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Jelly Update Finally Rolling Out to Verizon Galaxy Nexus? (Updated: It’s Official)


Is the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) update actually rolling out to Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus at this time? According to the dozen or so emails in our inbox from readers who are claiming to have received it, we are starting to wonder if it is. The Build is JRO03O, which is the same build that popped up as a test build a few weeks back. You still can download it directly from Google if you’d like.

Verizon hasn’t mentioned that the update is rolling out, so we’ll have to ask you to check your phones and let us know. My Galaxy Nexus is already running JRO03O, so there is no update to be had on my end. 

If you would like to try to force the update, try this set of instructions:

1.  From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
2.  Search for  Google Services Framework.
3.  Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
4.  Then choose “Clear data.”
5.  Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.

Update:  The pop-up for the update mentions something about the update being “Via Wi-Fi only until Oct 1.” So, if you want to check for the update, I would suggest having WiFi on 1st, and if it still doesn’t show up, trying the instructions above with WiFi on. Interesting that they would do something like this, but again, today is iPhone 5 launch day and they probably aren’t interested in the tiny G-Nex world hammering on their LTE towers.

Update 2:  It’s official, the instructions for the update are up:


Update:  It’s official!

Let me know in the comments!

Cheers Rory, Kevin, Will, Shawn, Justin, @rick_trujillo75, @POTIN1 and more!

  • Charles Litt

    Hello All, does anyone know if I can update even though I have My Gnex unlocked? I’m currently running Vicious Jelly Bean. Or do I have to reset then I can get the update?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Nope, you can still get the update OTA if your device is unlocked. But if you rooted your G-Nex, I don’t think you’ll be able to get the update OTA; you’d need to manually update it to JB.

  • EvanTheGamer


  • GOGOGalaxy

    WANT UPDATE!!! I feel like Cartman waiting for the Nintendo Wii to come out. If it wasn’t a billion degrees here I might consider freezing myself.

    • GOGOGalaxy

      I got I got it!!! Bawling in So Cal

      • where are you in so CAl im in SD and no JB? 🙁 hahaha.

  • cynindesign

    can I relock my phone w/o wiping out to factory setting? I used Wugs Kit and don’t see a way w/o it resetting my phone

    • sru571

      re-locking the bootloader will not wipe your phone. But not worth it, I would recommend staying unlocked. OTA still works with unlocked bootloader, just not root.

  • fritzo

    Chicago? Anyone? Bueller?

    • Mtzan

      Nothing in Chicago yet.

  • ToddAwesome

    Anybody know exactly what the “dumbed down” Universal search changes actually are? I can’t tell if the Jelly Bean update has it, or if it will come with this Google Search update that popped up to be downloaded after installing JB? I do see a “search phone” link now when doing a search, is that part of the dumbed down feature?

    • Aer23

      Ya i just updated and I don’t notice a difference in search. It still shows music and apps when I use the search bar.

  • jeffxallen

    Anyone else’s contacts says “Contact list being updated” forever.

  • Rob

    so FoxFi no longer works with this? Then I can’t upgrqde, I need tethering more than I need JB. Dammit.

    • ToddAwesome

      yep, FoxFi is toast once the update installs. ah well…

      • SwedishPimple

        Any other similar apps that do work with Jelly Bean? Prefer not to root, but may have to…

  • Barry Karschner

    MikeCiggy • 40 minutes ago • parent

    Try forcing a checkin using the dialer
    type *#*#2432546#*#*
    Anyone know what that does??

  • jose

    Anyone on the northern east coast get the update?

    • kriegsnet

      Been trying all morning in NYC, no luck. My brother in Phoenix got it though.

      • Sweet. I’m traveling from Philly to Phoenix in a few hours. I haven’t gotten it yet. Maybe I will once I reach Phoenix and back on wifi in the hotel.

    • in CT not getting it.. the updates are usually queued in waves by MEID so it should start rolling to more and more people as the day / weekend goes on

    • Not in Maryland yet

      • bmpster

        just 10mins south of baltimore off 95. My coworker got it this morning automatically

  • Barry Karschner

    So retarded I wish verizon didnt have the best service I hate them

  • Dillon Brown

    @#$^&#%^*^%^&!!!!!! I had decided to wait for the official update this time around and get that joy of an update popping up but, I got so sick of verizon’s b.s. that I rooted and flashed a jb rom last night….. I swear they were waiting to screw me….

    • I did the same exact thing. -_-

      • Brady Smith

        I did the same thing. Just rooted yesterday morning!!

  • DragonStrom

    Yeah, I got nothing. It is really doing this more than 30 times that gets you the update or is it just a time thing as they roll it out?

    • tom

      Nothing here either, must be a serial number thing, who knows

  • Barry Karschner

    I have tried 30 freaken times I have mobile data off. do I need to go completely out of settings then check for update? Do i need gps off or on? sigh…

  • ToddAwesome

    Success! Finally. After about 30 tries, force stopping and clearing data worked. Downloading now. Note: I turned off data, with wi-fi on, force stop, clear data, check for update. Bingo Bango. I’m in Boston, if that matters.

    • I did that and got it on the first try. 😀 I’m in Mansfield, MA.

    • liz

      in Boston and I still don’t have it! I am hoping it will come in my sleep

      • ToddAwesome


  • David Le

    here is the screen shot

  • Barry Karschner

    Hey guys I have turned off mobile data and am on wifi and it still isnt working I have done it 5-10 times. Any thoughts or help?

    • ToddAwesome

      Patience. That’s the only help I can offer. Took 30 or so tries for me.

  • I got my update. Had to clear the frame work 3 times, just like on my WiFi Xoom, for it to come through. The update box did say WiFi only update until Oct. 1st.

  • This is good news, because when I go to hell it will be all frozen over now.

  • BTLS

    Tried stopping/clearing framework, while on wifi, over 20x but still no luck for me… Pittsburgh

  • Steve

    I must say though, I’m pretty impressed Verizon even got it out this fast. That must be a record for them. I was expecting 4 months more.

    • Trevor

      It’s pretty sad that we feel like this was “fast,” isn’t it?

  • Steen Kendle

    Im on the lateset cm10 and have tried the steps to clear framework and doesnt work. Also, I dont have the system update page under the about phone section. Anyone have any answers? Thanks

    • bozo

      need to be on stock

  • DragonStrom

    still nothing, cleared data a good 20 times at this point. Guess I just have to wait

    • MikeCiggy

      Try forcing a checkin using the dialer
      type *#*#2432546#*#*

      • Barry Karschner

        what is that?

        • MikeCiggy

          It checks you into the update servers

      • BTLS

        this actually work for anyone? I’m ascared

  • tom

    Nothing here in CT, there got to be some reason I’m not getting it

    • yeah VZW doesn’t like us CT folks

  • Jake

    I hope this OTA update includes fixed radios to end the frequent signal drops on my wife’s GNex. The drops are ruining her Android experience, so she’s eyeing the iPhone. She won’t let me root her phone, even though I’ve shown how rooting and flashing the leaked radios fixed my own GNex signal issues.

  • decriptor

    Too my a few tries of doing the steps (clearing out google service framework), about 3, and it finally started pulling the update over wife. Utah

  • MikeCiggy

    Try Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework…. clear cache

    Force checkin by going to dialer -> type *#*#2432546#*#* (you should receive checkin succeeded)

    Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates -> Check Now

    This may work, may not.

    • Got the checkin succeeded message, but still no update 🙁

      • MikeCiggy

        Lame, in theory it should check you in to the server and get you in line. At least the update is 100% official and it’s coming soon!!

  • Guest

    Same, tried steps above. Still not forcing the update. Miami, Fl

  • David Le

    Disable mobile network and use method above. It works

    • That did not work for me.

      • BrittBritt

        that didn’t work for me either… 🙁

      • David Le

        Try disabling wifi, then go to network and disable mobile data. Go back and enable wifi and do the steps of clearing google services framework

        • Tried that, too. No luck 🙁

    • ToddAwesome

      Went through these same steps from 4.02 to 4.04, nothing worked, finally started to involve re-boots, that worked. What does this tell us? No idea, apparently it just eventually works.

  • Nothing for me, Phx AZ

  • Keith0606

    I tried over 50 times to stop/clear framework and update. No go. There must be some other random thing that has to occur after that process happens.

  • dwm

    Still no update for me. I’ve tried about a dozen times so far, nothing…

    • dwm

      YAY! After about 30 tries, downloading!

  • Ben

    Wifi tethering blocked with update!!??!!

    • Mark F

      Are you on unlimited ?

    • bmpster

      same here….we have unlimited

    • Larizard

      Oh wow. So if you have unlimited, your Tethering capabilities will be blocked after this update?

    • Dave

      Looking back at the free tethering options, the un-ban did not apply to folks grandfathered on unlimited data plans. Looks like they have closed the loops. Oh well, back to root and wifi tether..

  • dereknmsu

    nothing in Las Cruces NM so far

  • Michael

    I had to go through these steps about 4 times before it finally worked… installing now

  • Liderc

    No luck. Tried about 5 times now.

    • Drew

      Glad to know I’m not alone.

  • does it have the same radios?

  • Jeff

    Has anyone done this upgrade right over the top of ICS? The instructions say go stock, for those of us who are rooted, it’d be nice to not have to revert first.

  • No update for me yet 🙁

  • goatodoom

    Downloading now!

  • Sean Skeels


  • chuck taylor

    I tried the instructions and a pizza landed in my lap which gave me Gingerbread on my i5

  • Jeff

    Ok, so Kellen, you posted an article about how to download JRO03O, but at the time, it was only a test build, so there was potential for a need to go back to stock first or if we wanted to upgrade past that in the future. Is that still the case, or is this build now part of the official OTA path? I’m fine waiting for a bit if it means I don’t have to revert to stock for the next update.

    Hope I am making sense.

    • MikeCiggy

      I’m pretty sure what you should do is wait for them to see if the JRO03O build that is being released via OTA is exactly the same. It should be because they are the same number. If they are you should continue to run that and if another OTA comes out you will be notified.

      If they are a little different you should flash the new JRO03O build and again you will be on the OTA path.

      The only people not in line to receive OTA’s are phones with custom roms.

      • Jeff

        Thanks for the info. I am rooted, so I don’t get OTA notifications, and I just want to make doubly sure that I am not going to hose myself if I try to update to this build. Sounds like you’re saying that I should be safe, but I figure it’s better to confirm before the fact than regret not doing so afterward.

    • mswansonxi
  • kelsssowhat

    No luck here in Orange/Duchess County, NY 🙁

  • I am still running the Vicious Jelly Bean V1 port from I/O. Still loving it, not seeing any need to flash this update.

  • mswansonxi

    Here’s something official from verizon (Showing JRO03O):

  • RedPandaAlex

    I’ve done the framework clearing trick before on other developer devices. Sometimes it works the first time. Sometimes I’ve had to do it dozens of times.

  • bmpster

    Foxfi no longer works with this update. coworker is getting message to subscribe to Mobile Hotspot/Mobile Broadband Connect for $30

    • Keith0606

      figures, maybe foxfi can get updated to get around that

    • mjmedstarved

      Wasn’t this deemed illegal just a week or two ago; for Verizon to block apps like this??????

      • bmpster

        that’s what we thought

        • mjmedstarved


          • Its only a violation for their tiered data plans. If you’re on an old unlimited plan, its legal. 🙁

    • Doug

      If you look in the What’s New section of the Play Store for FoxFi, it says that wifi mode currently won’t work on Jelly Bean. Anyone know of a tether app that does?

  • pendulum1976

    tried it over a dozen times no go

  • come on everyone, just hack your galaxy nexus. ive had jelly bean since july. this is exciting though.