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AT&T Claims Softbank Will Have “Control of More U.S. Wireless Spectrum than any Other Company”

This week, Softbank and Sprint reached a deal to hand over 70% of Sprint’s stock for a cool $20.1 billion.  AT&T, as one would expect after Sprint’s critical response to their proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, is a litte weary of the whole situation, saying that the Japanese wireless carrier will control a lot more spectrum than any other company in the States.

But AT&T didn’t word a harsh response to the acquisition, instead it was more of a slight nudge to the FCC, reminding them that their merger with T-Mobile was turned down earlier this year. This deal still has to go through the proper regulatory procedures, so we have some time before it’s finished. It should be interesting to see if the other U.S. carriers speak up against it.

Via: The Verge

  • Gasaraki

    Please let it go through. I would switch to Sprint in a heartbeat

  • Finally — a possible viable alternative to Verizon Wireless and their awesome network.

    I can hardly wait to finally dump Verizon — but only for an equivalent or better network though.

  • Am I the only one that likes blueberries?

  • Joe

    This is how countries take over each other now, eh?

    • Mark

      It seems that’s what AT&T is implying. Foreign companies having control over the US.

      • noid

        As long as it’s not a Chinese company, haha. There’re already some but not enough evidence of hacking attempts on US companies and government agencies that’s sponsored by the Chinese government.

    • curaga

      I guess it’s all part of Japan taking over the US. The auto industry, consumer electronics and now our wireless internet.

      • Not to mention all the property the own.

  • CapnShiner

    Is anyone as confused as I am about how exactly buying Sprint will give Softbank more US spectrum than Verizon or AT&T? Since when did Sprint control that much spectrum? What am I missing?

    • envoy510

      This was my first thought. Do they own spectrum from some other source??

  • Yep, but it doesn’t cut a cost-competitive carrier out of the market like your plan, AT&T.

  • What AT&T is worried about is that it will screw up the duopoly they have with Verizon and the infusion of cash into Sprint will spark a price war by allowing Sprint to offer a more compelling service for less cost.

    Notice how AT&T and Verizon have nearly IDENTICAL pricing? That’s because they know if they undercut the other, both companies stand to lose a ton of cash.

    It is a lot like the American auto industry. No one wants a price war so they all keep their prices fairly high. SoftBank buying out Sprint and investing heavily in their infrastructure and lowering prices is the best thing the American mobile customer could ask for.

  • Turb0wned

    Im rooting for T-Mobile and Sprint. Time to give these rip off companies (Verizon and AT&T) some competition.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I don’t really see why that’s a problem. It’s not like they can export the damn Spectrum to Japan

    • SA

      Good point.

    • jaserion

      of course, they can’t export the spectrum. lol. they, however, can influence and impact pricing, which will then pass along to consumers.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I don’t think At&t cares much about SPrint’s Pricing on anything to be honest.

      • In other words, AT&T doesn’t want anyone else playing their game.

    • It would be interesting to see Sprint importing more phones from Asia if this happened. Pad Phone 2! But that’s just me hypebeasting away. :]

      • Fattie McDoogles

        That wouldn’t be a stretch all though the deal will take a lot longer than that to get done… Pad Phone 3 anyone?

        • michael arazan

          Homer drool over a padphone here

  • paul_cus

    SprintBank making moves.

    • a.youth.in.Asia

      Making moves like U-haul!

  • Greyhame

    Expecting a VZW comment today.

  • DroidzFX

    Japanese should not own that much of the US spectrum.

    • Tim242

      Why? They can’t steal it. They can only find ways to use it.

      • DroidzFX

        Hacking, users data storage and surveillance to name a few.

        • Tim242

          Through spectrum? Take your tin foil cap off.

          • DroidzFX

            If you control the medium people are using to communicate you can do a lot. No tin foil hat. Underground bunker stocked with food.

    • Yes, because our great and wondrous leaders in China should own the spectrum instead /s

    • Mei

      With the way how things are going now at Sprint, it will soon be bankrupted. Then you as a consumer will have more things to worry about, such as major players AT&T and Verizon (I’m not including TMobile, because like Sprint, they are having issues as well) monopolizing the telephone industry and price hiking, rather than worrying about a foreign country owning a stake in an American company. Business is global in this day and age. It’s is evitable that foreigners will own part of US properties. Think Chrysler and Fiat. Heck, even China has a major stake in US with the way we keep borrowing money from them. Therefore, Softbank is a good thing for Sprint, to keep telephone service competition alive in the US market.

      I understand your concern regarding security and such, but you need to look beyond that. Not all ‘American’ companies is good for America. And they are not there to do you a favor. AT&T ‘nudge’ to FCC is to look after themselves. If Sprint goes down, they will have one less competitor to worry about.

      • DroidzFX

        Letting another country control your wireless spectrum is not a good idea. They could sell it to someone else who has malicious intent. Wireless is the future. Some things should only be US based and this is one of them.

        • MentatYP

          The FCC has final say over spectrum sales. Don’t worry–China won’t be getting their hands on it anytime soon.