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eBay Selling Unlocked Galaxy Note 2 for $589 in Today’s Daily Deal

In today’s daily deal, eBay is selling an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 16GB of internal storage for $589. For comparison’s sake, we can look at Negri Electronics and Expansys USA who are selling imported versions of the same device for $665 and $680, respectively. I’d call $589 quite the steal for such a new phone that’s powered by a quad-core processor, 5.5″ HD display, 2GB RAM and Jelly Bean.

U.S. carriers should announce dates for their variants this week in NYC, but if you want one now, this isn’t a bad option. Understand though, that this isn’t an LTE phone, however, it should work fine on AT&T and T-Mobile.


Cheers Cody!

  • mp9er

    sold out.

  • Duuuuuumb.

    There are lte versions coming from overseas ie. Singapore so it is viable that the ones on eBay have lte capability. Also AT&T, verison, and sprint are all LTE networks. T-mobile is 4g non-lte and nobody cares about any other carrier.

  • Steve

    it says on ebay that it is LTE

  • johnny deep

    no LTE no care

    • JoshGroff

      Maybe you should take some time and find all the GSM carriers with LTE in the US and then make an informed post.

      • Br_d

        AT&T has LTE in the US.

        • JoshGroff

          Name off a few more. (aside from AT&T MVNOs)

          • Br_d

            If you’re planning on using it with more than one carrier, and one of those carriers is AT&T, then you would want to have LTE on the phone you just dropped $600 on. Maybe you should take some time and think about other people’s points before crapping all over them.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m just trying to say LTE isn’t widely adopted yet and will not benefit the majority of GSM networks in the US. That is why I assume it’s not included.

            Also, I’m tired of people crying because an unlocked phone doesn’t have LTE, you see it on every post… I didn’t mean to sound condescending, but it really gets on my nerves when all people do is complain without doing any research.

          • Telco Guru

            I’m getting one with LTE. It’s the only way to go. The non-LTE Note 2’s are already obsolete. Unless someone prefer slow data rates.

          • JoshGroff

            HSPA+ isn’t fast enough? It beats some home cable packages, aside from the top tier of course… And is LTE really worth the atrocious battery life? I think not.

          • Noah

            note 2 lte has awesome battery life.

          • JoshGroff

            But how is it compared to just HSPA+? Since switching from T-Mobile to Verizon, I’ve noticed comparable phones get substantially less battery life, so either the LTE or CDMA radio is the culprit.

    • It has LTE tmobile just has to update.

  • Sprint will have the note on thursday … I will feel like the isheep waiting in line but for a NOTE 2…. #3 more days

  • JulianZHuang

    i will never play something that expensive on ebay. it’s cheap for a reason.

    • Tommy Thompson

      Ebay does sell new items so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t considering the actual unlocked price is probably 699-799..