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Wednesday Poll: Preferred Mobile Processor?

With news of Texas Instruments pulling their OMAP line of mobile processors out of the game, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to find out the preferred processor for your smartphones and tablets. Clearly, the strongest player in 2012 has been Qualcomm and their Snapdragon S4 that has been thrown in just about every LTE device. NVIDIA with their Tegra 3 and Samsung with their Exynos have lagged behind a touch because of LTE, but things are about to change on that front. We also have Intel as a new player that will eventually make some noise.

Is there a chipset in particular that you prefer? Are you thrilled with the efficiency and power of the Snapdragon S4, especially when paired with LTE? What about the gaming and graphics processing beast, the Tegra 3? Or are you more interested in finally getting the quad-core Exynos processor and LTE in something like the Galaxy Note 2?

And processor gurus, we would love for you to geek out on this one in the comments.

Preferred Mobile Processor?

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  • ARod111

    New Exynos is a beast…Exynos Dual core Cortex A15 > Qualcomm Quad core A15

  • brandnew234

    Currently, I’d most want an S4 Pro chipset, however I’d be MUCH happier with next-gen ARM 15 stuff, like the Tegra 4 with a Kepler based GPU, or the Exynos 5450, because Samsung knows how to rip apart benchmarks scores.

  • Bodhiballer

    In no way do I wish to diminish the importance of the discussion, but it would be interesting if the poll included an “I don’t care, as long as it works” option.

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    For phones Snapdragon all the way, However, for tablets, Tegra series easily.

  • I like the Nvidia processors seems to work better with my digital art and run gaming smoothly

  • SeanBello

    I change my vote, I thought the Exynos was faster than the S4

  • jay_peter

    Apple A6

  • i am god

    like any of you humps even know the difference between these processors. get a grip.

  • Adol

    6 months ago, nvidia had the fastest processor, then samsung did, and now qualcomm’s s4 pro does….. in another 6 months, the Tegra 4 will be the best…. rinse and repeat.

  • I know this is way off of topic, but can anyone tell me a good case with belt clip for the s3 that can have an extended battery?

  • droyd4life

    Smh at the people saying the processor doesn’t matter. The processor makes a huge difference in gaming! Nvidia really needs to put out their tegra 4 processor- now that 1080p tablets are becoming the norm we need way better GPU performance.

  • I know everyone said TI made a really good chip but honestly I just don’t see it!

    My Razr with a 1.2ghz TI OMAP 4430 just lags constantly! I have to restart it at least once / twice a day and even then things are extremely sluggish! Whats weird tho is this thing can game! It may be slow loading up the normal things but as soon as I open up Dead Trigger, Asphalt or even ShadowGun this thing seems to fly! The graphics are crisp, controls are responsive and theres no appearance of the device missing frames! Weird huh….

    As soon as the net generation devices are released (next nexus, Razr HD Maxx, SGS4, etc) I will be exploring my options for selling this thing and getting whatever is new! I looked on Craigslist and eBay yesterday and I can still get around $300-$400 for my Razr in the current state with the HD Station and HDMI cable and then I will only have to add another hundred or so to get a device at full price and retain my unlimited!

    • Camaros_Kill

      Sounds like a crappy rom, or crappy stock software if your aren’t rooted. If it games better than it runs normally, I wouldn’t blame the cpu.

      • I’m on stock ICS, no root or nothing!

        I think it has something to do with Motocast and some other Motorola specific apps that are coded bad. As soon as Motocast starts syncing the device locks up and takes 10-30 seconds just to register a touch and there is no way that I have found to stop the sync, not in the app settings or even under accounts<sync! As soon as a good JB leak comes out I will probably be downloading that, I don't want to go through the whole rooting / roming process as I have been in a holy war with Verizon over their CLN devices and don't want to risk them not accepting the device if it starts giving me any problems. They said the lag I'm experiencing is normal and I could pay xx amount to get out of my contract and upgrade. Needless to say I'm keeping the Razr for now.

        • Zero_Point_Energy

          My Bionic has a slight delay launching apps ever since I updated it to ICS but otherwise it runs very fast and smooth. I don’t use Motocast though, if that’s buggy and hanging the CPU then it will definitely affect performance. Just force close it from the manage apps > running tab. Get system panel lite to see if any apps are hanging.

          • I use SystemPanel constantly (bought the paid version and have it set to monitor) and every time Motocast says its syncing in the notification bar there is nothing in System Panel.

          • Zero_Point_Energy

            It’s probably a service under a different name. If Motocast is downloading lots of data then it will naturally slow the phone down, same way your computer slows if you’re copying files because the hard drive is being taxed or why the phone slows when it’s downloading and installing apps. Really depends on what Motocast is doing but that’s hardly a reason to trash the processor.

  • Wheres the American Pride?

    • Bob G

      It died along with whatever mediocre work they did.

      • T_Dizzle

        Kind of like the automobile plant in my city.

    • Paul

      We still have Intel. They aren’t too huge in the phone area but in laptops/desktops…

    • Umm Qualcomm is an American company. So is TI. Texas Instruments. But thanks for the Intel bump.

      • Stoker

        Umm and so is NVIDIA. @twitter-468989785:disqus : WTF are you thinking?

  • robert alexander

    I would be more excited about quad core processors if the Android os were optimized for it

    • brkshr

      Android does use all cores. It’s the store apps that are lacking multiple core optimization. Android can multitask multiple apps/services tho.

  • Eric

    Funny how everyone likes Snapdragon now. 2 years ago everyone bashed it.

    • Diablo81588

      That’s because it sucked 2 years ago. S4 changed everything 🙂

      • Eric

        They were fine 2 years ago

        • lilmoe2002

          not on Android….

  • cooksta32676

    After hearing (from Intel’s quote) that the Intel Atom single core 2.0Ghz can outperform any chip on the market and get better battery life, I’m all ears.

  • I don’t care so much what the processor is as long as its works in it’s application. I just went with the snapdragon as it seems to be in pretty well built phones.

  • sgtguthrie

    It does make a difference in the modding community, because not all processors are well documented publicly for support of aosp roms. An example are Sony devices with exynos processors. There’s documentation, but it’s not complete and up to date therefore much harder to support than a device with a snapdragon or tegra chipset. I’d stick to those two myself, unless there’s an Intel or exynos nexus in the near future 😉

  • Jim McClain

    my wife has an S3 and I have a Nexus, both have 2100 Mah batteries,I plug in way way before she does,she takes it off the charger at around 6am uses it all day at work and by 8pm she still has over 50% left, damn things amazing

  • I do not have a preference. As long as whatever is running on it is optimized and it does what it is supposed to (and quickly) I don’t care what it is.

  • Nick S

    I have owned an OG Droid and a GNex, so my only experience has been with the TI OMAP series processors. I have been very happy so far.

  • Paul

    I said Snapdragon. I’m open to others, but it seems like everyone else has been releasing processors less than or equivalent to qualcomm’s a while later. EX. Note2 just coming out with an old Exynos that is more comparable to the S4 than the S4pro.

  • mannequins

    I’m looking forward tothe s4 quad pro backed up by an adreno 320! Droid incredible x don’t let me down!

  • Dre Fay

    OMAP i’m from Texas

  • Exynos, they’re the only ones that come with a proper GPU and are easily overclocked.

    • brandnew234

      I’m almost 99% sure that Exynos is behind everyone in the GPU department except Tegra (until Tegra 4 becomes available). TI does the GPU for iDevices, which let’s face it, have amazing GPU performance, and S4 Pro is just as good (as TI), However, when Exynos 5 comes along, it should be the best aside from the Kepler based GPU (24 core MINIMUM).

  • Zach Armstrong

    Nividia Tegra run smoothly in my Nexus 7.

    • C-Law

      I disagree in one area. Scrolling Web pages is very choppy on my n7 stock or running Bugless Beast. On my gnex running Bugless Beast or aokp, Web Page scrolling is super smooth. I would think the tegra 3 would be better than the omap 4 but it isn’t in that regard

      • Zach Armstrong

        Yes on the web browser it does lag. Even my Droid Incredible 2 running Gingerbread with a Signal Core Snapdragon the web browser doesn’t lag. I would think that the Tegra 3 would handle it better.

        • droyd4life

          It’s chrome. I installed the stock android browser and it’s SUPER smooth. Idk how Google screwed up so badly with chrome.

          • Zach Armstrong

            How did you get the Stock Android browser?

          • SeanBello

            it’s included in AOKP

          • LionStone

            Yep, I seriously thought something was wrong with my N7, but later figured it out and it is Chrome. I pretty much just use the Dolphin browser, its smooth.

  • My preferred processor is the fastest one.

    • So the Intel Medfield 2.0Ghz in the Razr i

      • iPhone>android

        No the A6 😉

        • brandnew234

          A6X* and sadly, you’re right :/

      • brandnew234

        That’s definitely not the fastest, the S4 Pro is.

  • dsim91

    Qualcomm all the way

  • Bryan

    Current fastest AFAIK is the Quad Core Exynos.

    • Tommy Thompson

      S4 Pro?

    • T4rd

      It’s not the fastest overall. The S4s match or beat it in a lot of CPU benches. The GPU in the Exynos SoC is faster than the Adreno 230 (I think is the number) in the S4s.

      • Mannequins

        the mali 400 in the exynos is not faster by any means than the adreno 320 in the s4 pro’s

        • T4rd

          Which is why I didn’t say anything about the S4 Pro. The S4 Pro isn’t out in any phones yet either, so you can’t really compare it to anything out right now.

          • mannequins

            Sorry I thought you were replying to tommy Thompsons comment “s4 pro?”

    • jay_peter

      The Apple A6 is better.

  • T4rd

    Whichever is fastest at the time (which changes every 3-6 months).

  • Manny

    What Diffrence does it make? Who actually purchases a phone or a tablet based on the processor and not the operating system. Kellex you droped your brains.

    • dsim91

      Not every phone or tablet running Android is good it all comes down to the silicon on the inside hardware makes the product

    • Paul

      Yeah, just like how people choose a laptop because it has Windows on it and don’t bother to look at the processor. Why would that matter?

    • JoshGroff

      Tegra 3 has the best gaming potential, I know a few people including myself find that a major plus. Then again, that only sways my tablet choice. In a phone, whatever gets the best battery life wins. Aka currently the S4. Processors do have a pretty large impact on some of us. Obviously we’re already talking Android being the OS, so the major differences are skins, or lack thereof, and internal specs. (Mainly processor and amount of RAM/ROM.)

      • Paul

        The s4pro has better gaming potential than the tegra 3.

        • JoshGroff

          I was talking about chips that are actually available in current devices, of course the S4 pro will be better. Also, I’m going off of Tegra’s exclusive games as well.

  • JoeTi

    Samsung A6 FTW!!!! Only kidding.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Snap diggity-dragon!!!

  • brkshr

    This all depends on which processor from each company. If I had to go with one company, I have always preferred TI OMAP. If I had to go with the latest and greatest from each manufacturer, that is available right now, I would go with Samsung Exynos.

    • Michael Forte

      I also have a preference for TI OMAP. I’ve used their processors in most of my phones (OG Droid, Droid Bionic, and Galaxy Nexus.) They are also the most open source friendly. Sucks that they are leaving the mobile space.

    • Diablo81588

      The exynos is nothing in comparison to the s4 pro. Hardly latest and greatest if it’s cortex a9 based.

      • brkshr

        But the s4 pro is not actually available yet, is it?

        • Diablo81588

          True. Didn’t see that part of your comment. My bad.

          • brkshr

            It’s all good! I’m just sayin…

        • Paul

          Neither is the quadcore Exynos (in America and some other places). In which case nothing Exynos can beat the regular S4, for the short time. And then the Note2 shouldn’t come out much sooner than the Optimus G or Incredible X. I’m surprised Samsung didnt put their newer Exynos in the Note2, guess they’re saving it for the Galaxy S4

          • brkshr

            I have the quad-core Exynos S3 & I live in California

          • Paul

            Well, it still wasn’t available here. I can’t say that the performance difference was worth the cost of getting it, and the majority of people buying phones would agree.

  • EvanTheGamer

    NVIDIA Tegra.

    • JoshGroff

      This man knows what’s up. 🙂 Although, for my phone, I’d gladly settle with an S4 for the battery life. My tablet does all my non emulation gaming.

    • lilmoe2002

      nVidia for tablets, yes. But it’s either Exynos or Snapdragon S4 for smartphones for me.

  • Where is the “As long as it works” option? I would not make a buying choice simply based on mobile processor. They are all good, and the best one changes every week it seems.

    • D4niel

      This. The mobile processor used is an implementation detail that the engineers should decide on based on what they’re trying to achieve. I don’t care what processor is used as long as the result is a device that’s as responsive as I would like and has a battery that lasts as long as I need.

    • Brent Cooper


    • moelsen8

      Yeah seriously. On a related note I’m so sick of processor-exclusive games. Tegra-only games don’t get my money because not all of me devices are tegra.

      • I didn’t vote in the poll because without specifying a processor line or specific chip, it’s tough to really make the call which one is better. But I guess I specifically dislike Tegra chips because Nvidia tries to sell chips by making processor-exclusive games / game versions.

        Things should only be limited by customer’s interest and the developer’s willingness to code. I feel the same way about console exclusive games, which is part of why I only play PC games now – there’s less of that crap in the PC game world.

    • lilmoe2002

      Well yea, but this poll is about SoCs in particular. Some are better than others for specific form factors (like smartphones vs tablets).

    • Paul

      If you are one of the many people getting a 2 year contract, it can matter for the future though. I got my Incredible when it came out and even it had trouble keeping up with updated apps within the 2 years although it was fast when it came out – and if I had gotten an Eris… This is why I would rather wait for a phone with a S4pro to come out vs just getting an S4 powered GS3 today. Not that the processor is everything.

  • Corey Downs

    I have to say, I voted for the Samsung Exynos line because I want to get a Note 2. But, I like TI OMAPs because they were in my first phone (Droid X). I also like Tegras because my brilliant tablet has one. (Thrive)

  • Aaron

    I’m just waiting to get me some A15

  • KleenDroid

    Whatever is in my Nexus

    • Corey Downs

      ARM Cortex-A9

      • Tommy Thompson


        • NFCRules

          While I’m partial to Tegra…It’s too bad TI is throwing in the towel on these / giving up.

          • Tommy Thompson

            I didn’t vote OMAP so I really don’t care what they are doing….

          • michael arazan

            I think TI may be falling behind, and hasn’t been able to make a powerful quad-core, and that’s why they are getting out of the game. All high end phones next year will be quad-core and they probably couldn’t get a chipset ready enough so they probably lost some contracts.

    • I hope it is a S4 pro!