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Echofon Alpha Twitter Client Released on Android

Echofon, one of the more popular iOS Twitter applications of all time, has been working on an alpha version of an Android app behind the scenes for a while now that we were just turned on to. In fact, the build is up to version 1.9 and was released over the weekend through their Twitter account. 

After installing it, it’s obvious that they have followed Google’s app design guidelines, as it’s completely Holo-themed. There are two theme choices in either dark or light, you can swipe between tabs with the touch of a finger, and multi-account support for the power users will soon be added (option shows, but is not live yet). It has push notifications, notifications that work with Jelly Bean’s new notification bar, a variety of image hosting sites to choose from, and more. For being an “alpha,” this is a pretty impressive Twitter app. The only thing I’m not seeing so far, is conversation support, meaning you can’t see full conversations on Twitter.

Download:  echofonalpha.apk

To install, simply download to your phone, tap on the file when it finishes, and install.

And by the way, how sexy is that “Verified” logo next to our account? 🙂

Via:  Twitter

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Cool…. I’ll try this since PLUME is ridiculously buggy nowadays

  • moe6

    It’s going to take a lot for this even to compete with Falcon and Tweet Lanes.

    I definitely won’t forget them putting ads in a firefox extension update without warning

  • Loving the push notifications – better than most finished clients purely on that aspect alone. Excited to see where Echofon takes their Android app. Wouldn’t mind a Chrome app; I wonder if that’s their next project.

    My dream Twitter app would feature Plume’s mixed multiple account timelines and Tweet Lanes’ ever-present context box with all the usual suspects (push notifications, full list management, auto-correct, scrollable widgets).

  • I’m really liking it so far on my GNEX. I don’t see the push notification setttings like in the middle screenshot though. Anyone know why?

  • Chris Pinola

    I’m actually stunned that a 3rd party app is able to do push notifications so well. What do they know that everyone else doesn’t? I’m guessing they must have some pretty beefy web service polling the Twitter API and dispatching those C2DM messages.

  • xanaxdroid

    I’ll never leave Boid, it’s just too good.

  • ceejw

    I’m impressed they redesigned the whole app for Android. More iOS devs need to do this. I’m looking at you Facebook and Instagram.

  • fritzo

    cant wait to try this out. Official Tweeter app sux on JB, been waiting since july for Carbon for Android, so Echofon it is!

  • Scott Bowen

    I’ll wait.. and continue to use Slices by OneLouder..

  • Lando Rex M’Masi

    The pull-to-refresh, lack of conversation view, buggy keyboard implementation and advertisements hold this app back. The push notifications work flawlessly, don’t see why other clients can’t do this.

    I appreciate the following of Holo guidelines but now devs need to implement distinct design aesthetics to their apps at this point a la 9292, Catch Notes, Google+, Pocket, etc.

    I like this option being available and I’m sure they’ll improve upon it. I’ll stick with Carbon though.

  • So so so so pumped. I use echofon on Firefox and on my desktop. I’ve been switching between Ubersocial and Tweetcaster on my phone and neither of them are as fluid (especially when you just wanna go to a user or see “in reply to”). It’s also super easy to switch between accounts.

  • Nevermind.

  • Munir

    does this have tweetmarker or read it later (pocket) support?

  • kfath1978

    Nice tiwtter app but the ads at the top are kind of annoying. may be worth paying for a ad free version.

  • Ads? Ew.

    • ceejw

      They’ll likely have a paid version without ads just like they do on iOS.

  • I’m still stuck on Tweet Lanes 😀

    • Morris

      I like Tweet Lanes but I hate the Tweet Spotlight feature. I’ve stopped using it because of that. I’m waiting for the option to turn it off which the dev said was coming soon but hasn’t come quick enough.

    • Br_d

      I’m using it too but I can’t figure out how to delete tweets. Am I just dumb? I have to keep another twitter app around for that.

  • Hothfox

    It looks nice, but I don’t like that the bottom bar isn’t actions, like it’s supposed to be. This isn’t iOS!

  • watchthesky

    Does it sync between devices?

  • Nine stories before noon Pacific time? Loving it.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    So, how many Twitter clients does one ecosystem need? This seems like the 15th different one I’ve seen reported on in a few months.

    • Yeah it’s overkill. I still use Hootsuite after all this time.

      • AndrewScottRox

        I can’t quit tweetdeck, even after it quit me. Clearly I have a problem…

    • Simon Belmont

      Echofon is actually pretty good. I used their Firefox add-in for a long time and loved it.

      I’ll definitely take this for a spin. I like having options.

    • Br_d

      There are so many twitter clients, but none of them do everything right, unfortunately. I’m still looking for that perfect twitter app.

  • Michael Forte

    Whatever happened to Carbon? I thought they were close to release months ago.

    • Who knows at this point. What a mess that has been though.

      • Sqube

        As excited as I was for Carbon, I can’t see leaving Tweet Lanes (on my GNex) or TweetDeck (on my TPrime).

        I might could give Echofon a shot though, just based on the sheer amount of iOS users who seem to sing its praises.

        • I’ve been using Plume on both my Galaxy Nexus and on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and it’ll be really hard to pry me away from it. I really wanted to give Carbon a shot but at this point my care level has dropped to nil.

      • LOL. I kinda derided Carbon when it dropped because I saw exactly where the project was heading. Prophecy fulfilled. Always nice to have more options, hope Echofon has username autocomplete for everyone you follow.

      • Lando Rex M’Masi

        Carbon is complete. There was a delay in the editing of the marketing video which is out of the devs hands. He wants to release it correctly. Expect announcement this week.

        • Morris

          Like I haven’t heard that one before

        • This week, three months ago…and 2 months ago…and last month. Meh

        • anezarati

          they are letting a marketing video delay the release? its going to be free…

      • michael arazan

        Just read an article a week ago how Carbon is still a mess and still doesn’t have an estimate or even a guess of when it may be released.

    • qbix

      Funny, I was just wondering that. Looks like it’s ready, they just haven’t published it. I’ll believe it when I see it. http://twitter.com/CarbonAndroid/status/249808161903611904

      • Hothfox

        That was almost a month ago. They have little credibility left with me. They’re a clear example of ‘keep your mouth shut until you’re .5 seconds away from releasing it’. If you can’t live up to your own generated hype, don’t bother.