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Android Development Team Sets the Guidelines Straight for Tablet App Makers

Today, Google’s Android development team released a series of guidelines and a Tablet Quality Checklist for tablet application makers to follow to make the best apps they possibly can. Step one, make sure you’re utilizing the entirety of that device’s beautiful screen. That’s sort of a no-brainer I would hope.

There’s a ton of useful information in this guide and if we have any app developers reading, then you should go give it a look through. We look forward to using your tablet-enhanced applications.

Via: Android Developers

  • znewman

    I don’t understand why their isn’t a very good 720p tablet app store. It seems like they just are displaying the phone version with a tablet section.

  • GQGK

    I think it’s much easier to develop for tablets with some of the new API’s they’ve added. That being said, many of those are only available in honey comb and up, and I hate having to design multiple menus for the action bar in ICS and up then another for Honey Comb and down. I think it might be easier to initially develop for ICS and up, tablet included, then move backwards as time allows. Of course that’s not practical with 98% of users still on pre-ICS.

    TL;DR, we either get it easy with the action bar and a lot of tablet API’s built in, or a pain in the ass and include all devices. Just how I feel when I develop “non-game” applications.

    • Cowboydroid

      25% are on 4.0 and up. The rest are on 2.3. There are almost no tablets on 2.3, so if you’re going to design an application and want to future proof it, might as well do 4.0 first.

      • GQGK

        Ah. Guess I need to get myself up to date. Thanks. But glad we agree about focusing on 4.0+. I wasn’t worried about tablets on 2.3, but actually the different UI elements such as the action bar. It basically means I have to design the app twice.

  • Mack


  • Michael_NM

    Where’s my tablet-friendly Droid Life app? 😛

    • Cowboydroid

      It’s in the Chrome Browser…

    • Br_d

      You mean Currents? 😉