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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Droid Life Reader Appreciation Week!

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Droid Life Reader Appreciation Week!

As many of you may remember from last year’s inaugural event, this is the one time of year that we like to simply say “Thanks!” to the DL community for being the best on the internet. Others will claim to be the biggest or most comprehensive, but no one comes close to the millions of passionate, intelligent, and friendly crew of Android enthusiasts that hang out here on a daily and monthly basis. You are all truly the greatest, and make doing this job a joy each and every day.

So yeah, this is Reader Appreciation Week, a 5-day bonanza of Android-related giveaways. Last year, we handed out 3 tablets, a bunch of apps, some DL swag, Android collectibles, and a case here and there. It was a blast. But you know what? This is year 2, so we turned it up another notch. In fact, we turned it up a couple of notches. The Droid Life community has a chance to walk away with 5 different Tegra 3 powered devices (4 tablets and 1 phone) from NVIDIA, more cases from Spigen and Seidio than you can count, XGEAR tempered glass protectors, exclusive DL hoodies and t-shirts, and so much more. The photo above doesn’t even include it all and is more a less a sampling of the stuff sitting around my office. It’s going to be wild!

Schedule of Events:

Since we have 5-mega prizes (the tablets and phone), we’ll give one of them away each day in the signature giveaway of sorts. These will be full 24-hour contests so that everyone has a chance to enter. The rest of the stuff (cases, shirts, screen protectors, and apps) will be tossed out sporadically with short windows for entry. Since we have so many things to give away, it’ll be like rapid fire throughout much of the week. Basically what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t leave Droid Life for the next 5 days or you may miss out on a chance to win an amazing prize or two.

Entering Contests:

Our contests tend to be built around social media. Since we like to spread Android love through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, many of these contests can only be entered through those outlets. We’ll still have some that are comment-only for those that aren’t into the social thing. Each contest post will describe the mode of entry, but also be aware that some contests will simply be announced through Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and may never make it to the front page of DL. To make sure that you have the best chance at entering each contest, we highly recommend that you:

We will also be tagging posts with [RAW] or #RAW so that you can pick out the Reader Appreciation Week coverage as it unfolds.


Before we begin, we wanted to recognize the many sponsors that stepped up this year to make this the biggest 1-week giveaway you will find anywhere on the internet. Big thanks to the folks at NVIDIA (as always) for putting up five Tegra 3 devices and for being such a great Android player. Another big shout out to Spigen SGP and the countless cases and goodies they have provided to DL to giveaway over the last few months, to Seidio for the bundle of fun, and to XGEAR for re-doing their tempered glass protectors and allowing us to hand them out.

Everyone ready? The first contest kicks off in about an hour!

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    Droid LIFE PEACE

  • Droid Life, you popped on my G+ feed and I’ve been hungry since. Make sense?? THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!

  • BigFonz

    You guys are awesome!

  • devin stawicki

    I remember reading about the first one when it happened. I entered for 1 thing, didn’t win, NOW I’M COMING BACK FOR ALL OF IT BABY. ALL OF IT.

  • Nicolas Zdarzyl

    goona be a lovely week

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  • Justin

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  • Droid-Life is what got me to return my 1.5 week old Blackberry Storm 2 and get the OG Droid instead. SO glad I made the change! Thanks for gettin me hooked!

  • Love the news. The just wish I could win once

  • Thanks for the contests K. I’ve been here since the beginning as well. Cheers!

  • Sweet! Thanks! I mention you guys all of the time to friends who are phone/tablet shopping. You are my favorite android site.

  • joejoe5709

    Definitely staying tuned. Thanks!

  • I remember when this site used to be small, only a post or two a day and now its amazing! First website I check in the morning and the last before I goto bed! Keep it up!

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  • Amenemhat1

    Since its reader appriciation, I hope this means tons of G-Nex goodies 🙂

  • so glad i have been a droid life reader since the OG droid

  • CodeToJoy

    May I suggest a hashtag other than #RAW? You’re gonna get buried tonight under WWE related tweets… maybe #DLRAW?

  • Looking forward to the giveaways and much thanks to Droid Life and their sponsors! =D

  • tomn1ce

    Oh boy a week full of goodies…..I hope that I can score this time around. 🙂 Good luck everyone…and thank you DL for making this possible.

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    Big week. Should be fun.

  • gamaliel h.

    o boy goodiez..i love DL n its community

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    Aww Ive been with DL since the release of my OG Droid! Love you guys!!

  • Its the O.G. Droid Nut. Literally been here since the start. As always glad to see the site where its at today,Cheers!

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    love the DL its my first read every morning, lunch and dinner break.

  • Thank You D-Life! The knowledge you give me is priceless! And I love to make fun of the iTards with some of your articles!

  • runway500

    I remember when I got my OG This was the first site i came to back when it had its old school lay out. Ive been here everyday since.

  • I’d like one of those Nexus 7’s please!

  • Best Android site. I’ve been here since OG Droid hit the market. Can’t get enough of DL. Check for new articles every hour.Long live Droid-Life thanks Kellen for everything.

    • wickets

      ditto on the sentiments….excellent site

  • Kristina Zajur

    Last game downloaded- Machinarium!

  • Been following on Twitter, Facebook, and visit this site for many hours everyday. Any suggestions for the RSS feed? A particular app perhaps or how do it set it up on my G-nex?

  • Damn can’t believe its been 3 years almost since the Droid revolution began. ANDROID FTW.


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    I found you guys the day I bought my OG Droid and haven’t missed a day yet! You are essential reading.

    • brett hadley

      I did too! funny. It has really been 3 years now… CRAZY!

  • david mastros

    This is the best website on Android related stuff that i have been apart of and thank you guys for doing what you do for all of us out here in the rest of the world.

  • Followed you guys since the first Motorola Droid cam out. Only site really out at that time dedicated to droid’s…… Keep up the good work. Im on your site day and night waiting to see what news comes out!!!!

  • droidify

    I’m going to win this year, I can feel it.

  • That’s quite a stack of goodies you guys have acquired for your readers!

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    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And I am not just saying that.

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    This is a great reason to be a droid life fan. Even though i didnt win last year. Still great though. Good luck to everyone!

  • Thanks for keeping us informed of the top android news Kellex, I ‘ve been with you guys since the original droid came out:). Once again I appreciate all your hard work Kellex and thank you.

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    This is awesome! Droid-Life is easily the single greatest Android site on the ‘Net! You guys really do take care of your own!

    Wasn’t so lucky last year, but maybe luck will be on my side this year….here’s hoping! 🙂

    You guys truly rock!!

  • Applesux

    I want one of those awesome Transformer Primes.!

  • And this is why I tell my wife to “shut her mouth” when I am browsing your site. Ok…maybe I don’t say it like that but she does get annoyed with all the time I spend on the site. This is my go to site for all things Android and eventhough I am not a techie the stuff I have learned from Droid Life helps me fool my friends into thinking I am..atleast a little bit. THANKS DL FOR KICKING ASS!

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    Hey, what clock is that?


    I’ve been trying to get my DL account activated forever, now. I’ve emailed numerous times with no response 🙁

  • Guest

    And this is why i tell my wife to “shut her mouth” when I am browsing your site. Ok…maybe i don’t say it like that but she does get annoyed with all the time i spend on the site. This is my go to site for all things Android and eventhough i am not a techie the stuff i have learned from here helps me foll my friends into thinking I am..atleast a little bit. THANKS DL FOR KICKING ASS!

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    “Basically what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t leave Droid Life for the next 5 days or you may miss out on a chance to win an amazing prize or two.”

    It’s not like I leave the site ever anyway. 🙂

    • Christian Guarino

      Lol true story

      • Michael Schnider

        Lol I have a feeling we all have a tab open in Google Chrome at all times just for DL 🙂

        • Jason Self


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    This is the one site I go to for ALL my ANDROID/DROID/Galaxy updates and news….I even had a story posted on the front page one time! I was the guy that put out the news to people to check their e-mails for “loyalty programs” from Verizon and maybe could get a new Nexus for free, (which I did). It would make my year and my daughters if I could get my hands on one of these tablets, (my daughters was stolen from our house due to a break-in) OR that XGEAR tempered glass for my Nexus. My kid cracked the screen and where it is, I believe it’ll cover it right up. I’m not begging…but I’d be so honored to receive such a product from you guys here at Droid-Life. Love the site…love the message it spreads and I love Android!

  • Michael Schnider

    One of the many reason I continue to follow Droid-Life!! The great news and You guys take care of your PEEPS!!!! Thank you:)

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  • any idea how to get notifications from facebook and google+ whenever droid life posts anything in those 2 sites?

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    Twitter – Followed
    Facebook – Liked
    Google+ – Circled
    RSS – Added

    I’m good to go! 🙂

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        • nightscout13

          Phandroid has true open discussions. Here, you can get banned for various reasons. At Phandroid they take the good with the bad.

      • …have been a faithful for 2 years and 11 months:)). Thanks Joe T for making me buy the DROID on DAY one even though I had no idea what android was…lol…was going to buy a Blackberry…

        • EvanTheGamer

          My first so-called smart(dumb)phone was the terrible BlackBerry Storm. Worst pile of nothing I ever spent money on…horrible, horrible device. But whatever..then when I got my REAL smartphone the still-incredible Droid X, I never looked back. That mobile device was the real deal, and still is even to this day.

          • Same, had a BlackBerry Brick until the Droid X came out. Bought it on release day and found Droid-Life almost immediately after.

            Now I’m waiting on the next bunch of Nexii.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Wholeheartedly agree…best Android site & community on the world wide web! I will continue to frequent Droid-Life until the Internet no longer exists…which to say, will be forever. Or until the end of days. Or until I meet the stranger in black. Guess whichever comes first. *knock on wood*

      Thanks guys, you all are awesome!

      • michael arazan

        Thanks to this site for the best accessories, apps and Information I havegotten and learned to make my android assisted life way better, I recomend to everyone, even the VZW reps who wish to learn more from my knowledge of android information and phones thanks to DL.

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