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Angry Birds Updated to Include Power Ups and New Surf & Turf Levels

If you still have the original Angry Birds game installed on your device, you can pick up the newest update that brings a bit of Bad Piggies to the game. Included in the update is a pack of 15 piggy-inspired levels as well as power ups. These power ups have their own unique abilites such as Sling Scope, King Sling, and Super Seeds, and more.

As for me, I’m waiting on Angry Birds Star Wars.

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Cheers K!

  • This sounds really cool. I love the fact that they keep adding updates.

  • tsheets

    Whether you personally feel it’s relevant or not, you gotta admit how cool it is for them to keep providing updates after all this time! Have some appreciation for the FREE update, ya know?

  • hkklife

    This is a pretty substantial update, though I am afraid it’ll get lost in the shuffle of the upcoming Star Wars release. i wish this one had come out earlier in the summer.

    Also, as always, Amazon doesn’t have the updated version and the Play Store STILL won’t let us purchase an ad-free version of AB, Seasons or Rio. Sigh…

    • slider112

      Yeah, Amazon is irritating as hell when it comes to updates. I decided a while ago to never get another app from them… Was tempted by the ad-free Bad Piggies but ultimately didn’t give in. The only ones I currently have are the ad-free versions of the three you mentioned. If only they were available in the Play Store I’d buy them again just so I could cut this cord and move on…

      • hkklife

        Yup, same here in every regard. I have already re-purchased AB Space from Play, and I just wish I could legitimately get the others so I could also cut the Amazon cord. It’s a shame when we have to either put up with resource-hogging crud like the Amazon Appstore OR warez because we are trying to give our money to Rovio and Google and they refuse to take it. Ugh.

  • Donna Kilpatrick

    I actually love Bad Piggies 🙂

  • I didn’t think Angry Birds was relevant, before it was cool to think Angry Birds wasn’t relevant.

  • Jason Purp

    It’s cute that Rovio is doing their best to keep these games relevant

    • michael arazan

      the first year original and seasons had like 4 updates each, now they can barely get 1-2 updates in a year, and RIO says more to come but its been over a year for a new map update. I’m shocked if they offer anything for free anymore.