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TomTom Debuts for Android, $50 and Good Luck Finding a Device It’s Compatible With

TomTom has finally arrived for Android. Although, I can think of one platform that might benefit from it much more than we can. All joking aside, TomTom is one of the more well-known names in navigation and the application brings 3.7GB of maps and route data straight to your Android device. It doesn’t get much more intense than this. 

TomTom allows you to look up directions and routes without a mobile signal (don’t forget Google Maps allows for offline maps), lets you add many different advanced features to your routes such as stops and eco-routes, and a whole lot more. Still, is $50 worth it? In addition, we have noticed there are some compatibility issues with this first release. According to TomTom, your device must meet very specific resolution standards to allow for the app. Requirements are as follows:

To clarify the specific requirement are these: – Android OS: 2.2 or higher – Screen resolution: 800×480 or 854×480 We are committed to supporting higher resolutions on an ongoing basis. – Storage: 215 MB – 3,7 GB of free space required, depending on the app and the associated map. – App supports Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) & Jellybean (4.1)

Next update should be out soon.

Will you be picking up TomTom?

Play Link ($49.99)

TomTom Does the Robot Indeed:

  • Wow $49.999 for a Tom-Tom app ? Head over to http://galaxys3apps.org and get a free GPS app 🙂

  • Ha! Compatible with my DroidX, but not the Razr or Xoom. Funny! Not that I’d spend $50 on an App…

  • Tyler Chappell

    Lol, this has to be one of the biggest scams to ever hit the Play Store.

  • bobbif

    Will not be buying. Not sure why anyone would

  • OG Droid Compatible, Gnex Not….well i’ll be damned…never thought i’d see that

  • digitalicecream

    TomTom powers Apples Maps. F F TomTom

  • Chris

    “For a limited time, drive off at this introductory price”

    I’m sorry, but $50 is the INTRODUCTORY price? I can’t even imagine how much more expensive it will be in the future!

  • Ha. It’s available for my OG droid, but not my RAZR (screen resolution I’d guess). With as slow as the OG seems, I can’t imagine this would work well on it! Great to see some OG love though (albeit somewhat accidental).

  • nate

    isnt the ios maps powered by tomtom anyway? makes me not wanna buy their android app.

  • imtoomuch

    $50 to have maps from a company that just helped Apple maps fail miserably? Sure, where do I sign up?

    One of the main reasons that I love Android is because the built in maps and navigation are unparalleled in the mobile world and they’re FREE. Why would I pay outrageous money for an app that is WORSE than what comes standard and free on my phone?! I’d rather take that money and put it towards a stand alone Garmin, but that’s not really needed with Google Maps.

  • Kane

    If the app is anywhere as bad as its stand alone units stay far far away. My parents got one as gift and it had the worst interface available. Garmin is leaps and bounds more user friendly. Any Google maps / nav does all I need.

  • Lol my OG droid is supported but my Gnex and N7 are not…

  • Beelow319

    used to have a tomtom, it sucked.

  • JohnPA2006

    Funny, TomTom on the iPhone4 is about 1.2gb and usually is on sale for 29 to 39$
    and now for Android they want 50$ and its around 3gb?

    So they want me to spend 50$ on something Android has natively since 2010 its nice idea.
    Currenly on my Galaxy S3 I have Waze, and Google Navigation.

    Having TomTom for Android is redundant, but still a nice option.
    But at this price I’m sorry, its just going to have to come down.

    • JohnPA2006

      auto correct, you have failed me for the last time……

  • so it works with thunderbolt but not with the rezound or nexus? awesome.

  • MrEnglish

    iPhone5 uses TomTom data so I’m not so impressed with a 50 dollar app that should be inherently free.

  • Christopher Tubbs

    It’s compatible with my OG Droid 🙂

  • Franz

    Sygic – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sygic.aura

    Is an amazing offline navigation program. You can download state-by-state or map-by-map.

    While it might not be for everyone, it works wonders for me. As I have my Nexus 7 mounted right on my dash. The maps are beautiful and 3D. They also have walking directions.

    Google Offline Maps can NOT be used as Navigation without a cell reception.

    Offline navigation and Offline Maps are NOT the same thing… most people don’t seem to understand that.

    • PC_Tool

      Sygic is actually pretty good….and reasonably priced to boot.

      …unlike other offerings we may be hearing about around here…

      (The only unfortunate bit is that they use the same maps tomtom/apple use, which makes the price of the tomtom product seem even more absurd))

      • Franz

        Their maps do come from TomTom, but as TomTom stated, they give their maps to multiple companies, it’s up to what they do with them in the end that matters.

        Apple Maps and Sygic are completely different even though their core is the same. Shows that it’s up to the 3rd party software developers to take advantage of the maps given to them and do the best to interpret the data.

        But there’s no fancy top view crap on Sygic, at least not in driving mode.

        PS: Are you the same infamous PC_Tool from BetaNews? Is that site still alive?

    • LionStone

      Yes you can navigate (find your way) with Google Offline Maps. Kind of like the old days with a paper map, you have to do it yourself or your co-pilot can zoom in and follow street names…pretty simple really.

  • The ONLY time I paid this much for a GPS program was for Navigon on my old iPhone3G. $50 is too steep now a days with so many other choices, ill stick with Sygic

  • Michael Quinlan

    “Screen resolution: 800×480 or 854×480”? These high-end specs from 3 years ago. Who is their target market, people still clinging to the OG Droid? By the time it supports my Galaxy Nexus I’ll be using something else.

  • duke69111

    This is compatible with my OG Droid, but not my Nexus. Who would of thought. I know its the screen resolution, but come on.

  • Dane Carpenter

    Offline GPS programs can be very usefull. I go outside coverage areas often and it is very nice to have the ability to switch over to these when that happens. And some of the stand alone GPS are nice to have when traveling on roadways. Sygic for instance has a very nice lane guidance and traffic systems. Some of these programs have nice weather overlays as well. The biggest plus for these is often the great UI for somebody that is driving.

    I use Sygic for offline maps and love it. It cost me $14.95 when I bought it. I had CoPilot back in the day on Donut, but due to lack of updates and constant switching of devices it became a pain to use. The activation process was annoying. I needed a more reliable offline GPS for the times when I was outside coverage areas.

    Dear: TomTom

    Get your act together. $50 is a little excessive for a GPS application. I paid $30 for Garmin XT with Lifetime Traffic back in 2006 for my Windows Mobile Phone. That same software was also compatible with a Bluetooth GPS transmitter.

  • PC_Tool

    No reviews; no “Installs” chart…

    No-one, it would appear, has even remotely considered purchasing this app.

    …go figure.

  • Michael Thurig

    Why is everyone so mad about more choices? Will I be buying this? NOPE! It’s too expensive for me and Google maps works fine for my needs, but that said, TomTom may be perfect for someone else and I’m not mad about it at all. Welcome to the app market, TomTom. (now make yourself compatible with more devices).

    • PC_Tool

      No-one is mad about choices…they just think this choice happens to be stupid.

      There *is* a difference.

  • QuadNexus

    Thats not even the best part. “For a limited time, drive off at this INTRODUCTORY PRICE”

    Its shown as incompatible for all my devices gnex, gs3, n7

  • Wow. I can get this on my OG Droid that I hacked to have JellyBean, but my Droid Razr can’t.

  • $50 for the apple maps? Is this a prank? We’re not iZombies, TomTom.

  • For $50 i can go buy a TomTom device…no sale.

    Edit: oh and my R2D2 is compatible LOL

  • stop being tards

    some of you people are idiots. Try caching offline maps in Google, then plan a route that spans 5 states. What happens when you get off course?….Also imo this is a good alternative to someone that may be concerned about their data usage.

    • PC_Tool

      “some of you people are idiots. ”

      Obviously these “idiots” don’t need to travel across 5 states in a vehicle. Most “idiots” probably take a plane for that.

      The example you suggest is edge-case at best….But please, do come up with more absurd examples as to why this is so much better than the alternatives…

      • LionStone

        Haha…there’s a plane for that…nice!

    • Does it use that much? I navigated from OK to GA with mine. But i have unlimited data so no need for offline maps. Anyway, my real question was does it take a lot of data to do?

  • hgomes30

    That’s insane!

  • HHAHAHAHA compatible with my old Droid2, but not with my GS3

  • Smeckle

    The scary thing is that’s just a limited time introductory price.

  • Billzilla2005

    totally worth it if has Jeremy Clarkson’s voice option like the others do

  • Swould333

    Compatible on the OG Droid and Droid X in my list… but deff NOT my wallet…bahahaha..

  • Andrew Remmers

    Based on the performance of Apple Maps. I don’t think so. Didn’t they boast using Tom Tom at the unvieling? Google maps has yet to fail me. 🙂

    • LionStone

      Yes I believe they did, but they quickly disassociated themselves when apples Maps were ‘found’ to be messed up.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    VZ Navigation and now this?
    They are about as sharp as a skinned grape.

  • Brittany n

    I will not be wasting 50 dollars on an app when I can use google maps for the great price of free 🙂

  • CodeToJoy

    Besides it not being compatible with the Galaxy Nexus, I’m perfectly happy with Google Nav or Waze (both free), no need to drop $50 on an app that has very few (if any) benefits over the freebies.

  • Stewie

    Damn, if you don’t know better, give me the $50 and stay on Gmaps, which you’ll be happier with to begin with. how did they even think anyone (though there will be those out there) who would shell out that much for it?

  • balthuszar

    i second everyone here, why would i pay 50 dollars for an app that google maps already gives the same functionality…also, why would i pay 50 dollars for an app from a company that makes subpar products? garmin is far superior to tomtom and about half as much, in the gps arena

  • RW-1

    ROTFLMFO …. Hmm … I’ll go on alimb here and say it: I’d have to believe even an iSheep could distinguish this (if they had an Android device): Gmaps – Free. This – $50. Why bother? Then add this BS specific device requirement which most don’t hit and you have FAIL.

  • kkanemt

    but will it come with the yoda voice? and big deal. just wait for the next sale. which wont be for a while.. and by then they will have updated it to work with everything

  • This app is incompatible with your Samsung Galaxy SIII

    Samsung Galaxy SIII
    This item is not compatible with your device

    Oh yeah. Surrre. Some day when this brand spanking new app is actually compatible with the latest and currently greatest top-shelf modern Android phone then I can throw TomTom 50 bucks for the honor and privilege of having their Navigation app on my phone when native app Google Maps Navigation works like a charm every time — and it’s free.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Apparently it’s compatible with my OG DROID

  • Mat Collins

    No way. Waze all the way.

  • danofiveo


  • nside1

    “For a limited time, drive off at this introductory price” …from the play store description! Ha…

  • Sirx

    lol, NO!

  • Derek

    I prefer Navigon in the rare instance where Google Maps/Nav doesn’t work for me. Can’t remember the last time I had to use it though. Props to Google for dedicating so much to keeping ahead of the curve.

  • It’s compatible with only OG Droid.


  • Its compatible with my Incredible that my daughter plays with

  • EvanTheGamer

    Too little, too late, TomTom, nothing can save you now.

  • Blade

    my droid razr max doesnt work with but my original droid does lol.BTW HOW DO I FIX THE SIGNAL PROBLEM ON MY PHONE!!! IT TAKES FOR EVER TO FIND A SIGNAL?!?!!?!?

  • hkklife

    DOA. I bought CoPilot Live waaay back in the early days of my OG Droid when I was doing more traveling than I am now. It worked well but it was a bit PITA (mandatory “activation”, charging for updates etc). I also found the maps to hog space on my SD card and the app was generally worse in every way other than some very esoteric mapping tasks such as waypoints and alternate routes…and this was ages before Google Maps did the offline caching thing.

    IF I had to do a lot of driving and needed a solid offline solution, I’d rather just buy a cheap $99 Garmin standalone navigator with lifetime maps instead of paying $50 for a bloated Android app that’s likely to never again be updated and have spotty compatibility.

    • Bryan

      Exactly! If Garmin (not TomTom) were to make an affordable app that had all the features of their stand alone GPS, I might buy it. But for close to the same price, might as well get a fully dedicated device that doesn’t tie up my phone on a long trip.

  • motta2003

    eff no

  • Apostrafee

    7 GB? Wow

    edit: 3.7GB I see

    • 3.7 not 3,7 it’s a typo! FYI

      • Apostrafee

        Haha yeah I see that now, still that’s pretty massive

  • Compatible with my Epic 4G (not the touch), but not my Galaxy Nexus…$50 for something Google Navigation does for free. Seems legit.

  • Compatible with my droid but not my Gnex. What the hell is tom tom thinking?

  • ddevito

    Dear TomTom,

    We’re not iSheep – we don’t blindly pay that much for apps

    • Unless you need offline searchable POIs.
      Why is it that Android fanboys (not everybody on this site, plenty are able to be objective) want to talk about how Android is so great because it provides choice, but then hates on anything that they choose that is not from Google.

      This App may be a great alternative for some people who need specific functions that Google does not currently offer. Try to keep an open mind.

      “We’re not iSheep – we don’t blindly pay that much for apps”
      -By the way, I really wish more android users would start paying for apps. There is a reason the App store gets the vast majority of the high quality apps first/at all. I’m still waiting for wild blood to be released on Android.

      • ddevito

        Choice is great – but who in their right mind would pay $50 just (as you mentioned) for offline points of interest? get real buddy.

        I agree more Android users should pay for apps, but paying $50 for this anemic-offering-at-best-that-isn’t-even-available-on-high-end-devices is downright foolish – and come to think of it, so are you for your arrogant opinion.

        • Try this: Go offline and try to navigate to some place around you. Offline POIs mean you are able to navigate to them without needing a data connection.
          This would be great for those who hit data caps/are traveling in a place without service/those who don’t have data on their plan/etc.

          I’m Arrogant? Let’s reread your comment:
          “We’re not iSheep – we don’t blindly pay that much for apps”
          Who is the arrogant one?

          • PhillipCun

            But why would you go offline anyway?

            Let’s all be friends guys… seriously.

          • I wouldn’t go offline, Verizon has service virtually everywhere I go.
            I wouldn’t buy this app because it serves no purpose for me.

            However, not everybody has Verizon. Let’s say you have a provider that doesn’t work in many areas or you are taking a trip to an area that doesn’t have service. This app could be great for those people.

          • EFFFFFF

            works for me because I cached the maps offline for my favorite cities.

          • JoshHenry

            Im confused, does’t the google maps app offer offline maps now?

          • PC_Tool

            Try this:

            *some absurd edge-case thing virtually no-one ever does*

            See how ridiculous that is??

            (No, no you don’t…)

          • What about the hundreds of thousands of people that travel to America each year who don’t buy local SIM cards (or sim cards with a data plan).

            Is it really that ridiculous to think that some of them may see the benefit in having offline maps of the US?

            (if you still think I am being ridiculous, look at all of their other maps by TomTom for other countries. If they weren’t selling then TomTom wouldn’t have made this app)

          • PC_Tool

            “What about the hundreds of thousands of people…”

            …that use taxi’s and rent cars with GPS? (Or might use a product that is reasonably priced and has far better reviews?)

            “Is it really that ridiculous to think that some of them…”

            ..are the exception to the rule? (Or might use a product that is reasonably priced and has far better reviews?)

            “look at all of their other maps by TomTom for other countries.”

            Not a single one has an install chart. Some actually do have reviews…but most of them negative. Go figure.

            “If they weren’t selling then TomTom wouldn’t have made this app”

            You’d know that … how?

            I’m all for choice. But this choice…is stupid. There are better apps than this out there, with much better reviews, for far less.

          • Try this: Learn about the product before you try and tell the people that own them what they can/cant do

        • My name is rick

          50 bucks for an ap is cray, besides if i want an IOS app, i just use my Ipad and go through cydia and get it for free99, just saying. I use my GN for other “stuff”

      • Sloan Marion

        We don’t pay for expensive apps because there are apps that do it better for cheaper or even for free.

        • If you find that those apps do everything you need and that is what you want to use, then you should definitely get those.
          This is a good app for those who want this option.

          • The point you miss, we already have that option.

        • Is there a GPS app that’s cheaper or free that includes offline search? Honestly, I’m asking. I haven’t found one.

          • Kristobal

            CoPilot Live says hello. Half the price with the same of better functionality…

          • Fab. I’ll try it. Thank you, much appreciated.

      • bitpimpin

        For offline searchable POI’s I will go take my $50 and buy a refurb Tom Tom and not have to worry about running down my battery/ tying up my phone when using nav

        • ra

          By the way this wil get you unlimited map and HD traffic updates. Refurbished unit will take you to dead end unless you pay $50 for map updates every year…

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Offline Searchable POS

      • Lucky Armpit

        When an app is worth the money, I absolutely pay for it and have no problem doing so. However, with free navigation at my fingertips, unlimited data, broad coverage of Verizon’s 4G, and Motorola’s near-instant GPS lock, why in my right mind would I pay $50 for something I already have, for free?

        • michael arazan

          ^ this right here, and i have padi for 40 of my 120 apps.

          And Also Google doesn’t ask for my money either

      • Spoken like a true iSheep. Were you actually familiar with android, you’d know that google maps has a caching feature for offline use.

        I’ll happily pay for apps that are worth paying for. If this app were priced appropriately, it might be worth downloading. For $50, it better massage my b*lls while I navigate.

        • Here are my Devices.
          And an offline map that I made a couple of weeks ago.

          Considering I’ve had two OG droids, a thunderbolt, , a droid x, a Rezound, and a Nexus. And considering that I’ve been here since this site began (way before my discus profile), I’m going to say that I am relatively familiar with Android.

      • LionStone

        Most vehicles have navigation built in nowadays…in case yours does not, if you ‘need’ offline POI’s, I’d just get a dedicated gps device.

      • MrEnglish

        You can’t reason with fandroids. They are the primary reason I jumped camp and only read this forum once a week if that.

        • imtoomuch

          So you’re here on an Android site just to start trouble then? Do you realize that’s being the ultimate troll?

          • MrEnglish

            I’ve been on this site for a long time, not that it’s your business, but you people call anybody who has a different opinion a “troll”. Talk about iSheep and then act just like they did. If you don’t like my posts, ignore them.

          • imtoomuch

            I don’t often use the word troll. I was just being real and calling you out. I don’t go to Blackberry, iPhone or Windows phone sites stating how much their fanboys suck. I’m not the troll, you are.

            Oh and I never said iSheep nor did I mention Apple so I’m not sure why you brought them up. And you posted your comment on a public forum so I have the right to disagree and respond.

            Besides a troll, you’re also clearly a *******idiot.

          • MrEnglish

            Easy to act so tough behind a computer but clearly you’re describing yourself and the bloated holier tha thou attitude of morons like yourself. Thanks for proving my point.

          • imtoomuch

            Don’t bother responding. I don’t converse with stupid people.

          • MrEnglish

            I’d but you a tissue if I could.

          • It’s a shame. This site used to be fun before everybody became obsessive. Now you even say you like some feature of something from a non-Android device and they will attack you. Fandroids became the thing they used to hate.

          • MrEnglish

            Then there’s people like you that still get it so there’s hope. I actually left this site and the android camp for the precise reason you mentioned. Thanks for not being like the majority and still getting the spirit of it all.

      • Because Android Fanboys (I’ll add the addendum that you added; not everybody on this site, plenty are able to be objective) confuse open source for free. Those kinds of Android fanboys are the kind that holler “OMG guise, Android is Open Source!!!111 Free APKz”.

        This is worth $50. Sure it seems a bit steep, maybe $29.99 would be a bit more feasible. But still. An offline searchable POI is fantastic especially considering there’s some people that just have a bad network. I’d love to have this for those horrible times that Nav just sits there trying to find my location. And with all the robust car mounts out there, why buy a standalone GPS nav?

        If the bad Apple fans (REFUSE to use something as childish as iSheep) are pretentious, then the bad Android fans are condescending and out of touch.

      • Rena

        I’ll start buying apps from developers who…
        1) …don’t kid themselves. Some of the things they expect me to pay for is just ridiculous. $2 to change colour. $5 for a simple calculator. $8 for a port of something they didn’t even make.
        2) …don’t use the “pay me to not annoy you” model.
        3) …don’t call purchases “donations”. If the free version is less functional than the “donate” version, or has ads, it’s not a donation, it’s just another demo version of a paid app.
        4) …appear trustworthy. When your app wants a ton of permissions it shouldn’t need to do its job, and/or the description looks like it was written by a scam artist, chances are I’m not installing it even for free.
        5) …actually test their product before releasing it and keep up on fixing bugs.

        As soon as Google…
        1) …stops rejecting every bank/credit card I try to use, with no place to even try to ask why. Or at very least starts selling gift cards in stores that I could use instead. (i.e. I can’t buy apps even if I wanted to.)
        2) …restores the refund period to one long enough to actually verify that the app works.
        3) …does something about the huge number of spam/scam/malware apps, apps that are literally just hacked copies of other apps, and apps that are greedier than a bad regular expression, so that I can have some confidence that I’m not going to be ripped off.

        Basically I argue the reverse of your statement: iOS has better apps because the Android app store sucks.

    • ra

      Not everyone is on unlimited data plan….

      • ddevito

        Then download maps on WiFi in Google maps before hitting the road. Weak argument.

  • cjlee89

    Umm…Why? Google Navigation is free with offline maps, always updated with the latest maps Google has, and for my case more than sufficient without buying a $50 app.

  • Stupid and a little late I would say. Why would I waste 3.5GB of space and $50 when Google Maps is free and pretty light.

    • Also could you imagine updating this every other week. Better hope you have Verizon 4G, but it will still take 5 – 10 minutes to download.

  • Michael_NM

    Perfect for folks with iPod phones.

    • You are on a roll today!

      • Michael_NM

        I hope it’s toasted. 🙂

  • Asmodai

    Isn’t Apple’s maps based on TomTom data?
    If so that’s not exactly a confidence builder. Plus unless I can put the Map data on the SD Card (Droid 4 doesn’t allow apps on the SD Card) I don’t have 3.7GB to devote to a single app, especially one that largely duplicates existing functionality.
    Oh and $50!!! You must be mad!

  • picaso86

    $50 on Android?? Tom Tom must be on crack!

    • NoHDforYou

      In addition, anyone that is willing to pay $50 for an app, most likely has an Android phone with an HD screen. Hey TomTom, get with it and price this thing at $20 and don’t release another update until it is compatible with HD screens.

  • ….Really?

  • Not going to get it, but it says it is compatible with my TBolt.

  • James_Kernicky


  • znewman

    Nope. I don’t have any need and I don’t have any device with that low of a screen resolution.

  • Hey, it’s compatible with the original Droid!

    • Diablo81588

      No, it’s not running ICS or jellybean.

      • JoshGroff


        • Diablo81588

          Do you really think it would be smooth enough to run a maps app? It was laggy as hell just on the home screen, much less using a graphics intensive app.

          • JoshGroff

            Probably not without overclocking.

          • Diablo81588

            I think 256mb of ram is the bigger issue.

          • JoshGroff

            Probably. :/

  • Rule #1 of capitalism economics: When a free product exists in the marketplace with all the same features of the paid products, the paid products instantly become irrelevant and useless in the market. Nobody but the stupidest among us will pay $50 for something Google Maps gives them for free.

    • “Nobody but the stupidest among us”
      Looks like the stupidest among us forgot to read and look in to the differences between the two.

      • Oh, I read them. The thing is, common sense and logic would dictate that in no way could those features be deemed to be worth anywhere close to $50 in the marketplace. Especially when you consider that $50 is the “introductory, limited time” price…meaning said price will probably go up soon.

        • Rule #2 of capitalism economics. When dealing the a very specific target market with specific needs where very few apps exist that meet those needs, the supply is low and the relative demand is high, leading to a higher price.

          • OK now I’m curious. Clearly you’re interested in this app and now I’m interested in why. What feature(s) does this TomTom app give you that Google Maps doesn’t, and do said feature(s) make it worth $50 in your mind?

          • OK now I’m curious. Clearly you’re interested in this app and now I’m interested in why. What feature(s) does this TomTom app give you that Google Maps doesn’t, and do said feature(s) make it worth $50 to you?

  • $50? Ouch Ill stick with free google nav.

  • SirSoloDolo

    They are on the wrong platform! Apple needs you!!!

  • Before everybody goes on about how much better Google Maps is.

    This stores all maps directly on your phone with searchable points of interest even when offline.

    It’s a nice option to have.

    • sc0rch3d

      gmaps has a similar offline function

      • Right, but you aren’t able to search offline.

        • sc0rch3d

          Once you get to your destination, bust out the CLR dice at every intersection and roam around aimlessly. 🙂

    • RWW

      So Google is one small software patch away from eliminating the single advantage Tom Tom has?

      I wouldn’t be buying any TomTom stock…

      • But until Google patches this then TomTom may be a good option for some people.

        Google may take months/years to enable this for all we know.

        • Diablo81588

          Not for the majority of people with incompatible phones.

  • lol… nope, and i can’t…

  • ddevito


  • Nope.