rooted you might be able to…

  • duke69111

    It appears silly faces are gone.

  • Guest

    Google has really outdone themselves this time. Here’s the commons area of my apartment complex.

  • Travis Shepherd

    the only trouble I am having is photo sphere not populating at all, I can take the picture, but it shows up as a fuddled up mess of panorama.

  • Erik Cho

    Words can’t explain how awesome this is. The new way to change the settings makes things a whole lot more convenient and usable too.

    In the past I never bothered with adjusting the exposure, but this definitely makes me want to use the settings more in depth like I would with my Nikon.

  • Alex

    Anybody have the .png icon to use?

  • Adam

    Filter button does not work, just causes FC. Sphere mode is a little buggy, seems to work ok if you make the photos a square or rectangle only

  • kselby

    Doesn’t matter since you are still using the same crappy Galaxy Nexus camera. No software can fix that.

    • kselby

      Why the down votes? You guys actually like the GN camera? I can’t stand it! The rest of the GN makes up for it though.

      • It seems to work pretty well when I use Camera Zoom FX

  • Will Ng

    Works on 4.1.2 no problems

  • Russell Sprague

    anyone else experiencing bad focus? The auto focus never focuses correctly unless I focus before pressing the picture button

  • CivilDroid

    All works the RAZR except the sphere function… bummer

  • Works great on Tmo GSII! Well except for video (at least for me) – Can still use old camera for that though.

  • Armel Tenkiang

    force closes =(

  • Jose Lopez

    Man im not rooted anymore, wish I could keep my angry birds data if i jumped on the rooting bandwagon again. LOL

    • Frank

      If you’re unlocked you can root without losing anything

  • Besides a full suite of filters, the photo editor now provides advanced controls like exposure and both RGB & per-channel curve adjustment. #winning

  • Mostly working on my HD2, filters and camera no problem, Sphere tells me device not supported but gonna try and change device name see what happens when I get home.

  • Damn! Love the android community!! Flashed both the 4.2 keyboard and camera and they work great. Thanks!

  • Guest

    This is awesome. My first attempt at a PhotoSphere. The full resolution file is incredible. I had to significantly shrink this to get Disqus to accept it.

  • Threepwood

    On aokp the buttons on the right side(like the one to finish making the sphere) are missing or cut off any fixes?

  • Leonard Gurrola

    pretty cool! but my galaxy nexus is showing its age, its not a smooth experience. would overclocking it make it easier ? liquid smooth rom jb

    • SeanBello

      probably. I’m overclocked to 1350 and no problems

    • Steve Benson

      I’m on Bugless, stock kernel, default clock speed and it’s as smooth as anything else in JB. Your Nexus isn’t showing its age, Liquid Smooth isn’t really all that liquidy smooth to begin with.

      • Leonard Gurrola

        Ahhh okay, time to switch Roms I guess. But before I do , is the 3d view working for you ? When I try it just crashes and reboots my phone. Or freezes

        • 3D “sphere” view FCs for me too. I can look at it on my computer in google+ though.

          • ddevito

            yeah, give it a few days, someone will figure it out. Cheers

          • Leonard Gurrola

            Seriously ? Hahaha okay I gotta try that they

  • Ilya

    Kinda works with my rooted (MeanROM ICS) HTC EVO 4G LTE.

    Can use the camera in normal modes but when I go to Photosphere I get:

    “Sorry, your device is not yet supported.
    Model: EVO (HTC)”

    • SeanBello

      well it says for gnex only lol

  • Jackson

    I can take the sphere but can’t view it any options?

  • TSY87

    the camera seems to work fine, very fast etc on my vzw nexus, however, photosphere does a terrible job at blending the images. Maybe its because im testing it inside my office? I’ll try some outside later. Filters also do not seem to work, keeps crashing

  • Jon

    Flashed with ROM manager on my rooted GNEX. Neither Camera nor Gallery work at all now. tried opening camera and got “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped”

  • Ethan Besbris

    Running on AT&T S3 running TW JB.

  • Tony Allen

    I downloaded and installed one this morning to play with but no HDR and no PhotoSphere, do those work on this version? does this replace the camera app or does it install alongside?

    • derek connolly

      Installs alongside. If you look in the app drawer there are two camera apps. I just disabled the original one in settings

  • Rob

    Hopefully whenever the Galaxy S3 gets the JB update it will be to 4.2 and not 4.1 so I don’t have to wait even longer for PhotoSphere.

    If I was still on AT&T I would totally be buying a Nexus 4. Damn you Verizon!

    Edit: and yes, I know you can root and get it now, blah blah blah.

  • Working fine on my SGS3 running AOKP

  • Guest

    This is awesome. Here’s my first attempt. The building I work at.

  • sixohtew

    works fine on my galaxy s3 running cm10

    • sixohtew

      edit: im running m2 not a nightly

  • Would this work on a nexus 7

  • I can’t thank you enough!!! This thing seems liike heaven!! 😀

  • New zip here: http://d-h.st/lVe

    Has new lib for the gallery.

    • chanstar

      So we flash this zip over the current 4.2Camera.zip?

    • GNexed

      This worked like butter… thanks a lot. Running AOKP M1on my VZW GNex. Follow these instructions:
      1. Download new zip above
      2. Delete stock system camera .apk file
      3. Make sure new zip is located on root of SD card
      4. Reboot into recovery & flash
      5. Reboot and enjoy (no renaming needed at all)

  • “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.” after flashing. Stock, rooted Gnex. Flashed through TWRP. Fixed permissions. Wiped Cache. Any other ideas?

    • Jroc869, Cool story bro

      same problem here

    • Mine was doing the same thing. just use ES explorer like the comments above suggest and change GalleryGoogle.apk to GalleryGoogle2.apk.

      • David Cosme Jr.

        Tried that, but problem still persists after a reboot.

        • FNDelta

          Same thing is happening with me. I just can’t view in “Sphere mode”

    • Same issue. Changing the name in ES File Explorer didn’t help :/


    I clearly did something wrong i have two galleries and camera icons. I just booted into recovery and flashed. What did I miss? Thanks!



  • Hm. On Bugless Beast and after changing the Gallery.apk so I could use this, my CDMA radio is broken. I can’t place calls or send SMS messages, but I have a strong 4G signal and can access data just fine.

    Any ideas? Reboot didn’t help.

    • misterwight

      Gallery, or Gallery2?

      • Sorry, Gallery2. Just to be clear, the new camera works great. Just can’t place or receive calls or texts. lol

    • Whew. False alarm.

      Turned the power off, pulled the batter, removed the SIM. Put everything back, rebooted, and now CDMA functions working again.


  • mgamerz

    I can’t get it to view anything like street view, it’s a flat panorama mode so it looks warped.

  • Will this work on my Motorola Droid? 🙂

  • Has anyone been able to view the photo sphere on their phone? Once I open the image in the gallery and click the photo sphere icon nothing happens.

    • Chris Pinola

      can’t be done yet, no one has been able to find the apk that the spherical viewer is hidden in. share it to G+ for the time being and check it out from a browser.

  • EvanTheGamer

    HELL yeah! Doing this now.