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Thursday Poll: How Many Android Apps Have You Paid For?

With the quality of apps on the Android platform on the up and up, I think it’s only fair that developers are starting to look at pricing their applications accordingly. Sure, you won’t see me pay $50 for TomTom anytime soon, but I don’t mind spending a few dollars on a good game or utility application.

In my eyes, if I think I will get my money’s worth, then I’ll purchase the app. Then again, if I’m not sure on buying a game or app, I love it when developers offer a free or “lite” version for people to test run. As another thought, I recall not too long ago when many believed Android users were cheap. I certainly hope that isn’t the case anymore.

As a note, we mean how many apps have you paid for in your entire time with Android, not just what you have on your device as of this moment.

How many Android apps have you paid for?

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  • Carlton Madden

    I paid full price for Horn ($6.99) a couple of weeks before it went on sale for $.25 but I didn’t mind. It was easily worth the $7 I paid for it. If the quality is there, I’ll pay.

  • jeesung

    i’m in the 11-25 category, but wanted to say you should have probably had a ‘0’ category to separate out the real tight-wads 😉

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    EFF your marketing survey in disguise, in it’s see-through head. You still view us as lab rats, huh? Anyone with a brain can look at these types of surveys, and see them for what they truly are – marketing research, where you get paid to deliver the results to some scumbag research company. How am I the only one who has ever noticed this? I mean I know the brown-nosers are always going to be oblivious, but I still thought at least one other person could see this.

  • Bsody

    With 104, I think I am firmly in the 50+ group.

  • over 100 – a lot of them were during the 10c / 99c sales though

  • Droid_Dude

    Wish I could change my vote too. Apparently, I have purchased 65 apps. I have no problem paying for a quality app.

  • Br_d

    11 apps from the Play Store, 1 non-free app from Amazon (I had a credit), and 1 directly from the developer.

  • YouAreAllSheep

    I NEVER pay for Apps, ROMs, Themes Etc. If a DEV is not satisfied with just appreciation then F him, I will go find a DEV who is. For every greedy DEV who charges $$ , there is ALWAYS another DEV just as talented offering stuff just as good for free.

  • Booyah


  • Raven

    Is there an easy way to find this out? I do not see any way to get a count of or even filter out just the paid apps across my 4 Android devices. I came up with the idea of searching my gmail for all of the Receipts from my Google purchases and holy cow it came to 160. Of those, about 20 were music or movie purchases. I did not realize I had bought so many apps, lol. I guess I should have voted 50+ instead of 26-50.

    • Bsody

      Google wallet. It shows the cancelled apps too, so you have to subtract them off. 104 for this guy.

  • PC_Tool

    I voted 26-50, but if you count Amazon, it’s probably higher.

  • fauxshizzl

    I am in the 11-25 group, but monetarily I am in the $50-$75 group. The Slingbox app was $30 alone. But worth every penny!

  • fanboy1974

    I would say I’m over $50 but under $100. A lot of stuff is from impulse buys during sales. A few years ago I was willing to pay $50 for TomTom but not anymore; $20 tops.

  • DP

    I think I’ve spent over 200 dollars on apps… x.x

  • Chadadad

    I’ve paid for 50+, but nearly all of those were during deals where the apps were $0.10 & $0.25 as others have stated. I’ve probably purchased less than 10 full priced Android Apps.

  • I earlier had purchased 175+ apps from Play Store earlier… Now after the 25Billion promo, the purchased apps count increased to 200+ now…

  • UmangKedia

    I think the only method to purchase apps is using Credit Card. I don’t know abt other countries but this is the only option available in India. I think they should allow Internet Banking and other options also as Credit cards are not very famous in India

  • TheOiulkj

    I’m in the 50+ group. idk what’s up with people acting like a dollar is a big deal. I’m a college student and I’m in debt, but I have no problem spending 99 cents on an app just because I feel like it. Plus, it’s not like I’ll be in tears if the app turns out to suck. If I’m really that beat up about it, I can always just search the floor of my car for a buck and call it even.

  • I get disappointed a lot. I buy an app because it’s all the rage, but then the developer just falls off the planet. I need to STOP BUYING HOME LAUNCHERS. They never seem to last past the OS version they were first written on.

  • noc007

    Most of the apps I’ve bought have been on Google’s milestone sales. I think I’ve only paid for three apss that were more than a buck.

  • brando56894

    I’ve had android devices for about three years, when I got my OG droid back in 09 I bought a ton of apps which I used for like a day then never used again. I remember I saw somewhere about a year ago that I had about $150 worth of paid apps. I wouldn’t doubt that I have double that now.

  • I will pay for the apps that I feel deserve it. If I don’t I will use the free version, running add block means it makes no difference as far as adds are concerned. The most expensive app I have bought was phone my pc and I think it was 12 bucks at the time, which was well worth it to me.

  • AgustinRodriguez

    I have spent a grand total of $4.25. I’m quite the spender*


  • I do pay for apps and games on Android. That being said, I have a hard time dropping more than a dollar on most apps in the Play Store for one reason: quality.

    Dropping a dollar per game or app on iOS isn’t as big of a gamble as it is on Android. Some games refuse to run on newer hardware or software, and even if they run, performance may be sub-par compared to other devices due to the lack of optimization, stemming from the large number of devices on the market.

    It’s an unfortunate position for the platform; until Google can get quality and performance problems solved for the store (maybe a curated section of the Play store for Nexus devices?), I only see developers making marginally more profit from the store as the platform continues to expand.

  • shecalledmejay

    Only 2 apps for me, Titanium Pro and Nova Prime.

  • Diablo81588

    I picked 26-50, but apparently I’ve bought more than that lol. Wish you could change your vote :/

  • b_to_the_randon

    Yep, this pretty much sums up why developers look over Android when trying to pick a platform.

  • Lando Rex M’Masi

    I’m actually to the point now that I buy good, Holo-designed paid apps, regardless of if I’ll ever use them or not. I value them that much, and the dev deserves my dollar. If any app I may possibly want has a paid version, I just buy it so I can test the app in full glory.

  • Lakerzz

    I have purchased 305!! A lot of them were from the OG days. I was just so excited to get that phone, I was buying apps left and right. Some were bought to make the phone better, and/ or for rooting purposes which isn’t needed as much now a days.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I currently only have 140 apps on my phone.

  • 500+…not a typo. My Google Wallet lists 562 “online purchases”, two of which were devices (N1, N7), and a handful of which were cancelled (I could search my Gmail to get the exact amount, I keep all my app receipt emails in their own label), but I rarely refund purchases on the app store (partially due to the low 15 minute policy now, granted, but even back in the 24 hour days it wasn’t many), and even without couting I’m 99% certain it’s far less than 62 refunds out of the 562 purchases. Granted this is over 3 years of buying apps (G1 represent), but still…I’m much worse with money than I thought. Thank you, DL, for bringing this to my attention… *cancels credit card*

  • I’m definitely in the 26-50 category, but 90% have been during some discount sale

  • David

    Its been shown that charging for Android apps doesn’t work. No vendor has enough accounts to make it easy to purchase apps. Google doesn’t have many. Amazon is the best bet, but the store is skewed toward the bigger name apps.
    The accepted model for making money from Android apps is via advertising.
    Have the dirt cheap Kindle Fire as the flagship Android tablet is not any incentive for smaller developers to target the Android tablet platform.

  • corymcnutt

    I would definitely pay for an app over a free one…I hate the ads and I want the extra features that most paid versions include. I try the free one to see if I like it, but then buy it if I decided to keep it. They are so cheap (most of them), what’s the difference?

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’m so cheap I can make my pennies sequel. Seriously 0-10 was # wow. I was 11-25 since they have even been .10 and most recently .25….COME ON PEOPLE Sorry just my 2 cents since it would seep there are some cheap bastards worse than me?

    • Hahah I’ve got a feeling I fall into the cheap category lol…….I have had an Android for over 2 years and only bought ONE app…and that was PowerAmp because I just HAD to have it!

  • I literally JUST bought my first paid app yesterday! After 2 years and hundreds of apps the one app that I just had to have was PowerAmp! I used the trial until it expired and the day it expired I added my credit card to my account (quick tip for anyone with a Visa card that keeps getting declined by Google. Goto the Verified by Visa webpage and register your card, there;s some stupid security thing Google uses that requires you to have the card registered with them.)

  • k_nivesout

    36, including some themes, icon packs, and games/apps from sales.

  • Mark

    I only download quality apps and most of them are paid. Too bad I only have < 10 apps total. It's too hard to rummage through the sea of crappy apps in the store.

    • wickets

      google really needs to do something about this……going to the store to buy something is an act of total frustration which spoils the whole experience

      • TheDrunkenClam

        I’ve bought close to 50 apps… I have no problem finding what I need.

    • Donell

      I’m sure you can find more than 10 quality apps in the play store.

  • JB

    125 paid apps here, i’ve gotten in on all the google deals, several humble bundles and a couple of third party sales (my 16gb N7 is full and I still have $15 of the original credit to spend).

  • nightscout13

    I’ve paid for about 10. If i wanted to pay for most of my apps, I’d be in the Apple camp.

  • art

    I’m in the (well over) fifty group. I want to a)get extra features, b)support the developers, and ,most importantly, c) rid myself of ads.

    • nightscout13

      Adfree works great if you are rooted… Gets rid of in-app adds.

      • Adaway is another great app, little nice than add free

      • Is there any alternative for stock users? I don’t wanna root my Razr after I found out about the whole root checker thing that Motorola put on this POS but I would love to get rid of ads for free!

        • nightscout13

          Unfortunately all ad-blockers require ROOT. Plus when you block the Ads, you spend less of your monthly data allowance, if you’re not unlimited. Cause those ads take away from your data.

          • Darn….Good thing I’m on unlimited still! (Over 20 GB this month and only 2 weeks in!)

          • nightscout13

            Ya most people are not aware of that bit. Also, some people that switched over to tiered data, might be fine now. But every month, apps are becoming heavier users of data, along with websites having more Ads, etc. So within 1 years time, people will be passing their tiered data caps, and paying through the nose with overages. It’s something Verizon carefully planned out.

          • Thats exactly what I was thinking the other day when on Android central in a thread about Verizon. The Tiered plans are only made to future proof Verizon’s profits. Just take the play store for example, when I first got my Thunderbolt (the day it was released) apps ranged from less than a mb to 10mb tops but now the only apps that are less than 10mb are the simple ones with no fancy UI or graphics. Although there was some speculation on Android central from 3 different people who claimed they talked to Verizon reps on the phone and the reps made comments / remarks about the plans which hinted at Verizon possibly bringing back Unlimited data in November. I honestly don’t see them going through with it but it would be NICE if they did.

          • nightscout13

            Personally, I doubt they will bring back Unlimited because the new fee structure is built to maximize profits. In this economy, why would Verizon choose to make less money?

          • Like I said, I honestly don’t see it happening because after all it it’s all just rumors, nothing solid.

      • wickets

        Thats like stealing…man up and pay for the app….WTF is wrong with you?

        • nightscout13

          Panties in a bunch?

  • kixofmyg0t

    I did 11-25, which is about right. I may have a few more but I don’t want to drudge through my “DROID2 BOOTSTRAP” past lol.

  • EvanTheGamer

    The amount of apps I’ve paid for over the last two years is not even listed as an option.

    • David

      Given that 0 and over 50 are options, apparently you don’t understand the options.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Obviously I could have just said “I’ve paid for 50+ apps!”, but decided to go a different route instead. Got a problem with that? Tough.


        • ERIC REED

          Someone’s feelings got hurt…

          • Guest

            lol Not really. Plus if I had feelings, they wouldn’t get hurt, they’d get even.

  • Duggleass

    I am un-able to vote. I don’t have a droid product. Yet.

  • Droidfan

    A lot of the best apps in Android are ad supported. Apparently most Droiders don’t mind adds. And many of the biggest apps…Angry Birds for instance…make more off ad supported apps than paid apps. Does Apple allow for ad supported apps?

    • Yeah, but the pricing mechanism there is just to pay up front… That’s just how things tend to work there. They can go ad based, they just don’t. It just became standard, like how 99 cents became fairly standard for games, and Android games are often ad supported but free.

      • Personally I find Android’s offering better, not just because i’m a Droidster but because what if I buy an app and I don’t like it? Apple’s return policy sucks and while $.99 may not seem that much it adds up fast!

    • Yes ios apps have ads

  • arthur2142

    Put me down for 50+, but the majority of those are from the $0.10 & $0.25 sales. I’ve also shelled out $29.99 for the Sling Player app. I’ve probably paid full price for 10-12 apps.

  • zin11

    i rarely buy apps. I had hard time spending even $25 credit with the nex7. There’s alot of great free options that aren’t that intrusive as well so there’s less incentive to buy. then again im not much of a gamer on the phone, so if i did that alot, i probably would buy alot more.

  • Emilio Fahr

    I’ve spent plenty of money on apps, haha. They’re so cheap that even if you play one for a few days, it’s definitely worth the 99 cents.

  • Boblank84

    is there any way to see how many apps you have purchased? I really have no idea, if i were to guess probably around 40 or 50.

    • Murphy

      Before the Google Play changeover from Android Market , they were listed in order, now they are jumbled throughout your app list.

      • Michael Schnider

        On that point I wonder why the Play Store doesn’t have a tab for purchased?

        • Mc

          It bugs me that I have to scroll through the “all”, list just to find an app I’ve purchased but haven’t installed on my phone

          • JB

            The play store really needs an option to make lists so you can reinstall all of your apps with the push of a button after flashing ROM/buying a new device, etc. Also an override so you can install apps on devices they haven’t been “approved” for.

        • moelsen8

          It used to. For some crazy reason Google removed it in an update. Its annoying as all f*ck, but check this out.. it works perfectly as a solution:

    • Droosh

      All app stores are different. For Google’s you can review your purchases here:

      • It’s easier if you go to https://wallet.google.com/manage/#transactions instead of the Play Store link — the Play Store one includes free apps, the Wallet one doesn’t. (Not 100% sure how to see carrier-billed app purchases, as I don’t use this myself, so I dunno where those show up en masse, if anywhere).

        • Diablo81588

          Great link thanks! Even shows canceled ones 😛

  • KB26

    There should have been a (0/pirated) option. That way I can let the world know..
    (wait, did you think I actually pirated apps?) that some people actually bought at least one paid app.

  • niuguy

    Wow, people are cheap!

    • ph0oky

      Wow, the 1% are ignorant!

      • niuguy

        I wish 🙂

    • Why pay for something when you can just look at a stupid ad for 5-10 seconds and not have to pay?

      • niuguy

        Many apps have limited free features, others don’t have free versions, and some I just want to reward the developer.

    • How many Windows/Mac apps have you paid for? How many of those are not games?

      Mobile games aren’t that great and not even worth $.99 most of the time.

  • Heck, with just the three Humble Bundles, I broke the 10 barrier… Between sales and other things… i think the total is around 75 by this point…

  • austin konja

    Only a couple as I just started buying apps. Started with the apps that needed it like Power amp, rom toolbox pro, usb bt game controller, titanium backup, and nova launcher prime (before the sale :()

  • The two major sales got well over 50.
    Total is probably a bit over 100.

  • r0lct

    I’ve bought around 60 I would guess, but I would say half are from the sales.

  • Gino Fratto

    Gee.. I wonder why all the good app devs, not called Google, go to Apple first. Support the devs people! I don’t understand paying $9 on a mcdonalds value meal but not paying for a quality app.

    • r0lct

      You need food to survive, apps not so much

      • Josh Carroll

        Quit spewing lies… Apps > Food

      • Nagini

        Since when is McDonalds considered real “food”?

        • r0lct

          In the same vein Angry Birds is considered a real app.

        • michael arazan

          Since when is a value meal $9? like $5 and under in missouri

    • My main issue was having my credit card on file with Google. After all the press about Apple getting in hot water for giving out account info that led to hacked accounts I was skeptical. However I love PowerAmp and decided to support the dev BUT I registered my card with VerifiedByVisa to get the added security (I think Google now requires it to use a Visa card or at least my bank requires it to make purchases online).

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        apple doesnt have an online payment division that competes with paypall. google wallet (formerly google checkout) is petty damned safe.

    • Guest

      I pay only when I have to and only on Sale. That means launchers, system apps, and a few games.

    • jbegs23

      @google-fe317215996c49a1f2c46680f7e00acd:disqus Maybe someone could develop a quality paid Softball app that can teach you how to pitch.

  • Michael_NM

    I have nearly 100, and have paid as much as $40 for an app.

    • First off, go Hawks. I am the only Seahawks fan I’ve met in my area, it sucks. Second, as a fellow “craploads of apps” purchaser, I’m glad to see I’m not alone and I wish others would do the same, too. Like you, I’ll pay for an expensive app, if it’s worth it, it encourages devs to make quality apps (though I think the most I paid was…how much was SlingPlayer again? $30? Or perhaps the CoPilot version 8 North American version, I think it was $20 back forever ago when I bought it…what did you get at $40? I’m intrigued… 🙂 And I’ll happily buy the $1, 2, 3 app or whatnot to help a dev out. They spend time, we use the apps and get benefit from it, why not help them?

      • Michael_NM

        Amen, I couldn’t have said what you did about helping the devs better. Navigon was the $40 app I purchased. Also, I just checked my GWallet transaction history, and I’ve actually bought over 400 apps. However, I only have about 40 of them on my phone…

        Saving the best for last here: GO HAWKS!

  • Ben

    Very rarely do you actually need to pay for an update on android, another reason why it is so awesome

  • ph0oky

    I have about 30 paid apps, but I’ve bought them all during promotions so I’ve spent maybe $5 max on all combined.

    • That’s a great point!

    • Geoff Atteberry

      I went with the 50+ option, I’m sure I have close to a hundred. But the majority were bought on big sales. And on some apps, I have some large in app purchase histories.

    • Same here, most of mine were bought on sale for 10 or 25 cents. I was looking through the apps I have purchased and I only use 10 of 40 paid apps. The rest are not even installed.

  • Josh Carroll

    I did 11-25, although now that I think about it I probably have more due to the .10 and .25 app deals these past few times.

    • Droosh

      I’m surprised that the results for 50+ are so low given all the $.10 & $.25 promos plus other promos from 3rd party app stores.

      • moelsen8

        Yeah me too. I probably have 50 alone from those sales.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        the problem is that in some cases the same apps was offered on sever days of both sales.