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Google’s Niantic Labs Releases Field Trip, Go Explore the World Around You

Google-owned Niantic Labs has released an application called Field Trip that should be able to help you find new spots and places of interest near by. We as humans tend to get stuck in habits, but Field Trip seems like a nice way to break that repetition and find something new and exciting. The application runs in the background of your device, and when you’re walking around and doing your thing, the phone alerts you that there’s something close by that you should check out. 

In the beginning, you give the application details on things you already like which helps it make educated decisions on things it will show you. New restaurants, museums  and things of that nature are all a part of places you can discover whether you’re by yourself or with a group of friends. I tried it myself, but of course, I live in a suburb area of Portland and the app thinks there’s nothing cool by me, which is the truth.

Try it yourself and let us know how you like it.

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  • Very similar to my app Georeader…which came out over 2 years ago…sigh…….www.mygeoreader.com . BUT unlike field trip, there is something in your town. I recommend a car charger for driving around.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Wow, could that app get any more permissions?

    • digitalicecream

      Is anyone still on the permissions kick?

      • Southrncomfortjm

        Not really sure when you would stop being concerned what apps get what information.

  • lrohenaz

    Never heard of that company.. lets check them out.. *click*
    fell for it AGAIN. So annoying to click a link and be directed back to the same post.

    Seriously, tag links belong at the bottom where they make sense, not in the middle of the article unless its a reference to a specific past story.

    I love this site and all, but this is something I’d expect from BGR, not Droid Life.

    • SamPaasch

      I’ve never heard of them either. Strange that they didn’t use Google’s developer handle instead. This is their ONLY app they have developed.
      They have a single page website (http://www.nianticproject.com/), and no other online presence except for a twitter account.
      I can find NO relation between them and Google.
      Just a little fishy if you ask me.

  • Really wish Google has stuck closer to its own holo-theme on this.

  • Love the concept. I’m sure it has a long way to go, but as an SF resident I’m sure I will be able to see what it can do.

  • Map crashes repeatedly for me.

  • chanstar

    This is nice. Seems something Google Now already does with ‘Places’ settings. If only our batteries can handle all the cool stuff Google has that can run in the background.

  • Great concept. Need more sources for their data, though… Most of it now seems to be from Arcadia Publishing, and their stuff seems pretty limited. I live in Columbus, and while it’s not the biggest location for history/tourism I KNOW there is a lot more interesting/historical/whatever stuff around here than it shows. Meanwhile, Seattle has so much info that you can’t see the map under all of the markers!
    I’ll keep my eyes on this to see how it develops.

  • strozykowski

    This would definitely need a way to add your own interest points, so that other people could enjoy them.

    I live in a smallish city, which is fairly central in the Revolutionary and French & Indian Wars, so it has a ton of cool historic stuff, but I doubt it would be in this app by default.

  • Teng Taing

    doesnt that video just tug at your heart strings…..

    Cool concept, wonder if it will drain your battery since its constantly running in the background.

  • Josh Flowers

    great concept for an app & probably lots of fun for any trips into big cities.
    too bad most of the interesting facts-feeds seem to cater towards NYC, San Fran & Chicago.
    still. here’s hoping i at least get some trivial-tidbits in my Charlotte town other than Zaggat reviews.
    this’ll remain on the phone for a while.

    • aye_winchell

      i would expect it to be updated with more info in the future, didn’t google buy frommers?

    • Primary problem with most apps like these. Apparently if you don’t live in any of those 3 cities, you don’t exist/there’s nothing around you -_____-

      Personally I’ve found Foursquare to be pretty good at suggesting cool places in the Explore section of their app.

  • This is a cool concept. Gonna check it out.