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Google TV Becomes More Usable – Update Allows for Play Movies, TV Shows, and Music

Starting today and over the course of the next few days, users of Google TV will see an update to their Google Play store which will allow for the purchasing and renting of movies, music, and TV shows. You will be able to access the new content straight from the homepage and Movies app, which will also show recommendations for you through apps like Netflix and Amazon.

If you’ve already received the update, tell us how you’re liking it.

Via: Google TV Blogspot

  • Michael Ouellette

    I got this update with my new Sony Google TV box and I have to say it is a very nice feature and quite an improvement over my Revue.

  • NathanielRichmond

    Google TV owners have to happy hear that they can finally
    stream movies, TV shows and listen to music. I thought about getting the Google
    TV box when it first came out, but I’m glad that I waited on DISH’s Hopper. My Hopper
    can stream thousands of Blockbuster movies (and Blockbuster gets new releases
    28 days before Netflix) to it, and it has a Pandora radio app! My DISH coworker
    told me that my Hopper holds up to 2,000 TV shows, and I can skip my recorded

  • danofiveo

    Received update this morning on my Sony NSZ-GS7. In addition to the included goodies, it appears to have fixed a Play Music bug. Now if Hulu would stop dragging their feet…

  • Still Doesn’t UPnP, right? I want to make sure it’s stull a stupid thing to purchase…

  • You can easily create an app with snappii

  • Too bad my Logitech Revue took a dump. I no longer have Google TV anymore. Sucks.

  • Swould333

    This would be a convenient nice feature… But is in all respects a tad redundant… You can already watch your purchases on your GTV via the YouTube app… Just look under the My YouTube tab there is a “purchases” subtab… All you have to do is purchase it on your phone, tablet or via the online Google Play Store or directly from the YouTube store on your pc… Or so that’s how I have been doing it on my Logitech Revue,

    • michael interbartolo

      it provides a more native experience to browse for content and tv series don’t show up in the youtube purchase section. I had the play movies app sideloaded for a while now on my costar and it would show movies and tv series I have bought. youtube only showed movies I bought.

  • NexusMan

    Google needs to make their own branded Google TV….a Nexus Google TV

    • C-los

      I’ve been saying this for a while. Why won’t Google just commit and produce high end hardware that further realizes the full potential of Google TV. Not only would it give other manufacturers a solid reference product for future devices, It would also send a strong message to developers and consumers that Google is 100% committed to the platform. Google TV’s future will continue to be bleak until Google creates a well built product that deliverers on a premium user experience. I’m betting a $200 Nexus Google TV with zero lag, and Jelly Bean preinstalled would sound good to a lot of people. It could be the very device that allows Google TV to turn the corner. Google, make it so.

  • Knlegend1

    Wth took them so long? That should’ve been the FIRST feature.

    • NexusMan

      Exactly….think I may be getting one of these now…

  • Jon

    OMG how wasn’t this already implemented! I really want Google TV to succeed but man Google has been so half ass about it. The Nexus Q should have been a relaunched Google TV without the built in Audio Amplifier with all of these features and then some. That’s what consumers really want. And they need to keep it at $99 or below.

  • Did they ever do anything to improve the Q?

    • danofiveo

      I believe they are still working on it.

  • MikeSaver

    Cool! because I just got my vizio co-star! Maybe HBO go will be availble now..

    • Raven

      Have been seriously thinking about picking one of these up for Christmas. Would never even have guessed that Play Movies and TV did not already work. What else doesn’t work or even what does work well to make a it a worthwhile purchase? Has anyone tried Flixster on a Google TV device yet? As I have 18 movies on that service for my N7 tablet I would love to be able to use that on my Google TV as well.

      • MikeSaver

        I’d say so far I’ve been half impressed and half unimpressed. For one, having it connect to the cable box so that you never have to switch inputs or anything is pretty awesome. The co-star controls everything through one platform.

        On the other, there’s a lack of apps. HBO go isn’t available for the co-star yet, though I’ve heard they are working on making it available. I was also hoping for stuff like Google Drive, but no dice. I don’t think i’ve seen Flixster.

        • You can side load both Google drive and drop box

          • MikeSaver

            Thanks! Do you have a link with instructions on how to do this? Also, anyway to do this with other apps like HBO go for instance?

          • cory dunbar

            it is as easy as emailing the .apk files to yourself and then going to gmail in chrome. and once you have a file system like drive or dropbox installed you can then use tose to transfer apps over.

      • NexusMan

        thats one of the main reasons Ive been holding off…was beyond annoyed after I got my Nexus 7 that there was no way to watch the tv shows I bought on my actual tv set….if Google TV offered that option, I would have bought one along with my Nexus 7.

      • michael interbartolo

        Flixster works but it is only SD (which is how flixster is every where) any flixster content you can see on your phone, tablet or computer you can watch on the googletv. hopefully flixster will come out with a HD app and with their new paramount deal that starts in January then several movies I did disc to digital from paramount will show up in Flixster.

  • Mason Lammers

    The question I have is as someone who has not purchased a Google TV platform, is it worth getting in on the action this late in the game? It intrigues me but I hate coming into the game this late and getting burnt. DL followers thoughts?

    • I bought the Sony one. The second smaller version. I’ve had it since launch, and I’ve got to say that those are the worst 200 dollars I have wasted on a device. I was like you. I read a ton of review before buying. They all seemed to bash on it. Well now i know why. The concept of being able to do those things with your TV is great, but at this moment Google TV is a disaster. A simple feature like web browsing is terrible. Scrolling takes for ever and lags. Flash crashes a lot. I would advice you not to get it unless you just want to throw the money away. Google needs to step it up if they want google tv to be successful. Like I said before, the concept is great, but the device is extremely laggy, buggy, and the apps are missing features that other android apps have. If you have any specific scenario questions go ahead and ask me.

      • Mason Lammers

        Thanks for the input. I had my mind made up a couple months ago to purchase one, but I lost interest and am thinking I made a good choice. Anyone else have similar or different opinions?

        • Travillion

          It depends on what you want it for. I have all my music on Google Music, so I love being able to stream my music through the home theater setup (via Google TV). I also like the Movies & TV app because the “built-in” TV guide that comes with my cable subscription is just horrible. Movies & TV makes it much easier to find what’s on at any given moment. However, using it to stream online content is really not that great (except for netflix). No Hulu support, and most cable channels block Google TV from accessing online content (e.g., abc.com, nbc.com, etc.). When I can find a website that will allow me to stream from it, Flash has a really hard time and frequently crashes–then again, I have the original Logitech Revue, so maybe newer devices have gotten better at that. So to sum, I was happy to pay $80 to allow me to stream my music, better navigate my cable programming, and infrequently surf the net. No way would I have paid $200-300 for it, nor would I go for it if I were interested primarily in apps or online content.

          • Mason Lammers

            I appreciate another viewpoint on the product. I think at this point I will hold off and wait for that day I walk by it in a store and decide I can’t live without it, or they come out with something better. @NexusMan has the right idea with Google producing their own Google TV. Here’s to hope.

  • Sad that it took this long to get it. Any way to force the update?

    • michael interbartolo

      no way to force an update it will be rolling out to sony devices first, but all gtv devices will get it eventually.

      • Thanks, I’ll just wait until my LG GTV get’s it I guess.

  • kfath1978

    Any revue love out there yet?

    • michael interbartolo

      this update will be pushed to all the googletv devices.

      • picaso86

        Even my Co-Star from Vizio????

        • michael interbartolo

          yes it should roll out to the co-star soon.

  • Astromek21

    Why don’t we… put TV on Google TV?
    BRILLIANT!!!Some clever fellows working on this baby.

    • I bet Google is already ahead of you. I’m sure there will be some aspects of Google TV in Google Fiber TV in Kansas City when they get it.

  • Does anyone know if Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean update will ever come on the original Sony Blu-Ray Google TV box?

  • Finally! I guess even the red headed step child gets a tiny bit of love once a year…

  • KleenDroid