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Google Revamps Mobile Site With Swanky New Sidebar

Google appears to be in the middle of a mobile site overhaul of google.com. As you can see in the pictures above and below, the tabs at the top for News, Images, Places, etc. have been replaced by a menu button. When tapped, you will see a sidebar slideout from the left edge, similarly to what we have seen in the YouTube and Google+ apps. Also, after searching for items, the top tab bar has been removed in favor of a scrolling options list directly below the search terms. It matches up quite nicely to the new desktop version of google.com that came earlier in the year, and is a massive improvement over the other dated mobile look.

We aren’t sure how quickly this new mobile version is becoming available. I was unable to see it by going to google.com, however, I can see it if I go to other versions of Google, such as google.co.in. Tim was able to see the new layout in the stock Android browser, but not in Chrome, without doing any secret India tricks.

Go check it out!

Via:  Android Soul

  • Simon Belmont

    Okay, now I’m getting the second version shown above on my B&N Nook Color running CM9. This is weird.

    I get the first version shown above on my EVO 3D though. What the heck?

  • Simon Belmont

    Tried it on CM7.2 on my wife’s EVO 4G. It’s still the old version.

    Does this require ICS and up to show? It showed up on my EVO 3D running ICS.

  • wickets

    thanks…..very nice update, although i always am surprised that chrome lags the stock browser when it comes to fixes and updates; no new google on chrome for me

  • Mapekz

    Does anyone know which app first made this menu slider? Was it the Facebook app last year? It’s really an elegant design for all mobile web and native apps and I’m glad it’s caught on.

  • josh tomassi

    i have had this on my gnex on chrome all day no tricks

    • michael arazan

      I have this on my stock browser since last night on my Galaxy nexus, I was surfing the web and my browser force closed, i came back, all my open tabs were gone and the new google search page was there, happened at like 6 am yesturday morning

  • possomcrast1


  • SpikedRed

    Got it on my Verizon Tbolt. I love it. Started to see they were playing around with it a week or so ago, as the option to select news tab from the front page was removed.

  • Ash Hanna

    Would be nice if they quickly made all the sites that you can choose on that left menu bar also use that same type of layout(like the gmail site and such)
    That is really nice
    All sites that have a mobile layout should take hints from Google on how to make a mobile layoutlook and function that well.

  • Doesn’t work on Nexus 7 😛

  • Mike

    Why indian google? :p

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    I just went to google.com on my G Nexus (using Chrome) and I got the new version. Very nice.

  • JMonkeYJ

    correction: “overhaul” rather than “overall” /pedantic

  • nick S