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FoxFi Now Works With Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Running Jelly Bean

Once the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was updated to Jelly Bean, our favorite free WiFi tethering app FoxFi, no longer worked. We aren’t sure what change in Android 4.1 killed all of the fun, but that is no longer something we need to worry about. The developer has fixed the problem, though we aren’t sure how. The app itself hasn’t been updated, however, he mentioned to one of our readers that it should now be working. I immediately pulled it up after hearing this, and sure enough, it works. In fact, this post was written while being tethered to my G-Nex with FoxFi.

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Cheers Andrew!

  • swoops

    oh poop. It does not work on the new RAZR JB update(accidental release)

  • Bill

    Anyone know when Foxfi will work for droid razr hd on jelly bean?

  • Tim Mc

    FoxFi stopped working on my Verizon Galaxy S3. Anyone else having this problem? Is a fix on the way?

  • Steve Leach

    Has anybody had any luck tethering with Galaxy S3? I have rooted my phone run numerous roms but I cant tether at all!

  • Chas

    VZW finally unlocked the boot loader… FoxFi is by the best free app out today hands down.

  • Neko

    Has anyone noticed this “fix” released today seems to just activate the built-in tethering rather than use what FoxFi may have originally used to bypass the built-in tether? It seems that this “fix” may be a temporary workaround until FoxFi can come up with a solution to fixing the functionality of the app itself. . .

    • I noticed it too and That worries me. Does that mean VZW can detect us using this??

      • Chas

        I was told by a VZW emploee that the boot loader was unlocked.

    • Wait. is this true? That’s a real issue.

    • slider112

      Yes, seems to be just a glorified backdoor on/off switch now for the native tethering app… Previously FoxFi would activate and run independently and on its own, completely separate from the built in app… Would love some clarification on this.

  • ddevito

    Bugless Beast has free built in tethering (no shared plan needed)

  • techie_1

    Has anyone tested this on the Sprint gnex?

  • slider112

    Welcome back, old friend…

  • Joe

    OK i have a question, Ive never done this before, Can i use THIS app on my rezound, with the unlimited data that i still have, without any problem to use my xoom? I dont want to get a charge out of no where becasue im using this app, Ya know what i mean? Thank you

  • NexusMan

    Yea, I sent him an email the day I received the Jellybean OTA, and he answered me this afternoon letting me know it’s fixed as of this afternoon, but only for the Verizon version.

  • Jon

    Anyone one else find it odd that it was fixed without an update? What does this app talk to?

    • I wonder if it has anything to do with the proxy add on? Not sure though because I have heard mixed reports about the proxy feature. Some say the phone uses a seperate proxy server and some others say the phone becomes a proxy server to hide the MAC addresses of any device connecting.

  • ghummer

    Is it just me or is it just connecting via the built in wifi but bypassing the verizon notification to pay $20?

    • slider112

      Seems to be the case, as I now get both the FoxFi icon, as well as the native hotspot icon in the notification bar when I activate FoxFi, just like in the screenshot above. Previously it was only FoxFi… Gotta say, it’s kind of annoying to have both…

  • Jackson

    Thanks for the update I literally tried one last time last night

  • V.R. Enigma

    Still doesn’t seem to work on my Sprint GNex. Anyone have any luck with JB on Sprint?

    • FknTwizted

      I found a work around on this issue…. dump sprint ;0)

      just pulling your leg. I would have to assume that its because they didn’t purchase the block c like verizon. so i would think they are not held to it the same way VZW is bro.

  • Mataman

    FoxFi is awesome wouldn’t use anything else.

  • Rockrdr

    VZ doesnt charge for tethering… you fools… this site told that months ago..just use your stock tethering app.. if you get the msg than you probly need an updated rom or a new phone

    • Only on Shared Data Plans. Those with Unlimited or older plans must still pay $20 a month for the tethering. The Verizon issue that occurred a few months ago, only meant that Verizon could not block the purchase or download of any applications including tethering on their devices, which is what they were doing.

      • RC

        Not true…I am on an unlimited data plan and don’t pay anything extra.

        • ddh819

          i have grandfathered unlimited, i was paying for the unlimited tethering and was keeping it to stay grandfathered on that too, but i wasn’t using it enough to justify the cost, now i just use foxfi, no charges yet. but i wonder if they’re just letting people slide to get people off the unlimited hotspot feature, and will later turn the locks back on.

  • Havoc70

    Is FoxFi better than Wifi Tether? I currently use Wifi Tether but interested to know if FoxFi is better.

    • Jackson


      • How is it better? I havent used a tethering app in a long time in favor of baked in teathering on my ROMS’s but I am interested on why one is better then the others..

        • FknTwizted

          its an app that doesn’t require root, and it seems to be much more fluid than wifi tether IMO… and i was a big fan of WT used it since the OG.

          • Understandable.. I only teather once a week or so and for so little time that the baked in teather on AOKP works just fine for me.

          • FknTwizted

            same here never had a problem with baked, unfortunately its on my work phone and cant rooted it so.

        • NexusMan

          What I like about it is that it’s reliable, you can set a password for WPA secured connection, and it also shows whenever a device is connected to your tether.

          • Bigwavedave25

            So basically not requiring root is the main difference. WifiTether has all those features also. Started using it again once updated to work with JB pluss they added what seems like a lot of options. Definately like it better than native tethering, no access control features there.

            I need to give Foxfi another try. Didn’t like it as much before.

  • Stock tethering app gives you the message “If you would like to subscribe to Mobile Hotspot/Mobile Broadband Connect Call:” Ugh

    • Havoc70

      You cant use the stock app unless you are on a share plan, but Wifi Tether and FoxFi both work.

      • Good info. That must have changed recently because I used it successfully until the 4.1.1 OTA update. I have used both Wifi Tether and Foxfi both previously.

  • Ted

    Works like a charm. The FoxFi Team sent me an email this afternoon regarding the fix. I wrote them as soon as Jelly Bean killed the app. Sweet!!!

    • michael arazan

      They sent me an email a couple times after i emailed them, and also asked to email them again if anymore problems. 90% of the devs I’ve emailed with problems/concerns in Gplay are always nice to help and reply, which makes being pert of android awesome. Not including Gameloft, Madfinger or Rovio.

  • Still not working for me on Verizon Gnex for wifi, but my tether works fine with tether widget.

    Edit: Seems to be working but very slow.

    • FknTwizted

      works fast but, i do agree seems like there is hick ups every once in a while… however i’m using this on my S3.. haven’t tried it on my Gnex (work and tiered data vs unlimited on my personal)

      • Bigsike

        What version are you running I have a friend with the S3 and she’s getting a wifi error at best when she starts.

        • FknTwizted

          Stock S3 (not rooted), works on my stock Gnex (rooted, JB) both on Vzw.

  • PyroHoltz

    I don’t remember having an issue using FoxFi when I was on the leaked JRO30 JB ROM but I wasn’t on if for long before going to BB and then CM10-M, so I may be mistaken.

  • Seems to be working for me again. Woot!

  • David

    I finally broke down and bought SVTP For $15 last night…u

  • Doesn’t the stock rom include wifi tethering now?
    I don’t understand why this matters anymore. Do you get faster tethering? More reliable?

    • ted

      Yes but at a cost.. VZW charges for tethering…Especially if you have unlimited data..

      • drparty

        Apparently it asks you to pay for it on a stock rom unless your on a shared data plan. I don’t actually know, I haven’t been stock since the day I bought it and it seems like the rom cookers always turn off Verizon’s tether check anyway. So I just use the stock app, I think this is for people who don’t want to rom/root their phone.

        • ahhhhhhh! Now I see…I’ve been running close to stock roms ever since Jellybean was announced…Didn’t realize they did that because I guess the app in my roms were altered!

  • Rolo P


  • Wish I knew what was going to work with the Note 2 I’m about to purchase

    • FAL_Fan

      I’m on the same page! Wifi tether has always been my go to app but it didn’t work on cm10 on my droid 4 but it does work on the aokp jb rom…I guess we will have to wait and see if someone pre-roots it and gets something going before I buy it in December.


    I use the Tethering built in to JB and never once got charged or had a issue….

    • Drummer62

      That’s due to you being on a share plan. Tethering is now free if your are on a share tier. If you still have grandfathered unlimited Verizon still wants $20 a month to tether.

      • pimfram
        • QQpayne

          Drummer62 is correct.

          • Jim McClain

            you dont get charged if you use wifi tether on jb, even with unlimited

          • chudilo

            That is not true. I just tried it. The phone still check for your subscription and then prompts you to sign up for tethering if you are on Unlimited.

        • If I understand this correctly it’s referring to tethering over 4g. What if you’re using a 4g phone but with 3g connection such as when you’re driving using navigation and you come to an area without 4g coverage. The text on the article seemed to be very specific about C block spectrum.

      • Jim McClain

        not with built in wifi tether on jb

  • Always good to know that if I flash back to a stock ROM I don’t have to fear for no tether 🙂

  • Jason Purp

    Whatever happened to Verizon catching people for doing this and charging them? Is that still a major concern?

    • This. I want to know as well.

      • Trollolol

        They can’t prevent you from using 3rd party tethering apps on your Android phone if you are on LTE, however, they still give you the option of buying their service for $30 if you try to use the stock feature on your Nexus on VZW…

        • Havoc70

          This! They cant charge for tethering on a 4G device.

          • FknTwizted

            they “can” charge you but, they can’t prevent you from using a 3rd party app, hence there is a $30 for tethering (unlimited) on the books still. but don’t worry use foxfi and it will be a moot point. (if you are concerned)

    • Artune

      I’ve been using it on VZ GNEX since July and have had no issues (Have Unlimited Data plan)

      • RC

        yup same here…i am on the unlimited data plan. I installed numerous ROM’s (AOKP, Liquid and CM) and the inbuilt wifi tethering app works great. Also I haven’t been charged by Verizon.

    • Dave Goldstein
    • David H

      Didn’t a judge decide that Verizon was violating the fair use guidelines they agreed to follow by winning the 700MHz spectrum bid? I thought as a result they had to allow people to use the data they paid for however they choose.

      Could be wrong.

      • Droidzilla

        The ruling was ambiguous regarding unlimited, but for tiered plans it was quite clear that Verizon couldn’t charge for tethering. From how Iread it,the law ought to apply to unlimited,too. I think Verizon knows this,and that’s why they’re not making astink about those with unlimited who tether (though they’ll still charge you as long as they can get away with it).

    • KleenDroid

      Never happened. Verizon has never “caught” anyone and then charged them.

      But I suppose it is possible that there is some idiot out there that walked into a store and said to the manager “look what I can do”…. 🙂 Nothing surprises me anymore.

      • “look what I can do” reminded me of Stewart from Mad TV lol

      • FknTwizted

        I work for VZW and i have had people come in telling me that and then to boot wants me to fix the app (not functioning right)…

        • KleenDroid


      • One of the store reps actually showed my dad about FoxFi when he inquired about tethering on his old Droid 2! I guess he hated his job that day! 🙂

    • kormathaw

      Verizon lost an FCC lawsuit to which Verizon cannot prevent people from using whatever 3rd party app they want on their phone, including the tethering apps. This does not prevent Verizon from charging you to use their “app” if you so chose, but as such, there can be no punishment for using FoxFi

  • Artune


    • Nick S

      Like one