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NenaMark Benchmark Confirms Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor of the LG Nexus, Screen Resolution Too

Now that we know the codename for LG’s Nexus phone is Mako, we can start the usual searches for it across the web. One of the first things we almost always do is search NenaMark, as testers tend to benchmark their devices on this site well before they are ever released. After doing a quick “find on page” in the results section, you will definitely find a device by the name Mako that runs a similar “JellyBeanMR1” to the devices we saw last night in pictures

There isn’t a lot to learn, but we do get confirmations on the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor thanks to the Adreno 320 GPU note. We can also see that the screen resolution is an HD screen at 1196×768. At full resolution, without the on-screen navigation keys, that would read 1280×768.

The device is showing in AnTuTu as well, but there isn’t much to gather from it other than the clock speed of the quad-core processor which is 1.5GHz.

Via:  Nenamark | Android and Me

  • Those are some weak scores, lol

  • Butters619

    I’m not really big on the 1280×768. Why does LG insist on making things more square?

  • anon

    screen rez, uh not interested in this device at all.

  • cleetose

    The only spec I want to know is battery life. If it’s as bad as the current Nexus, then I will have to go with either a Razr Maxx HD or Note 2.

  • 5:3 aspect ratio? Can someone explain the benefit to this vs.16:9?

    • It’s actually 1.66:1 without the on screen buttons.
      You’ll see some letterboxing even with high definition movies.

      It’s still a valid widescreen format.

  • Christopher Chin

    I’m going to take a wait and see approach. See how it compares to my VZW Galaxy Nexus. After rooting and AOKP’ing, I’ve come to fully love this device (with all of it’s pitfalls).

  • PhoenixPath

    Hope he posts a screenshot of the storage soon, and crossing my fingers it’s around 32GB.

  • supermotard

    this phone better have a multicolor notification light.

    • ddevito

      that’s truly the most underrated feature of the current Nexus

      • JoshGroff

        I’ve only noticed it glowing a whitish blue, but I haven’t really messed with it much. It is a pretty awesome LED though.

        • Aaron

          liteflow is a god send.

          • JoshGroff

            Checking it out now, sounds interesting.

          • ddevito

            it will change the way you use a phone. It should be supported by stock Android

          • JoshGroff

            That is pretty awesome, now I just have to use it enough to memorize what lights I set for what. 🙂

          • Justin Swanson

            I found it did a significant amount of wakeups on my device… anyone else experience that?

          • JoshGroff

            Nothing here, but then again I’ve only been using it a few hours.

          • michael arazan

            It’s terrific, i use red for missed calls and text, yellow for emails, white for charging and green for fully charged, and you can customize.
            I’ve noticed that the white light is not very white anymore after using it for the past 8 months

    • Michael Forte

      Hopefully on that bottom bezel like the Galaxy Nexus has.

      • Diablo81588


    • It will probably be the entire chin. It will also double as that object from MIB.

    • teleclimber

      If you look at the higher rez pics you can find elsewhere on the net you can see there is definitely something in the upper-left of the front face of the phone, opposite side of the camera. Looks like 2 round things. One is a proximity sensor in all likelihood. The other could be a LED? Who knows.

  • T4rd

    Pretty much was expected, esp. if it is based off of the Optimus G.

    I’m mostly concerned about storage. I already doubt it will have an SD card slot, but if they restrict us to 8/16 GB models, then that’s ridiculous.

    • I agree with you 100%, can live with no sd card slot, but if the rumors are true and we are limit ed to 8/16 gb no deal

    • PhoenixPath

      Agreed. 32/64 should be the default now, not 8/16, especially without the SD.

    • ddevito

      I’ve had my GNex since its release and I still have 21GB free. I stream everything. Not sure what you people do with phones. lol

      I mean, porn sites stream nowadays :p

      • Magnesus

        Try installing a few games. Like 30 or 40. 🙂

        • JoshGroff

          My N7’s games. (all with 3rd party data packets have them installed as well.) A few are FAoTD games I was going to try out. Took up around 10GB or so. (Bard’s Tale I have the 3.5GB install, and Horn’s another 2GB or something.)

      • T4rd

        I have almost 4 GBs in apps/games alone, about 3 GBs in pictures/recorded video, 4 GBs in offline music (just a few albums worth), 3 GBs in backups (Titanium/Nandroid) and 1-2 GBs in other misc downloaded files/media.

        That’s at least 15 GBs right there without even trying to use much storage. You will only have about 13.5 GBs usable on a 16GB phone. I could probably get by with 13.5 GBs, but I definitely don’t want to be constantly managing files on my phone. 32 GBs is perfect for me and leaves enough of a buffer to where I don’t have to worry about it. I am more than happy to pay for that convenience.

      • PhoenixPath

        10GB of music, 2 episodes of Dr. Who, and a re-coded (for Android) copy of Lucky Number Slevin.

        The problem is streaming….it doesn’t work for everyone. It is not a “One Size fits All” scenario. Many folks aren’t in an area/situation that allows for it.

        • ddevito


          • Greyhame

            Here’s the thing.. not everyone has unlimited data or access to wifi all day. That alone is reason enough to give the people the options they want. Then you have everything else mentioned here. And there’s this… storage is cheap, and the excuse it’s used for cost savings, well, I’m not buying it.

        • JoshGroff

          I have ~13GB of music on my G-Nex, I just use my N7 for apps/movies. 16GB isn’t bad if you manage it right.

      • It’s the principle of the thing, like we’re going back in time. If Google wants these to sell to the non-geek community, they’ll push out 32 and 64 gb versions.

      • Sqube

        Some of us have a lot of apps and some music. Throw a couple videos on top and you can blow through 16GB and barely notice.

      • Joe Palozzi

        Ever try streaming on the NYC subways system… you won’t get very much entertainment.

        • ddevito

          Would you accept the NJTransit Line and the Path? 🙂

  • Bionic

    nice, but i still want motorola. Am I trolling? maybe

    • Buy This

      We have learned to expect nothing less from you

      • azndan4

        He is way better than Diablo

        • Diablo81588

          Ouch 😛

    • You’d think based off you name you would had learned your lesson with Motorola..

      • Diablo81588

        What lesson is there to learn? That I’ve had ICS on mine since before the RAZR? Or the fact that I get perfect signal with 2 day battery life?

        • JoshGroff

          That Verizon shafted you when it comes to the official update route, yet Motorola provided a solid leaked build.

          • a build for a version that is still 6 months behind..

          • JoshGroff

            Yes, because there aren’t any other once top tier phones that are still waiting for jellybean. /s

            I’m not saying the OEMs have no stake in the blame, but to single out one device or OEM is complete and utter BS (Rezound, GSII, Spectrum.)

            That’s why I follow the developer community or install the latest official leaks from the OEMs. If you truly are that annoyed with the update process, get a GSM nexus (or the VZW variant and throw ROMs on it to get the latest.) and stop crying about X phone being Y months behind the latest android version, whilst completely ignoring other top tier phones from the same generation also being so far behind.

            Or, you could always get an iPhone.

        • Eh 2 day battery life? I had a Bionic so I am going to have to call BS 🙂

          • Diablo81588

            With normal use and the extended OEM battery of course 😛

    • fixxmyhead

      get off the ‘droid’ wagon

    • JoshGroff

      Most people want a Moto Nexus. 🙂

      • Diablo81588

        Agreed. It doesn’t have to be Motorola, but when Samsung builds trash like the current nexus you have to be watchful of that “generous” 14 day return policy. I used to have a LG flip phone back in the day and loved it. Might have to try another from them.

        • JoshGroff

          I’ve had the Samsung gravity 1/2/3 on t-mobile, they always held up nicely, reception was always decent, but never amazing. So far, the Nexus lives up to that same standard. Heck, even my Bionic/Thunderbolt got better reception. (Although, considering I talk a whopping 200 minutes on a good month, the sub-par signal doesn’t really bother me.)

  • Sean Livingston


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio