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Retailer Shows 32GB Version of the Nexus 7 to Cost £199, Same as 16GB

According to the above image leaked from a UK retailer, it looks like the 32GB Nexus 7 will indeed retail for the same price as the 16GB variant, at least in this case. Previously, it was still in speculation that the 32GB would straight up replace the 16GB model, but this definitely adds some credibility to the claims.

And to those 16GB buyers that feel cheated, who knows, maybe Google will find a way to make it up to you.

Via: Android and Me

  • Mike 245

    I bought a nexus one month ago and I am not happy with the news that they are going to sell the 32 GB model for the same price . This never happens when you by apple products . This is not the best way to establish a good relationship with new customers . That’s why people make queues to by apple products in the first day they arrive on the shops in one word , trust .

  • jfr69

    As it was mentioned .. 199.99 british pounds in $320 here in the U.S. so I wouldn’t go getting all pissed off until you see what the actual price will be here….

  • Attila Monostori

    You guys are so spoiled…

    I live in Europe, and wanted to get a Nexus 7, 16Gb from the first minute it was announced.
    Yet, I could not buy it as it was not introduced in this remote part of the World (even if I have the money, grrr). Yes, maybe I will get a 32Gb version in the near future, maybe not so near. Until then, I have to use a Chinese tablet with inferior specs.

    And one more thing, for me it’s gonna cost much more (VAT is 27%!!!)!

    So please stop weaning and bless your fortune, and always remember that the price of technology drops fast. Don’t be surprised if half year later there will be a 64Gb version for the same price. Time is money, no?

  • Rawheat

    I’m not pissed either. The Nexus 7 is a tremendous value. I guess it would have been nice if only a 16GB or 32GB model were offered to begin with, but whatever. It is what it is. By far this bad boy has been the best tablet experience I’ve come across thus far. It’s a nice balance between size and performance and lets face it, one that we didn’t think we’d be able to score for $250….at least I didn’t (unless it was some garbage Pantech or Archos put out).

  • Trixz_D

    Its Currys/pc world lol 🙂 wish id of waited i went down to buy another tablet for my other half after i got a nexus 7 16gb and the staff told me they will soon be stocking a 32gb model. This was said to me in August when i asked why they didnt sell the 8gb models in stores.

  • CaptM

    Damn, and I just bought 2 16GB’s only 2 weeks ago.
    I got my wife one for her birthday and that was delivered within 3 days of purchase, then I bought one for me, there was a problem on Google’s end and it took just under 3 weeks to get it, Man they should compenstate me with a new 32GB version for all of the problems that I had with them.

  • NexusMan

    “And to those 16GB buyers that feel cheated, who knows, maybe Google will find a way to make it up to you.” I hope so.

    • Trixz_D

      Me too, wonder what they would do if they thought about it.

      • NexusMan

        A credit toward a new device like Motorola offered for phones they weren’t updating to Jellybean is an option. Google even gave Nexus Q’s for free to those early adopters, once they discontinued it in its then form.

  • David Verba

    Releasing another “edition” but still haven’t released a single accessory – beginning to think the issue isn’t with Samsung (GNex) /Asus,but with Google.

    • Kie

      You forgot about the crappy over priced case that if you reserved delayed the shipment of your N7 =_=

  • lensgrabber

    Release the damn thing already. I want one.

  • My prediction:
    $249 32GB
    $199 16GB
    $99 liquidation on 8GB models

  • JDHokie

    Are there any release date rumors? I could sell my 16GB for pretty close to what I paid for it, I think.

    • nhizzat

      Nobody would buy it for what you paid when a brand new 16gb will be at least $50 less.

      • JDHokie

        Based on e-mails I’ve already received, it seems like more than a handful have no idea a new version is coming out.

      • Lesser Version

        Walmart took my 16 gb version back after a month(3days ago) , no questions asked… 🙂

  • Dustin B.

    199 British Pounds Sterling = approx $320 USD. Learn to convert

    • DroidzFX

      what are they selling them for currently overseas?

    • r0lct

      If only you would just read the article you would realize you could have left your conversion calculator at home.

    • evltwn

      There’s an app for that 😉

      • fixxmyhead

        or u can just tell google now. it works on converting currencies

    • Daniel Clifford

      It is saying the 16GB cost 199 pounds. He is saying the new 32GB will also be 199 pounds.

    • Enzer

      Think of it as $70 per unit to ship the product there then, plus VAT (Not sure if that’s pre-calculated), and any other fees that would be brought about by bringing the product to the UK, plus additional mark-up.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Kind of sucks but I don’t feel cheated.

  • teevirus

    How is it that they are rumored to be reducing the size of the Next
    Nexus phone (LG Nexus 4) and while increasing the size of the next nexus
    tablet? I would think increasing the size of the Nexus phone would make sense.

    • nhizzat

      Would you rather they name it the Nexus 4.5 or 4.7?

      • teevirus

        by size i mean storage. I edited my comment accordingly.

      • Kie

        I am assuming he meant size as in storage size

  • Realistic87

    if i didn’t already have an old tab 10.1 i would be all up ons this tablet

  • Mike Yost

    As a 16GB preorder customer I don’t feel cheated at all. We all know the risks associated with being early adopters of a product, things like this happen all the time. I also understand why Google is selling it at the same price and discontinuing the 16GB model.

    I don’t know if Google is going to find a way to compensate us early adopters or not but either way I’m one happy camper with the Nexus 7.

    • jofficus44

      I completely disagree. I feel totally RAZR’d here …

      I agree that (as an early adopter) we knew what we were getting into here. But, considering that I’ve had my Nexus 7 16gb for just over 2 months at this point (second one, since the first was returned over a speaker issue), that seems awfully quick to go EOL, and be replaced by newer/better hardware. Especially if the new 32gb model is going to sell for exactly the same price as the 16gb I bought, it means the resale value on this tablet is going drop SIGNIFICANTLY.

      I fully expected there to be better versions of the Nexus out there at some point, and bought it knowing full well that my purchase would be outdated technology at some point in the future. But, 4 months is very fast by tablet or phone standards. I certainly hope that Google does something to compensate those of us stuck in this position, so that we don’t feel cheated …

      • Same hardware just more internal space. Not at all EOL really. It’s still a Nexus and still identical in every other aspect. It’s closer to the OLED to LCD thing that happened with the original DInc. Resale? Is anyone really worried about resale on a $250 tablet? Effectively $225 with the play store credit. You could still get $150-$200 if you really wanted to sell it for 16gb more space.

        • nhizzat

          Resale is always a factor…Just because you don’t worry about it doesn’t mean others don’t or shouldn’t…

          • You people have such a entitled mentality about this. You bought the 16gb because you felt it was a good value. Now you’re pissed off because Google is deciding to throw in an extra 16gb for free.

            Re: resale. Tell me, how much do you think you could have gotten for it if the 32gb were never mentioned and wasn’t going to be released. Would you have even sold it, or after you were done with it would you just throw it into the closet and forget about it?

            If you planned on reselling it I’d bet you wouldn’t get more than $200 for it in the first place. After the 32gb you would still be able to get an average $175 I’m sure.

            Google doesn’t owe you anything in compensation.

          • NexusMan

            I actually didn’t buy the Nexus 7 because I thought it was a good value, I bought the 16gb version because there wasn’t another option. I always, from day one, wished they offered a higher capacity version. Even if it was more expensive. I was just in the market for a good 7″ and the Nexus 7 seemed ideal despite it’s shortcomings on storage. I always felt that my Nexus tablet should have AT LEAST as much internal storage as my Nexus phone. So naturally, I would be a little miffed if they are offering what I wanted from the start, just 3 months after I got it.

          • If you bought a cheeseburger at McDonald’s for $1 and 4 months later theysold double cheeseburgers for $1, would you expect ccompensation?

          • NexusMan

            Your analogy is dumb.

          • NexusMan

            In case you don’t understand why your analogy is dumb, here’s one thought: If I bought a Nexus 7 16gb from Google for $1 and 4 months later they sold a 32gb for $1, no, I would NOT expect compensation…beause I ONLY PAID $1!

          • I don’t think it’s a dumb. It’s very simple, which I guess could be a definition of dumb when you break it down.

            My point is, nobody should expect compensation, and really, nobody should be angry about this.

            Google can price it however they want. The fact that they are pricing it at $250 shows what a great company they are. The technology to make the Nexus 7 has gone down in price and they are rewarding their customers by giving them more product for $250. Something a lot of other companies would never do.

          • NexusMan

            It is ridiculous for you or anyone else to tell anyone how they “should feel” regarding their personal transactions with a company. No one on this board who has said that they feel cheated, or miffed, or disheartened, or whatever, has told any of you who don’t, that “YOU SHOULD FEEL LIKE US OR SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.” I could care less if you are happy with your purchase and don’t feel slighted about what might happen. That’s great for YOU. It’s not great for some others. And we are fortunate enough to live in a country where we can express our opinions..especially when it concerns US. If a consumer feels slighted by a company they regularly do business with, that consumer has every right to express their concerns about and to that company, and it really is none of your concern, because their transactions were not with you.

          • You definitely have the right to feel however you want but the entitled mentality is disgusting. Nobody owes you anything, grow up, be an adult, take responsibility for your own actions.

            Feel like they are screwing you? Here’s a couple suggestions.

            1. Don’t buy Google products anymore


            2. Take this as a lesson in early adoption and wait a few months after a brand new product is released to see what happens.

          • NexusMan

            Someone, putting words in my mouth and writing continued rants on how I should feel and what I should do has the balls to tell someone else to grow up. LOL. Now THAT’s funny! Your childish rants against anyone with a different opinion than yours is what’s disgusting.

          • PhoenixPath

            “Tell me where I said I felt entitled”

            Here you go:
            “naturally, I would be a little miffed if they are offering what I wanted from the start, just 3 months after I got it.”

            Translation: They should have had it when *I* wanted it!!

            What more needs to be said? Oh, I’m pretty sure you’ll come up with something…

          • NexusMan

            I’m waiting…tell me where I said I felt entitled. 2 fools aren’t better than one.

          • PhoenixPath

            What, you didn’t see it?

            I’m shocked. I figured that would be the case, but there was no harm in trying…

            “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

            I truly hope from now on everyone gives you what you want, when you want it. Sorry Google couldn’t cater to your every whim on *your* schedule. Must be a rough life, man.

          • NexusMan

            you have issues dude. Get a life. It’s not that serious.

          • PhoenixPath

            …says the dude who spent how long defending his angst?

            Yeah, about that…

          • Spongehead

            I bought the 16gb N7 a couple of months ago for $249. Google owes me a pony.

          • Android69

            “I actually didn’t buy the Nexus 7 because I thought it was a good value, I bought the 16gb version because there wasn’t another option.”

            Simple economics says you bought it because you thought it was good value, at the time… otherwise you wouldn’t have bought it. In hindsight (which is 20/20) you reconsidered… once the 32gb comes out any rational consumer would obviously rather have more memory for the same price.

            I think its nice of Google not to jack the price up another $100 like so many other companies do. You can look at it another way. You paid the cost of 16gb less by receiving your device sooner than everyone who was waiting to see if a new model would come out – it’s the price an early adopter faces when buying any product.

            “I always, from day one, wished they offered a higher capacity version. Even if it was more expensive.”

            If this concern had outweighed your desire to have/use the product as an early adopter, you would have indeed waited for a model that satisfied your criteria.

            In conclusion Google does not owe anyone anything for being an early adopter. People should be happy price isn’t going up instead of complaining just b/c a new model comes out. We should all be aware of how fast the tech world advances by now, this is the risk of being an early adopter in a fast-paced industry.

          • NexusMan

            What the hell is wrong with you people? It is not that big of a deal. For the record, I AM happy with my Nexus 7, I have ALWAYS been happy with my Nexus 7 and I do NOT regret getting it, and price was NOT the deciding factor. You people need to get a life instead of devoting so much time, putting words in someone’s mouth who you want to start an argument with. I am a strong supporter of Google, and yes, if the item I recently bought got discontinued and a new better model was put out to replace it I would be a little miffed, and again that is MY business. Your opinions on MY personal transactions with Google are irrelevant. Get over yourselves, and next time, at least try to know a person’s position before you decided to devote this antagonistic energy toward them. This is my last response to this nonsense.

          • nhizzat

            1. I’m not pissed. It still is a great value but I only feel cheated because of the rumors stating that the 32gb will be priced the same. I’d rather have the “free” 16gb instead of the $25 Play Store credit which only served to cover the shipping.

            2. I won’t be selling my 16gb to subsidize the purchase of a 32gb. I would get at most $200 so I’ll end up paying, at least, an extra $50. I’ll be giving the 16 to my sister instead.

            3. Google doesn’t owe me anything but they’ve shown that they’ll compensate early adopters when they don’t meet their standards, ie the Nexus Q. The tablet itself is fantastic but I’ve had a sour taste in my mouth ever since the pre-order debacle.

        • NexusMan

          He’s saying EOL, because according to the rumor that’s exactly what Google is doing. They will EOL the 16gb version, meaning they will no longer make them, and once their existing stock is gone, they will only have the 8 and 32gb models.

      • NexusMan

        Agree totally.

    • Daniel Clifford

      Same thoughts as me. I don’t feel cheated, very happy with the purchase and not having to wait another few months for this one to appear.

      If we do get some compensation, great. I think the $25 play credit that those who do buy the 32GB variant are not going to get kinda even it out.

    • joe23521

      My beef with it is that Google could’ve been more transparent that they were working to bring out a 32GB in the near future. Yes, 3-4 months is NEAR future. That would have at least allowed folks like me who bought the 16GB to make a more informed decision.

      I’m happy to see the product get better, but I’d by lying if I said I don’t feel slightly cheated.

      • Mike Yost

        Maybe they themselves didn’t know there would be such a demand for the 32GB? Attaching a bigger chip is an easy manufacturing change that could have been decided on weeks ago.

        Also, would you really have waited 4 or 5 months to get 16 GB of extra storage? I would really like to see a poll of this.

        • NexusMan

          I wouldn’t have wanted to wait, I would have just liked them to release the 32GB in the 1st place. Finding out whether there is a demand for it is simple…you do market research.

    • nhizzat

      Lots of “if I had known” with this tablet. The debacle of a pre-order, not being able to use all the storage available without the tablet lagging to the point of big being usable, and now this? I’ll be keeping my 16gb to give to someone and buying the 32gb for myself, but I still feel cheated.

    • NexusMan

      I’m not so sure that things like this happen all the time… just 3 months after a device is released that it is DISCONTINUED (not because of defects) and a better version is put out at the same exact price of the other? When exactly has this type of scenario repeatedly happened? Please give me the multiple examples, if I’m wrong.

  • Mikeu’

    Thank god…had a feeling i should hold out on the n7 for a while..looks likeill be getting this one for sure! Any clue as to when its being released?

  • nyrmetros

    Glad I waited for a 32gb version. $200 for a 32gb version ftw!

  • TheWenger

    I hope Goog would make it up to me. I’m still messing with the screen lift on my second unit.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Why didn’t you send it back? Isent back my first and the Screen was fixed.. don’t just keep a broken product man.

      • I agree, there’s also an easy fix writeup out there if you don’t want to send it back.

  • paulmike3

    ICS icon? Seems legit. 0.o

  • rockstar323

    Maybe the 8GB is going to be the $99 Nexus that is rumored.

    • r0lct

      Now THAT would be a huge drop that would piss some people off and would hopefully come with some form of compensation. I think seeing a product get better for the same money isn’t as hard to deal with as watching something about 2 months old get its price chopped in half.

      • So if they have found ways to reduce manufacturing costs, you would much rather they fleece the consumer than reward them with an equally reduced price tag?

        • r0lct

          No I would want them to pass it along. I’m would just be suspect they did not know they were going to be able to half the price in two months. It would seem more like they were trying to fleece the early adopters.

          As an early adopter none of this gets me pissed off, it would just be disappointing However I could see how some people would be pissed, especially if $200 was a good portion of the money they had available to spend on tech for a while.

          • Good point. I think people impulse buy a little too much sometimes though.

  • Booyah

    Might see what I can get for my 16GB at the moment.

    • nhizzat

      It’ll have to be less than $200 since that’s what the “new” 16gb will cost. I’ll be keeping mine because I’d rather not pay $300+ for something I can get brand new for $250. And Iwent brat buying it from the Play Site.

  • I’m in! I’m hoping the 8gb is extremely cheap, I don’t need storage as I just use my phone as a hotspot most of the time.

  • ToddAwesome

    199 pounds? yikes, that’s pricey.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That’s heavy.

      • your mom

        that’s what she said

  • red014

    And what’s with the ICS logo?

    • XoutlawX

      Jellybean / ICS dual boot? lol

    • Riz Virani

      It’s a retailer.

  • jaybar

    I feel cheated as an 8GB user

  • Butters619

    Since there is going to be a 32GB N7 can we get a 32GB N4? Please and thank you Google.

  • red014

    why dont they drop the 8gb version and make the 16 cost $200??

  • zpartal

    That’s slightly upsetting.

  • wtf