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Kindle Fire HD Bootloaders Locked Tight, XDA Developers Begin Plan of Attack

Over the weekend, word got out through testers and developers that the new Kindle Fire HD lineup was going to be locked up tight by Amazon. According to kinfauns, who is a contributor over at XDA, the Kindle Fire’s bootloaders are signed and designed for HS (high security) devices. Oh, gee, well that just sounds lovely. So much for those who were hoping to remove Amazon’s custom Android skin in favor of stock Jelly Bean. Of course, it’s well known developers love a good challenge. You can expect work to start as soon as shipments start arriving at doorsteps.

We’ll keep you posted on any progress made.

Via: XDA

  • Kane

    Cheap price = more hands on it to hack it. Plus we all want WebOS on this :; Seriously I haven’t looked at a tear down of this to see exactly whats inside. Wonder how it compares in a benchmark agaisnt N7

  • trixnkix637

    And this is why I love Android. Some much diversity and problem solving as a community. It truly is a freedom of choice. Something the iPhone just isn’t capable of.

  • Shame, I was seriously looking at the 8.9 HD model, but I’ll hold off now. Its too bad that everyone seems to be ignoring that 8.9in form factor. My Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the perfect size, my Nexus 7 is too small and my Infinity Pad is too big. :/

  • Buckoman

    This’ll be running Windows 8 in no time.

    Get to it, XDA.

  • AlexKCMO

    Interesting. I clearly remember Amazon saying “Hackers gonna hack” when the OG Fire was released.

    My guess is they’re going this route because they’re losing ad revenue by people using CM or AOKP and they realized selling tablets this cheap and getting no return hurts their bottom line.

    • Exactly. Amazon makes little to no profit on their tablets, it’s value to them is as a content distribution channel. They gain nothing by selling their tablet to someone who wants to hack it.

    • Neall

      As an early Kindle Fire “hacker,” I can tell you that MANY fires were bricked during the installation of a custom recovery or bootloader. They are very easy to get into fastboot mode, which makes them appear bricked (though far from it) and very difficult to get out of fastboot if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thus, I suspect Amazon got tired of “refurbishing” the thousands of Fires that came back “bricked” due to these issues.

      Also, rooting the Fire blocked the Amazon video app, but using Voodoo rootkeeper got around that issue, and Amazon hated having rooted devices accessing their streaming video content.

  • I guess it’s fun for some people to hack into anything and everything…but sounds like a waste of time to me


    • Nicholassss

      if i had the skills and i thought it was fun, I’d be down for it. Unfortunately(maybe fortunately) I dont and I dont so i’ll go the nexus 7 route.

  • AranelAlasse


  • azndan4

    Idiots. Way to alienate the enthusiast crowd.

    • moelsen8

      yeah seriously.

    • Rob

      The kindles were never meant to be for “enthusiasts”, they are designed and built strictly as a way to sell more products. They would be idiots if they didn’t lock them to prevent the removal of their software.

      • azndan4

        And do you have reasons to back up your claim? Why would they be idiots for preventing removal of their software? Warranty claims? Give me a break.

        • Amazon makes no money selling the tablets. It’s only a way for them to sell more digital content. Amazon absolutely does not want people buying these to remove the software, they make zero profit when that happens.

      • JB

        I can’t wait for it to be hacked so we can get the Instant Video .apk off of it. It’s not fair that it’s on Itunes but not the Play Store.

  • 4n1m4L

    not going to miss it

  • RedPandaAlex

    I just might have gotten the 9 inch fire HD. Probably not. But might have.

  • If only there was a tablet with stock android and an unlocked bootloader with specs superior to the Fire HD. Oh where oh where Can I find one….

    OOoOOOO…..what’s this on the right side of the page….>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • mikeGsays

      SERIOUSLY! It’s a damn joke that people are going to lose their minds and their sleep just to get it somewhat comparible to the N7…. Be smart, people, if you’re going to buy anything in the Kindle family, just use it and enjoy it for what it is – otherwise, buy an N7 like the rest of us hackers and flashers!

      • Turbine Tech

        I agree. I love my Kindle Fire for what it is and will buy the 8.9″ for that exact same reason. Content consumption; nothing else. I can flash ROM’s on my GNex till I’m blue in the face. That’s enough for me. Day one purchase, and the woman gets my old Fire.

        • JoshGroff

          I do the same thing, but with my N7 being the stock media consumption device. (Gotta have my Tegra Zone)

      • cheezer88

        exactly! i have an N7 but im really considering a Kindle for my kids

      • EC8CH

        I kinda wonder how much better the screen is on the Fire HD though….

        My N7 screen does look kinda washed out, but then again I’m used to the hella blacks on my G-Nex.

        • Stephen D

          The biggest issue with the Nexus 7 screen is brightness. It’s very accurate color wise, but it is just too dim.

    • belsonc

      The review for the Razr M? o.O


      • Justin

        Haha, I looked at the same thing and then remembered the N7 review was just below it xD

    • Go Hawkeyes

      The better screen and better speakers would be the reason to get the Fire HD, but only if it can be unlocked and CM installed.

    • Mario Mendez

      The Nexus 7 lined up perfectly

  • Mordecaidrake