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Motorola: We Will be Considered for the Next Nexus, but Given No Special Treatment

Every time we ask the Droid Life community to tell us to describe the Nexus phone of their dreams, it almost always begins with, “built by Motorola.” For whatever reason, Motorola has yet to carry the much-coveted “Nexus” title on a phone, even now that Google owns them. Many were hoping that this year, we would finally see our first Motorola made Nexus, but so far, no rumors have pointed to such a situation. That doesn’t mean that Motorola didn’t try this time around and won’t be trying each every year going forward. 

In a sit down with CNET, Motorola Senior Vice President of Product Management Rick Osterloh, said that they will “absolutely be one of the people considered the next time Google delivers its Nexus phone.” He also mentioned that they won’t be receiving “special treatment,” just that they would certainly love to be a part of the program.

Osterloh went on to say that there is still a “firewall” between the Android and Motorola teams, something Andy Rubin mentioned a few months ago, so that they can operate as an independent company. In order to keep Android an open platform, this is probably the right move.

With rumors of a multi-Nexus program happening this year, Motorola probably has a better chance than ever to receive the honor of creating a Nexus phone. We still wouldn’t expect Moto to be included in this year’s batch (if there are more than one), however, this year may be the first to surprise us. The lack of Nexus rumors is intriguing.

Via:  CNET

Cheers Dain!

  • owan

    I have no clue why everyone on this site has such a raging hard-on for motorola phones. They’re ugly, they’re heavy, they have crummy screens and are just as bad, if not worse, at rolling out updates as everyone else and they lock all their bootloaders. Heavy != build quality. I’ve had friends destroy bionics and razrs the same as friends who destroy HTC’s and Samsungs, so I can’t help but feel as though this vaunted motorola “quality” is just a bunch of crap

  • bogy25


  • dmagicp

    I am waiting for the day when Google releases a series of unlocked Nexus phones that will work on whatever carrier you subscribe to, and are completely free of bloatware. I want them to be updated entirely through Google like my wifi Xoom is, so the updates are timely, and I want the specs to be far enough ahead to allow the device to remain competitive for longer than 3 to 6 months. The only branding allowed on the phone should be Nexus, regardless of the carrier sim the device supports. And finally, it should have an unlocked bootloader, no matter what Verizon, or any other carrier says. That is the way it used to be with unlocked phones, and I would like to see us return to that. Am I asking too much? LOL!!

  • I love how everyone seems to forget the OG Droid was technically the first nexus…

    • Hard to be considered “the first nexus” when it’s stuck on one carrier.



    This guy would love to see one shot out of Moto however I’m hoping that google’s/moto’s policy of updates step up.I’m aware if made for nexus it’d be almost mandated however not necessarily true as we’ve seen w/ the galaxy nexus on big red.not sure how they stood in google’s way for that but if they could step up their game along with moto’s great track record for hardware selection, this thing could be the endgame of smartphones

  • prepared statement from google basically

  • Turb0wned

    Every time we ask the Droid Life community to tell us to describe the Nexus phone of their dreams, it almost always begins with, “built by Motorola.”

    Really!? That statement is so wrong. How many polls has Droid-Life had on this and Moto is always behind Samsung and HTC?

  • Alexander Garcia

    Bring it Motorola! Bring it! Show Google the other reason why they bought you!

  • jamaall

    Take Google’s amazing design, throw in motorola’s awesome battery and 4G radio, then slap on a new sharp 5″ 1080p screen…

    • please… please… stop reminding us of will not happen this year!

      moto ftw

      • jamaall

        My next upgrade is may 2013. In the meantime,I got a RAZR m, which happens to be pretty good 🙂

  • I hope Motorola doesn’t make the next Nexus phone. I hope Motorola makes the one after that because that’s when my contract is up! I like my Galaxy Nexus…in theory…but the only thing worse than the awful battery life is the reception! The reception is HORRENDOUS. It has trouble pulling 1X in areas my old Droid X was solid on 3G. I want to throw it across the room when I don’t have full 4G coverage because it hardly works with 3G signal. Motorola would fix this problem as their radios are unrivaled. This is my first non-Motorola phone in 6 years…and it’s reminded me why.

  • I want immediate software updates, amazing reception, and amazing battery life. I would REALLY like the phone to be devoid of Verizon logos (iPhones are not forced to have them, why Android phones??) Historically, Motorola has the best battery life and best reception. Throw a stock experience on something like that, and I would pay anything for that.

    • DainLaguna

      Unless googles relationship with vzw changes, you can blame vzw for no sw updates.

    • you also cannot forget the fact that Android is a Google developed operating system… which in turn is mainly funded by advertising. Android may be open source, and also cost nothing to developers, but its daddy is still a advertising funded Giant. That is the reason 9/10 android phones… and yes that includes our coveted Nexus-google experience handsets will likely have a carrier logo on the back at the very least.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Droid Nexus: CPU-Snapdragon S4 Quad-core 2.0GHz and RAM- 2.0Gigs-DDR3 (NO BLUR) 13Megpixel camera and 2MP front. Jellybean or newer. 1280/720HD screen 4.75″

    • DainLaguna

      No blur? Hello, its a nexus. That shouldnt be one of your requests. And the specs here are killing me….how about a decent processor with good software implementation ala nexus7? Specs are just specs unless it performs well.

    • DainLaguna

      Oh and as far as a camera goes, id rather have a solid 8mp shooter with good optics rather than bragging rights to pointless mp conversations

  • steve30x

    Quad core, 2 gig of ram 32 gigs, nice HD non pentile screen 4.7 to 5.0 inches, that and Motorola’s great voice quality and radios and nice hardware that doesnt look like a droid 3 or 4 or Razr. Oh and you know they would have a massive battery knowing the direction they are going.

  • DainLaguna

    Your quite welcome kellex/droid life team! Im totally nerding out seeing my name here lol 🙂

  • MicroNix

    While Motorola never carried the Nexus name, the OG Droid was really the first Nexus phone. It was pure Google and a prized gem. Not something to be forgotten 2 months after it was released. How I miss those days…

  • tech247

    A moto nexus is a wet dream come through….

  • Jon

    I am among those who want a Motorola Nexus, but i think a big reason why a lot of us want one is because a good chunk of us were drawn to this site during the early days of the OG Droid, Droid X, etc. and have fond memories. Am I biased? Yes. But regardless no one has better build quality and radios than Moto.

  • nightscout13

    Come on Moto, you can do it!

  • PC_Tool

    Wolfson Micro sound, S4 Pro, TrueHD IPS+, LTE, on-screen nav keys.

    That is all.

    Thanks in advance.

    (See, I already thanked them…now they *have* to do it!)

  • caddy197

    Had the original Droid, Droid X and Droid 2. All were horrible phones, so I don’t understand why everyone is on the Moto bandwagon. I have a co-worker thats on his 3rd Razr in 2 months, another co-worker thats very unhappy with the Droid 4 ICS os “Downgrade” from Gingerbread. Other phones I have had was the Droid Incredible (great phone), Samsung Fascinate, HTC thunderbolt and now the Samsung S3. I never had a problem with all my other non-moto phones other than stupidity on my part dropping and cracking screens or me choosing to upgrade to 4g LTE. All my moto phones, lost signal, rebooted randomly, screen was unresponsive near the edges and phones froze. Never again will i own another Moto product!!

    • JoshGroff

      See, people have different experiences even with the same devices, I never had any problems with my X2, Atrix 4G, or Bionic nor did my friend have any with his X. Then again I very infrequently use my phone as a phone, so signal issues could have gone by unnoticed. I also have a friend that had his OG Droid until the Rezound came out.

      TL;DR: No manufacturer is perfect, and just because you may have had bad experiences does not make that the norm.

    • David Flanigan

      Thats odd, after owning an og droid, droidx, Samsung omnia, and a Samsung fascinate.

      Every Samsung device I’ve had has been a pos, maybe I’m unlucky and get lemons but let me ask you: take your fascinate out and tell me how long it takes to lock onto a gps signal. Also do you get those annoying screenshots taken when you hit the power button?
      I wont even go into how bad the omnia was.

      My point is it seems Samsung cares more about rushing out more phones before testing them and making sure the software is up to speed. With poor radio’s added, I’ll just say I learned my lesson and will steer clear of Samsung anytime in the future.

      Build quality, radios of any Motorola devices has been great for me, with the only exception is sometimes clunky blur ui but try touchwiz and tell me its not any different.

  • I just want the Nexus version of the Droid Incredible X with a monster battery and better stock camera software. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!….is it?

  • Androiddisphone

    I don’t want a square nexus though…. I am still in love with the galaxy nexus design….

    • PC_Tool

      I’ve been loving the mock-ups of the LG Optimus Nexus, myself. Man, that thing looks gorgeous…though I gotta admit the RAZR M looks good (to me) as well. Wouldn’t mind seeing a Nexus in that body.

  • JoeTi

    No offense, but the OG Droid WAS the unofficial original Nexus in my book.

    • MrWicket

      I thought the G1 was? though the OG Droid was more wide spread popular and IMO responsible for Android taking so much market share so quickly.

    • DainLaguna

      Nah bruh. Its was just the first widely marketed google-experience device. The g1 was the first nexus. End of story.

      • john doe

        Nah bruh, the ADP1 was the original Nexus. The Droid was third though really. ADP1 (G1) – ADP2 (Magic/MyTouch) then the Droid. After the Droid’s success Google went out on a limb, with the Nexus 1.

        Now, with that being said, the Moto Nexus will not be called the Nexus Droid or anything with Droid. Verizon, not Motorola, own the license to use the word Droid. The Moto Nexus will be the Razr Nexus 5, or the Nexus MAXX.

    • michael arazan

      -Motorola “but given no special treatment” Google Bought You!!!! That’s about as the most special treatment you can get!!! LuLz If Google didn’t own Motorola right now, I’d say there was a 99% chance Motorola wouldn’t be an option for a nexus this year!

      Granted I still want one though. OGD for life, Droid Life

      Also, maybe if Motorola calls their nexus the “Droid Nexus” it’ll get preferential treatment : P

  • Pdiddy187

    I thought the mobile Panda said 11/28 was the date to be looking out for.

  • old news

  • Mikey Styles

    If the new Nexus or perhaps Nexii do somehow miraculously come available for VZW it will hold my place with them for a lil longer but I just dont see that happening so as I stated yyesterday- Minimize my ETF & go unlocked/unattached to a contract, all the while Nexus up for the forseeable future. Just my opinion

    • Mikey Styles

      But I’d take a Moto Nexus in a heartbeat if it was done correctly with-in the confines of a true Nexus along with actual subpurb specs for once

  • jewvee

    I love Motorola but after the D1 I find it hard to pick another device made by them that was as close to my heart! It was hard switching to Samsung the feel is just so different but this is the same old song and dance sung by many! So bring on that moto nex I would buy it the day it came out.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    make it a razr maxx hd with edge to edge like razr m and stock android then you have my permision to build the next nexus- BANE

  • Jigga_Z

    Nexus Maxx, please!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I would love to see the Droid campaign kicked back up and have a Motorola Droid Nexus. Something the size of the RAZRM with screaming hardware, removable battery, slide “off” keyboard (best of both worlds), and expandable memory with HDMI out. Then make that sucker waterproof with great cams and you have hit my dream device.

  • Diablo81588

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  • I hope Motorola gets it! Their build quality is second to none and their devices are built to take a beating! I used to love HTC until I went through SEVEN devices in under 6 months due to bad build quality!

  • yummypocalypse

    Just when I’ve gotten used to
    the feel of cheap plastic and the
    sound of crappy radios, oh well, maybe,

  • Adam Cox

    Razr Nexus M please

  • r0lct

    More confirmation that 5 Nexus rumor = PDK program

    If there was going to be 5 real nexus devises he wouldn’t even be saying this.

  • tbaybe

    this moto girl would love that!

    • AJNYY

      Wow, just wow.u have to be like THE ONLY female I’ve heard proudly praising a phone that’s missing a fruit symbol and pink sparkly glitter.Couldn’t even talk my ex into one even tho I showed her all the better things she could do with one.her problem? Facebook looks weird…..thank u and I luv u.lol

      • tbaybe

        oooh i very much dislike apple products! and i dislike pink! lol

  • summit1986


  • Butters619

    I just don’t see it happening this year. That would have to have been in the works with the old Moto execs.

  • Jeff Tycz

    Maybe there have been no nexus rumors because its not going to be released anytime soon. just because the last one was announced in October does not mean the new one will. the nexus s was released in December and the nexus one was released in January so there is by no mean any order to when they are releasing them

    • summit1986

      And since JellyBean is relatively young, maybe they’re not rushing for a new evolution just yet.

    • moelsen8

      i mean, it’s kind of around the same time of year, in a span of 2-3 months, of which we’re now in.

  • ddevito

    Next Nexus as in this year or 2013?

  • Jason Purp

    They’re acting like Google hasn’t chosen the OEMs yet.

    • moelsen8

      my thoughts exactly. everything’s a done deal at this point, i’m sure. i hope they’re just playing the part at this point.

    • I wonder if they’re inferring about the next next Nexus?

    • Andrew

      lol, yeah. I for one would love the Razr Maxx HD to be the next nexus. I don’t think it will, but would be nice. Good thing: no more TI chips. Its an OK chip, don’t get me wrong, but the technology world is moving faster than TI and am glad they won’t be pursuing the mobile world anymore.

    • Stephen D

      That, or they’re referring to the Nexus after the upcoming one.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I would still love to see a Moto nexus, if the multi oem nexus thing happens I could see moto releasing a “nexus Razr” or something to that liking,

  • Stevedub40

    I highly doubt they will have a Nexus this year, as they just released the M and we are still waiting for the HD. Maybe next year Moto!

    • summit1986

      That’s fine with me, I still have another year with Verizon. Might leave for T-Mo then.

      • good luck getting any reception at all when you leave the confines of the big city. Tmo, just like sprint, and other “smaller” carriers may have better plans and pricing, but due to FCC regs they will never have the coverage, reception, or call quality of the big dogs. these regulations are stupid as can be, and if they lifted most or all of them, very effective roaming agreements could be made by regional and mongoloid carriers in essence “cut out the middle man” in the world of spectrum wars.

        Of course none of this is likely to change. So have fun with your perfectly priced plans, unlimited data, and horrid coverage outside the city.

  • Bigass (REPLACABLE) battery, NFC, keyboard, and you’ll guarantee that the Droid 4 is not my last Motorola phone.

    • kaufkin

      so YOU were the other person that bought a Droid4. you get it for the wife too? 😀 (Disclamer, I LIKE the D4, just seems like there were very few of us…)

      • I got one too, and its a great phone with ICS and Nova Prime. Battery life is [i]just[/i] sufficient for normal daily use, and I wish it was removable, but the keyboard on this thing is awesome.

        • endurotech

          The battery is removable, at least my Droid 4’s battery has little adhesive on it.

      • Not married. (YET) But the person I’m going to marry would have gotten one if she wasn’t stuck on AT&T. My dad and a few friends got one too.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      What would be cool is a removable keyboard. Designed just like yours but have a lock release to put that thing away when not needed. That, my friends, would be pretty awesome.

      • Yep. Or they could just design something with bluetooth that would clip onto the phone and act as a removable sliding keyboard. Such a thing exists for iPhones, but not for a single damn Android phone.

  • Raven

    Bring it!

  • ill do anything for one on verizon. and if its a motorola one with a non removable battery, ill be pretty pissed off….. but ill have no other choice. im never getting another non nexus phone…unless verizon wants to screw their customers over some more and not offer the next one

    • hey dude, I understand your pain on the whole sealed battery issue… but think about it this way. Sealed phone = more durability, more reliability, and a much more consistent user experience.

      If there is lesson motorola has learned from the buttheads in cupertino, its the value of a sealed casing. A quality build device with sealed battery essentially can fit 25% more battery goodness in the same size casing as a non-sealed unit. Google it. there is a VERY good reason they offer TWO razrs with different sized batteries.

      Now go get a gnex with extended battery and compare it to a razr maxx.

      What do you see there?

      Fattiness. Thats what you see!

      Removable batteries, and tiny amounts of storage with a stupid SD card slot are a thing of the past. Yes some OEMs offer them, but their devices dimply do not have the same build quality as something out of moto or apple.

      Compare a SGSIII to a RAZR M. What do you see here again?

      I’ll tell you what you see…

      Shoddy south korean CRAP in one hand and a high build quality device with excellent radios, battery life, and durability in the other.

      What happens when you drop your SGSIII?

      It falls apart. Who needs that crap dude? The phone hits the ground, the battery falls onto the pavement, the door goes somewhere else, and your $600.00 off-contract phone crashes. And on top of all of that, the shi**y plastic construction takes a nice dent, the poorly protected display cracks, and your precious non-sealed battery toting smartphone is effing toast.

      So the next time you buy a new android phone, make sure it is sealed, the storage is adequate, and the build quality is up to par. there is no excuse for wasting you hard earned money on a poor quality device with “good specs” if it can’t hold a call, cant keep that 3G reception to check your GF’s FB and it cant connect to 911 when some butthead that’s 8 vodka tonics deep t-bones you into a coma when you’re trying to get home at 1am.

      • i like buying other batteries.

  • hexodat64

    I would love if they made a Nexus that was Razr M like, but with a better screen. After having the Gnex, I would love something a bit smaller

    • droidify

      my ex girl said the same thing

    • kkloster

      my thoughts EXACTLY. GN is a little too big for me – RAZR M with some screaming hardware, maybe a better screen.

  • droidify

    They found out they couldn’t lock the bootloader and bowed out.

    • Riz Virani

      That guy is no longer CEO, thank goodness.

    • moelsen8

      they don’t want to give verizon mixed signals.. 😛

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Im more into a Nexus OneX+ 😀

    • Justin W

      I think I’d rather have a Nexus One X5… Hope those rumors are true, but for some reason, I just doubt it at this point.

  • Dan

    I just want a big ass battery in my nexus phone.

    • carlinscuderi

      Word, me too.

    • SAMBO

      And awesome radios.

      • moelsen8

        and speaker

        • SAMBO

          Completely forgot about that! When you have no incoming calls/texts because there’s no signal one forgets about the speaker.

          • Nagini

            And don’t forget a nice screen! Not some P O S like the RAZR or Galaxy Nexus has.

          • guest

            lol @ gnex pos screen. whatever your smokin’ puff puff pass

          • When it was released, the Nexus screen was pretty good. Screens have just improved so much since then. 😛

          • DainLaguna

            I wouldnt put it in the same category as the razrs display however. Its much better than the razr in that regard.

        • mark

          Wow, sounds like the Current Nexus sucks.

          • Justin Swanson

            I love mine ^_^
            … screen and speaker included.

          • evileclipse

            You’re not the only one, don’t worry. My screen is absolutely perfect for me, and my speaker is louder than most phones, so I’m happy in those regards. My biggest complaint would be the stupid charging port on the bottom of the phone. Its the most in or unergonomic choice they could have made. Of any complaint, that’s my first.

          • Ian Thomas

            I did not like having a port at the bottom and I do not like having a port at the top either. The sides ports are even worse. Only answer is wireless charging. GIVE US ALL THE CHARGING!

      • Trueblue711

        And a very durable build quality

    • Mike
      • JoshGroff

        Gotta love xkcd. 🙂

    • Bender

      And hookers, and beer, and casinos…

      • MyStroPro

        Futurama ftw!

      • Michael Singer

        In fact forget the battery!

    • Nagini

      And a nice screen, not some some POS like on the RAZR or the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Jon

      I am among those who want a Motorola Nexus, but i think a big reason why a lot of us want one is because a good chunk of us were drawn to this site during the early days of the OG Droid, Droid X, etc. and have fond memories. Am I biased? Yes. But regardless no one has better build quality and radios than Moto.

  • MikeSaver