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Photo Taken With Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 (GT-i9260)?

The GT-i9260 could potentially be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2. Since the original Galaxy Nexus rolls with the model number GT-i9250, it would make sense that the next version of it would jump up in numbering sequence. To add to that thought, remember that Samsung almost always keeps follow-up phones on a similar model number scheme, much like we have seen with the Galaxy S (i9000) to S2 (i9100) to S3 (i9300). 

So if the the GT-i9260 is the new Galaxy Nexus, then the first photos taken with it have been uploaded to Picasa. No real information is given other than the f/2.65 aperture and 4mm focal length. The pictures are most definitely not taken at full resolution, so it’s tough to tell if this will be an upgraded 8MP camera or not.

In one of the photos, we do have someone using a Samsung laptop and the mention of Bluetooth on a spreadsheet, but that could be a coincidence and not phone related. In the past though, Picasa has been a great source to find the first mentions of unreleased phones.

Other than random rumors, we know nothing about this phone. Most are expecting it to look almost identical to the original Galaxy Nexus, but with an upgraded 4.65″ display, more RAM, and a better processor.

If there is indeed a Galaxy Nexus 2, are you interested?

Via:  Picasa | DroidDog

  • I am very much waiting for Nexus 2 to be announced. I am on S2 and dont want to upgrade until I hear what is in line with the next round of Nexus.

  • The GNex is the only Android phone that I’ve kept for more than four months. All I ask is that there is an unlocked version available in the Play Store at the same time that it launches on the other carriers. I’ll never use another non-Nexus handset, and I’ll never sign another phone contract.

  • zeiroe

    As long as it is a Nexus device, I will be interested.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Let me guess, these were, or might have been “leaked” photos from an insider. Or better yet, some [email protected] Samsung employee accidentally left the new Nexus at a bar somewhere, and this one dude found it and took some pictures with it?

    Anyone who believes that in this day and age, that “leaked” pictures of new phones, or something like this, isn’t carefully planned and scripted, and on a timetable to preceed the release of a new phone, and build hype online. Well, you need to reexamine the facts that are easily layed out in front of you. At this point I just find it insulting that these phone manufacturers find us customers this stupid or naive. Seriously what are the odds that every new phone would have “leaked” specs or pictures, every time. If it wasn’t planned all along, yeah, I’d say incredibly miniscule. If you had a device you were building and you wanted to keep it under wraps before it was released. And every single time you were building a new phone, “somehow” pictures got put out of it, that you wouldn’t eventually find the culprit? Haha! Yeah right! Not to mention that the people who have access to these devices, undoubtedly must sign non-disclosure agreements. Yet I never hear a news report talking about someone facing legal troubles, because they were caught leaking pictures of a device early. It is complete B.S. to believe this ever happens by chance anymore, it’s pre-launch marketing.

  • Menger40

    I hope the form factor is similar to the current GNex. I really dig the subtle curve and the centered front camera.

  • JasonBurke

    This is the droid I’m looking for

  • Jim McClain

    after having 8 gnex phones I will have to say it was the worse phone I ever owned,but after I put Jelly Bean on it and the new radios, I would have to say its the best.. paradigm 2.3.1

  • Trevor

    I’ll be interested if Samsung can figure out the whole reception/radios thing.

  • jay_peter

    So basically the Galaxy Nexus 2 is just a slightly improved Galaxy Nexus? That’s embarrassing.

    • Steve Jobs

      And the iPhone 5 is a huge leap forward? Even I the creative genius behind Apple’s success don’t believe that. Stop trolling and make your daily sacrifice to me before I unleash my wrath with Apple Maps beta 1.1.

  • Not to bad. Though I am still dreaming of a Motorola Nexus. 😉

  • Maybe a different screen? because my GNex has “ghost Image burn in” on my status bar =(

  • Camera quality looks the same as Galaxy Nexus…

  • droyd4life

    I want a nexus phone that destroys the current iPhone. I don’t want some lousy, plastic Samsung trash with last years specs. GO ANDROID!!!

  • RonsterWVU

    Samsung is a bunch of scumbags like Apple…
    Tired of both of them….
    Now these ridiculous commercials about waiting in line when you can have a Samsung phone…. Just an annoying company.

  • schoat333

    Sorry, but this doesn’t mean anything. The Fascinate was sch-i500, the droid charge was sch-i510, and the VZW nexus was sch-i515.

  • quiklives

    Oh yes, absolutely. Whether I can afford it or not is a different matter altogether.

  • john0214

    so my dock might work with the new gnexus?

  • MikeCiggy

    Current Galaxy Nexus, plus better camera, better radios, bump in processor and memory + a smart stylus built in and i’m happy.

    I don’t want a phablet… but I love the though of being able to hover over things with a stylus like the Note 2. That’s one huge thing missing between PC’s and Smart Phones. The phone doesnt know what your looking at on the screen and does nothing until you actually give it an action (by tapping) but with the stylus you can mouse over images and links to reveal more information. I want this soooo bad.

  • so this leak had to come out a week before im about to upgrade my phone to a galaxy nexus………

    damn it. i dont feel like waiting lol. o man should i get OG galaxy nexus (verizon) or get Galaxy S3 (verizon) (i only like AOSP so will be living on roms if i got gs3).

    hows the battery life for the GS3 compared to the nexus?

    • zUFC

      Almost twice as good!!! I had to make the switch just because of it. I loved my Nexus. Don’t like touchwiz though. But if you need decent batt life then S3 is the way to go. I use my phone for work so i have to have decent batt life. On weekends it lasts me ALL day and night. During the week i get till about 8:00pm. My Nexus was on charger by 3:00pm during week day (if that helps you). And got till about 8:00pm on weekends. So never a day I didn’t have to throw on charger (besides the usual night charge)

  • NYAvsFan

    Will they update this one any faster than the current one? No? Didn’t think so. Still, I love my GNEX and love to be able to blow people’s minds with what an unlocked/rooted phone can do.

  • Erik

    i would sell my mother-in-law to get this phone

  • Liderc

    Looks like the camera still sucks.

    JK =P Love my Nexus, finally got JB this morning. Project Butter has noticeably improved the stock experience.

    I would love to see that the Nexus 2 is very similar to the current Nexus with improved hardware. It’s funny to say because we rag on iPhone users, but the front of the Galaxy Nexus is literally perfection.

  • So the first reported pic of the phone is taken with someone with a foot fetish?

  • david Lavoie

    Why would the next galaxy nexus not have a i9350 number? If i9200 is s2 and i9300 is s3, wouldn’t i9260 be a similar spec, but slightly upgraded phone to i9250?

  • Joh

    Improved LTE/battery performance.

    Being on LTE really does drain the Nexus battery quickly.

  • cobjones

    This is what apple fans felt, but we have an actual reason to be excited

  • Did some digging, and by digging I mean a quick Google. The person who uploaded the computer photo, Abhishek Meti, is an engineer at Samsung in India. So, if someone is going to have early access to the next Nexus, this person might check out.

  • Chuck Finley

    So you’d get the exact same phone that’s out now but with better screen, quad-core, and 2 GB of RAM? Does -insert OEM here- hit Samsung with “The Next Big Thing Was Already Out” commercials?

    I would think for its 5th Birthday, Google would want a Nexus that’d really blow your mind… Maybe even be able to control the Mars rover, beam episodes of The Big Bang Theory directly into our brain, or with a holographic display with schematics for a military surplus Iron Man suit, but only equipped with non-lethals.

    • LionStone

      Nice Chuck! And +1 for your profile name!

  • turb0wned

    If this is the new Nexus I’m disappointed. It would be an Apple type move. Not much of an upgrade.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    And here I was thinking I had a 4.65 Display on my G-Nex 0_o I would like to see a Quadcore, better camera, and an all day battery though.

  • SD_Scott

    I’m still extremely happy with my G-Nex… Will probably hold off until next Summer/Fall for my phone. But I can promise you this, it will be a Nexus.

  • Bodhiballer

    Needs better battery, camera, radios, materials and build. Other than that the last one was perfect. :/