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Madfinger’s Shadowgun: Deadzone Hits Private Beta, Open to the Public in Coming Weeks

Madfinger Games has been teasing Shadowgun: Deadzone for too long! We just received word that they have opened a private beta to European players and the U.S. will also be receiving the same beta treatment here in the next two weeks.

Madfinger will want to start testing network connections, fixing bugs, and other misc. things that could spell trouble for a massive online multiplayer game such as Deadzone. The open beta for the U.S. will be in Google Play, so everyone that wants to take part can have super easy access.

I am definitely pumped for this release and we’ll let you know as soon as the beta goes live for us here in the States.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    If it’s by “Rip Off The Customer and Claim It’s Because of Piracy Madfinger”, well, I think I’ll pass, but thanks. And, it is not mentioned here, but I’ll bet you a bajillion kazillion dollars, that this new ShadowGun is a pay-to-win, rigged, manipulative, crapfest. The original ShadowGun was great, and when bought the game for one up front price, you actually got the entire game! Shocking, I know. This was before Greedfinger became crooked criminals, and you just paid one up front cost for the game, and nothing was withheld and the game wasn’t rigged like a two-bit carnival game. Same thing for their game Samurai Vengance 2, you paid one price, and nothing was crippled in the game.

    This new MMO ShadowGun will undoubtedly be riddled with unfair pay-to-win in-app purchases, that is just a given seeing their crooked actions thus far. But the real question is, are they going to charge an up front price for a freemium game, like they did with Dead Trigger, knowing darn well that you don’t charge an up front price for “free-to-play” games. Though, sadly, many corrupt companies are making their freemium games paid, which is incredibly wrong and immoral. And the worst part is that they knowingly leave out the fact that the PAID game you are buying, contains in-app purchases, from the game’s description. They do this on purpose because, one they are shady goons, and two they know no one wants to think they are buying a PAID game, only to find out they don’t actually get all the features in the game, because the shady developer has withheld important core features, so they can ransom them from the paying customer and charge outrageous prices for them. That and the customer thinks that if the game is PAID, that he will get all features for the up front cost of the game.

    My advice to people who buy a lot of apps and games is, read through the reviews for the game like crazy before you buy if it’s a paid game. I mean read like a hundred, or read them all! And look for any mention of “in-app purchases”, “costs too much”, “wish was free”, “freemium”, etc. Definitely pay attention to the low star reviews, but don’t just focus on those because a lot of dumb dumbs, for some weird reason will rightfully complain about a rigged or crooked game, but they will still give the game like 4 or 5 stars, which is just ridiculous and extremely counter-productive. Sadly I have to do this before I buy any paid game or app now. It’s sad because you used to pretty much know that when you bought a paid game, well you received the WHOLE game, and nothing was rigged or withheld and extorted for money. You paid the cost of entry, and that was it. But with corruption and greed spreading across the Market like a rampant virus, you just don’t have that safe guarantee anymore. This is a good illustration of what happens when our society loses it’s morals, values and tries to eradicate God from a country that wad built and sustained in his name.

    • You realize NO one is going to read that essay of a comment!

      • EvanTheGamer

        It’s not an essay it’s a book. Seriously, no one is gonna bother reading that entire bloody mess. What a waste of time.

    • michael arazan

      I agree, i love the play syncs reveiws to your device, and i always read them.

      But you also forgot that these bs in app purchases delete if you uninstall the game and reinstall the game later on for what ever reasons, that is total bs, and they do that on purpose too, to rebuy the iap that you already pay for, and they won’t respond to you either if you email them about it.