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Jelly Update Finally Rolling Out to Verizon Galaxy Nexus? (Updated: It’s Official)


Is the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) update actually rolling out to Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus at this time? According to the dozen or so emails in our inbox from readers who are claiming to have received it, we are starting to wonder if it is. The Build is JRO03O, which is the same build that popped up as a test build a few weeks back. You still can download it directly from Google if you’d like.

Verizon hasn’t mentioned that the update is rolling out, so we’ll have to ask you to check your phones and let us know. My Galaxy Nexus is already running JRO03O, so there is no update to be had on my end. 

If you would like to try to force the update, try this set of instructions:

1.  From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
2.  Search for  Google Services Framework.
3.  Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
4.  Then choose “Clear data.”
5.  Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.

Update:  The pop-up for the update mentions something about the update being “Via Wi-Fi only until Oct 1.” So, if you want to check for the update, I would suggest having WiFi on 1st, and if it still doesn’t show up, trying the instructions above with WiFi on. Interesting that they would do something like this, but again, today is iPhone 5 launch day and they probably aren’t interested in the tiny G-Nex world hammering on their LTE towers.

Update 2:  It’s official, the instructions for the update are up:


Update:  It’s official!

Let me know in the comments!

Cheers Rory, Kevin, Will, Shawn, Justin, @rick_trujillo75, @POTIN1 and more!

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    Maybe it’s the photo, but he looks adorable here. I’m actually kinda liking the hair, and the smile, most definitely. 🙂 photographyartists

  • Stupid question that’s probably all ready been answered: Will I loose root? I’ve not been paying attention to updates as I just run CM10 Alpha.

  • Galo

    I am able to get the download but every time I try to install I get “Signature Verification Failed, Installation aborted.
    Has any one had this?

  • jelly bean update still has the bug for work/corporate wifi issues

  • it finally came! no tricks just woke up and there it was waiting for me!

  • Bruce Campbell

    I tried at first, and it did not work either. Then i put the device in airplane mode, turned on wifi, followed the steps again, and I am now downloading Jelly Bean. Thanks for the info!

  • this is killing me… no update yet, pittsburgh

  • thisguy

    its out in the bay area. Didn’t need to do the tricks or force stops, just checked for the update and it prompted me to connect to wi-fi to download the update.

  • lipeor

    this trick worked for me yesterday morning

  • After trying all of the tricks all day yesterday, I awoke this morning to the update patiently waiting for my acceptance! Lincoln Nebraska. And man I felt bad at the Husker game yesterday watching the slaughter of Idaho State. I cheered for their only touchdown, but I guess the beating was worth the $600,000 we paid them!

  • AC

    Still waiting in the Portland area. I am unlocked/rooted running stock IMM76K. Is my root status keeping me from getting the update?

  • Got mine at noon after doing the framework trick, airplane mode and wifi. I’m located in Kansas City

  • nerome13

    Halfway through download. 4:44 pm PST. Followed steps above and it worked. This is the third attempt today and 7th overall

  • keith

    is this the update for
    IMM76K? i have tried all the methods listed here, and no Joy. Other sites list
    IMM76Q as the OTA update.

    • Yup I have (or had) IMM76K and woke up today with the update. I spent all day yesterday trying the various tricks to obtain the update. Just make sure you are on WIFI. It’s more or less a waiting game, but you’ll be enjoying it soon enough!

      • AC

        Were you rooted before the update?

        • No I was not. I have never rooted sadly… Have you received the update yet???

  • gdaddy

    After several failed attempts using the initial post instructions, this method to force the update worked on the first try:
    1. Go to Settings – Apps – Google Services Framework 2. Force stop GSF 3. Clear data in GSF 4. Power down and restart phone 5. Go to Settings – About Phone -System Updates, press “Check now” 6. The initial response was that the phone was up to date, but within a few seconds the message about Jelly Bean popped up and the update started to download.

  • Just got it in Bernardsville, NJ. PRETTY AWESOME

  • Forcing the update works. Tried ~ 10 times.

  • jnmayes

    Just read a really positive iPhone 5 review and was having slight android buyers remorse. With this update, I’m coming off the ledge. Despite the Verizon induced delays, I like that I can count on pure Google (albeit with a little Verizon thrown in) updates in the future for my GN.

  • jnmayes

    I hope what i just saw (the “X”) is the new startup screen. Much less obnoxious that the old startup. Simply elegant. Apps optimizing now. Excited about this update.

  • jnmayes

    Yes! Downloading now in NC! (after resetting the google framework thingy).

  • Mtzan

    Tried it 40+ times. still no luck in Chicago 🙁

  • nerome13

    Have tried twice today in the Bay Area, CA, and still nothing

  • I flashed back to stock ICS today to get this, and still cannot access it. Trying the FC/Wipe of GSF, but it is not working yet…

    • I did the exact same thing and have been trying it off and on since 10am and still no update at all. Such a waste of my time, now I might as well wait for it -_-

  • Nothing Yet in Kansas City

  • dFSA

    Updated in Michigan!

  • DragonStrom

    I don’t think anyone in CA has gotten the update yet… Still waiting here

  • finlay123

    Nothing in NJ….

  • Still no update. I’m On imm76k

  • Manual update is up at XDA!

    • finlay123


  • eboy718

    Wtf ? Is nobody in the east cost receiving it? At work with wifi on….

    • Ryan

      nope. im in dc area

    • Nope nothing in Jersey. Messed up part is Verizon Wireless HQ is in New Jersey you would think they would let us get it first. Nope.

  • vit0

    No luck in central Florida beach communities.

  • Nothing yet in Lincoln Nebraska…

  • eboy718

    Anything in NYC?

  • Patrick Chapman

    Funny that the BEST version of the BEST OS in the world comes to Verizon the day that the iPhone 5 comes out.

  • Mjas1016

    STILL dont have the update…

  • ryan

    Can anyone confirm no changes to the radios (
    LTE-FG02 / CDMA-FF02) ?