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DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD Available Now From Verizon

It’s October 18 (in some places), and that means that the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD are on sale from Verizon. For $199 and $299 respectively, you get a 4.7″ HD Super AMOLED display, 16GB and 32GB of internal storage, a microSD slot for additional storage, 8MP camera on the back, Ice Cream Sandwich (with Jelly Bean updates on the way), NFC, 4G LTE, and kevlar backing that feels extra soft in hand. The build quality of these two phones (our initial unboxing), can’t be matched by many. 

The RAZR MAXX HD “wows!” because of its massive 3300mAh battery that can get you up to 32 hours “of performance.” The regular RAZR HD should be solid in the battery department as well with its 2530mAh power pack. Both phones have been fine-tuned to be the best in the business on a single charge. The RAZR HD comes in both black and white, while the MAXX version comes in black only. Both devices are global-ready.

We know that many of you have been waiting patiently for these phones – are you ready to buy, today?

Verizon Links:  RAZR HD (Black or White) | RAZR MAXX HD

Amazon Links:  RAZR HD (Black) | RAZR HD (White) | RAZR MAXX HD

  • Steven DeCasperis

    Picked up my Maxxx HD last Friday. It is truly amaxing. Super fast, bright, sharp screen. Camera got mixed reviews- but as an amateur photographer, I feel it is Great. Comes on instantly, focused immediately with virtually no camera lag and takes really amazing pics. Colors are very good with little to no noise in poorly lit environments. Out of the box, it is set on 6 mp mode, but there is a noticable difference when set at 8 mp. Reviewers probably didn’t realize this when they tested it. Has HDR setting built in and can take panoramic and multishots. Has NFC antenna and Android Beam, so you can transfer phone contents (Photos, lists, spreadsheets, etc.) with other devices just by touching them back to back.
    Battery is unreal. I use the phone a lot during the day with photos, internet, email, texting and just regular calls. The phone is charged every night an is unplugged at 6:30am. By 11: 30 pm, I have had 70% (+,-) battery remaining !!
    Highly recommend this device to anyone that needs a fast phone, that is State of the Art technologically, and is wants to be worry free when it comes to having to charge your phone.

  • Yakuzahi

    Will they support SVDO on 3G?

  • 2001400ex

    Anyone on unlimited having luck with Verizon by saying you want to stay on unlimited, threaten to leave, and have them give it to you?

  • Tom Z

    I get a discount with Verizon via the employer discount. Does anyone know if this also applies to new phone purchases or just service discounts?

  • Tom

    I wonder when Best Buy will begin selling this phone, My Chase card currently has a 5% bonus with best buy for the next few months.

  • lumpysherman

    Gingerbread devices, Really?!?!? #fail

    • Brian Cerveny

      No, they are ICS with JB on the way.

    • flosserelli

      The description clearly says ICS with JB on the way.

      Reading #fail

  • Carolina_Moonshiner

    I would upgrade today except I am underwhelmed.
    1. $299 (Really?)
    2. Substandard Camera’s. Why are we stuck on 8MP still after 2+ years?
    3. Bloatware crap, the crap should be optional, and Moto is OWNED by Google and Moto/Google could negotiate with Vz
    4. Did I say $299? This will prob drop within 2 weeks. There was no fanfare, TV ads, etc I expect a lackluster initial sales
    5. 1GB of RAM, no much for future proofing.

    • Mark

      Re: #1: Wait a month.
      2: Megapixels are certainly not the determining factor in photo quality. In fact, with such tiny sensors as are in smartphones, FEWER megapixels generally creates cleaner photos (less grain). This was true for point and shoot cameras, and is even more true for smartphones. 8mp is the sweet spot. You only need more if you want to print poster sized photos, and no one in their right mind would do that from a device with a pin sized lens and a tiny sensor. For sharing online, 8mp already pushes the boundary. What needs to be improved is the software, not adding megapixels.
      3: Bloatware isn’t nearly as big an issue with ICS and beyond. Unfortunately, this will never go away when Verizon is involved. Just disable it.
      4. Probably not an issue in real life use. Very few apps require that much. As far as future proofing… how many years do you keep a phone?

      Just my thoughts, anyway. Personally, if I didn’t already have a RAZR MAXX, I’d snap up the HD MAXX. Only thing I’m really missing is the NFC. I’ll live without that and the HD screen to keep my unlimited data (unless I win the lottery and then I’ll buy the dev HD full price).

  • elliott

    Razr hd camera vs sg3 camera better worse or same

  • JazzoRenee

    I have the SG3, but the Razrs are great phones, my brother had the OG Razr.

  • Colin Vesper

    Has anyone seen the camera on this thing? I’m wondering if it’s the same old camera they’ve been using.

  • imagine how big that screen would be if they didnt have to put that stupid verizon logo on there

    • JazzoRenee

      The same size.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Now that was funny! lol

  • Sonofab**ch

    Wow I can’t believe the people that are ordering this phone! I have the Razr Maxx now and as far as I can tell the only difference is the .4″ of the screen and a 300Mhz lower processor speed! Root and install the Razr HD rom on XDA and you have the same phone with no onscreen touch buttons big woop you can pick up a Regular max for $100.00 cheaper! Why would you pay more for something not that much better than the last! Still has a 3300 mAh Battery by the way!!! And as far as Getting Jelly bean Verizon will probably release it for the phone around June of next year!!

    • Paul

      There’s a pretty large difference between the S4 processor in the HD and the OMAP in the regular razr – both in speed and efficiency.

      • BillyT

        Nevermind the display quality….

      • Greg

        The processor is my main reason for upgrading to the Maxx HD from the Maxx. The other small benfits are NFC, JB sooner and a slightly better display. Plus it will only cost me $100 to exchange my phone for the new one (Costco) and I get to keep my unlimited data. If I was paying full retail I would wait for something better with S4 pro and 2GB’s of ram.

      • zUFC

        this^^^^^ the S4 if miles above your current proccessor both in speed and batt life (S3 proves it)

    • ceejw

      The biggest problem people had with the Razr Maxx was it’s subpar screen, so of course people are going to pick this up over the old Razr since they fixed the screen.

    • Verizon

      The screens are not just bigger they are also a higher resolution which makes them look better. The processors aren’t just bumped by 300 Mhz they are faster and more efficient. There are also build improvements and little additions like NFC on the new phones. Also, if price is your only concern, there are sites like Wirefly already selling the Maxx HD at the same $199 price tag as the regular Maxx. If you already have a MAXX you can even do a trade in and get $150 for it so a MAXX HD would only be $50 through Wirefly. Why shouldn’t someone switch again?

  • Detonation

    Can someone please confirm this is correct:
    I am on a family plan with a dumbphone line that is currently eligible for upgrade.
    1. Use dumb phone upgrade for new smart phone I want at contract price
    2. Put new smart phone on my line
    3. Cancel data plan on old dumb phone line
    4. Reactivate dumb phone
    This should allow me to keep unlimited data and get a phone at contract price, right (and leave the other lines in my family plan the same) ?

    • steve0617

      I was under the impression that *any* subsidized upgrade forced a contract type change and thus, losing the unlimited no matter how you try it.

      The only way (as I understand it) to retain unlimited is to buy a phone at full unsubsidized price. But given the comment below us by Nathaniel Newman,I might be totally wrong.

      • Detonation

        But I’m not touching my line. Just switching the phone it uses, which is no different than me buying a phone retail, or buying one off ebay. We recently switched a dumb phone line on our family plan to a smart phone with data (no upgrade, already had a phone) and that didn’t affect anything with the plan or my line. My only concern with this is the immediately cancelling of the data plan after the upgrade

    • MichaelFranz

      i had no problem a few months ago. I had 3 lines on my account, 1 smart phone (unlimited), 1 tablet, and 1 decatviated line. I then took that deactivated line, added a tablet and then made a share plan out of just the 2 tablet lines, not losing my unlimited data. So in theory, you should be fine. I just do not know if they will allow you to take the new smartphone line and put it back to a dumb phone line. Worth a shot by calling though,

  • Knlegend1

    Next time Motorola, maybe next time. Currently I have a Razr this will feel like I didn’t upgrade enough.

  • bogy25


  • JulianZHuang

    4 months later, DROID maxx 2 haha
    4 more months, DROID maxx hd 2

    • Verizon

      4 months later, joke still as lame as it is now.

  • Speaking of Developer Editions, if we are shelling out $599+ for these developer editions, which I may consider the MAXX HD Developer edition because of the build quality, the damn phone should not have that stupid “Verizon” logo splashed on the front of it.

    Cake and eating too.

  • Chuck Finley

    …Is it just me or does Verizon really really really suck at Phone Announcement/Release Days?

  • bogy25

    $299!!!……….$249………….$199………..$149(better)………….$99……………$.1 SOLD!

  • Akashshr

    Droid RaZr HD MAXX >>> Samesung SIII

    • iamjackspost

      The only things I totally agree with are the battery and radios. Although I’m more than happy with both on my S3. 1GB ram and locked bootloader would keep me away, but that’s my preference.

      • dangolds

        I agree. Essentially all Motorola did was upgrade the speed and screen quality of their existing model. Design is relatively similar, software is relatively similar, camera is relatively similar to last year’s Razr models. When Apple does this (e.g. difference between iPhone 4 and 4s), everyone accuses them of being lazy, non-innovative, etc. So where are the similar complaints for Motorola? Having previously owned a Razr Maxx before selling to buy a GS3, I can think of plenty of reasons not to upgrade if you’re a current Razr Maxx owner. These phones aren’t *that* much better than the Razr Maxx that came out in February. Their features and performance will at most put them on par with two phones that came out 4-5 months ago (GS3 and HTC One X), and in general they are believed to represent the last of the Motorola product pipeline that existed from the pre-Google regime. Why not sit this one out and just wait until next year to see what products they come out with after Google has been more involved?

        • Paul

          Motorola isn’t trying to suggest that the Razr HD is going to change the world though. They definitely needed something more competitive than their Razrs too.

        • flosserelli

          “Design is similar….When Apple does this, everyone accuses them of being lazy, non-innovative, etc.

          Unless you’re an iSheep or the general media. Then all of the changes are “revolutionary”.

  • MattyWalnuts

    is the Maxx HD dev edition available? i’m going to pay full retail to keep unlimited.

    • ceejw

      There is no dev edition for the Maxx. Only the regular Razr HD gets a dev edition.

  • Leeroy Waddermelon

    Every Moto phone I’ve had gets dust under the glass from being in my pocket.

    • Big_EZ

      I had that happen on a few of the thunderbolts I had, but have yet to have that issue with my Droi X, Bionic, or RAZR’s.

  • Spudskier

    Order was placed at 4am for the Maxx HD! Should have it tomorrow, Monday at the latest!

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      I ordered mine around 5am Apparently it is on hold because they are out of sim cards which I don’t even need lol

      • Raven

        All LTE devices need a SIM card.

  • Alexander Garcia

    November 25th. My upgrade is due November 25th and I WILL be getting the RAZE Maxx HD. =)

  • Eric

    Wirefly’s site is acting up, but the MAXX appears to be $200 instead of $300 there.

  • RW-1

    Passsssssss ……….. Moto has a long wqay to go before they get any more of my hard earned cash. Plain and simple.

  • Bionic

    If my update was today yes I would be getting the MAXX. But my update isn’t until May so I’ll be getting the Motorola Nexus which is likely to be out by then.

    • Detonation

      That assumes it will actually be on Verizon/CDMA and not just an independent GSM phone

  • Steve Douglas

    I would love the Maxx, but concerned over the camera (camera buff). Does anyone have any experience with the previous Maxx’s camera??

    • iScream4

      I’ve loved the quality of the Maxx’s camera — both for photo and video. It’s also got an almost-instant shutter speed when the camera is already focused (overlay turns green) letting you know that it will be an instant shot. Here are some examples of some I uploaded to Facebook and took off there (obviously, these have been compressed) http://imgur.com/a/VeENP

      • Steve Douglas

        Very nice pictures! Thank you for sharing!! It Maxx might still be on my list! No other company gets it… Battery life is so huge for most of us. I can give some leeway for an all day charge.

    • dangolds

      Razr Maxx’s camera was one of the most disappointing features of the phone, and one of serveral reasons why I ended up selling it to buy a GS3 over the summer. The shutter speed is fast, but getting the camera to focus in the first place is a real challenge relative to other high end smart phones. Also, the picture quality wasn’t as good compared to pics I took when I played around with the iPhone 4s, HTC One X and GS3. If you’re looking for camera quality but don’t want an iPhone, I’d recommend HTC or Samsung over Motorola. GS3 camera has been awesome in all facets, no complaints.

    • moew

      It’s fine, some people expect a slow shutter in a dark room while shaking to produce perfect pictures. If you are a camera buff and know how to operate, you will understand. I get some excellent pictures with my razr maxx!

  • schoat333

    My wife has an upgrade coming on Sunday, and we are promtly getting her the RAZR Maxx. Coming from the thunderbolt, the battery life difference will be amazing. My upgrade is in March, and if there isn’t a new Nexus by them, I’ll be going Moto as well.

  • foxyoung

    Just want to say I tryed to upgrade to this phone but since I have the unlimeted data tey will not let me have the phone. The only way I cant get the phone is, pay full price or switch to one of there all in plans. Man I’m pissssst.

    • If you have more than one line with an available upgrade. You can use it and bring it to your line and not change plan/data. I still have unlimited on a legacy 550 Min shared plan.

    • elliott

      Why did they tell u that I’m do for a up grade in two weeks

  • Moto build quality is the best. Locked bootloader, lack of dev support, and 1 GB ram are just a major deal breaker here. Makes no sense that processing power is increasing and yet they stay with 1GB ram. Moto you need to understand that unlocked bootloaders will increase your sales. I’d return my S3 today to get the Maxx HD….seriously.

    • Big_EZ

      Only having 1 gb is what will keep me on my RAZR Maxx, but I’d love an un-encrypted bootloader from moto. My wish is for Motorola to make the rumored Nexus Maxx (or what ever it’ll be called if true) with the same specs as the HD’s except for 2 gb of ram.

    • Mike Yost

      Makes no sense to have 2 GB of RAM other than to say it’s there. Someone please give me an example on why it is needed.

      I agree about the bootloader though, what a shame.

      • BTLS

        I was wondering this myself… if 2GB isn’t overkill and ever fully utilized??

        • MichaelFranz

          i’d rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it

          • Ibrick

            This^, plus, besides being more future proof, if you’ve noticed, going from GB to ICS to JB, more and more RAM is used. GB I’d always have about 50% RAM available, ICS probably in the 30% range, and JB 15%-20%.
            And, before anyone says it, ‘With Linux, un-used RAM, is wasted RAM’ which is true to an extent, however when you start seeing launcher re-draws you know you’re pushing it. 2gb should be the standard for new devices IMO.

      • Big_EZ

        My app redraws disagree. I hate it when my browser closes due to ram limitations or redraws.

    • itznfb

      I thought Moto was going to release a tool to unlock the bootloaders on all of their new phones?

      • KleenDroid

        Nope… they have it available for some phones. It seems to be a useless effort.

        I would love to buy this phone but sadly it’s not a good option for me. Not only do I enjoy flashing roms but I also like to flash custom kernels.

        I would love to buy a Motorola phone. I can only hope that a company will buy them someday that will care about the development community.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Agree with the ROMs, but don’t see much use to tweak the Kernel on a device as efficient and speedy as this. Just my opinion.

  • Wirefly has the razr hd for 149.99 and the maxx hd for 199.99

  • You can’t even order it on line thru Verizon, they are having technical problems!

  • Tom

    The maxx specs say 16gigs + included 16gig micro sd card. I hope that’s a typo. I thought it was 32 gigs internal.

    • kixofmyg0t

      It is. The MAXX is 32GB with 64GB sd card support.

    • Brian Cerveny

      Yes it is a typo. Unlike the RAZR MAXX which had 16+16, the HD MAXX has 32 internal.

  • I know I’m probably the only person in the world thinking this, but the exclusion of webtop makes it a downgrade from my Razr Maxx. I’ll wait for Moto’s next phone.

  • Batman

    My biggest question is when will the Amazon be selling these phones. I much rather purchase from a retailer that I have a good purchasing history with.

    • Batman

      NVM, found it :))))

  • Did they solve the antennae issue on the Droid HD/Maxx?

    • Batman


    • kixofmyg0t

      Months ago. Trust me.

  • Adam

    Ill Be picking up my HD Maxx in a few hours!

  • Elephants

    I’m getting this. I’ve been waiting ever since I decided on the original Razr Maxx and then heard there was an updated version on its way. But I’m going to wait just a bit longer (or at least, I’ll try to). Just in case there are major bugs or build issues (iPhone 4 antenna issue etc) – even if I can get it fixed under warranty, I’d really rather not.

  • Wish the boot loader was not locked and DVD community was like it is on the galaxy nexus or gs3

  • I am currently trying to order it, but the Verizon website is being a piece of crap!

  • This is the device I’ve waited for to upgrade from my OG Droid (That’s right, the Droid 1). I can’t seem to order it though. When I go to upgrade device, it doesn’t list it! Off chance anyone else having this problem?

    • michael arazan

      at 3 am cst I logged into my verizon and was able to click on the razr maxx hd and add it to buy, no problem here or now.

      • 8 am est time and finally got it to work! Must have taken a while to get on their system officially. Also, somehow avoided upgrading to share everything, just lost unlimited data.

    • legalkill

      I upgraded my Droid 1 to the S3 but was really waiting for this. I had to of course preserve my unlimited for another 2 years. If this had only come out before the cut off. Glad you got it to go through, sorry you lost unlimited. The bump up to 4g naturally makes you use it more, I think during the olympics i ran over 15 GB that month.

  • Mikey

    DROID RAZR MAXX HD Developer Edition FTW!

    • Mikey

      It Seems Like They Are Only Having A DROID RAZR Developer Edition. I Thought At The RAZR Event They Said ALL RAZRs Would Be Getting Developer Editions.


    • Diablo81588

      Why does that say 1.2Ghz??

      • Diablo81588

        Nevermind, just a typo. Phew.. lol

    • evltwn

      What do you think of the new look to their Droiddoes site?

  • Greg

    I find it funny that their is only a $50 difference in the full retail prices on these phones but $100 difference in the subsidized price.I bet these will drop in price in December when the Note 2 and DIX will be selling for $300

  • L.A.

    I’m waiting out for the HTC!

  • kervation

    There comes a time when I just want all day battery life on a device. The Razr variants are really, really tempting.

    • zUFC

      Yah, that time came for me the past three years!! I have to have this phone just for that reason. the two phone I’ll be giving up are better. so I’m basically downgrading for all day batt life. It should be everyones number one concern.

  • OMG, I’m ordering this in the MORNING. Upgrading from my Droid Razr Maxx to RAZR MAXX HD

  • Matt Galo

    Seriously considering the MAXX HD over the next Nexus. I need good battery life and we all know Verizon is not getting a *true* Nexus anytime soon. Might as well go with the MAXX HD, root it, and maybe toss Nova on there.

    • Batman

      You won’t be able to root it because the bootloader is locked. At least from what I have been reading, thanks to Verizion.

      • WRONG.. You can root even the Motophones with ENCRYPTED bootloaders… Visit xda… There is already a method available to root your RazrHD…

      • MFG
      • kixofmyg0t

        Kellen, you really need to do a difference between root and bootloader Android beginners guide post. Some people (like Batman here) don’t understand the difference.

        • Butters619

          Also throw in there the difference between locked bootloaders and encrypted bootloaders.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Why not go all out and get the dev edition? We have to pay full retail to keep unlimited data…. Why not get something that’s unlocked AND has all day battery? Just a thought.

      • MattyWalnuts

        is the dev edition available yet?

      • Because Motorola has repeatedly said that there isn’t a dev edition for the Maxx.

        • MattyWalnuts

          ugh, is this confirmed? several other tech sites have conflicting information.

    • LiterofCola

      Unless they release a Nexus using the Razr HD’s build, I’ll more than likely be getting this phone. Samsung’s build isn’t really appealing to me and the more I look at LG’s style, the less I like it.

    • YankInDaSouth

      I just went to my local store and played with it’s a REAL nice phone …. just can’t decide if it’s $650 nice!!!! :-/

  • nightscout13


  • Ron_Swanson

    So what is the full retail on these?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Just go to the link.

    • DemoManMLS

      Lemme just say that it costs more then flavorful meat love costs but… nothing can replace flavorful meat love!

      • Ron_Swanson

        Ha! You sir are correct.

    • evltwn


  • Yesssss

  • What’s the difference between the Razr HD and the Razr Maxx HD you ask? The Maxx HD has an extra row of icons. BAM!

    • boot

      Actually, no, nobody asked.

  • Diablo81588

    Its not the 18th yet 🙂

    • Bob G

      Yes it is.

      • Diablo81588

        Not here or where Kellen lives!

        • Hah, acting like I’m in NYC. 😛

          • Diablo81588

            Close enough 🙂

  • LTL11

    Cant decide between this and the GS3, and then of course there is an android event on the 29th, ahhhhh. Great timing for my upgrade.

    • Jackson

      Note 2

      • MichaelFranz

        im debating on the note 2, i want to try it out. The specs are the best on the market and the 3100Mah battery sounds way to tempting. if only that HTC 5 incher was a bigger battery i would be very happy going back to an HTC device

    • Akashshr


  • I’m waiting for your reviews. I just bought the GS3 so I’m hoping I don’t regret my decision, especially since the battery life isn’t optimal.