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Contest: Two Spectre Galaxy S3 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors From XGEAR Up for Grabs! [RAW] (Update: Winners Picked)

And in the last contest of our rapid fire hour, we have two Galaxy S3 tempered glass screen protectors to give away from the folks at XGEAR. This specific protector is called the Spectre, and will give your big beautiful GS3 screen more protection that you can probably imagine. We took a look at these glass protectors a few weeks back and have been told that improvements have been made. They can be finicky when applying, but once you get it right, it’ll feel just like your normal screen. Ready to win one? 


Update: We have our two winners. Thanks for entering!

Prizes:  2 (two) Spectre tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy S3

How to enter:

1.  Like this post on Facebook.
2.  +1 this post on Google+.
3.  In the comments, tell us what your all-time favorite comedy film is.


Today at 3:30PM PT, we will randomly choose two winners from the comments.

  • Troy Myers

    Me, Myself and Irene

  • BDynamiteXL

    The Hudsucker Proxy! You know….for kids.

  • mikjanaz


  • mikjanaz


  • mikjanaz


  • mikjanaz


  • Owewil3225

    The hangover

  • Blazing Saddles

  • mikjanaz


  • big steve

    good deal

  • mikjanaz


  • mikjanaz


  • mikjanaz


  • Craig

    Blazing Saddles

  • Heather Villines


  • Jordan Gibson

    O Brother Where Art Thou

  • Ryan Thornton

    The New Guy

  • jefs2box

    Groundhog day.

  • jefs2box

    Groundhog day.

  • I Love You, Man

  • Dumb and dumber

  • MajorBlaze

    Step Brothers!

  • Tommy Boy or Anchorman FTW!

  • Jacob Svonavec

    Biily Madison!

  • Jake

    Step Brothers!

  • coming to america

  • Jason Dutchess


  • The Life Aquatic

  • RobV

    Monty python and the holy grail. Most people lose interest quick but I can’t get enough

  • sogajeffrey

    Blades of Glory

  • zoolander

  • Mapekz

    40 Year Old Virgin; Mooj explaining sex and love to Andy was by far the best comedy scene in all of Hollywood history.

  • Lani A.

    Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall “Coming to America”

  • Steve S

    Supertroopers. Who wants a mustache ride?!

  • Casey Puyleart

    Hmm…gotta be a tie between The Princess Bride and Christmas Vacation.

  • TimXer


  • aj dasilva

    Step brothers

  • Twilight.

  • All time favorite Comedy?? OMG that’s a tough one… Plains Trains and Automobiles has to be one of my favorites.

  • hangover

  • Austin Powers…

  • Cabin in the Woods

  • David Louie

    robin hood: men in tights!

  • Wachatlknboutwillis

    Smokey and the Bandit

  • masterxchief

    Step Brothers

  • Its a mad mad mad world.

  • The Castle (it’s an Aussie movie! just love it!)

  • kingblake99

    Grown Ups has to be my all time favorite

  • devin stawicki

    Jack and Jill. Just saying. It was funny.

  • black sheep.. really funny