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Video: New Quick Settings Menu in Android 4.2, Double Notification Menus Incoming?

Is Google looking to introduce a second notification menu in Android 4.2 that will contain quick settings? According to the video below, purportedly from from an LG Nexus 4 running Android 4.2, the build has a second pulldown menu with a placeholder image that reads “Future Site of Quick Settings.” Yep, it’s the picture you are seeing above.

To access it, you will have to swipe down your main notification menu, followed by a second swipe down from your notification bar. The quick settings menu should then overlap your main notifications menu, giving you access to toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, etc. It’s actually a brilliant idea, but as you’ll see in the video, there are no quick settings there yet, just the placeholder image. 


What do you guys think? Great idea? Horrible idea? Too confusing? “Finally!”?

And what does this mean for Android 4.2? If the LG Nexus 4 is supposed to be here in a couple of weeks, is it going to launch with new software or not? Since this new menu is far from finished, maybe the device will launch with Android 4.1.2 and will receive an update shortly thereafter to 4.2?

Via:  Android Police

  • Mastabrozif
  • Love this in AOKP and CM (and prior in Sense ROMs), so nice.

  • Steven02

    I like the HTC way of doing this. They tab the notifications menu. Quick Settings on one tab, notifications on the other. Works well if you ask me.

  • Trevor

    They should make it so a two-finger swipe-down accesses the quick settings. Then you wouldn’t have to swipe twice.

    Or maybe they could do the two-finger way AND have the double tray method for those wanting to do it one-handed (hmmm, that joke writes itself…).

  • +1

  • droidman101

    Should be down notifications, down again is quick settings, down again is real settings app.

  • Will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

  • MikeSaver

    might be confusing
    why not just add power toggles as default

  • PuzzleShot

    Noticed that the regular tray doesn’t cover the status bar anymore either.

  • josh tomassi

    Instead of making a whole new panel/tray maybe have the quick controls expanding from the notification bar like expanding a notification

  • Maybe I’m an old-timer, but I’ll stick with my CM10 Quick Toggles, thanks. They don’t take up too much room and I only need one swipe.

  • droidboy24

    Back in the day some guy at the 4 train in DA Bronx used to say Nick’s and Trey’s haha wink wink

  • Alan Paone

    I think they had hints of something better on the nexus 7, the rotation lock switch is right nxt to the settings shortcut with room to spare for more controls.

  • calum wilper

    i believe something they added in android 4.1.2 is you can now expand notifications with one finger as opposed to using multitouch

  • k_nivesout

    Fantastic idea, it has the potential to be cleaner than CM/AOKP or manufacturer skin’s toggles. Really, toggles and long-press volume to skip music tracks are the only reasons I use custom roms anymore. I doubt they would want to spoil the surprise before the official announcement for the nexus 4/android 4.2, which would explain the placeholder.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      Finally some that gets it. They didn’t have to copy CM they found an elegant way of doing it. I’m really excited about this.

  • Brett Besa

    Nice, nice. I still prefer Cyanogenmod’s way of doing it but this is pretty nifty

  • Okay this something that is long over due, but why the hell have a double swipe…you already have a button in the tray for settings why not just make it go to the quick settings (which I hop eare the toggles) from there, with a button in the quick settings to go to full settings…much like many ICS roms had.

  • DanSan

    really like this but just like somebody else said wish they did it like motorola does. just swipe left or right to show toggles in the pull down.

  • FrankBoston

    Swiping to the left (or right) would be cool too – after pulling down the initial pulldown menu of course.

  • Chris Pinola

    I’m gonna cast my vote for “Finally!” but only if it’s super customizable a la CM, AOKP, et al. Easily one of my most prominent reasons for running custom ROMs. I can honestly say I’ve never shown this feature off to someone who didn’t have it and have them react negatively to it. This should’ve been part of AOSP a long, long time ago.

  • G8orDroid

    I kinda like the idea, but why not “tap” the bar for toggles and pull/swipe for notifications? Wouldn’t that work?

  • Greyhame

    This is an excellent implementation and I hope it comes with 4.2. I’m the guy with so many toggles I have to swipe them left and right to fit them all. This looks easier and has the ability to be cleaner, while saving as much room as possible for the toggles. If this were implemented in a way to allow for switches to be added/removed with ease, it will be a welcome (overdue IMO) addition!

    End of the month cannot come soon enough!!

  • ddevito


  • ksat

    What would happen if they made it a two-finger swipe vs. a single-finger double swipe? Would that make it better? I think so… less confusion and a little more straight forward.

    • That wouldn’t be too bad but you move from being able to access it with one hand (swipe twice) to having to use two hands (two finger swipe).

  • Dave

    I think it’s a brilliant idea. Leave the notification tray for, you know, notifications.

  • Charlie

    Motorola has implemented something similar to this in the new Razr HD build where you swipe to the left to get to the quick settings. Kind of like that better than two pull-downs, imo.

    • br_hermon

      Except this method would be available from any app. The way you mentioned is only on the homescreen, right?

  • Nico J

    MIUI had something similar but it was a swipe to the right to view the page of quick toggles if you had notifications and if not, the quick toggle page would just show up on the regular swipe down.

    I prefer MIUI’s implementation myself.

    • Greyhame

      But now swiping left/right removes notifications.. so not sure how they would handle that using the implementation you suggest. Two swipe downs are easy.

    • The left and right swipe in the notification area is now reserved for dismissing notifications now. It would be somewhat confusing to have that gesture do different things depending on if you’re on a notification or on dead space (which doesn’t always exist if you have a ton of notifications).

      It wouldn’t be terribly difficult to do but I think they’re trying to have some consistency in what certain gestures mean throughout the OS.

  • connor

    can’t wait to sync this change and build it for my toro! 🙂

  • Siggy

    I just don’t understand why they don’t put something like in on AOKP in place. Thats pretty compact and you don’t have to swipe twice. I also kind of like what they did on the Razr M other than the fact that your home screen is the left most screen and all others are to the right. Kind of reminded me of the iOS universal search except not just some crappy universal search waste of space.

    • Google does not want to take up any space at all, especially for those of us who don’t want any quick settings at all (like me). If you take up space in my notification bar and don’t let me turn it off, I will not be happy.

  • moelsen8

    awesome idea. while i’d prefer the notification toggles we have in custom roms and touchwiz, i can see how they wouldn’t want them to get in the way of the actual notifications. it’s brilliant.. and still much quicker and easier to access than the settings themselves

    • EC8CH

      agree… you trade a bit of accessibility for a bit less clutter

  • Tyrian

    I think the ROM devs (CM) have done a better job implementing this in the current notification menu.

  • I’m ok with this for now… until Motorola or LG decides to use their skin with this and then has like 7 pulldowns for different things. I think my head would explode. Luckily I have a Nexus and will only buy Nexus phones or root/ROM so, whatever.

    The point is, let’s not get carried away.

    • EC8CH

      Only 7 levels???

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    I see this being a +1. With skinned versions of Android the pull down is too cluttered (touchwiz) this will clean it up nicley.

    • EC8CH

      This is kinda how I feel.

    • teleclimber

      I agree it’s cluttered but I got used to it on my inc2. The first time I pulled down the shade my eyes glazed over. I never use the quick settings tab in the notification shade, however it is my preferred way of multi-tasking. But that last point is moot on ICS and above.

      For quick settings I use widgets. I find that works nicely.

  • The problem Android is beginning to face is the complexity of “Simple” actions. The new “1 finger notification extender” could be confusing at first when trying to collapse a notification.

    Now this “hidden” quick settings menu. I understand Android is not necessarily geared towards my mom and dad, but because they do have a Galaxy Nexus and Droid X2, I want them to be able to use the OS for all it is worth.

    Make it more simple, which is what they were heading towards with ICS, and less cluttered.

    I like the simple “toggle” system. Nice to look at, and you know it is there. Maybe it is just me.

    • You must realize iOS doesn’t have ANY of this extra stuff. Android is great because even if your average user (like your parents) never finds any of these extra “hidden” features they’ve still got a great OS with all the base features in plain sight. The hidden features are for those of us who like to explore the OS and get everything out of it that we can. I understand your point of making all these cool features as obvious as possible to the average user though, but sometimes that’s not possible. Though in this case I think they could have done a better job.

      Also, you must remember most average users don’t notice features that are right in front of them. My mom doesn’t notice or try buttons that are right in front of her face for things that she really wants to do.

      • I understand all this, but it would make their lives much easier if they could grasp the “I do not have to go into the settings to change the settings” way of thinking.

        I have CM10 installed on my Galaxy Nexus. Love it. The new toggle system they have introduced is not only useful, it is gorgeous. It is right there in front of my face, and my parents have even noticed and asked about it.

        • I agree, but I think most of the time Google leaves this kind of stuff up to the developers unless they truly believe it is adding value for a vast majority of users. For instance, I couldn’t care less about settings toggles and I’m sure there are others like me.

        • While I agree with you mostly, I think Google is trying to get away from making it easy for people to constantly fiddle with stuff all the time. Sometimes people fiddle with settings because it’s so easy to, not because they need to. Google is striving for a simple/streamlined experience without buttons and sliders and toggles all over the place. If you want all that, that’s what the dev community is for.

    • What is the “1 finger notification extender” exactly?

      Also, if you want your parents to be able to use the OS for all it’s worth then explain to them the hidden features. Even iOS which is supposed to be so simple it doesn’t need an instruction manual fails to surface features for users. I just showed an iOS user the notification center and multitasking menu last Friday. They didn’t know about either.

      • Do you have 4.1.2? If you do, you can expand the notifications with 1 one finger. Sorry if I got the verbage wrong.

        I am not speaking in regards to “my parents” just their generation of smart phone users that may or may have not just gotten the hang of computers and what not.

        • Unless they changed it, don’t you still need to use two fingers to extend notifications? I’m on the latest AOKP which is based on 4.1.1 I believe.

          And I know you were speaking in general terms and I was as well. There is something to be said about things just working, but the fact is that sometimes you need to be shown how to do things. I feel Android actually does better than iOS in this because they show that tutorial the first time you boot up after a system update. I’m sure when 4.2 gets pushed there will be a demo of the new double swipe feature. If people forget about it and don’t use it, then really it’s not a loss in functionality.

          • That explains it. CM10 is based on 4.1.2 and you can now use 1 finger to expand and collapse the notifications. It is very useful, but is a little confusing at first. Droid-Life did a write up on it a few days ago.

          • Man and here I thought I was up on all the Android news. You miss a day on DLife and you’re lost. haha. Is that a CM thing or a 4.1.2 thing? I thought 4.1.2 just gave landscape to N7 and some bug fixes. It wouldn’t make sense to me that Google decided to go from two fingers to 1 finger.

          • It’s a 4.1.2 thing, and you can still use the 2 fingers, but there is now the ability to use two.

          • Well there’s a feature I will be looking forward to in the next few days when a new AOKP releases. Does expanding and scrolling get misinterpreted sometimes in your experience?

  • EC8CH

    Tray within a Tray….


    I like it.

  • Google better patent it quick. Apple will steal it for there next build of IOS then sue Google.

    • I wish I could say you’re being ridiculous… But, unfortunately, you’re not.

    • oh well

      i see. just like the first version of android was on a touch phone. oh wait…it was a blackberry copy, remember? they changed it all when they saw the iphone.
      people have short memory. apple patented because they got screwed by creative some years before. just like google, ibm, microsoft, etc. they all patent stuff.
      it’s the patent system that’s broken, not one company.

      • calum wilper

        lets all remember notifications in ios5 too, apple did that first and then google put it in their androi…. oh wait… no that’s not how that went…

        • oh well

          so what? all companies do that, to a certain degree. that’s precisely the point. but some (apple, google, etc) try to improve on existing ideias, others (samsung, microsoft, etc) just copy them.

          • calum wilper

            but only apple patent trolls so hard they make microsoft google and samsung look like mewling kittens in comparison.

          • oh well

            not so. microsoft wiped out some companies like that. remember those japanese ones that got killed because the help icon on some “office-like” suite? microsoft did that.
            apple is suing samsung because the copy-pasted the stuff apple gave them to work on, for the iphone. just like ms did to apple some years ago.
            even the boxes and the chargers are the same, but painted black.

            i don’t see them suing asus for their tablets. or htc or motorola. (correct me if i’m wrong, honestly).

            i’m a samsung phone owner 🙂 and guess what, i bought this phone (galaxy S) because it was a iphone wannabe but cheaper.

            it was a good decision at the time. but their phones are getting worse and worse (galaxy s 3 is huge and the screen is, from what i heard, crap). next one will be a motorola m (4 inches max, just like this one). or an iphone. both are two good products.

          • Colin Zack


            The GS3 is one of, if the not the best, phone out right now. don’t know where you heard it was so bad. I’d love to see you find a review that states that.

          • oh well

            well, i read some article about phone screens and i talked to some ppl that bough one and the opinion was that the colors were all wrong. i can’t tell you my opinion because i haven’t had one in my hand, so i take those opinions with a grain of salt.

            also, i don’t want a screen bigger than 4 inches. my phone goes with me in my pocket and has to fit in my hand. i tried bigger ones and they felt too big. others may have a different opinion, of course.

            i can accept a screen bigger than 4 inches IF the phone itself is not bigger than, say, the galaxy S or the nexus S.

            i have nothing against ppl with different opinions. so having options is a good thing.

          • calum wilper

            haha they are suing asus, htc and motorola. They are cases that haven’t gotten as much publicity as apple vs. samsung, but they’re there. Everyone is suing everyone to be honest but apple has a history of stealing something, altering it slightly (maybe even improving it: see- GUI) and then jealously guarding it like pack rats and out suing everyone else who has similar technology. Apple has created a form a running a business that as of late involves making sure no one else can make a product like yours rather than just out-inventing the competition which is what they built their image on. I won’t deny their products are good (with the exception of siri and apple maps) but they’re overpriced and they use shady techniques to squeeze more money out of people (like their specialized charging port and adapters for macbooks) and then market it as being simpler and easier to use. It would seem simpler to me if they just used the micro usb that every other phone uses (even before the iphone, every phone i’ve ever owned used that same plug, this includes three flip phones before i owned an og droid). Instead they’re so concentrated on distancing themselves from everyone else that in the end their consumers are losing out. I reiterate that i realize that apple is not the only company that uses practices like this but i will say that they are the only one’s that almost exclusively use these practices all at once as method of business.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            You can’t use the word kitten in any form, it’s been patented by Apple as the next version of mac os.

        • stnkygymshorts

          I think everyone has been ripping off Dell for a long time.

        • Justin W

          Don’t forget the most recent one… “Unlocking by moving your finger along a predefined path” – that is so much BS.

      • EC8CH

        It was actually on BOTH a “blackberry” copy and a touch phone.

      • PuzzleShot

        If you watch the video that introduced that blackberry copy, you’ll see that it also features a touch screen phone.

      • Guest

        I have no problem with company’s sharing tech. 90% of whats in android is open so any one can use it. My problem is when a company comes along and pretends to invent something then sues the inverters. So yes blackberry had touch first, but did they try to sue every one who came along after them? No. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t palm have touch long before blackberry?

        • oh well

          again, i think you are not seeing the forest, just the tree. apple sued samsung because they copied *everything* from them. even the ipad cardboard boxes and the chargers were copied. just look at them. the other samsung products had those universal usb chargers. not the tablets’s, those were copied.

          also, samsung gained huge amounts of money, they built most of the iphone. that’s probably what got apple angry. also, microsoft did the precise same thing to apple some years ago.

          look at the big picture. also, of course those companies sue each other every day, just look at all those who’s-suing-who-today infographics all over the net. this case was a special one, apple got screwed by microsoft and creative labs some years ago. they decided to fight back this time.

          microsoft receives money for each android phone sold. they also sued. where are the screams?

          i think this apple-hate thing is just a apple-fanboy – android-fanboy thing.
          sane people can see the bigger picture, i hope.

          either way, no phone is the best. it always depends on the person who buys. example: i prefer a 4 inch screen, so iphone was a no-go for me until version 5. 3.5 was too small. i tried and didn’t like it.

          i went for an android. the best one, at the time, *for me*, was the galaxy S.
          today, the best one *for me* is the motorola m, all specs considered.
          also, i do want to try a 4 inch iphone, just to see how it compares to the motorola m. does anyone have both? what do u like/dislike in them?

          • pdyk

            @51dff15f77c28634f97094f0a6c8bf11:disqus What are you talking about? The big picture here is perfectly clear. Apple isn’t targeting Samsung because “they copied everything”, they are targeting Samsung because they are the most successful Android manufacturer to date, which makes them a convenient target for the patent war against Android. The big picture is all about money, not personal vendettas. Samsung has been the most formidable opponent to the iPhone to date, so they have been targeted more heavily by Apple. You can be damn sure the same thing would be true if HTC or Asus was the Android leader.

            Apple’s main target isn’t Samsung, it’s Google. They are waging the patent war to try and slow the advance of Android’s market share. It’s just business and it makes more sense for Apple to go after the hardware manufacturers than to directly target Google. Not only has Google amassed many of its own relevant patents over the past few years, but they have ample Cash reserves to wage a serious legal battle.

            Not to mention suing Google directly would be really bad publicity. Apple is already nearing a tipping point and needs to be very careful how they are going to further proceed in the patent war. They are already being portrayed as a bully, if they keep that up that could have a serious impact on the opinions of consumers which ultimately hurts their bottom line.

            The big picture really just comes down to money. Apple wants to slow the advance of Android. They target the hardware manufacturers and thereby indirectly attack Google, forcing design changes in future versions of Android while slowing creativity. The patent war is unsustainable long term, and ultimately all of these companies are going to come together with some kind of cross-patent licensing agreements. Apple knows it, Samsung knows it, Google knows it. There all just trying to gain leverage over each other so they can negotiate a better licensing deal in the end.

            Hopefully those agreements will come sooner rather than later. The real losers in this “war” are the consumers, regardless of whether you use an Apple product, a Google product, or a Microsoft product.

        • oh well

          also, they didn’t sue everyone, just samsung. motorola, htc, asus, etc they didn’t get sued. why? they did their take, their version of a concept.

          asus transformer is pretty cool, actually. a friend of mine has one.
          i dont have a use for a tablet but i tried that one and liked it.

      • brandnew234

        Google has not been on the offensive side of the recent legal battles. Though yuou’re right, everyone else is being petty, but Google is not.

      • michael arazan

        android was around in 2005 before ios was even released.

    • michael arazan

      No apple would just explain that one of their general vague patents already covers this and then say their over vague and general patent is being infringed upon.

  • Russell Sprague

    The second swipe just seems like a waste, why not just put them at eh top of the main notification win?

    • Check Android Police’s post on it.

    • John

      Space. With JB expanded notifications, space is at a premium. It can fill up quickly if you’ve received several texts, emails, maybe downloaded an app or two, and have a couple Google Now cards on display or something along those lines.

      • Clear-all button. Why are you collecting notifications?

  • Litso

    Love the idea, not sure if it’s quite as useful as having them right in the regular notification drawer, but its still quite snazzy.

  • Fund it.

  • Raloc

    What’s the point when the button to get to all of the system settings is the same amount of steps away?

  • Don’t see any personal use for it but I guess that’s nice for those who may. Always good to have options, yeah?

  • Bill Mitchell

    I think it’s a great idea. I’m sure there will be many users who won’t realize they have the ability to bring down a second window, but I don’t see any harm in implementing it! It’ll be awesome for those of us who will utilize it, and won’t bother the ones who won’t.

    • Those people who wouldn’t really know about it aren’t likely to be those who will need to manage these things as much as we do. I consider myself a power user and I don’t really toggle stuff too much. My most frequent is WiFi tether.

    • google can simply do what they did to the launcher, just launch a tutorial about it

  • Toneman

    Fund it.

  • Toneman

    Fund it.

  • DarnGood

    Love the idea…

  • Lando Rex M’Masi

    What’s up with the original notification shade not going all the way down to the bottom of the screen?

    • Noticed that too. It’s odd, maybe some bug in the system. It’s obviously not finished.

      • MrSteve920

        Perhaps it’s meant to be like that. It seems that the shade stopped right at the last notification. Maybe now if you only have one notification the shade only opens up to the size of one notification?

  • Adam Emshwiller

    BOUT TIME! I can’t wait for KLP

    • Zach

      This isn’t KLP. 4.2 will still be called Jelly Bean.

  • mystikalrush

    Cool idea in theory, but not reality.

    • Why…?

      • to get back to notifications you’d have to pull the bar back up, then pull back down to get to notifications… that’s why i’m a little irked by this…

        • Ahh good point. Yeah, not sure how they can change that, other than make it a single finger swipe to get rid of both menus and a two-finger swipe (like in notifications) to get rid of one menu.

          • Greyhame

            Another swipe could also simply switch back to the notification shade. They could implement both methods. I’d prefer two single digit swipes myself.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            I’m thinking back button and single swipe down to go back to notifications and home / back buttons to exit quick settings.

        • I’m sure there’s an easier way than that. Like tapping on the notification bar or something.

        • EC8CH

          Maybe they should just make a one finger swipe down bring up notifications, and a two finger swipe down bring up quick settings?

        • Or maybe you could just swipe down again and it would be like an infinite loop. My question is how many times are you really going to go to notifications do your thing, then go to quick settings, and then decided that in the last 30 seconds you want to recheck your notifications?

          • probably never… but you never know until you’re in that situation. i would personally prefer the way ROM devs have been doing it for years now. i’d rather lose a small amount of screen real estate if it meant less swiping. It just works.

          • It’s all a matter of taste in that case, so really it should be “it just works FOR ME.” Not trying to be snarky or anything but it seems like your shooting holes at an idea because it doesn’t necessarily suit your preferences.

          • no no no… i meant what i said there… it just works… when you pull your notification down and you see wifi, bluetooth, gps, and whatever other toggles your rom dev chooses to put on there, can you just click them and it toggle them? of course you can. that’s what i mean. most people know how to do this. (hence why samsung is doing it) most people wouldn’t understand and say “why do i have to pull down twice?” that’s what i meant by it being embedded in notifications.
            the reason i’m shooting holes in it is because we’ve already got a way to do it that works great and IN MY OPINION we’re going back a step having to pull down twice.

          • True enough, I can definitely see your point. Personally, my favorite configuration is hidden toggles that expand in the notification area and collapse when you don’t need them. Right now I’m running a rom without the collapse option and it’s not ideal. Almost 1/3 of my notification area is taken up by the toggles add that to my Gmail notification when expanded and that’s almost my whole notification tray used.

            I can concede that embedding the toggles in the notification areas is probably the simplest option from a interaction standpoint but at the same time I can understand the counter balance Google had to try to make with allowing for more data rich notifications. It just boils down to individual users. Personally, I want my notification area to serve as a hub for quick information and losing space for toggles that I don’t use often isn’t ideal.

            Final point, it seems like Google will be implementing some quick toggles into Google Now which may be an easier thing for users to pick up then using the double swipe toggle. Though I find the whole thing a little gimmicky compared to just having a button.

      • mystikalrush

        Ask any dev, there’s a very good reason why most ROMs already have this on the first pulldown already. Everyone loves convenience.

        • My favorite method is MIUI’s. Pulldown with notifications that need tending to: notification panels appears. No notifications that need tending to: toggles/quick settings.

        • It could be argued that the target of ROMs are power users who find more utility in having quick access to toggles for key settings. I’m not saying the average user doesn’t have utility but let’s be honest they aren’t going to be toggling settings nearly as much as those who use ROMs. It’s therefore understandable that Google wouldn’t want to clutter up the notification area with something the regular user would only find distracting 9/10 times.

          • mystikalrush

            You can take a look at the number 1 selling android phone ever, GS3 and notice how many if not all these features come stock in there pulldown window…

          • There’s an adage about correlation not necessarily implying causation which is true here. Just because the GS3 has sold well doesn’t mean that it’s because the notification drawer is set up in a particular fashion.

          • mystikalrush

            Yet, all above comes stock.

          • What point are you trying to make? I’ve stipulated that it comes stock but do you have evidence that these features helped to sell the phone at all? Or any evidence that this is a feature found useful to users? Or even proof that people like the feature? People could very well hate the way Samsung does it but live with it because they like other features.

            For instance, it’s retarded that Samsung stuck with the pre-ICS method of folder creation (long press + create folder + filling the folder with apps rather than drag and drop). I have a few friends that hate this but like the phone overall.

          • mystikalrush

            I never stated this help sold the phone. Naturally any common person could gather basic statistics that an over abundance of customers have had significantly more exposure to these stock features due to over demanding interests of all which being the same product.

          • I still don’t see the point you’re trying to make. Are you saying that Android/Google should just copy what Samsung did so that they can align with what Samsung is doing since they sell so many phones?

          • mystikalrush

            You’ve gone way off topic.

          • I’ve been trying to get on topic. You added some extraneous detail about S3 sales and how they do things. I’ve simply tried to ask why that matters. A question that still remains unanswered.

          • mystikalrush

            Reread your first comment.

          • And reread your initial reply. Your comment had nothing to do with my reply. I offered a counter-argument to your claim that everyone loves convenience and your brought up GS3 sales.

          • mystikalrush

            That’s a shame.

  • droyd4life

    Looks awesome.

  • ddevito

    Sounds like the first is the ‘outer’ layer tray – like for apps – the second one will be for OS.

    I hate it. There’s no reason it can’t all be in the same tray.

    The only thing I like is keeping the system tray viewable.

    • Larizard

      I think I know the reason. Samsung’s implementation of quick settings, is that you swipe left and right to show more of your toggles (hidden from sight), something that is not consistent with ICS. Remember, swiping left and right will CLEAR your notifications.

      They added a second panel so that all settings can be listed vertically, and you can add as much toggles as you want, without the need to swipe left and right to show more.

      PS: Remember, they also added left-right swipe into Gmail to delete/archive emails. So it’s all about being consistent here.

      • ddevito

        Recent phone call:

        Samsung: “Hey Google, what’s up? Yeeeeah, since ICS, notifications are getting cluttered, particularly gestures in our TouchWiz”

        Matias: “There’s a very simple solution to all this”


  • kretz7

    What’s the point when you could put the toggles in the first drop down menu?

    • PhillipCun

      Only thing I see is saving space. And adding that extra gesture could help with accidentally changing settings while in your pocket.

    • EC8CH

      You could also just put all the app shortcuts on the homescreen…. but that would be just silly 😛

      • Hah. 😛

        I’m thinking Google can make them much bigger in the second notifications panel as well, rather than the smaller toggles at the top. How often do you need to toggle settings like that? When you are changing them, they are taking up notification space.

        • EC8CH

          And like the AP post says side swiping in the JB notifications is meant for dismissing, so using that to scroll settings would be inconsistent.

        • how about a two finger swipe to toggle these settings

          • Woody Fentress

            I think two fingers would be cool. Either having two fingers on the notification bar bring up a settings shade or two fingers on the notification bar once the shade is already down to expand it to show settings.

      • kretz7

        Well that’s true and what I currently do, just sayin’…

  • me gusta