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Motorola’s Webtop and Lapdock are Dead.

In news that will likely disappoint very few, Motorola has officially killed off its custom webtop software and lapdock mobile accessories. First introduced at CES in early 2011, this was Motorola’s attempt at creating the ultimate portable business and computing solution. Docking a phone into a shell of a laptop to create a computer experience – what an innovative idea, right? Well, after hitting stores under a sky-high pricing model, the accessory line failed to take off. The slow, buggy, and limited software also didn’t help the cause.

It was pretty obvious that this move was coming, after seeing the UI for webtop in Ice Cream Sandwich switch to a full tablet mode. But now, the end is here. It’s one of those solutions that I wish would have been done properly, but unfortunately, it just never was.

Will you miss the webtop and lapdock idea?

Via:  CNET

  • Silver Veloz

    What a difference an update makes. Now that i have ICS (OTA), this lapdock is a whole new machine. ICS on the Bionic makes this lapdock closer-looking to a laptop than I would have thought. It’s quite exciting. And it’s pretty quick. I didn’t see any lagging wth a good connection. I’m so glad I bought one when they were cheap.