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Video: This is How Google’s New Photo Sphere Camera Works


One of the most exciting features that Google just announced for Android 4.2 has got to be Photo Sphere. This is Google showing that it is already moving far beyond simple panoramic shots. In fact, Photo Sphere lets you do more than sweep from side to side – it lets you take photos in all directions, seamlessly merging them into one big beautiful “sphere.” This video is the perfect demonstration of it.

Cheers Giorgio!

  • jaxxmjd

    iOS 7 introduces: iPhoto Globe. With this incredible, innovative capability, users will now, for the first time, be able to take three dimensional panoramic images of their surroundings.

    Which leads us to a major update to the Maps app. Since we’re incapable of implementing a simple mapping app without ridiculous flaws, we’re just going to crowdsource the image data using iPhoto Globe. We’ll only charge users $4.99 a month to provide us with the images!

  • we have had this on this GS3 it does have some cool uses from time to time.

  • Google would be smart to implement crowd-sourced Photo Sphere submissions for Google Maps as a means of adding to their already rich POI data set.

  • Royal2000H

    I wonder if their experience and technology in developing street view gives them a better sphere outcome than third party apps.

  • Geoff

    360 Panorama has been around for a while for those that are looking for another 3rd party app. Works great…outdoors. I wonder if Google figured out a way to do it indoors.


  • cgalyon

    Ok, that’s actually pretty cool. I was worried it would be kind of slipshod or problematic (like panoramic programs often are), but it looks like it does a really good job stitching correctly.

  • redbar0n11

    Take that cRapple!

  • aaeagle

    One thing I’m excited for is more restaurants and bars and places being able to have “look inside” functionality as a result of this.

    • Droidzilla

      I bet that’s the real impetus behind this move; not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Jake

    This is worthless to me until Nexus devices get a decent built-in camera.

  • joejoe5709

    Oh that is way cool. Great for vacation trips, or virtual tours. I hope more business will grab this as a way to show the inside of their shops. GREAT job Google!

  • I thought we were getting an extra row of icons..

  • Sean Livingston

    That is crazy.

  • Prox

    Kudos to Google. I really like this feature.

  • ddevito

    Am I the only one not excited about this?

  • DanWazz

    Cool feature. Can’t wait to play with it.

  • Guest

    Clouded, this game’s future is.

  • Zachary F

    wow thats pretty sweet.

  • Its cool but its the same as the app Robot View that you guys showed off over two years ago


    • alex drum

      …How did you remember that?! that is seriously impressive!

      • haha I just remember trying out that app after that post. It was pretty cool so we’ll see how it is as a stock feature

        • if its anything like the baked in panorama then it’ll be better then 3rd party

  • tkc122

    Looks like Andy got excited about the new features and pooped a bunch of Jelly Beans

  • this is seriously so cool

  • ryan buky

    And the count down begins to when apple will steal this and say its BRAND NEW technology!!!! You heard it here first at….. DROID LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

    • pepe

      A friend of mine showed me his iphone with an app that did exactly the same. It was a 3rd party app, but something that already existed

      • Trey Motes

        Well, no crap… This has existed for years. The point is is has NOT existed in 1st party form.

      • You mean like how there was an app for panorama but Apple felt the need to market it like it was new?

        • Droidzilla

          And HDR. And video chat. And . . . well, we could be at this all day.

      • michael arazan

        the iphone5 just got panoramic picture, and the Gnex had it a year ago, this is about built in camera functions that are dedicated support from Google, which means it’ll be constantly improved upon, which is awesome.

  • How to make a stormy day amazing? Here we have it. Can we start the iOS 25 puns now?

  • cizzlen

    That is freaking awesome

  • It’s Microsoft Photosynth

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Sweet! Release it… ROM it… Let the fun begin!

  • sc0rch3d

    google – one step closer to replacing gigapan

    • New_Guy

      It’s like having your own personal StreetView machine in your pocket :D!


    Freaking Verizon give us the update already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Droid Burgundy

      don’t hold your breathe. Root/unlock and get it yourself!

      • Justin

        I am not holding my breathe, but it is getting harder to breath these days.

    • John

      Hah. You’ll be waiting until Q4 of 2013.

    • Forget Verizon for updates. Root and ROM baby!