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Rumor: HTC Creating the Nexus 5, a Variant of Its 1080p Phone

(Concept design of the HTC “dlx”)

As we inch closer to the end of 2012, the number of rumors surrounding the next Nexus phone from Google are going to overwhelm you. Some will be garbage, one or two here and there may be right on point, but for the most part, you should take them all as strictly rumor. Last week it was LG who was going to create a Nexus based off of its Optimus G phone, and today, it’s going to be HTC who creates one based off of its 1080p “dlx” (DROID Incredible X) phone. 

According to this report our of GSMArena, the anonymous tipster who received the information from a “very reliable source within HTC,” said that the phone will sport a 5″ 1080p display, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2500mAh battery, an ultra slim body, up to 64GB of internal storage, LTE connectivity, and carry the name Nexus 5 (clearly a play on the Nexus 7 tablet name).

But since it’s a Nexus, and Google tends to release some sort of new version of Android with each new device, we could see Android 4.1.2 as well. Android 4.1.2 (still Jelly Bean) is said to include “bugfixes, Project Butter improvements, extra lockscreen functionality as well as other minor tweaks.”

While this is nothing more than a rumor and fun to talk about, I would be beyond happy if HTC took the “dlx” and made it into a Nexus. To this day, I still love the One X, but that’s because I put a stock Jelly Bean ROM on it. HTC uses some of the better materials of any OEM in its phones and takes design very seriously. Very few phones feel as well made as this year’s from HTC.

Sound possible?

Via:  GSMArena

Cheers John!

  • Casey

    This is entirely my opinion, and based off speculation, but does anybody else think the “DLX” being the Droid Incredible X was just basically a mistake? Every time I see DLX I think Deluxe, which kinda fits into the extra screen size/ppi. If there is a chance this is a Nexus device, why would they throw Droid software in there? It doesn’t make sense to me. PROVE ME WRONG INTERNETS, I NEED VALIDATION.

  • one x was promising but no matter htc will do what they do best release new device every other month. in a few month DLX will be obsolete unless its gonna be next nexus but doubt it

  • This photo was actually a fan art from mobile01.com

  • trob6969

    The DlX would be a great Nexus phone if its rumored specs are accurate and IF it also has a microSD slot.

    • There has only been one Nexus device that has ever had a microSD slot and that was the Nexus One. The Nexus S did not have one. The Galaxy Nexus did not have one. And the Nexus 7 does not have one. So I highly doubt a new Nexus phone would have a microSD slot, so you might just need to give up on that.

      • trob6969

        Yeah, well unless it has 64 GB of memory I’d rather it wasn’t a Nexus device.

  • UrDoGG

    This is just my opinion, but a 5-inch screen is just too damn big. The Note looks absolutely ridiculous (again, in my opinion). The current GNEX’s screen is perfect (in my opinion). However, I love HTC hardware, and I think this is good news.

  • hehe loving the vanilla gingerbread on the new nexus!

  • All of my yes! <3

  • Arachnyd

    5 inches is too damn big. My Gnex is pushing it. I would rather have something along the lines of 4.3 inches.

  • Dave

    This is how I’d envision such a device if it were true…a black slab with a thin bezel and a huge display on the front.

    Yeah, I’d go for it.

  • Dain Laguna

    give us a good battery and im sold….but man thats a big phone….itll almost make my n7 useless…well it could go to my daughter, she’ll enjoy her kids shows and moon questions on it 🙂

  • S.Ober

    Can’t use the number “5” its been patented by Apple already.

  • Cowboydroid

    “Very few phones feel as well made as this year’s from HTC.”

    …with the exception of the EVO 4G. It’s almost like they didn’t care. Dam you Sprint for messing up a good thing.

  • teknic

    This would be the best thing ever 😛

  • Michael Nichols

    hopefully the next nexus or update includes multi users!!

  • HTC makes great stuff and I’d be very pleased to see a Nexus by them again, and even one based on this design, other than one aspect of it: the nav buttons. I don’t see Google taking a step backwards with physical nav buttons. But who knows, maybe they’re not as attached to them as I assume.

  • Liderc

    Long as they tone down the red accents, don’t put a huge beats audio logo and put a solid battery in it, I’m all for it. HTC has proven they can make a solid device.

  • Dave Sloboda

    wait… “dlx” is supposed to be short for “DROID Incredible X”…?

    making the “I” uppercase in ““dlx” does not change the fact that it’s the HTC “d-i-x”.

    not a great codename for a phone, methinks…”Hey, you’ve got dix in your hand!”

  • fanboy1974

    Getting a Note 2 just got harder.

  • Hopefully they find a way to keep the phone size small despite the gargantuan screen size, i.e. edge-to-edge. That’s the only way this phone will be a success.

  • if HTC would leave their crap off, i’d consider it.
    (and a decent battery)

    • With Nexus phones they have to leave their crap off of it. Hence why it is a Nexus. Nexus is pure Android. No manufacturer add-ons or overlays and no carrier add ons

      • i understand how the nexus program works… i must have worded it wrong…
        “as long as HTC leaves their crap off, i’ll consider it..” is how i probably should have worded it…

  • edwoordd

    If HTC makes the next nexus I’m all on that, I’ll give my rooted gnex to my mom and get her upgrade >:)

  • Chuck Finley

    Have we finally moved past the “I get a Nexus but I have to compromise on a spec or two (screen/battery/camera/etc…)”?
    Are we at the point where even if I didn’t know it was a Nexus, the phone was still a Beast?

    Quick subject change: How hard would/will it be for the Play Store to sell a CDMA device that runs on Verizon’s network?

    • I’m not sure if Google can sell a CDMA device via the Play Store due to a lot of legal stuff.

    • PC_Tool

      I guess I’m not as sure about that as I was a few moments ago…

      I figured since toro (CDMA Nexus) was back in as pretty much “supported” AOSP, that Google had worked something out with Qualcomm…

      Now I am being told (below) that Verizon wouldn’t allow it….so I am not sure if Verizon controls CDMA or not..

      (Isn’t Sprint CDMA??? why would Verizon control that? Do we now have multiple types of CDMA/LTE??)

      • UncagedChipmunk

        Samsung is selling (directly from them) a developer edition of their SIII that runs on Verizon’s LTE. I see no reason why it would be impossible Google to do the same in a developer device such as the Nexus.

        • tomn1ce

          I don’t think that vzw would like Google to sell the G-Nexus for $350 like they are selling the GSM version. Vzw is selling it for $650 without a contract. People would buy it from the play store instead of tying themselfs to a contract with vzw, especially now that vzw wants you to buy a device at full price if you want to keep the unlimited data plan.

    • zepfloyd

      “”Quick subject change: How hard would/will it be for the Play Store to sell a CDMA device that runs on Verizon’s network?””

      How hard to sell on a technical level? easy. Actually get Verizon to approve the device and permit it to be sold that way, very hard. But we can hope/dream….

  • A.J.

    I could definitely be into this as long as they actually mean an “ultra slim body” and not just HTC’s idea of an “ultra slim body”.

  • thatnigbamboo

    If it has no on screen buttons and no removable battery then I will pass on it

  • Brent Stewart

    Still not onboard with the whole 5″ phablets that are getting popular. I mean, 4″ is probably the largest optimal size for phones. Do we really need a device that’s in between 4 and 7″ and still be called a phone? I don’t think so IMHO.

    NOW what I WOULD like to see from HTC is a Nexus Beats device that’s WIFI only and while Android based would be designed from the bottom up to compete with Apple’s Nano. I’m thinking 8 and 16g with SD ram support, 3.3″ screen and come in various colors. They could cut cost on the processors as nothing fancy would be required to just play music and video. Personally I think a small PMP type Android device is EXACTLY what Google needs to push Google Play Music. Now for those preaching “no one wants to carry a separate device for music anymore – phones and tablets meet our needs” should take a closer look at Apple’s Nano and Shuffle sales figures – obviously there’s still a large demand for such a product.

    For the record while I own both a Nexus 7 and an Xperia Play (buying a real Nexus phone direct from Google when my Verizon contract is done) I still carry a Microsoft Zune HD for music, But I’d definitely buy a comparative Nexus product in a HEARTBEAT if one existed.

    • PC_Tool


      The GNex feels fine to me. I figure a few mm larger isn’t really going to make all that much of a difference, especially if they go “taller-not-wider”…just a few mm more, top-to-bottom, would be fine by me,

      • Brent Stewart

        Yeah, I’ll have get hands on with the Droid Incredible X to see how it feels. My Xperia Play feels just right (albeit a little on the thick side due to the game pad slider). But for the record I had tried the Galaxy Note and it just felt too big. But it looks like the Incredible X sacrificed some side bezel to accommodate a larger screen without making the phone overly bigger. Will see but reserving judgement on the size.

      • ToddAwesome

        “I figure a few mm larger isn’t really going to make all that much of a difference” – said no woman, ever

    • your logic sounds like that of the hordes in Cupertino

  • DJyoSNOW

    WTF is up with the market icon?

    • geedee82

      Good call…strange they would use the old one.

  • Godmom

    This will be my next phone I will keep my Gnex until this one comes out let us pray that this rumor is true