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Self-Destructing Snapchat App Launches for Android, Ultimate Sexting Tool?

That title may seem silly to some, but I am positive that sexting was what the creators of Snapchat had in mind when setting out to make this app. Don’t hold me to that though. This application is huge on iOS and as of yesterday, it has finally arrived for Android. Basically, once you add friends to the app who also have Snapchat, you send each other messages and photos, but there’s a twist. Each message has a timer applied to it that reaches up to 10 seconds. Once that time limit is reached, the message self destructs and is no longer viewable. Sneaky sneaky!

Like I said, it’s perfect for texting things that may otherwise be inappropriate or confidential. It’s rated super highly and people are taking to it very well. It’s free on Google Play, so if that’s your sort of thing, no judgement.

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Cheers Jason!

  • And ten seconds seems about the right amount of time — possibly even a generous amount of time — for the nerds that would actually use this app.

  • DanKemple

    so taking a picture of your screen doesn’t work just as easily. in this day and age most everyone has at least 1 other device capable of taking pictures besides their phone

  • Sexting. Yes. Sexting. Glad that was included in the headline.

  • Will

    Most people I know just use it to send funny photos back and forth during the day. You can draw things onto the photos and add captions too. It’s not only for sexting, although it may seem like it.

    • Will

      Also, I know on the iphone the app has been programmed to not let you screenshot. Occasionally you can take one before the app auto-closes, but if you do it notifies the other person. Not sure how it will work on android.

  • KRS_Won

    You guys aren’t helping the cause by pointing out the obvious…

  • Jim McClain

    wonder if the girl on the samsung commercial uses it,when shes not making videos for her husband lol

  • Royal2000H

    Everyone is talking about snapshots. How about the fact that the app creators created an app specifically for sexting.. So what are they doing with the pictures?

    • pezjono

      … or more importantly, what are they NOT doing with the pictures?

    • smithers85

      could you kindly provide a source showing where the devs of this app stated that it was made for sexting?

      • Royal2000H

        I’m gonna send you a picture of my dog, but you can only see it for 10 seconds! Why would anyone send a self destructing photo that isn’t private in some way? Even if it’s not sexting but it’s other private purposes, there’s still a chance they can collect the images.

        • smithers85

          of course there’s a possibility that they can collect the images – it’s running through their servers, i imagine.
          it’s not nice to put words into peoples’ mouths, and i’m still waiting on that sauce.

          • Royal2000H

            Keep waiting buddy pal. Did I say the creators SAID that they created the app for sexting or did I say it’s obviously for sexting? Don’t think it can be interpreted as for sexting? Then look at this article – it also interpreted it as for sexting.

            Then I furthered my point, which you chose to ignore, that even if it’s not for sexting, but it’s for something else private — it’s still for private reasons. And at that point we don’t know the credibility of the authors of this app.

        • Spongehead

          You could put a phone in a public place and send photos of money to it, only to have the photos disappear after ten seconds. The purpose of this would be to make a statement about the “easy come, easy go” nature of money. Of course, you’d have to be an art student. And you’d have to call the phone in a public place “an installation”.

  • Spider210

    10..9…8… screen shot!

  • Morlok8k

    this sounds like the stupidest idea ever.

  • Chuck Finley

    It says that they can detect a screen shot, but can you PREVENT a screenshot? Probably not…
    So your naughty pic is still out there for all eternity; you probably won’t send another to that person because now you know they took a screenshot, but isn’t it already really too late?

  • nightscout13

    Doesn’t let you find new friends. Your current friends have to have the app already. I don’t want to exchange naughty photos with my current friends….

  • SD_Scott

    This sort of thing is my bag baby…

  • Mohammed Al Hakimy

    looks like the app is country specific (isn’t available in my country).any help with the apk?

  • Josh Fischer

    They can detect a screen shot, but can they detect my other camera taking a picture of your picture on my phone?

  • Nova

    “Baby you can send me a naked photo, it’ll be automatically destroyed off my my phone in 10 seconds”
    *screen shot*

  • alex drum

    Many screenshots will be taken by people using this

  • As everyone else has stated, the ability to take screenshots kind of dooms this app’s purpose right out of the gate.

  • EC8CH

    Personally, I’ve found the panoramic camera mode to be a bigger revolution in texting pictures.

    • joejoe5709

      Ha ha Photosphere might be fun for sexting.

  • tbaybe

    reminds me of “Inspector Gadget”

  • EC8CH

    Celebrity endorsements by Brett Favre and Anthony Weiner coming in three… two…one….

    • michael arazan

      Not to mention scarlett johanson, blake lively, and all the other celbrity girls with naughty photos on their phone. Oh wait, those were all apple phones that got hacked into in the first place.

  • Thank God for screen shots! Edit: read the description… looks like they have a way of tracking if a screen shot has been taken.

  • What if I take a screen shot?

  • slops

    but i wanna save the pics that ladies sext me..

  • Long enough to take a screen shot..

    • T4rd

      Lol, exactly what I came in here to say. “So what keeps them from taking a screen shot of your nono spot?!” =p

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Power + Volume Down

    • “We’ll let you know if they take a screenshot!”

      Not sure how they detect that. I’d like to see the code.

      • The can detect it all they want. You still have the picture.

        • Dropbox auto-upload… ._.

      • Chris Pinola

        same. just tested it out, made two accounts, one on my phone, one on my tablet, was able to take screenshots, never got notifications.

      • Br_d

        Even if it were possible, you could still take an old-school screenshot – take a photo of the screen with a camera. 🙂

      • Jon

        As simple as a palm swipe across the screen to take a screen shot on my GS3.

      • Spongehead

        From your linked page: “(No notifications will be sent before the screenshot was taken.)” Only because you’d have to write a time travel app, first.

    • “We don’t care what smart people think…there aren’t that many of them” 🙂 hahaha


    • Herbert Da Pervert

      I was thinking the same thing