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Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 Now Up for Pre-order, “Ship by” Date of November 27

Well, it appears that for whatever reason, Verizon decided that it didn’t want to announce a pre-order for its version of the Galaxy Note 2. We say that because you can pre-order it this very minute through their website. Our sources mentioned to us a couple of times over the last few days that October 25 would be the day that pre-orders went live (which works because it’s midnight on the east coast), but we still expected to hear something official from Big Red. Whether or not we do is not important at this point. If the Note 2 is to be your next phone, then get your three Benjamins ready, and pop on over to pre-order.

If you walk through the pre-order process, you’ll see a “ship by” date of November 27. You could see it sooner or later than that, but we won’t know for sure until we hear from Verizon.

Pre-order. ($299 on 2-year contract)

Update:  Verizon finally announced the pre-order this morning, but would not provide a ship date other than “coming weeks.”

Cheers David!

  • Thomas Booker

    Just pre-ordered mine a couple of days ago because unlike some people in this forum I don’t care about whether the Note II has VZW branding on the home button I only care about whether it will serve me well for the next two years!

  • MendozArtdotCOM

    Verizon made it very clear. If I wanted to upgrade from Droid X (Unlimited Data)… to Note II. I will have to Give up Unlimited Data and “upgrade” to their share Everything Plan. FU Big Red! (I had no choice… Good Bye Unlimited Data)

  • P

    It can be scratched off if it bothers anyone….going with the vz version

  • Daulton Gibson

    getting this for christmas hell yeah!

  • I want to keep my unlimited data just like the rest of us, but I also am thinking I can use one of my families upgrades.So I have 2 idea on how to do this..

    A) My dad is on a 4GB plan (from the double data Promotion), so I could move my upgrade to his line, get the phone, activate it on his line, and move it back to my line. But he would loose his 4GB data and get pushed to a 2GB plan..

    B) “upgrade” my mom or sister to a smartphone and get the N2, and then move them back down to their feature phone.. I know I would have to pay for 1 month of data..

    Can anyone say with 100% certainty that one of these would work?

  • Mark Donnelson

    Home button is a deal breaker for me. Sorry, VZW, but I used to be your biggest advocate. You’ve pretty much lost me. It may seem like a small thing, but combined with the loss of unlimited data, changing return periods to 14 days, encrypting bootloaders on everything, the G-Nex radio fiasco that took them almost a year to resolve…I’ve about had enough.

  • sov

    i dont know about anyone else, but as a GS3 owner on Verizon, I am really happy to see this coming with Jelly Bean. There should not be too much of a difference in builds besides the Exynos…shouldnt be too long for the GS3 owners.

    • c4v3man

      You must be new here. Verizon’s update release timetable doesn’t recognize silly concepts like logic, and instead rolls a six sided die, multiplies the result by 10 days, then begins “testing” whatever firmware the OEM has submitted for approval at that time. Once the moon aligns itself properly relative to Earth and Orion’s Belt, then they add in their own software (which they fail to test), and push it out to subscribers.

  • Jeff Coleman

    Just to stoke the fire here… AT&T note 2 off contract price is $649 http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/devices/samsung/galaxy-note-ii-titanium-gray.html#fbid=Cm-OFZMUWCn

  • Bongu

    Jesus man!

  • Michael33704

    Seems like Verizon has adopted the same marketing strategy that Apple uses….”Let’s see how many long time, loyal customers we can pi** off at once…”

  • chris125

    I am surprised they didn’t jack up the full retail more. $699 isn’t to bad for a phone with specs like this.

  • Well $700 it is, cuz I’m not giving up my unlimited data until Big Red pry it from my cold Android hand. And I don’t care about where or how many logos they place on the phone. It’ll be in an Otter Box or better.

  • Hatyrei

    Verizon sucks they let it ship by Nov. 27…so their dear Droid Razr HD, MAXX HD….wont be out sell. I’ved waited for this phone ….long enough …and yet have to wait for another 32 days…to get it shipped? What a joke Verizon!…. While AT&t is shipping it on Nov. 6., OMG!

  • Adam Estep

    FYI, your best bet is to get it from Costco, if a member, than direct from VZW. You’ll at least match the price if not cheaper, you’ll get free accessories, plus, if you decide the huge phone just isn’t for you, you can return it within 14 days to cancel the everything (including plan), or 90 days (where you’d need to replace it w whatever phone is available through Costco).

  • Joe

    For anyone that’s wondering you can buy it off contract through the same link. I went most of the way through the checkout process and the off contract price is $699.99.

  • C-Law

    For those on unlimited plans, can u just add a line at $9.99/month to get this at $299 and then swap it to ur unlimited line or will that take u off? How do people do that anyway? Won’t that extra line be charged higher than $10 a month since a smartphone was put on it?

    • ApplesNAndroids

      You sure can if you want to pay the extra line charge. Make sure you’ve got a dumb phone to activate on your new line so you’re not charged the data plan. Also – pretty sure the phone will have to be activated on the new number prior to switching. Its an easy – straight through process. Cheaper than buying off contract too (but you’re still paying 240+ over two years for the line)

  • C-Law

    Guys, to find it on verizons site, click on Shop and then Smartphones. They havn’t posted anything on the main page yet and I’m guessing they won’t since they want to put DROID razr hd and iphone up there

    • chris125

      it’s on their main page now

  • Rga W

    I will buy it if it’s bootloader can be unlocked like the GS3 and it has GSM capabilities.

  • Capt. Crunch

    I say we blow up Verizon’s twitter feed and stores asking what the “Verizon” button does maybe they will reconsider…

    • Does the Verizon on the home button really matter that much? Is it any different than what they’ve done before? Looks very minimal to me. Maybe you should tell the Chinese people that built the phone what you think of the button.

      • CRH45

        Yea, it looks horrible and the chinese people are not the one’s to blame, verizon is.

        • Esteban

          Good news. Look up “Note 2 aluminum button”. You’re welcome.

  • snapz54

    who’s ready for a conspiracy theory?

    I’ve developed a theory, I don’t know if it has any basis in reality but maybe? okay here goes…
    I saw a “shipped by Nov.27 at the latest” on verizon’s website. The “at the latest” part is what got me thinking. Verizon didn’t carry the Galaxy Note 1 because they were skeptical that a large phone would sell. Well the phone shipped 10 million units which is huge and they were proven wrong. Of course, verizon has the temperament of a shi$%y little child with a chip on it’s shoulder. I think they still want to go on the assumption that this phone will fail so that they don’t have to admit they were wrong. This is how they do that:
    They set an arbitrary number, let’s say 2 million preordered phones. The most phones they think they could ever sell of the Note 2. If they sell that number of preorders within a day, they would put the order in to samsung tomorrow and we would receive the phones within a week or two from today. But, if they are right, as they so desperately want to be, the phone will tank. In that case, they’ve given themselves until that date of nov. 27th. So let’s say that the 27th approaches and they’ve only sold 200,000 preorders, they get to put in an abbreviated order of only 250,000 phones rather than 2 million, throw their noses up in the air and tell everybody, “we told you so” and wash there hands of it.

    when I asked, the girl at verizon told me they have no phone in the warehouse and that is similar to what they did with the iPhone 5 launch.


    p.s. I should win one of the tablets that nobody won in the Droid Live show chat because of my discovery…. please.

    • C-Law

      Where’s the conspiracy theory? Verizon is run by evil men, we all know that

    • Futbolrunner

      Read the first two sentences then noticed how long your comment was. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t read any further.

    • lvlorpheus

      I think it is because Samsung told Verizon, NO. We will not lock the bootloader on the Note II. So, Verizon wants to get as many people with a locked bootloader. Why, you ask. Because unlocked bootloaders mean longer phone happiness, because when Verizon and Samsung quit supporting the device we have great developers that still do. It is a lot easier to tell Verizon to get FƱ©ķέĐ when they piss you off if you have a phone that kept you happy beyond your 2 year contract. Lets face it the Samsung Galaxy Note II is pretty future proof unless it has some major hardware issue.

  • $700 full retail, not arriving until 11/27, and HTC’s DLX/DNA/J Butterfly (whatever you want to call it) will be announced by then too .. meh .. I’ll wait and see what happens w/ pricing !!

    • KT

      yeah, $700 is pretty steep.

  • azndan4

    DLX please

  • john monsalve

    full retail baby!! unlimited data i love you!!

    • chris125



      I hear ya full retail, though I may have to just suck it up a DNA. Depending on the price?

  • Nicole


  • Eric33

    Verizon doesnt want to piss on their new razr moto phones by releasing the note 2 now. Then they put their logo on the home button to claim that the note 2 is theirs. So when you hold the note 2 to your face when talking, the logo will leave an imprint on the side of your chin and everyone will know that you have verizon. Soon everyone will have a logo on their chin.

    • KT

      LOL. That’s why I always use a bluetooth headset.

  • HankinFl

    Just curious – probably paranoid, but with no announcement by Verizon, and no ability to get to the order page through verizonwireless.com (if that’s the case), I hope it’s not a dummy site.

  • HankinFl

    Has anyone been able to get to the pre-order page by starting at verizonwireless.com?

  • Jackson

    Anyone know If they charge you up front for pre-order or when it ships

    • john monsalve

      they dont charge until the phone ships so dont worry, just ordered full retail but talked to a rep first to make sure of everything

      • Jackson

        Good to know thank you

  • AranelAlasse

    Just speculation, but I think the lack of hype for this phone on verizon’s part is due to them not wanting to take any focus off of their precious newly-released droids. I feel like they did the same thing with the first Droid razr and the galaxy nexus. Way more focus on the razr.

    • chris125

      that is exactly it. If it doesn’t have droid in the name verizon doesn’t care.

    • jasaero

      Pretty much convince the ONLY reason this device will exist on VZW is because they decided it could bleed them more customers than they were willing to loose. So they accepted it, but in a childish fit like they always have in such situations demanded the VZW button and probably a locked bootloader and Samsung didn’t bother calling their bluff as they really wanted an all network launch. I would forever support an OEM if they ever threw a middle finger at VZW and ONLY released devices FOR VZW, but NOT VZW sponsored or subsidized. We’d have to pay full retail, but it would be worth it just to put a middle finger up at VZW draconian efforts to control hardware and software on their network. They have the open device regime to do this, but there are basically ZERO consumer devices on it.

      • Jackson

        I would’ve heavily considered leaving if they hadn’t had this phone lol and my etf would like $1000 lol

        • jasaero

          Exactly. It’s too bad Samsung wouldn’t play hardball on the confidence there are lots like you and force VZW into more desperate position so that the Sammy device on VZW were more as Samsung would like them to be. Apple it seems is just more confident and independent behind the scenes with such deal is what it boils down to I think. Samsung could threaten to only market devices for VZW themselves and goto the FCC and such as a last resort if their confidence didn’t work as well as they would like to get stuff as they want and officially supported with subsidy and such. We’d still get the device and be able to stay on VZW, but would all just have to free ourselves from the subsidy less for more con.

  • trav

    where the f is the link

  • I didn’t see it on the website to preorder?? whats up with that

  • Brian Menius

    These chuckleheads have lost it. How the hell can they call it in with this month-long preorder bull and keep a straight face?!

  • Mitt

    It’s going to launch on 10/29. I work for Verizon in Chicago.

    • Kinik

      I sure hope that’s true. I’d loooove to have it in my hands by next week.

    • evltwn

      10/29 is Monday, Verizon doesn’t launch phones on Mondays. Sure you don’t mean 11/29? Because that falls on a Thursday, which is when Verizon usually launches phones.

      • C-Law

        Yeah another Verizon worker above said 11/29.fakkk!

  • Che M


  • JayzeeY

    What is the URL of the pre order site? Not appearing when I visit Verizon site

    • will bartlett

      click the damn link

  • Zachary F

    Nov 27th and the branded home button? lol

    • tjb

      have to love verizon number 1 carrier in the US and just basically slept thru this

  • tjb

    just paid full retail also at least got to keep my unlimited plan

  • Nicole

    Okay folks…help me I do not see it on the webpage

    • open your eyes

    • link is above……omg

    • executiveg

      oh this page. after the paragraph about the phone. there is a pink PRE ORDER link. press it

  • RockPlayer26

    Either release the phone now, or if you waiting till black friday to release it then you nee to let me keep unlimited and make it 199.00 or give some free accessories

  • Just post my comment geeezzzzzz….. wtf

  • migespy

    I know it’s completely unreasonable and probably a little ridiculous, but that logo on the home button just cut my 100% purchase decision to 50%…and my excitement down to 25%. I am really disappointed in that. Even though the phone is still amazingly spec’d out, that stupid logo is killing me. I cursed out loud when I saw it.

    • It’s rediculous. Verizon thinks they have folks by the balls….we need a mass exodus

      • Rick King

        Verizon is a bunch of morans.

    • you can probably cut out a sticker on put it on the logo

    • Jeff

      just spend the first day of ownership rubbing the home button with your thumb… it will come off eventually, right? 🙁

  • Amenemhat1

    $250 by Xmas…

    • chris125

      $250? It will probably be much cheaper than that

  • with sizes increasing in phones and decreasing in tablets will it cause a resurgence in the Bluetooth market or will you look like you’re holding a box of Pop Tarts to the side of your head?

  • Cortland1998

    I went through the checkout process and its telling me it will ship November 27th.

  • brian

    im on the website i dont see it yet

    • will bartlett

      how about you click the link that says preorder

      • Jeff

        where would one find that link?

        • Justin W

          Below the article, above “Cheers, David!”

    • Nicole

      Did you find it??? I cant find it…

    • Jeff

      I don’t see it yet, either… I’m on the west coast..

  • 11/29..? wdf

  • Affliction716

    They’re showing a ship by date of 11/27/12 on Verizon’s site.

  • Booze

    Ordered at full retail. Bring it on!

    • Michael_NM

      Full retail should entitle you today logo-free home button.

      • Bob

        Just ordered mine too. Looking forward to the big screen. I’ve been using a jailbroken iPhone for a year now and am so tired of the itty bitty screen. My OG Droid, which i still used, just died this week. Gotta suffer without an Android device until Nov 29!

    • Justin

      Me as well

    • Alex

      How did you do full retail?

      • Booze

        Click your line and it will say not eligible for upgrade, then just click next and follow the process.

        • droidrev

          I was trying to order from my phone.. should of went on the laptop.. thanks

      • Alex

        I called a west coast Verizon number..

    • cuekwe

      Did you add a new line? I tried and the sales rep said that it’s not possible for existing customers to pre-order without adding a new line.

    • yarrellray

      Who’s going to take this shameful branded device. Verizon is the biggest joke in the carrier business. Piss on Verizon

      • Bizi

        Great point.. I hear everyone complaining about Verizon’s practices but has the [email protected] to leave because of their almighty unlimited data. You can get unlimited data on Sprint and Tmobile. I know their networks suck compared to Verizon but I’d rather be on a sub par network and have the unlocked phones I want when I want than to keep being Verizon’s abused b!tch.

        • Adam Estep

          Can’t disagree more. What’s the point of a smartphone without a good network? It’s a neutered phone. Unlimited data is pointless to me. I’ve looked. A 6 gb pan is plenty for my family, and we won’t be paying any more. I’ll take a great network over a crappy connection every time…

          • TheWenger

            You think 6GB is fine but that won’t last long with the way smartphones are becoming more and more focused on cloud operations all the time.

          • Adam Estep

            I use cloud for everything from documents to music to streaming radio and video. I even use tethering while in hotels w crappy wifi. I still haven’t gotten above 4 gb. Rarely do I go above 3 and I think 4 would usually be fine, but just in case I’ll be going six for some wiggle room. Besides, if you are using more than that, how could you stand to have a crappy connection?

          • Luke Grissom

            Thank god for still having unlimited data on verizon because I typically use 10-11gb a month on my phone. Between Yloutube and Netflix on the train ride to and from work each day, i quickly go through a ton of data. I also use the cloud for music, etc. This is why I will be buying my next phone without upgrading so I can keep unlimited.

          • Adam Estep

            Exactly. If I had that kind of commute, I would do just what you did and buy at full retail over switching to a crappy network w unlimited data. In essence all you get is unlimited crappiness…

        • C-Law

          For now I’m still their bitch. Tmobile has nice coverage here in and around Houston but sprint is a damn joke. My gf has a sprint gs3 and their 4g is extremely spotty and weak. When she does catch a signal, lte speeds around 2-3mb range on average, 3g speeds are around 1mb. I can’t imagine what it’s like in smaller cities

        • chris125

          sorry I’d rather be on a network where I have coverage over an unlocked phone. A phone is only as good as the network it is on and if you can’t use it as an actual phone should the need arise it is worthless.

      • My Droid X 3G is on par with my friend’s 4G iPhone 5 on Sprint with unlimited data. How’s that taste?

  • This is the exact crappie they pulled with the S3. Preorders at the same time as everyone else, with no actual release date. Then it came out weeks after everyone else’s. Though at least the S3 didn’t have the ugly logo on the home button.

    • michael arazan

      And with the S3 people were able to retain unlimited data on contract and get the subsidy for the last time ever w/o getting screwed into the new tier plans

      • laffingrass

        Because soooo many people actually take advantage of the unlimited data, right?

        • FAL_Fan

          I take advantage of it all the time and will continue to do so for as long as it lasts. The only issue I have with paying full retail for a phone is that I do not know when they are going to yank it out from under my feet. I have done the math though, and it will cost me almost $1000 more a year to have the shared data with the 4 people on my plan than to keep my unlimited, so it is still worth full retail as long as unlimited lasts.

  • hkklife

    How does VZW manage to muck up the sweetest Android phone of the year?:
    1. Horrible branding on the home button
    2. No 32Gb or 64Gb versions (not at launch and likely never)
    3. Likely the latest availability out of all the major carriers
    At least it IS coming to VZW and it IS available in 2 colors. I sure wish they’d hurry up with the JB update for the GS3 so I could stop thinking about the Note 2 for a while.

    • Xeneize480

      You idiot, no one is getting 32GB hahaha yet another stupid vz customer.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        You should keep the jr. high speak in your jr. high. Either say something worth reading or just keep it to yourself please.

  • Verizon really ? They don’t want to kill the RAZR HD thunder because they invest so much in advertising for droid. They are all about the Benjamin’s let sami do all the advertising

  • JetBlue

    What is with Verizon being so shady so much? First the Verizon logo on the home button when nobody else did it, then no announcement about the pre-order and maybe a locked bootloader? Getting really tired with Verizon now and wish the other carriers had better coverage in my area.

    • calvin35

      Maybe a locked bootloader? Verizon is the worst carrier out there. The boot loader will be locked.

      • JetBlue

        Yeah I know they are and I know it’ll probably be locked but I didn’t want to say it will have one since people would say something.

  • I would buy it if not for two factors:
    1. The unknowns about the HTC phone.
    2. That STUPID LOGO on the home button.

    • billy routh

      1. HTC sucks
      2. Not buying a phone BC of a logo is what’s stupid

      • Holy Grail

        Well call me stupid then….Was buying the phone…but noticing that logo every time I have to press the home button would drive me nuts. Its like having a fly in the center of you’re flat screen as you’re watching something.

        • michael arazan

          option 1- ebay, custom stickers blank to cover it up
          option 2- white colored paint pen

          • chris125

            option 3: remove with coin etc. I wouldn’t pass up arguably the best phone on verizon because of that. I am going to wait and see how it performs and then decide, but just not a fan of htc and their awful battery life

          • Option 4 (and probably the best): Look up the aluminum covers that are on sale now.

      • I’d be careful. Troll any harder and you’re going to sprain something.

        • i wouldnt buy this phone from verizon cause of the logo as well. it makes the phone look ugly.

    • Drake Rockwell

      ATT order page has been up as well. I am switching from Verizon and my crappy Gnex to ATT for the Note 2. I had too many reception issues on Verizon (in major city). Plus the ATT has no cheesy logo on the home key. It is hard enough for me to get chicks and that logo key would bring the chances down to zero. It’s all I’d be able to stare at with that phone I wouldnt even notice the beautiful large screen, I’d be staring at that logo on the home button all of the time.

      • Xeneize480

        You are probably one ugly Madafakerrrrr hahaha because hoping to get chicks with a phone is just stupid or maybe that’s why you don’t get chicks because you are stupid.

        • rlwoolz

          Maybe you don’t get obvious jokes because you’re stupid…

      • C-Law

        Yeah dude ur over thinking this. No girl is ever gonna care about a Verizon logo on a phone, EVER

        • Big Johnson Mutumbo

          You’re wrong. Your mom just cancelled our date for this saturday.

          • C-Law

            What! How did u already get a vzw note to show her?!

  • Josh

    the device will lunch on 11/29/12. I work for Verizon.

    • Damn, that’s a ways off. By then, we may have the HTC phone heh.

      • executiveg

        what htc phone is coming?what is it called? is it better then the note? in which way?

        • will bartlett

          you dont pay attention do you?

        • Justin W

          HTC DLX aka Droid Incredible X aka Droid DNA. http://goo.gl/qoFO4

          • duff60901

            Yeah…. you know… the one with no SD slot.

    • Mario Charles

      Tell Lowell he’s an idiot lol

    • Michael_NM

      I will lunch tomorrow. 😛

      • migespy

        I just laughed my ass off

      • evltwn


    • I just called and was told that I would get it in a week

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      That’s my birthday. Any chance you can ask your manager if they wanna get me one for being a loyal customer?

  • Will

    Doesn’t ship till the 27th of November…. 🙁 Might as well wait for the DNA.

    • Bewara2009

      Wait ask you want… that’s all you going to be doing is just waiting and waiting and waiting etc…..

    • Coolio Johnson

      It is taking an extra 3 weeks ove ATT because verizon needs to superglue all of those sweet verizon stickers on the home buttons. Glad i am dumping big red and just ordered through ATT.

      • KT

        From what I’ve read, it’s not a sticker so it can’t be removed. 🙁

  • Carrier logo on the home button. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I can’t say anymore.

  • Jnmigr

    This is stupid, pre order but still no release day.

    • paul_cus

      Like they did with the RAZR last year.

      • Will

        it ships the 27th of next month, so a day or two after that.

      • chris125

        and the gs3 this year

  • Murphy